Manifest 2011 – Saturday

Warning:  This post is possibly going to be very long !
This is due to Saturday being the “biggest” day of Manifest and also, the day that I took the majority of my pictures!
Also, before I begin this post, I would like to add that I will and do photoshop my own photos. Especially if I find that there are slight defects in the photo that I’m not happy with. I don’t really care if you think this makes me seem “fake” or what not, because I know what I look like, and that’s all that matters. But yes, this is just so that I don’t get complaints when you notice that I’ve significantly brighten someone else’s photo and covered up some facial blemishes.
Thank you for understanding ! ♥

Photo by Paul | Edited by Me

Unfortunately, my second day of Manifest started off pretty badly.
I woke up with my left eye being completely swollen; and I had no idea if it was going to be okay to wear contacts or not. :/ I was really really really annoyed about this because ..well ..swollen eyes are super noticeable in photos and blergh. Annoyed. Anyway, that’s a huge reason I photoshopped a lot of the photos in this post :C ! My eye started to hurt after some time too so I had to take them out and walk around blind ;_; !

Photo by Eric Chau | Edited (heaps) by myself

For Saturday, the boyfriend and I cosplayed Kagamine Rin and Len (Sandplay version!)
There were lots of trouble with both of our outfits though. The bow on the back and the ribbons around my leg refused to stay on, so I had to do without them. And Vu didn’t have the proper wig so he had to go wigless. But other than all that, I was actually quite happy with how our cosplays turned out ! :)

(Right) Photo by Eric Chau | Edited by myself

Kman always seems to be wearing red&black when we do.

With Lucy & Charleen ♥

I spent a lot of my time scouting around Manifest looking for other bloggers!!
*Specifically Phuju, Shirley, Wendiiee, Huy and Lissy!
(Was quite disappointed that I didn’t get to bump in to Huy or Lissy :( !)

Left: With Phuju ♥ Right: With Shirley

With Wendiiee and Nessa (Kymmie and Thuan in the background)

And groupp photo with my awesome friends ! ♥

Anyway, Saturday was massive fun despite all the complications; but I really do wish I would be able to re-do the cosplay when my eyes are completely okay and also when Vu has the right wig ;__;! Maybe sometime in the holidays !

Phew~ That was one damn long post to get through. ONE MORE TO GOO! :D

If you’d like to see the rest of the photos please visit here !

♥ ♥ ♥

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47 comments to Manifest 2011 – Saturday

  • melludee

    Yes they do mhmm ^_^”!
    And ahhh, you looked quite good in YOUR cosplay ;DD ! At least money was well spent on things you liked xP !

  • Aw Melody you and your boyf look adorable ♥ I hope your eye is a lot better now!!

    • melludee

      Thank youuu Saraahh !
      Ack, the annoying part about that was it kind of got better AFTER cosplaying on that day ;A; WHY SO UNFAIR TIMING ! ahah x3

  • sooo soo sooooooo cute is all i can say hehehe

  • Ah, Melo, those people who criticise you for using Photoshop on your pictures probably do the same thing on theirs. Or only use those Photobooth special effects. Or have really bad cameras that don’t show every little blemish. Why not use Photoshop? As long as you’re not completely changing the way you look, and only use it to make a picture look better and cleaner, then I don’t see why photoshopping is a bad thing.

    Okay, so that’s a really awesome costume. I love both of your vests! I hope you bought that somewhere, because making it yourself would be quite a big job (better say really really big job). It looks like so much fun to cosplay with all of your friends :)

    • melludee

      Ahah, that is probably true !
      I also agree that as long as I am not completely looking different to what I normally look like @-@” /PHOTOSHOPS ME TO BE SUPER TALL WAHAHAHAH/ xP ! then I see it’s completely fine ~ :3 tehee.

      And ahhhh, I am definitely not that talented to make ANYTHING CLOSELY SIMILAR to these xD ahah ! But ehe, yes it is heaps fun xD and way less embarrassing when there are people around you doing the exact same thing xD

  • Despite the missing wig & ribbons your Cosplays do look amazing ♥
    & btw…I don’t have a problem with people photoshopping their long as you can stil recognize them.
    (& I ALWAYS forget to check that ‘Confirm you are NOT a spammer’ xDDDD seems like I’m a spammer, eh? haha)

    • melludee

      Ahah thank youuu!
      And ee, mee tooo! As long as they’re not completely changed, I think it is a~okay! And omgg :o I just checked my “Spam” section after you said that and found a few comments from a few ppl that never made my eyes xDD ahah <3

  • awh everyone looks so cute especially you! i love your shoes :3 where did you get them from? I’ve been looking for some new lolita friendly black shoes :p

    • melludee

      Aha thank youu ^-^”!
      I dressed as lolita on the Sunday :O ! And mm~ I got my shoes from taobao xP They’re so sturdy and good and cheap too!

  • Mei

    You are still real to me sweetie ^__^
    You look awesomeee <33


  • Omo, you look incredibly cute! And your costume looks really pretty and detailed he he he.

    I dun have a problem with photoshop, only when it’s bad photoshop haha. like when it’s really overdone or just horribly done lol.

  • You’re good at photoshopping! The pictures look great to me.

    Your costume looks expensive! I like that costume and I also like that kimino type costume on your blog.

