Under the tree..

Eep, so I am a little late but – Merry belated Christmas everyone!
(I can’t believe how fast time flies past ..do you remember my Christmas post last year?!)

I hope you all enjoyed whatever festivities that you may have engaged in! Anyway, as it is well after Christmas, I have opened my presents and am in love with all of them! It seems that everyone was quite creative with their gifting this year!

(I, um, did not take an ‘entire’ haul shot like I usually do when I receive gifts ..but um, I’m sure that doesn’t matter!)

1. Loving parents: Zumbo cook book, Typo Macaron 2012 diary, O.P.I Mini Stems Set,  Vera Wang Princess perfume gift box, Hello Kitty (glitter Lip gloss, eye shadow and plush), D&G Rose The One perfume and $150 (dad).
2. Younger brother & his girlfriend: Strawberry Body Butter, Mini Mirror, Versace Bright Crystal and Suga candy
3. Older sister: Mini top hat, Eyelashes, Eraser, Hair clips | Older brother: 2x movie vouchers | Aunt: Personalised Cup

4. Boyfriend: Ulta 3 in a Candy Cane, (More) Ulta 3, Badge, Happy lab candy, Swarovski necklace, earrings and pendant!
5. (Kk Presents) Blogger Katherine: Two eyeshadows | MCAC Chris: Blue Exorcist Manga Vol 1

I was very happy about everything that I received and was quite eager to jump up and down like a little girl!

This year I gave: T2 jug, Estee Lauder Sensuous Nude gift set (mum), 2xShirts, Sibling photograph, Eiffel Tower Clock (dad), Sennheiser Headphones (younger brother), Rose clutch (y. brother’s gf), Happy lab test tube jelly beans, 2012 diary, pen (older sister), Scarf, Cufflinks, Tie (older brother) and Chocolates (aunt).

And the presents given to my KKs will be kept a secret(!)

I also would like to thank everyone single one of you that sent me a loving Christmas card ! I love you all! ♥
(Especially Katie who is sending me an awesome Christmas gift! LOVE YOU HEAPS KATIEEE!)

What did you receive/give for Christmas?

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36 comments to Under the tree..

  • Oooh tell me how that manga is, it looks interesting!!! I’m loving the top hat too. hehe glad you had a good Christmas ^^

  • omggg, so many presentsss ^^ !!! love love love <3 !! hope you had a lovely christmas melody :D

  • melludee

    Sweetpea, I am definitely getting you more than what you received !

  • nice stuff you got! love the hello kitty goodness hehe! sounds like you had a fruitful christmas and a great one!

  • Wow, there’s so much pretty things in your present collection *__*

  • I haven’t gotten that many presents in my 16 years of life.

    And I don’t even celebrate Christmas.


  • WOW I haven’t had a Christmas like that since I was 10! My parents helped me pay for a new dslr hehe ♥

  • Looks like you had an amazing Christmas! ^_^

    lindsey |

  • 00

    Adorable gifts! I always have a hard time thinking of what to buy people.. I’m jealous you seem to have such a cute little gathering! People are lucky they get to spend time with family! Mine is so far away !

    • melludee

      Aw :( I can’t imagine ever having Christmas without my family! :(
      But ee, yes I always have such a hard time buying gifts cos I want it to be good! I don’t want them to just receive anything :s

  • So many beauty items!~
    Was the jewellery the surprise that Vu was hyping up about a few days earlier?!

  • So many nail polishes! I hope you host another Blogger Kris Kringle next year :).

  • :D I’m really glad that you received the eyeshadows safely. ^^ I was scared they were gonna smash in the mail or something. Thankyou so much for organizing the Kris Kringle. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are going to have a wonderful new year.

  • So very festive =D Can’t wait to see the KK’s posts ^^ Christmas is such a lovely holiday!

  • Eva

    Hi Melludee,
    I just wanted to tell you that i just saw your comment on one of my posts (Christmas day 1) on my blog and i am just soo happy. I know this might sound kind of weird… but you have been such an inspiration for me. :) I alsways wanted to be just as good as writting/blogging as you. And now that you commented on my post and actualy read one of my posts makes me really happy. ^^
    Thank you so much!~
    x Eva

    • melludee

      Aww, thank you!
      I’m really happy to hear that ! I’ll definitely be checking out more of your blog posts then :D ! And ee, I’m not the best blogger/writer but I’m glad that you enjoy it<3 Thank you again ^__^

  • Oh my gosh your tree is SO cute!! And I love all the wrapping paper on all the gifts :O We haven’t bought wrapping paper for the past 2 years so most of our gifts were like, the same 3 wrapping paper LOL! We went kind of crazy shopping this year… my sister counted over 80 gifts under the tree @___@ BUT they were all split amongst my immediate family then my uncle, aunt, and a whole bunch to my new cousins since this was their first Christmas in the states ^___^ But jeez, I’m scared to look at my credit card statements… my mom’s already complaining about hers LOL!!

