Happy Chinese New Year!

Whether you’re Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese or any other nationality – I wish you all a Happy Lunar New Year!
Wishing every single one of you and your families the best new year ahead of year filled with lots of good luck, health, prosperity and happiness! May the Year of the Dragon be fruitful in success to all of us! <゜)))彡

» 新年快乐 «

I haven’t really done anything for Chinese New Year this year sadly.
My family and I had an early celebration dinner before my sister went on her holiday to Hawaii/LA (so jelly~) but that was about it! Today was unbelievably hot so I stayed in the a/c room and didn’t even think about going to any of the festivals lol! But nevertheless, Chinese New Year is still a time for family and a good luck!

And … I dressed up again for no reason aha. (Dad was all like “So shiok? Dressing up by yourself? LOL ;A:)
But I’m not wearing a cheong sam dress this time like last year, but rather just the shirt that my cousin gave me to earlier this year that I never wore because well .. it’s a little odd for me to wear it unless it’s Chinese New Year hehe!

I have no idea why I decided to do this hair style hehe! But I think it sort of makes me look like Pucca! Mum said it reminded her of Chun Li …although I don’t think so! Hmm. But it is a nice change from my usual boring straight hair, yes!

Anyway, I hope everyone has a wonderful Lunar New Year!
Even if you don’t celebrate it at all, I just hope that you’re having a splendid day ♥

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