    • melludee

      Aha thank you~ :3
      And eee, it wasn’t that expensive ..well sort of. If you’ve heard of taobao, that’s where I got them both from xP They’re “cheap(er)” and really good quality !! x

  • Aww it sucks that you had to take you contacts out :S
    I hope your eye is okay now!
    You met Wendieeee ~ It makes me feel like I’m a step closer to meeting you in reality lmaooo!!!
    P.S. Your wig reminds me of y hair right now hehe

  • of course I won’t look at you weird.. *shifty eyes. LOL. :D yeah, I was quite disappointed too.. T_T at least it wasn’t just me eh? Hi5@Lissy. now I don’t feel that left out anymore. (:


    They’re soooo prettyyyyyy and amazingly detailed omghowthehelldidyoudothegolddetailing?!

    You were on the list of people I wanted to meet at Manifest but I was only there from 4-6pm so… *sob*.


  • i love your cosplay costume! couldn’t even tell that you were missing bits and pieces :)
    i don’t have a problem with photoshop as long as you keep it looking natural which is what you have done :D
    still can’t believe that i couldn’t find you D: but there’s still next year~ x

  • youwishyouknew


  • Your boyfriend and yourself looked amazing that day~
    I’m glad I got a snap photo of you :D

    Hope you eye is all good now. ^^

  • aaaah >__<
    had to join again cuz I couldn't read your posts anymore ;___;
    But here I am again HAHA
    The cosplays look amazing *__*
    Hope you had a fun day ^__^

  • Wiw, dats a one cool event. F Brunei also has such an event id lyk to dress lyk Hinata from Naruto. Keke

  • Dats so fast for u to rply mine. Haha. Well, f we have one :( it would be so much fun. Lyk Halloween but not scary. Lol

    • melludee

      Aha ^_^” I generally reply quite quickly to most people ~ unless I’m not at a computer tehe :D And yesss! Cosplaying is heaps funnn xP ! You can do it for like a mini photoshoot with your friends if you don’t have an event xP !

  • I think most people would appreciate having their blemishes shopped out, eheh. Especially since blemishes disappear themselves eventually!
    Wow at your cosplay outfits! Very impressive~ Did anyone notice the missing bow and ribbons? I reckon I’d be too distracted by the overall cosplay to even realise, haha.

  • I just found out your blog and I completely came to like it *u*
    I don’t often go to anime conventions, and in fact I’ve never tried cosplaying, but seeing your pics makes me want to try out someday. You & your friends look so damn cute♥

  • Psh, I don’t really see anything wrong with photoshop. If it makes the picture look better, then why not? :P I think one of the main points is the quality of a photo, and there’s many ways people edit their photos anyways, whether it be simple lighting tweaks or touchups, or full on photoshop. It’s all photo editing… but anyways, if they don’t like it, they can simply look away. I won’t though, you’re piccies are beauuuutiful! I just learned the other day how to do that flawless face effect! Haha, I probably sound so noob, but I am, so I’m quite fascinated by the effect LOL

    I’m sorry about your eye!! D: I’m glad it finally healed by Sunday though <3 And I'm sure Vu was there to be your blind guide LOL! <3

    These outfits look amazing on both of you, you guys really pulled them off flawlessly! I would have thought his hair was intentional being that color because I think it still matches well :) You can't really even tell there's a lot of problems with them~ :)

    LOLLLLLLL @ the Kman photo!! OMG Vu looks so scared HAHAHAHA XDDD

    EVERYONE'S cosplays looks so great!! Everyone's so photogenic and beautiful! :D Awww it's too bad you missed some of your friends though :( That happened to me at Fanime, AGAIN *sigh* At least I finally met one of my years-long friend's from online for a brief moment w<

    Are you gonna dress up for Halloween?? Maybe you can redo your cosplay then?? :333

    • melludee

      YEAHHH! I knowww! When I first learned that I could make a flawless face I was like OMG THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER INVENTEDDD *___*! xD tehehe. To be honest, I can’t really stand photos that are left with their original settings (ie. dark / gloomy etc) It just puts everything off for me! Eeek. But yeah ^_^”! THANK YOUUU :DDD I’m pretty sure people didn’t know we were Len/Rin cos of his hair colour but they probably thought we were something else ! Ahaha xD YEAHHH, Cons are so hard to meet people cos there’s tons and tons of people around T-T”

      And MAYBE! But like in Australia, Halloween isn’t celebrated AT ALL.
      Only a FEW kids dress up and go trick or trickin’ so like yeh .__.! But maybee if someone makes like a halloween party xP

  • imo I like the way you photoshop your stuff. :c Like idk why people are always looking for an opportunity to let someone know that they’re “fake”? Baaahh, they need to learn to appreciate more than to hate.

    Ohhh I’m so glad that this cosplay turned out perfect despite your eye mysteriously getting swollen. AND ON SATURDAY OF ALL DAYS. I’m glad though even the day started out crappy at least you were still able to have fun!

    • melludee

      Yeahh! How does photoshopping make me “fake” unless I like photoshop my boobs to be like a billion times bigger than they normally are LOL! xP And eeee, I still have no idea why my idea mysteriously got swollen! So frustrating >.<

    I understand what you mean about the photos… Best is always what you do ne! and no you’re not fake!
    and if you didn’t tell me about your eye, i wouldn’t have noticed!! You still look sooo amazing!!!!!!!!!
    Hope your eyes didnt trouble you too much that day :(

  • wuaaaah your cosplay is absolutely stunning!! And so is your blog! Keep up the great work!!

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