Update + VLOG!

Hello wonderful people.
Firstly, I want to thank every single one of you reading this for even coming to this blog and for following, subscribing and everything! You have all made this one girl really, super duper happy for the past two years plus :’) !

That’s me giving you all imaginary internet kisses …and um, buying you all flowers …. ♥

Anyway, as many of you should know, I’m using WordPress and Google has announced that they’re going to be removingGoogle Friend Connectfor non-Blogger users from March onwards :( which means that all of you that have followed me via Google Friend Connect will no longer see my updates on your dashboard ;_; ! So annoyed at this! :(

But yeah, I am so sad because I just reached over the 600 mark and was going to hold another giveaway ! (Gah)
But back on track, I’m going to list the following ways on how you can continue to get updates from me  (if you wish of course ;_;) ! Firstly, this is probably one of the best options, but is to subscribe to me via my FeedBurner by going to:


(You can also find links to my feedburner on my sidebar) And you’ll be taken to a page pictured below.

As you can see, you have a choice on how you would like to read my updates. From what they’ve displayed, I think “Google” is  probably the best option (as its goes to Google Reader and all the blogs you follow on gfc appear on that feed/reader ..yay) OR to subscribe to getting email updates for whenever I update. But yes, I feel like that using Feedburner is the most accurate and simplest way of getting updated with my posts ! ♥

Of course, other ways to stay in touch is of course to Like my FACEBOOK PAGE or Follow me on TWITTER !
I always update both of them when I have a new post up and ready – so that is definitely an option too :)

♥    ♥    ♥
ANYWAY! Just so this post wasn’t completely boring for some of you, I’ve included a vlog I did a few days ago ^-^!

So yeah, this vlog consists of me answering some questions from the 11 Q tag from Bunny&Gerry (although .. I have noticed I’ve been tagged by a few other people since that video was made ..) and a few random other questions that I get asked a lot! Please don’t mind if I’m not looking directly at the camera ..it’s awkward, okay?! :(

Anyway, I know that the chances of me losing the majority of you is very high, so I really do want to say thank you to all of you before we lose contact completely! My blog has been one of my main sources of happiness over the past two years and every single of you have contributed to that! So, THANK YOU EVERYONE! ♥

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47 comments to Update + VLOG!

  • Ugh, how stupid! Why are they giving up on friendconnect? It’s so easy! Boo Google!

    But you’ll keep linking to your new posts on Twitter, so I won’t have to miss out on the things you’re writing about :)

  • Mei

    I have heard about this news before and it sucks so badly!
    Google you are such a dork for doing that!
    I am going to re-follow you again then~

    Love your hair in the video :) you are such an Arashi lover =w=

  • Gahh you’re so cute Melody! When I heard you say that you’re 20 I was like o_o *thinks in my mind* ‘…oh wait that’s right, she is 20!’~ cos you look so youthful (compliment btw ^^) and yeah, hearing that came to me like a surprise even though I already knew your age xD I don’t know if you get what I mean but yeahhh, in my mind I was probably expecting you to say ‘__teen’ ;o I think people with fair skin always look young :D Something I’m envious of!

    At the start you seriously had me worried about your blog D: Sucks that GFC is getting removed on non-Blogger blogs :( But yes I will continue to stay in touch with you ^o^ Grateful for Twitter and Facebook <3

    I can't imagine you being mean Melody ;A; I hope you won't be mean to me if we meet hehe jk xP

    • melludee

      OMG JELLY WHY ARE YOU SO- I’m joking <3 ! LOL I won't be mean to youuuuuuuuuuuuu …unless it's in my teasing way .. which would be like me calling you peanut butter and jellyyy timeee *_* Or like ..pokee you wahahahha! (Yeah, okay I'm a little crazy ;A;) But um! YES, I AM LE OLDIE ;A; !! I think Asians in general look young LOL xD ! SO YES, THAT MEANS YOU TOOOO!

      But yeyyy, thank you for following me ;A; <3

  • Don’t worry, everyone using blogger can also follow your blog without google friend connect! ^_^ I use the “add” button under the blogs updates~ And only entering melludee.com, and that’s it! I am receiving your updates!

    Don’t be sad~ I’ll always be ur daily readers ;D

  • Don’t worry! I re-followed you by email <3

  • Arrrwww; I also feel very awkward and embarrassed every time I have to talk in front of a camera v.v”” But you are doing great!
    I have been using bloglovin for a very long time ~ so I never have missed any post of yours ;’3

    ShuShu ♥

  • Okay, I didn’t even finish the video before I HAD to run over here and comment.


    Okay, to be completely honest, and at risk of sounding like a dumb ass…. I didn’t know you had an accent. I mean, I watched your Boyfriend Tag video a long time ago, but I couldn’t hear it! XD Maybe because Vu’s accent is a bit stronger so I didn’t notice yours as much? Not that it’s a bad thing!! I LOVE Aussie accents! <333 You're so cute on camera (omg now I'm starting to sound creepy LOL)

    OH YOU GOT THE KITTY CASEEE! I saw it on G-Market and thought it was so cute :3 Eeee~ watching your video actually makes me want to do one too, but I hate hearing my voice and seeing myself on camera XD

    Oh hun, I get SO angry and pissy all the time LOL! It's quite bad, because my boyfriend is not one to hide his emotions, so when I'm pissy he'll call me out on it ; 3;

    OMG I HATEEEE thinking about house fire question. I think about that all the time so I can keep myself updated on what I want to grab and where the hell it is at the moment LOL!

