Introducing MoeMall ~ ♥

Today I’d like to introduce all of to you an awesome shop/website, MoeMall Cosplay & Hobby Shop!
If you attended Manifest, you would’ve seen their stall selling lots of cute figurines, cosplays, wigs, etc! And, if you didn’t know, they have their own store in Melbourne CBD and an online store which offers free shipping on any purchase!

MoeMall is run by two friends of mine from uni, Jin and Ranna!
And a couple of weeks ago, they were both kind enough to let me come to their store and try on lots of different things!

Please ignore Vu in the background of the left picture holding a Leek plushie xP

Anyway, here’s a quick small video of how their store looks like.
(Note: They were really low on stock because I popped in the week after Manifest (Anime festival))

Seems pretty awesome, right? It’s so much nicer being able to try on the wigs / see what they look like in real life before thinking about purchasing it! It’s kind of horrible when you think the wig is perfect from the picture online, but when it’s sent, it’s pretty crappy haha. But now with a store in Melbourne, you don’t even need to worry about that ! Andd, for those who are admiring their online store, you can see the type of quality from my pictures right here (: !

Anyway, here’s a quick picture spam of some things in their shop~!
(I have to thank wonderful Min for coming along that day and helping me out take pictures!)

You can see the rest of the photos of the store and the products on my Facebook Page, so feel free to check that out!

Anyway, the best part of this is that MoeMall has been kind enough to offer you guys…

5% discount on your total purchase!

All you have to do is create an ACCOUNT at MoeMall’s WEBSITE!
And then, please FILL OUT THIS FORM so that you will be eligible for the discount; and just mention your name in-store!

*Before purchasing at MoeMall (online & in-store), please let me know first just so that I can make sure you get your discount!

So, please visit MoeMall at:
324-328 Little Lonsdale Street
Melbourne, Australia
‘Like them on Facebook as well!’

♥ ♥ ♥
What’s your favourite Anime?

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67 comments to Introducing MoeMall ~ ♥

  • Awwww you look so cute, especially with the shorter wigs! haha ^^ Their store looks lovely.

    My favourite anime is currently Tiger & Bunny. I found it really engaging and I like the characters.

  • Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is very cool ;) a new store to look around when I am next in the city :)

    You pull off any kind of wig Mel Mel! So cuteee *squishes you*

    I want & need that cat paw :| .. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!

    Hmmmm lets see .. my favourite anime would have to between death note & d’gray man ! ;)


    • melludee

      Yess! You’ll enjoy the store, and the other stores in that building !
      And uwahhh, you should get the cat paws !! You would totally look cute with them :DD

  • I LOVE those pink/red-ish wigs! they’re pretty awesomely beautiful :))
    btw if you’re interested I’m kinda moving to Tokyo the 23rd :D <- my old blog. <- my new blog, if you'd like to follow or just check it out :D

    • melludee

      :O Are you moving to Tokyo permanently ? That’s so awesome!! I wish I could go too :(
      And oooh, definitely checking out your new bloggg <3 !

  • You look so cute with those wigs *__*
    I like the short black ones best on you <3

  • melludee

    And eee, short hair feels so different ~! *__*



  • Wow. Everything looks so cool :O
    Now I know where to tell my sister to buy from before our anime convention next October.. hehe :D Thanks for sharing!

  • oeh, love the first picture ^^ !! the short black one is also cute on you :D !!

  • omgg the wigs look so adorable on you! > w <
    and i love the cute outfits!

  • how cute photos ^^
    my favourite anime :Jellyfish Princess(Kuragehime) ^^

  • you look so cute, like always <333

  • Thy

    that is so cool! i wish they have one in my city =( you are so lucky!! i like horror anime like higurashi no naku koro ni, elfen lied, paranoia agant(not really horror xD), ghost hunt,… and still like watching gosick, rozen maiden, pita ten, and many more =3

    • melludee

      Ooowahh~! Such awesome anime! I’ve seen a bit of Rozen Maiden and that’s about it from your list though :O! Although I’ve heard of the rest ^__^”! <3 You should check out their online store too~!

  • Wow everything is so cute ^ ^ I would love to check it out!

  • don’t remember seeing them at manifest, but my friend karen always talks about buying cosplay items from there.
    you look really cute in the blonde bob ;w;
    favourite anime….maybe durarara?

