The Birthday Haul ~ ♥

Hello gorgeous and wonderful people ~ ♥
Sorry for not posting that much, I’m currently in the midst of my exams (1 down 4 to go!) so I’m slightly – if not very – busy with attempting to study and ..well yeah. But I finish exams on the 9th (next week) so yay, I’m so close to freedom!
Anyway, today I shall be posting about the wonderful gifts that I received from some extremely wonderful friends!!

Diorama Art Mode: Makes everything look tiny / miniature !! ♥

Remember how last year, I said that I took the first picture with one of my presents?
Well, I took the first picture in this blog post with one of my presents too! Yes. ANOTHER AWESOME CAMERA!!!
NB: All photos on this blog post were not photoshopped (colours) so you can see the art modes that the camera has!

Olympus PEN EPL1 plus 2 lenses, SD Card, Carry Bag, Mini Tripod and Cleaning Kit

This is the Olympus PEN E-PL1 which is pretty much a dSLR in compact form ♥ !
Much love to my extremely cute and awesome boyfriend, Vu for planning this extremely awesome gift for me!
And to Jonhsan, Linda, James, Jessica, Charleen, Wennles, Takuya, Chris, Evan, Adrian, Will, Arthur, Tien, Khanat, Leon, May and Lynn for chipping in to pay for this extremely awesome present ~!

Celebration Tofus, Mini Tofus, Light-UP Strawberry, Mini Mouse and HANDMADE My Melody Card ♥

Anyway, to go in to a little more detail about the presents!
Apart from the camera, Vu also  took me out on three dates which I will post about later, and gave me the above gifts ! I still can’t believe he made that card by himself (it stands up~! aha) We also deduced that the two big Tofus were the parents, and the little two are babies. The brown one may possibly be adopted LOL.

From my family, I received money (as per usual) and these gifts!
From parents: YSL beauty pack (inc. Touche Eclat, Mascara + Flash Radiance), 4pk OPI, Purr by Katy Perry, Swan Necklace, 2 Belts, Icecream Notebook, Australis Nailpolish + Makeup Palette, 2Dresses and a Chichi eye shadow palette!
From brother: Glam Princess by Vera Wang, and a 6pk Chichi Nail polish set!

And from the rest of my friends, I received the following:
Andy/Jack : 2 Shimapan | Huy: Death the Kid Key Chain | Lis: My Melody Folder
Xin/Gems/Charleen: Orange Wig | LynnK/Sheryl: 10 Nail polishes + Hello Kitty Soap Pump
Winnie: Little Star Twin Pencils + Scrapbook | Jen: Pack of Awesome! |  Anon: Books for Vu&I
Lawrence/Lynn: Oh Lola! by Marc Jacobs, Butterfly Earrings, BYS Nail Polishes, BYS Nail Stickers, 2x’Friendship’ ornaments, Butterfly Headband, Flower Headband, Radiance by Britney Spears, Notepads and Make Up Case!

Anyway, I am extremely shocked as to how awesome my birthday has been this year!
So here’s a thank you to every single person who bought something for me again! And an extra special thank you to my darling boyfriend for going through so much trouble just to make me happy I love you so much baby!

♥ ♥ ♥
What’s the best present you’ve ever received?

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44 comments to The Birthday Haul ~ ♥

  • whoaaaaa thats a wholeeee lotta presents! lucky girl :)
    your parents give you so much too hehe

  • melludee

    Eheh, well be ready to wow`ed again this year ;D !!
    I love you darling ^__^

  • Aww you have such lovely friends <3 I hope you had the best day Melody

  • 3DS for my 21st, that was pretty awesome =]

  • Gahhhh you are super spoilt!! Wish I had awesome friends like you do hehe xD You’re lucky to have friends to chip in for one big, awesome gift *__* Cute tofus and I see the Katy Perry perfume that was in your birthday wishlist collage :) I have a feeling that next year for your 21st you will have an even more epic birthday haul ^__^ And ooh, an anon sent you a gift or is that their name? :o haha

    The best present I’ve received hmm, either my laptop or iPod Touch :D

    • melludee

      Eee, I’m sure you have super duper awesome friends tooo! (Especially online ones ;D)
      And yesss, an anonymous sent me a gift! (an anon from formspring) They popped in to Uni and passed it to people they recognized from my blog who then passed it to me ._. ! I still have no idea who it is D: ! And eeee, laptop and iPod touch are heaps awesome too!! O:

  • yay for compact DSLR! your BF is a super super SUPER kind person xD~ and thx for your comment too. the scarf is supposed to be worn like that tho. it’s a cool & eco ‘bandana’ with a cooling polymer <33

    • melludee

      Ohhh it isss? I had no idea :O
      Or maybe mine is different ^__^! Because I think I remember mine saying “headband” so I guess just same pattern but different design heh! And eee, thank youu~!^^

  • Omg wow! I thought the camera was enough as a present!!!!!!!!!
    The camera looks amazing :’)!
    So many goodies you lucky, lucky girl!
    I can’t wait to see what looks you’ll do with all the makeup!!!!!