    EFF YOU GOOGLE!!! -shakes fist- Actually, even though I've been on Google Connect with your blog, it wouldn't show up in my blog feed for some reason! Stupid google… I hope everyone or at least majority of people will still sign back up!! I just signed up for the google reader!! And I'll always have your blog link on my page to keep me updated in case google fucks up again LOL! Congrats on reaching 600+ readers btw!! :DD I've been wanting to do a 400+ giveaway for a while but I keep putting off reviews so I can't buy anything I like to share in a giveaway LOL

    • melludee

      But of course, that’s what we all say loooool! (I DONT THINK IVE HEARD YOU SPEAK BEFORE SO PLZ VLOG TOO. YOU HAVE TO NOW LOL :D)

      And eee! I got the kitty case on ebay for like $8 LOL! But omg, it’s already breaking ;_; NEED A NEWWW ONEE! And omggg, when I get pissy .. I complain and whine and get so angry at EVERYTHING ;A;! Pretty sure my entire family is sick of it loool! AND YES, WHY MUST I TAKE ONE THING IN A HOUSE FIRE – well okay, that makes sense but OMg I WANT EVERYTHINGGGG /cryyyy/ ! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH D: DO A GIIVEAWWAYYYYY~! I will probably do one …when I get a bit more money in to my bank account lol! xDD

  • Unfortunate with the Google Friend Connect issue! But I see a FeedBurner widget on the side, which is good~ I’ve followed you on Bloglovin’ ever since I couldn’t get updates via Blogger, ahah.
    Lol at your video! “I also like to … sleep”, “I like to meow at random times”. Gerry does that too! Haha.

  • Thank you for the birthday wishes!

    I will still be following you!

    <33 Rena

  • So sad to hear about the Google Friend Connect issue :( And btw, I can’t believe that you’re already 20! You look very young (in a good way, that is) <3 I love your voice, and I'll still be following your blog despite the GFC issue!

  • Sue

    Awww you’re so cute Melody! You should vlog more often :D

  • Your voice is so cutee Mel. Do more Vlog xD. Have a great weekend btw =)

  • melludee

    I lover you :3

  • FUGGGGGGGGG MEEEEEEEEE! GFC can’t die!!! Lucky there is still google reader! And apparently I am already following people through that. I must double check later though to make sure that I am following. *writes down list of fav blogs to refollow*
    First the SOPA and now google is being an arse!

    YAY! You answered my questions! I like that you have ‘mean’ humour :D Black is defs a safety color. It’s an illusion to slim me down LOLS! Oh no! I thought you’d like animals! Cartoon animals will do aha!

    • melludee

      YEE! I think google reader is like linked to the blogger dashboard thing which is why I thought it’d be the best for people! *_* AND YE, GAH! I don’t even know why they would retire such a thing :((( ! And looools, animals are cute but I’m afraid of them ;A;

  • Thy

    i like your facebook page so that i see your updates ^__^

  • Emy

    Doesn’t mean I’ll stop reading ♥

    So sad that google is doing that though T____T

  • So does this mean that even if I follow a site on the blooger feeds, if they’re not hosted on blogger I can’t view them on my dash?! That’s VERY irritating!! I’ll follow you via feedburner but just as another idea, you should start a facebook page! I’m only on facebook and wouldn’t miss any updates on there!

  • You can also create a profile on http://www.hellocotton.com/ or http://www.bloglovin.com/, both are great websites to follow blogs with ;) x

  • just sub via the burner thing. lol

    this changes sux! =P but glad you told us about it

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo
    i’m hosting a giveaway ^^

  • I looked around the page for google connect and couldn’t find it!? I’ll keep following after I find where to :p Cute picture and video :) I don’t think your “eye bags” are bad at all. Your hair is so long and pretty ^-^

    • melludee

      I removed the google friend connect because it isn’t going to work on my blog anymore ! So the new methods are what are listed in the blog above!

  • Your blogs come straight into my email inbox so hopefully I won’t miss out on all your lovely entries :D <3

    Kitty xoxox

  • i really don’t like it that GFC is going to be gone from the 1st of march T__T gahhh !!! still following you on facebook though :)

    ps. cute video ^^

  • Rob

    One thing I learned from your video is that I’ll have to practice my “yeaaah” in case I run into any Aussie’s. ;)

    OK so I gotta say having read your blog from time to time over the last year I think it’s very funny that you are a in reality a mean person who dosesn’t like animals. Who woulda thought?

    Then you pick a Dragon for the animal you would be… I guess that is a good pick if you think there might be other mean animal haters out there.

    What does Vu think about all this? I hope he realizes he may “have a tiger (or dragon in this case) by the tail” as we sometimes say here in the States. Vu, if you ever get a Kitty or a Puppy be sure to never leave it alone with Melludee!

    Too bad because my lady and I just rescued 3 little wild kittens… and they are VERY cute. They need homes badly I would have offered one to you (you cover shipping from USA) but now of course that’s all out of the question.

    (I’m just giving you all a hard time in case you don’t know)

    OK one more quick point I have to blab about and then I need to get back to work… and it’s a stupid one but since I’m a political junkie I have to make it… and that is that your “nationality” is not Chinese but “Austrailian” (I’m assuming here that you are a citizen of AU). Your “Ethnicity” may be Chinese. OK stupid point but one that we seem to argue about here in America all the time (nation/race). We like to think of white/black/yellow/red all can make up one nation. OK sorry for the political freak out.

  • i will subscribe through different thing :) i like your blog :)

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