Manifest 2011 – Friday

Whew~ The past three days have been so tiring yet immensely enjoyable (:
I attended Manifest (Melbourne Anime Convention) on Friday, Saturday and Sunday!
I’ll be doing three separate blog posts for each of the days, mainly because I took quite a bit of photos and having one long post would be a little overkill? Aha~ Anyway, let’s start Manifest on the Friday Morning !

I pretty much based this entire look off a fanart I found on tumblr/pixiv !
Although, I didn’t really wear the megane (glasses) because the only “fake” ones I had were those 3D popped out ones and I didn’t wanna wear my real glasses cos I had contacts on. And also, I find glasses are very annoying to wear .. but I guess since I don’t wear mine often, I’m not too used to it.

I was really unsure on what I wanted to wear for this day as although I originally had planned to do Shiemi (Ao no Exorcist), I didn’t have the complete outfit due to lack of time/money (and I kind of got lazy with preparation..) Also, Vu wasn’t cosplaying (cos he ceebed cosplaying as Okumura Rin) so I didn’t want to do anything too over the top? Anyway, I quite liked this outfit for something simple and nothing too outstanding ^_^”!

I didn’t end up purchasing much on that day, yet somehow, the total money spent went to above $100?! (Inc Food)
Anyway, I bought three plushies, a “mystery” mini-food box and a Manga Artist Collection #4 ! (Rest were freebies)

I was extremely happy with these purhcases!
Firstly, the Manga Artist Collection #4 is something that I’ve been looking for ages, I have volumes #2, #3 and #5 which were bought ages ago when I was in early high school, and I’m missing volumes because they discontinued it in Australia grr! But I was so happy cos it was only $25 when the ones I bought ages ago were sold at $50 ^__^!!

And then secondly, two of the plushies I bought were E. coli and S. aureus! !
If you don’t know what they are, it’s okay. They’re two different types of bacteria that I am very familiar with due to having to continuously use them for my labs at Uni! People thought I were quite strange for buying them; but I think only Biomed/Science/Med etc students would understand xPP !

Anyway, I think that’s enough for the post on Manifest Friday!!
Look out for the next two posts on Saturday and Sunday which should be uploaded fairly soon after this one ^_^”!
(And if you’re impatient to know what I cosplayed as on the other days, I posted a few pictures of myself on my tumblr ~!)

To see more photos from Manifest Friday please click HERE

♥ ♥ 

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45 comments to Manifest 2011 – Friday


  • fatima

    MELODY, YOU’RE A MAD CUTIE!!!!!!!! <3
    glad u had fun!!! :)

  • melludee

    Anyway, thanks darling :33 ! It was only heaps of fun cos you were with me <33 !

  • Kelly

    U look so cute n petite! Like a little doll! :)))))

    I’ll buy u back if you’re one of those plushies! Heheeh

    *okies sounds a little wrong sorry!*


  • EEK! Cutiepie !!!! :D you are so cute and i love your eye make up and lenses <3333

  • nawww you look so cute, just like a lil doll ^^
    i love those germ plushies too, I was gonna get a STI one but i forgot o-o, your e.coli is very cute :D

  • HooBoo

    need more hard gay… c/o aaron BAWHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

  • Jen

    ahh you must have got the plushies from my friend Miss Pixie! she was selling some of my stuff too!

    I love them, there super cute!! I love mono!

    • melludee

      Oooh most probably x3 !!
      Ahhh, what kind of merch was the stuff you were sellling? cos I forgot the name of the store you mentioned earlier on the days I attended and was confused xP

  • You makes me miss convention ! I’m looking forward to your next post, you usually look good cosplaying :D
    And these plushies are the beeest !

  • June

    Very cute cosplay :D Why didn’t I see you? Hahaha
    Were you only there on Friday?

  • Looked good in a suit, but you shoulda worn those 3D glasses to complete the cosplay! And wow, that’s a lot of money to spend on food XD Did you manage to find the photo stickers or that’s someone else’s? =]

    • melludee

      Aha! I did wear them for like … 30 minutes and it was just awkward and shiz ;A;
      AND I CANT BELIEVE I LOST THEMMM. I took the photo of these before I cut them up ;___;

      /read your comment in a sarcastic tone btw/ LOL

  • Oh my gosh, I love what you wore! I could never pull off an outfit like that, hahaha! :)

  • You look so cute in your cosplay~ ♥
    Really like a doll!
    I’m excited to see the other cosplays.