    EVERYTHING YOU GOT IS SUPER ADORABLE AND YOU!!! Ohhh I got some O.P.I. polishes last year! :D It’s a really nice brand huh! I want to try moreeeee :) Let me know how you like the ones you got okay?? And holy cow…. I think I saw some hair clips at Marukai that looked SO much like those and almost picked them up for you too LOL! Well at least your sister got them for you ^___^ (WHICH BTW I HAD NO IDEA YOU HAD MULTIPLE SIBLINGS!!) I always thought it was just you and your little brother XD I bet the entire family is damn good looking haha! <3 I LOVE the top hat! I can't wait to see an outfit post with it yeah?? ;)))

    OHHHH THE BODY BUTTER!! OMG I really want to run out and buy some for myself!! We were at Sephora shopping for my cousin and I saw that they sell them there :O (I've actually only been in Sephora like, 3 times in my life? LOL!) I had no idea they smelled so GOOD. I always wondered what all the hype was…. boy, I've been missing out. :3 AND OF COURSE PERFUMEEE! Because of you I really got curious about perfumes and colognes now ^^ I bough my boyfriend a cologne for Christmas, but I super badly wanted to get him Calvin Klein's Euphoria or that Giorgio Armani Aqua di Giorgio I think is what it's called? Have you smelled it before? I heard really good things about that one but I have no clue what it smells like! :P What are you favorite perfumes?? I also smelled some other Calvin Klein ones (I think, they were shaped like apples and smelled so wonderful!) and Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck wwww< The sound quality is superb! Ohh this was the year of scarves for us! We bough scarves for people we had no idea what to get for them. My aunt's cousin guessed what it was before he opened it and was like "Oh, now I have 4!" LOL poor Sheldon XDD

    AWWWW I LOVE YOU TOO MELODY BOO!!! <3 I hope it arrives soooooon!!!!! :D You can definitely expect another one on your birthday too babe ^____^

    • melludee

      All our Christmas wrapping is the samee ahahahh – except, we decided to buy a little more this year (blue, purple and gold!) for a little more colour variety xD ! And woahzieeee, you guys had so much pressies! But yeah ..ours wasn’t split amongst that many people so I guess it’s still considered a lot ;A; ! And eeeesh, I’m so poor but luckily dad’s gift of $150 helps a bit!! :D And eee yes! OPI is amazing *-* ! The colours are pretty awesomeeee ..considering they’re so nice and shimmery/sparkly *_*! BUT UM YES, I have an older brother and sister but they’re only half siblings! (aka same dad but different mum) So I guess it’s kinda different :DD ! Yeyyyyyyyyy, not sure what to do with the hat yet but YES, OUTFIT POST *__*!! :D And ooooh, yessum! The body butter smells heaps good *_*! ..IF ONLY THERE WERE SEPHORAS HERE ;A;! I was just looking at the site last night and I really wanted stuff from there but noooo, it doesn’t ship to Australia ;A; SO SAD! :<

      Ooooh, I've smelt CK's Euphoria and I like it! I can't really rememebr Giorgio Armani's but I think it was alright! Guy perfumes / colognes all smell quite similarly to me LOL! xD And eeeeee, I don't know if I have a favourite perfume but I love Gucci's Flora, Marc Jacob's Oh Lola!, Vera Wang's Rock Princess, D&G's Rose the One ..and a bunch more *___*! They're all super duper awesome!! And hmmm, I don't remember Ck apples ones! But I shall check it out if I ever see them :D

      I WILL BE SENDING OUT YOUR GIFT SUPER SOON! I just need to buy a couple more things :DD

  • Tam

    wow so many presents!! Next year I want to get a christmas tree because I think I’m starting to embrace christmas spirit hehehe. Thank you for being so thoughtful but unfortunately I moved house earlier this year so I did not receive the card. I appreciate it nonetheless :) Thank you Melody

  • Awesome presents!! Looks like you had an awesome Christmas.

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