  • wahhhh, you look sooo small and cutee in the 2nd pic!! XD
    Will defs check out their store next time I’m free in the city :D


  • mio

    do they ship all the way to malaysia? O.O

  • Mei

    Oehhh definitely checking this shop ouot ^___^
    Also thanks for the 5% discount :)
    I’m wondering if they ship to Holland :o?
    (You look cute btw in these wigs!)


  • I like the wigs!
    They look good on you! ^^

    I really want to cosplay as Misa-Misa ones from death note
    because, thats my favourite anime n-n’

    Nice blog c:

  • Omg…. you suit EVERYTHING!!
    You lucky girl, you’re so cute!!!!!
    Did you end up buying any items!!!? The dress looks so cute!

  • Oh snaps, I was totally confused about this website at first, thinking it was only for Australian customers! ^^; I’m SO happy it’s international, AND free shipping?! Totally beats HAH!

    WHOA I totally just squealed a little… I’m ABSOLUTELY shopping here for my cosplay! I found a BEAUTIFUL Grell wig!! -dances- Well, I at LEAST have a nice inspiration to actually do a decent cosplay this year! :3 The wigs here are just so gorgeous, I’m SO happy you’re sharing this with us! :) -hugs-

    Jeeeez, how is it possible for one girl to look perfect in every single wig she tries on?? You look ADORABLE in each one! I especially love you in the black wig (I keep thinking Ga In from BEG! lol!) and the blue/pink wig, SO cute! :) What is that cat on your head?? It’s so cute too XD I wish someone would open up a cosplay shop in San Jose or something. We have figurine and [overpriced] gundam shops, but nothing like cosplay outfits or wigs~ it’s definitely a lot nicer to try them on first! My sister used to work for a gag shop that sold lots of wigs, but he finally closed up nooo~ there goes awesome discounts too ;(

    Ohh, I have SO many favorites! Well, not really, kinda? Not compared to some of my old high school friends… all they do is ANIME haha! To name a few… GANTZ, Elfen Lied, Key The Metal Idol, Urusei Yatsura, NANA, Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)~ my boyfriend is also getting me into Evangelion! :D I really want to watch the show now since he showed me the last 2 movies, and I’m SO excited for the 3rd movie next year ^^

    What are you’re favorites Melody??

    • melludee

      YEYYY! I’ll be so excited to see you dressed as Grell !!
      If you need any help with the website / buying cosplay items, just let me know ! MELODY TO THE RESCUEEEE~!! :DD And yess! These wigs are super awesome and are heat resistant so you can curl/straighten/etc them if you need to !! /so happy/ And eesssh, I didn’t look good in everything!! Just on selected items >:D hehe and ooh the blue/pink wig is kind of from the anime, Panty&Stocking if you’ve heard of it !! :D AND THE CAT IS SO COOL! When I have more money, I’m going back to go buy it ! It’s a headband so that the cat actually sits quite nicely on your hand and all :D !

      OH, AND YOU TOTALLY SHOULD COME TO MELBOURNE AND LIVE WITH MEEE! Then you can have access to the store all the timeee! :D
      And oooh, I’ve heard of all those animes (but not seen all of them!) :D Eee, so far my favourites areeeee: Soul Eater, Paradise Kiss, Ao no Exorcist, Kannagi, FMA, Lovely Complex, andddd I still love all the weaboo classics like Naruto :DD You should definitely check some of them out if you haven’t already :D Especially Paradise Kiss! It’s like about fashion and stuff :DD OH, and I love Gantz!! Although I haven’t seen the Anime yet xD just the live-action ahahahaha <3