  • Mei

    Melluuuudeee you look so cute ^___^
    You spend so much on the event~!
    I like the stuff you’ve bought :D I think
    will go nuts if I was there haha..


  • aaaaaaahh you look sooo adoraablee! <33 damn i wish i could go too ; -;
    why is everything so fun, so far away bawws ; -;.

  • Aw my gawd! I love your outfit and eye makeup!
    So lame that I missed out on this years anime festivity in Sydney! No time and money to make costumes -___-
    That’s good that you were satisfied with your purchases! I bought so many random junk in the past :\ I gave them all to my sister.
    Cute sticker photos! Overall it looked like an awesome start to Manifest~~
    I can’t wait to see your part 2~ And 3 even? :OOOO

    • melludee

      And aw :( We should totes cosplay together one day ! And eee, I love my junk T~T /hugs them/ ahahah ! Mum keeps calling me a hoarder cos I refuse to throw anything away :( ! And yessum! THERE ARE THREEE PARTS for the THREE DAYSSS xP eheh

  • Naww you look cute!
    It was nice bumping into you on Saturday by the way! :D

    • melludee

      Yes it was !!
      I apologize if I seemed kind of confused at first xP I was kind of shocked hehe. I shall be posting some pictures of us soon :3

  • Hah! I saw the card with E.coli in your photo and was like, “WTF?! Why would they have those cards at Manifest?!” Hahaha they have similiar plushies at the Melbourne Museum!

  • Waaiiiiiii you’re so cute Melody!! I love your outfit! Even without megane it looks very complete and like the photo :D

    It’s crazy how easily money just flys out of your pocket an conventions! I try not to buy any food at the actual convention though because the prices are horrendously overpriced. Maybe at Manifest it’s different?? At Fanime a hotdog costs 6 bucks!! @___@ Not to mention a small box of Pocky is around $3?? I shed a tear each time I see someone fork over precious dollars for something that cost them only .50 cents *sigh* Then again they probably don’t care, but still it’s annoying! >_w< My older sister has a couple of them too :D Ohh and I just realized, is that a potato from Plants vs. Zombies?? LOLOL!! I'm glad you found the exact copy you needed and at such a good price too yayyyyy :D

    Purikura!! ;o; I'm so sad they got rid of the purikura machines at the mall……… the last time I used them was probably 2 years ago?! I regret not jumping in one at Fanime..! Guess I have to wait till we go to San Francisco blehhhh :((

    • melludee

      And omg yeah! I NEVER BUY FOOD AT CONS ;A; They are way way way wayyyy too overpriced ! We ate in the city after each day of the con cos its so much cheaper :I THEY JUST WANNA TAKE ALL OUR MONEY ON THE DAY ;A; ! Ughh. They tried selling me Pocky for $3 too! and I'm like :I I can get that for wayyy cheaper x.x ' !! And yessssssssss! It's wallnut from Plants vs Zombies *___* SO CUTE ISNT HE tehehehe /hugsssssssss/ ! AH they also got rid of the purikura near my place ;a; so now I havta travel ALL THE WAY to the city just to take some ;_______; /cries in a hole forever/

  • Hi! This blog is just WOW! ;) You look cute heyyy! But if you add lip-gloss on, you will look much prettier I think;)☆

    • melludee

      Ahah thank you >.<!
      I had lipgloss on but it kind of wore off and it was hard for me to reapply when I'm walking around ^^" ! And I don’t always like the stickyness of it :( But thank you for the tip ! x

  • Lol, another photo of you and Vu eating whilst at a convention!

    Is that … a Plants vs. Zombies Wall-nut plush in your purchases photo?! That game is ze bombbb! (Or should I say … Cherry Bomb! Okay, I’ll stop now.)

  • Omg, plush dolls for bacteria?! I’ve only seen plush dolls for STD’s which … were weird but they were still cute … especially Gonorrhea. XD; But ahhh, its such a cute way to not only be reminded of the bacteria’s name and appearance but it just makes your studies more personal and fun! *_*

    The cosplay you had on for this day is SOOO CUTE. ;-; I went on your tumblr to reblog some pics of you. D’: -creep-

  • *staring at your eyes* they are so biiiiiiiiiiig!! And you’re still just sooo adorable! love love love it~!! You sure know how to pull off cosplay so well!

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