Birthday Blogger Picnic

Yesterday, I spent a lovely Spring afternoon with a few bloggers for an early 20th Birthday Picnic!
The day started in a bit of a rush as I had woken up at 9.30am – the time I was supposed to be at the train station – luckily (or not so) Vu had also woken up late. However, the time for him to reach the same station was much longer than the time that it would take me. And consequently, we were an hour late ;_;! (Sorry Lis!)

The attendees for this very awesome event were:
♥ Tam, Lissy, Huy and Tony
(with special friends: Vu, Jeremy, Jonhsan, Linda, Andy, Gems and Will)

Anyway, everyone brought a bit of food and drinks!
There were lots of delicious chips, drinks, cupcakes, jam donuts and sardine puffs! ♥

We didn’t really do much apart from eat Tam’s insanely horrifying yet interesting beanboozles …which she has a video of!
And watch the guys do something things like back flips, rollercoasters, lifting up a bench, throw a ball around, climb on trees and a whole lot of other silly things! (Which were actually quite entertaining hehe)

Thank you to everyone for coming to this and the gifts too *__*!
You guys are seriously the best, and hopefully next time the rest of you bloggers can come along too ^_^”!

♥ ♥ ♥
What are your favourite things to do at a park?

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41 comments to Birthday Blogger Picnic

  • melludee

    Sleep ..sweetie xP?
    We can sleep there next time ! Hehe. And ahh, you are such a cutie <3

  • the guy in red looks so funny. ahaha…

  • YEA IT WAS PRETTY FUNNNNNNN and possibly the only exercise I’ll do for this break XD Literally bench pressing! You didn’t post pics of the food that you made! Especially the cupcake :p

  • I LIKED WATCHING VU, GEMS AND ANDY HURT THEMSELVES. It was a pretty nice party and hadn’t mucked around in a park for so long.

    But the best memory is when Will spilt coke everywhere and I slept on it. ASDKF;AJ

    In any case, I hope you had a good time Deeee



  • Oh man it looks like it was super fun! :)

  • had a fantastic time with you guys yesterday, wish i could’ve stayed longer T^T
    love the last photo *muscles* :D

  • rindtron

    It was great weather for photos~ and it was a fun day overall. I hope we managed to make it a worthwhile celebration. ;A;

    More photos are definitely needed for next tiiime!

  • looks like you had a lot of fun ^^

  • Thanks for your comment Melody ^.^ Adelaide is very small and most people dress plainly so any logos, images etc. do stand out :| Wish it was more acceptable for people here to dress more stylishly haha~

    Looks like the picnic went well! Glad to see everyone looking so happy and the sun shining :) Aww you had to rush in the morning, that’s no good! Nice to see you and Tam together in pictures – wish I could meet you girlssss

    • melludee

      And then we’ll take lotsa photos and videos teehee! And ahh, I did hear that Adelaide is small >.< ! ...which is why you should come to Melbourne! Yayyyy

  • Aw, sounds like you had a fun day! It’s great that you chose the park for a venue as well – nature doesn’t get a lot of attention these days, haha!


    HAHA boys will forever remain stupid!! OMG… so, right now we’re using a SMART car while my car is in the shop, and my boyfriend swears he [somehow] managed to convince NINE 9 of his friends to cram into that tiny car. At least 2 of those guys are well over 200 pounds LOL!! Then they were like, pushing that car around while one of them steered… silly, silly boys… XD

    Tell me, what exactly is a BEANBOOZLE?? I’m quite intrigued!!

    Ohh how I love the park! Well, we USED to feed ducks bread crumbs when I was little (my favorite thing to do!), but now they put up signs so you can’t do that blehh. Hmmmm… I just like walking around or sitting at the bench and watching the ducks! Or walking my dog and having her almost knock me into the pond… oh and I once ran away from a clown I spotted in a park D; Terrifying experience as my friends tried to pull me towards him LOL

    • melludee

      LOL! Wth at the boyss ahahahahha! But yes, I don’t know where they come out with all these ideas @___@”!