  • woaaaaaaaah that is the most awesome gift ever * ^*
    i want an dslr toooo Ox your so lucky to have an awesome boyfriend and friends who did this for you! lucky, lucky ass girl <33

    and hmmmm.. i think my best gift so far was my Ipod nano lol xD..
    sounds cheezy, but i can't live without music hehe <3

    • melludee

      :O I thought you already had one with your awesome photos !!
      And eheh, yesss, I am far too lucky ;A; ! and nuuu~ the ipod nano doesn’t sound cheesy at all! Music is the bestt ! x

  • nopeee i have a normal compact camera xD
    and i think because its from Canon that it has some quality on my photo’s lol xD but i still want an dslr hmm :C

  • You got sooo awesome friends <3
    The presents are soo cute *__*

  • omgoshhh, i want that olympusss!!!! i’m so jealous =(

  • such a beautiful camera!
    so many presents you lucky girl~
    best present I received was probably my canon G12 from my parents

    so lucky you only have 5 exams, I have 7 D:

    • melludee

      Eee 5 exams is still too much for Uni though!
      It’s usually only 4 for 4 units ! Yet my damn unit has two exams :( And trustttt, they are so much harder than VCE exams ;__; ! Anyway, eee that camera is niceee ! :D

  • Aw, wow at your presents! I like how My Melody cropped up a couple of times, hehe~ Glad to see you putting the camera to use too! Looking forward to seeing it in action in future posts as well~

  • Hi! You lucky duck, I hardly ever get anything for my birthday but for Christmas I get really nice stuff :) Hmmm don’t really remember many presents right now (I lose things easily) but last year I got G Harajuku Lovers perfume from my sister! Smells so yummy… Those toys look good enough to sit on lol and you’re so lucky your boyfriend is so sweet x)

    And reply to your funny comment on my blog:
    LOOL me too! I tried almost every way you could make them die. I deleted the smoke alarm a lot, built a wall around them and sometimes made them use the telescope a lot so the aliens would abduct them forever but that was no fun :P
    Yeah, sadly not many people do it here, I’ve encountered some neighbours that open the door and stare at me and my friends then say …Oh! It’s Halloween, isn’t it? I had THREE groups of kids come to my door but they had such HUGE buckets and I had a tiny Snickers bar and I’m like ‘I’m sorry…it’s not much’ T_T Anyway I should stop writing so much, have a nice day!

    • melludee

      Oooh I love the Harujuku Lovers set !! They are definitely one of my favourite perfumes <3 !
      And looool! Killing them was like the best bit of the game LOL I used to delete the toilet and they would just stand around and cry and pee on the floor ahahahaha xD ! And I feel like playing the Sims ;A; ! And eee, some kids came to the door and we had nothing .. (well nothing I wnted to give LOL ;A;) so they ended up with a box of Oreos ..which I kind of wanted to eat too but oh wells! :(

      • Ahhh your so funny, the toilet thing cracked me up! xD I never really noticed how funny it was when they peed themselves! ahahaha
        LOL sameee! Took me a while to figure out what to give them and Oreos was definitely not going to be one of them.. They were still grateful for the Snickets though :)

  • Wow, you receive a lot of gifts for your birthday ! Pretty good ones too ! OMg, jealous. I receive very few gifts for my birthday but I’m thankful for them anyways. ^^

  • happy belated birthday! you got some amazing presents :O you have some awesome friends and family!

  • Mei

    Melody, we are officially E-PL1 twiiiins <333333

  • Shiken ganbatte ne! Good luck on your exams!! :D Are you still taking Japanese?? :3

    WOWWW what a nice camera!!! :OOO My boyfriend suggested I get an Olympus too, maybe I’ll look into this one! The pictures are SO nice <3 What lovely friends to all help get this for you :3

    Awww 3 dates?? How cute! I can't wait to see pictures :) OMGOSH the tofus are SO cute!!
    "The brown one may possibly be adopted LOL." omg you have no idea how hard I laughed at this!!

    Ohhh so many beauty gifts!! Even your brother got you beauty items! :D OMG random… but the Vera Wang perfume totally reminded me of one of the bosses in Persona 3 LOLLL -can you tell I'm a just a little too obsessed with that game?- :3 The Katy Perry perfume looks so pretty! I really want to get myself a perfume now~ maybe I should ask for one for Christmas haha

    OHHH the "Oh! Lola" perfume, I think I've seen that on another blog, the bottle is just SO pretty! SOOO many gifts my goodness!! What lovely friends and family you're surrounded by!! w< He said he had to run around trying to track down those flowers and ordered them weeks in advance for me @__@ Flowers are always the best! I think it was later that night that he surprised me with a "cake"… actually it was a plate of taiyaki spread out on a plate with birthday candles sticking out of them. So cute! XDD

    • melludee

      Arigatou~! Ahh, no I’m not taking Jap anymore but I still ..remember it… sort of ;A; /foreverfailing/
      And yes! This camera is AMAZING! If you want a new camera, definitely get this one! Because it’s a dSLR in mini form O; ! AHA yeahh, I was going to write “The pink tofu cheated with a brown tofu O:” BUT I guess that’s a little too scandalous for Tofus wahaahahahah xD !

      Andddd yesss! You should definitely ask for the perfume – cos it smells awesome! (AND IT LOOKS COOL xP) and wahah, which boss are you talking about O: ? Is it the one in the Love Hotel room thing? OR AM I JUST NOT UP TO THAT BIT YET ?! xD But its okay! I’m completely obsessed with P3 atm *___*! So if you ever feel like fangirling, IM RIGHT HEREEEE :DDD !! /Akihikooo<3/ ANd wahh! The flowers and "cake" surprise sounds soo cute! Which flowers were they :O ? I think I've received roses and …some other flower which I have no idea what the name is …before and its just so nice ! *___* <3

  • Glam Princess!
    Waah, I´m jealous! :( I want it soooooo muuuch! *sneef*
    You got so many gifts *_*

  • waaahhh *o* so many kawaii gifts :3 i love it!:)))

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