      • I’m like, stupid excited about that wig! $40 flat for beautiful wig, AND it’s heat resistant? YES PLEASE! * 3*
        HAH I won’t believe it until I see proof!! Meh, either way you have like, a million wig pictures, you look good in all of them wtf! *___* OHHH I know Panty & Stocking! My bf kept trying to get me to watch it lol! So far I’ve only seen the crazy episode with the monkey Phoenix Wright, and I forget what else happened lol. My friend cosplayed as the blonde one last year :P I WANT THE KITTY TOOOOO IT’S SOOO CUTE!! Ohhh maybe I’ll try and convince my sister to try and make me one >:D I don’t think they sell it on the website huh? >:D We can live in the store together o///o LOL jk jk
        Ohh you’ve heard of Key The Metal Idol??? It’s probably my all-time favorite since I was 10. :D …Though I’m pretty sure it’s an adult show, but hey, KQED played it, so of course I watched it >:D Ohh I forgot about ParaKiss <3 Except I only seen like 3 episodes… I LOVE the manga so so much! Have you watched Peach Girl?? Another all-time favorite manga/anime <3 EEEK I LOOOOOVE GANTZ! I was so super disappointed I didn't get to see it when they played it in theaters worldwide :'( I was SO excited for it too, but I had to work that one night -sigh- The anime is CRAZY! That's where I started :D I need to read the manga though, my boyfriend says its even crazier o__o And Elfen Lied… <3 So sad, but soooo good <33

        • melludee

          YEH, I TOTALLY SHOULDA REPLIED TO THIS LAST NIGHT but forgive my laziness heh xP
          Anyway! YESSS, heat resistant wigs are super duper awesome! And PROOOOF :O ? I HAVE BILLION OF PROOOF xD ! Ahaha and you could also buy some ;D ahah ! I used to buy my wigs from an eBay store which was pretty damn expensive cos it had shipping etc but still! They’re both quite similar in quality :D BUT um yeah! I haven’t actually seen Panty&Stocking eps ..except like one or two but its quite funny/dirty xP ! And I think they might sell it on the website? But if not, I shall buy it and send it over for you :D ? I don’t minddd !! *_* Ahh, I’ve heard OF Key the Metal Idol before but I haven’t seen it or know much about it :O ! OH AND YOU GOTTA SEE MORE PARA KISS ! Also, there’s a live action of Para Kiss that just came out! It’s quite ..okay – like not very true to the story line but seeing everything come to life was awesome ! omg Peach Girl! I was downloading it and I watched one ep and I just got SO ANGRY at that ..girl ..(forgot name) that I didn’t end up continuing it ;A; ! I might finish it sometime soon maybe LOL!

          GANTZZZZZZZ! I torrented the movie because I don’t think it came out in the cinemas here ;A; ! (or if it did, I didn’t know about it :C) ! And well, I only really watched it because Ninomiya Kazunari acted in it (L) ! But the story line ended up being super cool and I’ve been meaning to get the anime off my friend xD !


            I totally fried one of my wigs a few years ago (it was actually for my Mitsuru cosplay!) because for whatever reason i tried flat ironing it! T____T I don’t even remember why I did that, but it was…. awful. I HIGHLY DOUBT THAT!! >:DD And if they’re that bad, you probably wouldn’t want to show them anyways, so you HAVE NO PROOF WAHAHAHA! XD

            Oh yes, it is! o_o I would see my boyfriend watching it and I just give him the “wtf’ look and walk away. :3 I think it just reminds me too much of Cartoon Network style, which I did watch as a kid on occasion, but that style was always just too cheesy for me to enjoy. Awww you’re so sweet!! I’ll check again on the website to make sure!! :)) Ohhhh Key The Metal Idol is my love~ <3 It's another of those violent-lots-of-blood-splatter-lots'o'nude-awesome animes w< Caroline is PERFECT though w< My friend lent me the first 3 volumes in high school and I was completely HOOKED. It's kinda bad to read it unless you have access to all the volumes at once @___@

            I was really mad because they showed the movie TWICE! I thought it was one night only event, and then they went ahead and aired it again… or it might've even been for an entire week, I can't remember. I was SO mad! Ohh you mean Matsuyama Kenichi! He's SO cute and perfect for the role!! OMG reminds me, some chick at Fanime had the most AMAZING cosplay, and I think they were interviewing her at a panel that I thought she might've been one of the actors @___@ I wish I got a picture of her, she looked perfect… __<

  • Oh~ and response to your comments!! <3

    The blogger app is indeed VERY vanilla and hard to use :( To be honest, I had to wait until I got home to post that entry just so I could realign all the pictures and add comments between them x__x The app only allows you to post all the pictures together in a group… So I guess it's really only for quick updates or random pictures without all the comments like I always feel the need to add :P

    YEAH!! Omg I can't stop using Instagram! :D I added youuuuu too!! :D I’ll let you know as soon as I get it though yayyyy :D

    • melludee

      And eeeek yeah, I would imagine that something like that would happen P:
      It’s probably for people who post things on the go like, *snaps picture of a bird* captions “The besttt bird I’ve seen so far!” or something like that LOL xDD AND YAY, I SAW THE NOTIFICATIONS FOR YOUR INSTAGRAMSS! I’m going to follow you backkk now !! And yess, as soon as you get whatsapp, do let me know !

