Bottom Lashes

This is a super duper late post that I should’ve done ages ago but ended up pushing it back too much!
Anyway, Maggie from KkCenterHK sent me these bottom lashes awhile ago, and I’ve only ever tried one other pair of bottom lashes which were also from KkCenterHK. I remember not really liking the feel of the bottom lashes last time I wore them, so I was hoping that these ones would turn out much better!

So these are the ES A188 pack of bottom lashes!
You can find them HERE for the price of $9.50USD for a pack of 10 pairs!

I actually really like these – after cutting in to two.
I feel like wearing the entire length of these is a bit much on myself. Maybe, if I did a different type of make up style it would work, but yeah. As you can see, I wore them when I was cosplaying at Manifest and I quite like the result they give *_*! I felt much more comfortable wearing these in comparison to the previous ones I wore ! The only thing that I thought was kind of odd about these lashes were the fact that they all seemed to be slightly different in size / shape !

(Please don’t mind that they are kind of coming off … ;A; bad glue!)

Anyway, I really recommend these bottom lashes !
Even though I hardly ever wear bottom lashes (or lashes in general), I really really like these !

♥ ♥ ♥
Do you wear bottom lashes ?
And do you think they are a must or just as an add on?

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38 comments to Bottom Lashes

  • i purchased bottom lashes similar to the ones you have a while ago… I don’t really like wearing them though D: they feel kinda uncomfortable and look really unnatural on me :(
    But i really wanna try the dollywink bottom lashes, cept i don’t want to spend like $20 on 2 pairs of lashes D:


  • Aw these are cute on you :) I wear top lashes more than bottom lashes, in fact I have never worn bottom lashes out! I’m still not comfortable with the way I put them on and I don’t think they’re a must. Though they look great with more dramatic eye makeup~ By the way I really like the top lashes you’re wearing in that picture above ^.^

    • melludee

      Eee! I totally agree with you!
      I just find it so hard to wear bottom lashes out all the time @_@”! IT just doesn’t really seem to fit :/ But yeahh, the top lashes are really nice! I bought them from Daiso :DD

      • Maybe practice will make perfect x) I hope I’ll be able to put on bottom lashes as well as I can with top lashes hehehe. Ooh yeah I thought so, Daiso’s lashes are awesome *_* Sucks that there’s no Daiso in Adelaide! ;_; … *Imagines flying to Melbourne*

  • melludee

    Thank you sweetie !

  • The bottom lashes look good on you Melody. :)
    Personally I like bottom lashes a lot and I wear it when I’m wearing top lashes. I feel it balances it out on my eye hahaa. XD


  • ohwow they look really goodd n__n
    and yeaah i have them too, but i’m sooo lazy to put them on > <
    i rather draw lashes haha xD

  • Hmm~ Bottom lashes, I don’t really make up myself. But as for occasional events like party, and cosplay I would love to wear lashes. They’re surprisingly changed our looks! :D

    xx Miaojuan

  • Bottom lashes are pretty suitable for cosplays, huh? They’re so WOW compared to natural bottom lashes, lol.
    Btw, refollowed you – hope this fixes the feed problem!

  • those lashes look great on you~
    i like bottom lashes when im going for a dramatic look, but normally i just have mascara on the bottom :)

  • I love bottom lashes to death but I have no idea how to use them so I just stack on 10 billion layers of mascara hahaha :D

  • I never tried out bottom lashes, but I really want to! Thanks for reminding me, haha xD They will be pretty good for party-ing, I think (+___+)
    Oh, and I like them on you! chuu~ ^3^

  • These look cute on you! They look pretty natural from far away. I recently bought a pair of Dolly Wink lower lashes but haven’t tried them yet. They look super natural though, so I think I’ll get used to wearing them very quickly ^^

  • These look great, Melody! They look like a cheaper but ultra cute alternative to Dolly Wink bottom lashes! I think they look great the way you applied them ^^ I’m also wondering what top lashes you’re wearing?? They remind me of my favorite Daiso lashes that I’m wearing now, but longer <3 I kind of want to pick up the bottom lashes now, because I really love the combination of the two lashes together!

    I only wear bottom lashes for pictures or maybe cosplay! I'm constantly yawning and my eyes water each time, so I'd probably melt the glue xD I loveee the look of long thick bottom lashes, so it's hard not to apply mascara, but I still get scared it'll smudge!

    • melludee

      And eee, that's kind of what I was thinking about the bottom lashes too! They kind of resemble other famous like lashes but are wayyy cheaper! ahh, and I wish I had applied them better cos they were falling off >.< !! But eh wells D: ! I ALSO HAVE THE SAME DILEMMAAA D: ! I always rub my eyes a lot so wearing make up is always such a hazardous thing xDD

  • you put them on very well! bottom lashes look great on you

  • They look so pretty on you! I use lower lashes because my own are so tiny and non visible -_-… and my upper lashes are very big so they kind of balance them hehehe.

    • melludee

      Yes! You look so amazing in all your photos *___* <33 !
      And ee, I agree that balancing makes them look so much nicer! I still need to get the hang of wearing them tho xP

  • aww you look so good with them!
    I’ve never tried bottom lashes before.. haha

  • Wow your eyes are so pretty!! those lashes are really cute but I wouldn’t wear them often, probably only for Manifest :) Can’t wait to go next year, already planning my cosplay, probably something easy like Ichigo from Tokyo Mew Mew, what about you? :) Also with liquid liner you can fake lashes by drawing strokes but they’re definitely not as cute as the real thing!

    • melludee

      Ahh thank youu !! ^__^”!
      and ooh, that would be such a cute cosplay !! I’d definitely take lots of photos of you if I happen to see you ! *__*! Mmm, I’m not too sure yet what I wanna cosplay as … got a few ideas circling in my head but I can’t seem to think of one I really want to do yet D:

  • I only give my bottom lashes with pencil eyeliner and brushes it with the tip of my mascara. Never wear falsies for that. Ur falsies kinda look real to me here…cute!

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