      BEANBOOZLES ARE DISGUSTINGGG! Well, they’re pretty much a pack of jelly beans that has multicolours. Only, each colour represents two different flavours – one normal and one disgusting. So it’s pretty much a 50/50 chance of like getting Peach or like ..vomit >.> Eugh. I got like dog food and booger …IT WAS GROSSS ;AA;! But fun still xD ahahah. And ahh, I love how parks are so relaxing *___*! I used to feed the birds there too … when I was much younger! And I used to cycle a lot xD Now ..I’m just a lazy poop who lays on the grass doing nothing LOL! AND WHYYY WOULD A CLOWN BE THEREEE ;AA; they scare me a lot ;<<

      • I have nooooo idea, boys are forever a mystery to the world! XD

        EWWWWWW that sounds SO much worse than Berti Bott’s Every Flavored Beans. But I want them now! I want to give the m to my boyfriend and see what comes of him sharing with his stupid guy friends XD AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA booger and dog food OMG that’s horrible! XDD

        Same here! I used to ride my bike EVERY DAY, it was the best thing to do. Now I can barely bike myself to work without it feeling like a chore =__= I miss being active, I miss being a kid! </3 Ohhhhh the things I've found in parks! One year when they were setting up for the Art & Wine Festival for the next day, I swear to god (this is pretty gross, you've been warned)…. I found a rabbit HEAD. Just sitting, face up on the grass. It was BIZARRE… I had my dog with me so I quickly walked away from it, but made sure to remember exactly where it was because my sister used to be into the whole witchcraft stuff XD Sadly though I think the A&WF people found it and threw it away LOL The clown was SO much worse though…. I mean, he was yards away, but I still ran away screaming. I HATE clowns!! Not even so much to kick one in the pants, I'd probably just start crying. XD

        • melludee

          Eeeshh. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything that crazy before xD And ahhhhhh, guys seem to love trying all these crazy things though lololl! I WAS SO RELUCANTANT ;AA;! But then I was persuaded in to try it in the end xP hehe. And eeeeesh, clowns freak the crap out of me! I don’t know why :S I think it’s just their creepy smiling face ;~; !!

          • The most AWESOME park ever??? I don’t know. I know there’s turtles at the park too :D Luckily for me though, the ugly clown was at another park, but I don’t think I’ve been back to that park since that “incident” lol! On a nicer note though, I once saw a couple getting married in the first park <333 It's pretty cool park, it's also home to an international swim center, so we got some big swimmers come down to Santa Clara before haha :P It's not ALLLLL creepy XDD But yes, clowns are creeepy f***ers!! I don't know exactly what it is either… I also have a HUGE fear of Chucky the doll, Slappy the ventriloquist dummy and dolls in general. I think I used to have nightmares about clowns too…. OMGGG I KNOW WHY!! Have you ever watched Rugrats?? There was an episode when Stu the dad made this CREEEEEPY clown doll (worst combination ever!) that kept like, terrorizing the babies…. it was mad scary….. -shudders-

          • melludee

            LOOOL! I HAVENT SEEN THAT EP D: but I think I got really scared of dolls cos of Chucky too! And possibly that one ep of Sailor Moon where all these dolls were possessed demons or something :SSS ! freaked the crap out of meeee!! Eeek. And oooooh, I’ve seen people get married at the park I was at too! (in the blogpost) cos it’s some famous gardens where all the pretty flowers and memorial stuff are xPP !

  • OMG MELODY!! You’re birthday…. is October 10th??????? That’s my Pumpkin’s birthday! HAHAHA. Now I can celebrate my dog’s birthday and your birthday heehee :)))

  • tsk tsk, *shakes head. coming late to your own birthday party. LOL. oh yeah. you still haven’t cropped him out yet. Melody: i know..:3 LOL. eh. even i look weird in the photo. should’ve stood to the right of Tam a bit more. T__T

    LOL@the people in the back of the 2nd photo. that reminds me.. what happened to the video recordings you two took? ;) weren’t there anymore apart from the video on Tam’s blog? Haha, oh well.

    Nawwww~ you pulled a troll face in the last photo, LOL. glad i came to the party. it was fun! ^^ are you gonna upload the sticker photos and and the crazy wing photos? WOULD LIKE TO SEE. *nods

    • melludee

      AHA ..woops~ *___*
      And naww, you look fine ! I’ll upload the rest of the photos on my facebook later on ^^”! And ahahahaha, I also need to upload those videos somewhere xD !

      AHH, it turns out we cbb going to crazy wings D: ! (Well, I didn’t feel like dying/crying xP)


  • Emy

    Melody you are the cutest thing ever!


  • kyaaaa if only australia was smaller and it was easier to travel from city to city T__T

    p.s just about EVERYTIME i comment, i forget to press the “not a spammer box” i suppose i must be a spammer lololll

  • you all look so beautiful and sweet! :)

  • Mei

    Omg Melodyyy happy belated birthday v____v i’m a horrible
    blogfriend for being late!
    Really love the last photo! You and Tammy looking cutecute :)
    I guess I like to do is: eat, photography, pets & play frisbee at parks


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