      • Yeah I think that’s probably what it’s for!! Kind of sucks, so it seems like I’d have to wait until I get home or take my laptop around with me lol. YAYY!! Instagram is so great, isn’t it?? I also saw your Snapeee comment, Imma get that too! I didn’t realize there’s all these great purikura apps too!! @.@ OMG so much to download!! I’m gonna buy Whatsapp today!! I just have to figure out how to buy it with my iTunes credits since it keeps wanting me to use my credit card XDD

        • melludee

          Uwahh? I thought whatsapp was freee ever since iOS5 came out !! Because with the iOS5, you can send text messages to other iPhones that have the iOS5 for free thus they made whatsapp free since it became pointless for iPhones !! D: AND THERE ARE SO MANYYYY GOOD PHOTO APPS *_* Princess Cam is awesome but it costs …but still awesome !!

          • Is it??? XD Well, at least using it is free, but either way it’s only $.99! Maybe they figured they might as well make some money off it? Or maybe I’ll look harder and see if there’s a free version!! :O Ohhh I’ll look that one up!! The one I downloaded last night is DECOPIC, omggg I want to go out and take pictures of everything and deco them! >w<

          • melludee

            Ohh maybe they just reduced the price !! It used to be $2.99 when I first bought it ;A; ! But oh wells O; ! 99cents is quite gooood :D ! And oooh, I don’t have Decopic ! But I shall go download that soon *___*!

  • Ohhh maybe it’s on sale or something? I should buy it naooo *o* OMG I just looked at the Princess Cam…. *___* <3 Pretty soon 32GB isn't gonna be enough space! XD

    • melludee

      Ehe its okayyy!! I think I only have 16 or 8 …or I forgot and it seems to be okay :O !!
      BUT YES, there’s also this awesome app called Mei Tu Xiu Xiu that’s really good ! But it’s all in Chinese (including the name ..) but the app is like a red thing with chinese characters on it! It’s pretty easy to figure out ..considering I don’t even speak/read/write Chinese myself xDD ! AND its freeeeeeeee ~!

  • OMG~~~~!! You look sooooooooo so so so cuuuute in all this wigs and costumes~! Awwww~ :3

    My fav anime is ‘Full Moon wo Sagashite’. Actually I like manga more, I find a story a little better, and of course Tanemura’s dash~ awww ♥♥♥ Not to compare~

    Luv ya~ XXX

  • wow they have so many cute stuffs O.o
    the wigs look very nice ^^

  • i am a big fan of N A R U T O!!! höhöhöh :D i really like this manga/anime but i’ve never dressed myself for cosplay Y_Y I also like bleach (somehow i am into fighting, shonen stories ^-^””)

    ShuShu ♥

  • Hi Love, haven’t visit ur blog for a while. u r as cute as usual… but is ur skin whiter then usual? so fair~ jealous! all those anime stuff looks super cute! ^^

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  • Min

    You looked pretty in all the wigs and costumes that day Mel~ :D

  • I have been missing out on SO many of your updates! GOOGLE FOLLOWER SUCKS!
    Anyway, I am loving the different wigs and costumes in this post! You look cute in every style! (* u *)

    I’ve tagged you in my latest post ~ You don’t have to do it, but it’ll be cool if you did ~

    ♥ Gerry

    • melludee

      REALLLYYY? WHYYYYYYYYY? Have you tried refollowing me? Cos apparently that fixes the stupid google follower problem ! Anyway, I SHALL DO THE TAGGGGG in my next post :DD !

  • Bek

    do you have the email to moemall because i’m trying to contact them but i can’t so an email adress would be nice

    • melludee

      If you go to their website, it should be listed under their “Contact Us” page :)
      But it’s ! Btw, since this post is so old, I don’t think this discount is valid anymore but you’re free to check with them xo

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