Nail Stamping Kit

Thank you to everyone who joined the Kris Kringle! Jennifer and I would’ve emailed you yesterday!

Anyway, I received a nail stamping plate kit from KkCenterHK not too long ago and I can definitely say that I was really excited to try it out as I had seen many other bloggers use these before in their nail art designs.

Now, the most important thing about this is pretty much to peel the film/wrapping off the plate!! I had no idea that there was even a plastic covering over the plate until I read Elisa ‘s blog tutorial on it. So pretty much, I had tried to stamp these designs on to my nail whilst the plastic was still on and was incredibly frustrated as to why it wasn’t working ?! But yes, it turned out was all due to the the plastic covering and not my lack of talent in the nail department!

I decided to choose this design plate as I’m not very good at doing the tips of my nails neatly..
And if it was just stamping, then it would be much more easier! Although, this method is much much more tedious.

I thought this was pretty good especially for the price KkCenterHK was selling them for.
The only problems I had with it were the fact that polish doesn’t stamp very well – so it becomes an opaque-ish colour? Hence you would always have to choose a strong, thick type of nail polish for this. And also, something that dries quite slowly otherwise the time period between painting, scraping and stamping would have to be very limited!

All in all, I don’t think I would actually purchase this.
It took a lot of time to just continue cleaning the plate, but for those who want a perfect design without the stress of accidentally screwing it up manually – this would definitely be for you! There are billion of  other stamping plate designs (like Hello Kitty, flowers, characters etc) listed on their site so go check it out!

Also, I forgot to mention that until the 28th February 2012, if you enter the code BLGA55ME10″ you will receive 10% discount at KkCenterHK! So definitely go check that out if you can!

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Have you tried this method before?

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22 comments to Nail Stamping Kit

  • I really want to try these! Several times I almost bought the kit and a bunch of plates from G-Market. I just didn’t think I’d really have much luck with it since my nail art skills in general are pretty bad lol. I think my sister said she got some plates sent to her for whatever reason, so I can at least buy the rest of the kit for her for Christmas and maybe borrow it from her haha! So, you can use any nail polish? Or does it have to be a special kind? That’s what I was always most confused about, since I would see specially made nail polish for these… but what if you have a specific color you want to use, right? :’)

    Btw I’m really envious of your nail beds and your nails. They’re so long! @___@

    • melludee

      Ee yeah, I think she might have gotten some free ones from Born Pretty or something? I did too! But I never had the kit to go with it so I never got to use it :S ! But mm, any nail polish will do! Although thicker / slower-drying nail polishes were better cos they dry SO FAST on the plate for some odd reason and become incredibly hard to stamp ! But eee LOL, my nails are no longer like that xD I think that might’ve been my record for longest/neatest nail considering how often I break a nail ;A; (which I did today LOL)

  • melludee

    Can I try it out on you :3 ?

  • I know how you feel, I bought a bunch of these (some of which my sister lost somehow) and it’s such hard work to get it perfect, clean & opaque. I’m sure it takes longer than normal nail painting, but i suppose it becomes easier once you’ve got the technique down. Also, i find the scraper scratches the plate too much – destroying the design after multiple uses, so I’d suggest you use a old plastic card if you like playing with these ^___^ Cute plate design you chose though! :D love your long nails …. How do you get your nails so even?

    • melludee

      Oooh thanks for the tip! I actually noticed the scratching thing too and kind of got worried :s
      And oh my gosh lol. My nails even being that length was such a miracle xD! They normally break REALLY easily ..I cut them yesterday though because having long nails was such a bother ..and then my SHORT nail broke today >.>” what are the chances seriously xD ahaa ! But um back on track, yes! I think this takes much longer than painting …although maybe not for me since I’m not very good at that hmm xP

  • What a cute blog! *___* Will follow you! <3
    You just reminded me about my stamping set. I bought it for my nailartist, so she can stamp my gel nails. Many greetings. <3

  • Ahh i really like this method!! :D
    but i feel guilty that i dont use it everytime because i’m so lazy to add nailpolish to the stamp design whenever i want to do my nails :I
    but it still has nice effects though ;D

  • ooo they’re like those konad things!
    definately want one now, since kkcenterhk has them~

  • Elisa

    Haha glad that it eventually worked and it looks nice ^^! i still need to practice more, sometimes its really hard to do it bc the nail polish dries super fast >.<" and im super slow lol….

    Greetings from hong kong <3

  • Thy

    ooo i never tried this before!

  • O: Oh, never seen that before. Looks interesting. /: I remember when I had my graduation and I was trying to do my nails, I did the patterns with a needle. D: The patterns look nice. :)

  • i’ve always wanted to try this but… i know if i never buy it I will just use it once or twice and… never use it again since i hate painting my nails…. orz…

    but i love with what you did there!! just’s just soooooo pretty!!!!

  • Your nails look super cute!!!! but you’re right, it takes soooo much time just to clean the damn thing! <_< i've tried it before and i messed up like every other nail too :/ i'm too clumsy for this method XD
    Btw check out my LUVIEW giveaway here (if you're interested):
    You get to pick the prizes (BB creams and such) ;)
    Take care!

  • Nandish Sood

    Hi there! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be okay. I’m definitely enjoying your
    blog and look forward to new updates.

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