Manifest 2011 – Sunday

And we’re finally at the last of the Manifest posts!
Sunday was a much better day in terms of my eye! The swelling had gone down significantly and I felt like a normal person ehe.  The group of us got to the convention kind of  late ..since we kind of all ..slept in aha. But after two days of arriving early, I didn’t really care much at all *__* !

Anyway, I dressed in Lolita for the last day ~!
And omg, I absolutely love the wig I wore! Despite how annoying it was that it was super long and kept blowing in the wind and tangling ;_;! But I definitely love the style and colour! (What colour do you think it is? It looks like milktea ash kind of blonde~ But others say it looks brownish grey ! So idk !)

I found an old lollipop in of my bags which I was supposed to use for one of my blog posts but didn’t end up doing so.
So I thought it’d be a cute sort of prop to bring around with ! Although ..I don’t know if my friends thought it was a good idea, as I decided to pose with said lollipop in the following ways. Tehee~

Tehehe! Yes, I attacked them all with my lollipop *___*!
I really do enjoy taking photos like these ! And it makes me happy to see they turned out quite well too :3
Anyway, I didn’t really spend much (or at all) on this day because I realised how low on money I was and that I still needed to get presents for people. But I do believe Vu spent heaps and heaps of money on manga, figurines and …food !

(Oh look a normal photo of me with charleeeen~!)

Anyway!  After wearing this dress, I think I’m definitely going to start buying more Lolita dresses ^_^”!
I find that I feel really comfortable wearing these type of cutesy dresses, and yeah! So, hopefully I’ll be getting more soon (after I get more money) and then one day, I will build an entire collection *___*! Ahaha.

To see the rest of the photos click here

Anyway, that’s the end of my Manifest photos !
It really was an enjoyable event and I can’t wait to think up of new cosplays for next year!

♥ ♥ ♥

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