Rainbow Birthday!

Fuwaaahh~! This is a really late post (about 3 weeks late) about my birthday celebration!
So, in light of my recent 20th birthday, I had a birthday outing with some friends from Uni about three weeks ago in the mid-semester break.  A few friends and I went to eat at an ‘All You Can Eat Yum Cha’ restaurant called “Rainbow Restaurant” in the city, and then spent the rest of the (rainy) afternoon exploring random stores.

Because it was raining, I decided to bring my giant rainbowww umbrella with me ~!
Oh, it does seem that this birthday theme is rather rainbow right? Carrying a rainbow umbrella to a ‘Rainbow Restaurant’? My friend suggested I dress head to toe in a rainbow outfit ….but uh … I thought it’d be better to pass on that ! Aha xD

Anyway, this is just a ‘hint’ of how much we ate that day xD ! My table was filled with guys so the table was always filled with food! I think we took so much food that the workers there kind of got annoyed at us for eating too much ;__;!  Well, as long as we ate our money’s worth of food, it’s all okay! Mmm, I really want to eat some of their custard bun *_* !

So yeah, we spent the rest of the day taking lots of random photos everywhere!
I wanted to have some nice outdoor pictures, but it was a really rainy day so that was a no~go :( ! Now that I think about it, it seems that every birthday celebration so far (except the picnic) has been a rainy day! So much for Spring :\

But yeah, a quick thank you to everybody who came to this! You’re all definitely awesome friends !

♥ ♥ ♥
What’s your favourite type of cuisine ?

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