Public Speaking Nightmare!

A few weeks ago, one of my good friend, Lynn, had her 21st birthday party!
And so kindly, she asked me to do a speech for her! *_* Of course I was super honoured however, if you do know me – you should know much public speaking freaks the crap out of me!! And her party had a billion of people that I’ve never met before which made it oh so much more scary for me ;A;! Luckily, another friend was allowed to do it with me! Yey!
(And a special thank you to Jonhsan for helping me write the speech at 3am when Lawrence bailed on me for sleep ;_; !)

I’m not too sure why I get nervous when it comes to public speaking though!
Because, I notice that when I’m actually up there and speaking , it’s not that bad. It’s just the time spent waiting for your turn to speak, and then walking up to the front! Ahh! But I think it’s just because the audience (most times) are people that I don’t know very well (or at all) and I’m just afraid of making a fool out of myself in front of them!

And the worst part of it all is all the things going on to make you even more nervous!
The sweaty, shaky hands! The increased heart rate! The uncontrollable need to continuously walk around!

Unfortunately (or fortunately in a way?) I am forced to do plenty of oral presentations in my course.
I say fortunately because it actually has helped to improve these horrible nerves I get! (Slightly aha) But still, I absolutely dread doing oral presentations most of all! Especially when your lab/tute group is filled with people that you’ve never spoken to before! Ahhhh. That, and the tutor sometimes decides to ask you annoying questions on the spot ;A;!

♥ ♥ ♥
Is there something that you’re afraid of?

If I actually answered this question, I think I could list a billion different things ;A;!

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31 comments to Public Speaking Nightmare!

  • So many things LOL but most recently for me, it’s been the rush of all the deadlines for assignments and fearing you can’t complete it in time ><;; But then that's pretty much my own fault staying up late and always leaving things to the last minute XD

    and Woot! special mention =]

  • melludee

    Hehe thank you darling ! :D

  • O I get butterflies all the time for dumb things~ =) but the more u do it, the better. I think it should be an overall good experience ^^

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo


    i have to have a conversation with sensei for jap oral next week SO BEACHED ;A; kinda similar to public speaking.. AFRAID OF ALL THE THINGS D:

  • Aww, that was sweet you did a speach for your friend even though your scared of public speaking, public speaking is supposedly peoples number one fear, number two is death.

    I don’t like public speaking, but I’m more scared of death.. more specifically dying in a really painful way, and not feeling 100 percent sure what happens when you die :S

    • melludee

      Eeeeek! I don’t know whether I’m more scared of public speaking or death xDD Probably death! LOL >.< Just the thought of dying whilst suffering just makes me scared ;_;

  • Practice makes perfect!! <3
    I'm really afraid of public speaking, too~ But I think the more I do it, the less scary it seems. I used to tremble in front *i think* and my voice would crack, heee. XD

  • Oh, god. Public speaking. o_o;; That is something I cannot manage to master yet (despite being an Arts student). I think though, the thing is that you have to know the content of your topic well, or know what you want to say – so that when you make a mistake, you can camly (AND COOLY) pretend it never happened and get back on track.

    The pacing though. ;A;

    • melludee

      YES! LOL Oh gosh, in high school once, my cue cards were ALL OUT OF ORDER and I lost my place ;A; and it was so damn awkward standing up there going uhmmm … well ..uh … ! Luckily it was over fast ;__;

  • Glad you made it through the speech without problem! Public speaking freaks me out too, and I agree, it’s the waiting that makes it so hard!

    My biggest fear is zombies XD I’ll just leave you that one :3

    • melludee

      Oh dear! I’ll be so worried about you if there ever is a zombie attack then ;__; !
      (Coincidentally, I am about to be putting make up on my brother so he can be zombie for an early Halloween party looll)

  • public speaking = scariest thing ever!
    gahh i get all shaky, and i start stumbling and repeating words T^T NGNG

  • ahhh cute photos >.< I love your outfit!!! <3
    I'm afraid of many things -____- I get nervous easily too when I have to do oral presentations :D

  • aww…you are soo cute. im also scared at making public speaking. i always stutter. or i completely forgot what im about to say. public speaking is the number one fear in america. i think.

  • How sweet of you for doing the speech even though you’re afraid of public speaking! :D You look adorable in the photo with your friend hehee, love the hair style as well~ *^^*

  • Oh god, I HATE public speaking too! T__T I don’t even do announcements at work because I get nervous right before I pick up the phone that I’m gonna say something stupid XD I know I can do good announcements, but I get so nervous anyway!! XD I don’t even pick up the phones too LOL

    Oral presentations are the WORST……. my last presentation of my high school career was about Priests for my World Religions class. My teacher HAD to ask me a question, and I gave the most bullshit answer that his response was “………..okay. Thank you. ……” -slams head on desk- Not to mention I was wearing my crazy outfit for our last rally performance so I must’ve looked twice as stupid >:DD Funny enough though, I think if it’s something like actually performing, it’s not as bad for me… probably because I’m better at memorizing silly things like movie scripts XDD -SUPERSTAR!- HAHAHA!!

    Btw you and your lovely friend look freaking gorgeous! And it looks like it went well, you’re friend is laughing XDD

    Oh you know, now that I think about it…. I think my job has improved my ability to speak too a bit! I’m not AS afraid to speak to people because it’s a requirement at work. For example, in high school when me and my boyfriend go out to rent a movie (ironically at the store I ended up later working at!), I would NEVER ask the people at the front for help! My boyfriend always did XDD Even when we’re up there renting, I would look away in case they try to talk to me LOL I think here it’s a college requirement to take some sort of oral speech class ughh… not looking forward to that, but in a way I am a little so I can improve! :D

    • melludee

      And eeee, I get nervous making announcements too! And I always end up asking someone else to do it, or something silly like that haha! And oh gosh~ your presentation sounds interesting though!! On that topic, I did a presentation this morning ;A; ! I was quite jittery and nervous beforehand but I think the general warm / happy atmosphere of the other students made me feel okayish ! :D And eeeee, I STILL DONT REALLY ASK FOR HELPP >.

  • Super cute! ^^ I think a lot of us suffer from public speaking >___<;; Congrats on being chosen to do a speech~ That's so sweet :) I love your outfit btw!

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