We ♥ Friendship

Few people say that they don’t need friends.
They say that they’re better not having to rely on someone, or have someone to talk to about how they’re feeling.

That, is something I actually understand well.  For the longest time ever, I went without ever having a ‘close or best friend’ – sure, I have had people to hang out with and talk to – but there was never anyone that I could definitely say that they were someone I trusted, or someone I could feel comfortable around. And to be honest, I still don’t think there is anyone I know that I can call a “best friend” or say “friends forever” sort of thing. (Apart from Vu.) But, for those few friends that I can laugh with and who actually care about me, I really am thankful for you. ♥

It’s always amazing to know that there is someone out there, willing to give you a hug when you’re in need of one. And that with just one phone call or text, that they’re there to talk to and just to be there. You know? It’s a good feeling. Not to mention, having someone who you trust enough not to judge you for your choices, or to tell anybody else.

I’m so glad to have found the people that I consider friends.
(Note: Just because I don’t have a photo of you here, doesn’t mean I don’t think you’re my friend!)
(Not much colour in the post because the photos are quite bright already!)

♥ ♥ ♥

Tell me about YOUR Best Friend!

Who are they? How’d you guys meet? What’s your favourite thing to do? etc

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52 comments to We ♥ Friendship

  • LOL my pic looks so bad D;

    I don’t have a best friend I’M A WOLFPACK… ALL BY MYSELF… LIKE A BOSS

  • melludee

    I hope it’s meeeeeeeee eheh.
    And ahuh, loneliness sucks majorly :(

  • Aww! I love this post! It is so cute! I have a lot of best friends! but I am at an international school so all my friends are moving all the time so I learn to not have a BEST friends just a lot of really close friends! Because I am one of the few people at my school that live in Scotland not just stay here for a year. :I :D

  • I think one should definitely have a best friend in their life.
    It’s great to have someone to talk to without hiding things from

    Great post. you look cute on the last pic! :)

    • melludee

      Thank you ^^”!
      And it’s true ! Being able to talk to someone without ever needing to worry that they’re going to tell someone else etc is the best (:

  • I don’t have or think that there is a ‘best friend’ for me.
    I really have some close friends but not only one person.
    If I called one of my friends as my ‘best’,
    I would exclude my other friends & that’s absolutely not what I want.
    People are unique & also my friends. That’s why I just need them all.

  • D’aww! You look absolutely adorable in all of your photos. This is going to sound weird, but my best friend (who is my current boyfriend) and I met through blogging. Though we don’t get to see each other often because of the distance, we still managed to work things out for almost two years now. My other close friend and I met through school. He sat at the same table I was sitting at and we began sitting at the same table for the entire year. :)

    • melludee

      Your story is so cutee *___*!
      Ahh, I had no idea that you and your boyfriend would have met through blogging ! Blogging sure is an awesome thing ^_^”! But aha, I think something similar happened with a previous friend. We were allocated science partners, and then we just became friends from then on xP

  • Hmm… I’m really close to most of my friends, but I do have a best friend who everyone thinks I’m dating but never will for he is gay. x3 We met at a realllyyy bad day care in the summer of 2005 lol, we like to disturb them a lot ;3 Our favorite memory together… Maybe the time we say hookers talking to their pimp and then running across the street without shoes on. LOL

    Having a best friend is really magical because they know EXACTLY what’s wrong with you the minute they see you. <3 Great post~

    • melludee

      Ahahah ! Your story is so unique and funny x3
      That’s pretty cool though! Having a guy best friend but not being in any sort of relationship ! (or have any feelings) But yess, having someone who knows exactly what you’re thinking is awesome <3

  • Kim

    I used to have a best friend. but she stabbed me in the back >.< eventhough she said sorry to me, it doesn't seems like she really mean it =(

  • Aw, I don’t care to have a big group of friends. I’m more of an introvert. It’s so hard really trusting people. The fun thing about blogging is you can open up with sooo many people that you’d probably feel shy to in other ways.

    But it is nice having some people to play and laugh with, and that are there when your down :)

    • melludee

      That is definitely truee !
      I feel like I can tell things to so much people via blogging; but when it comes to in real life, it just becomes really difficult :/ mm.

  • This post is really sweet Mel! I love seeing post dedications to people.
    You have a wonderful circle of friends, I can tell ;D Lucky ducky~ And Vu is a lucky guy lol!
    Thank you for being my friend bubs. You were there for me when I was going through rough time. ♥

    Hmm, my close friend is a guy. We’ve been friends since year 9 and even though we only see each other on some occasions. We keep in touch via the home phone hehe ~

    Take care, and until next time!
    xx Gerry

    • melludee

      Thank YOU for being such an awesome friendd ! <333
      And ee, good friends don't need to see each other constantly to have a great friendship ^__^ !

  • Tam

    I used to only hang out with Ben because a lot of people I thought were my friends are actually users. Not until recently I found an unlikely friendship with the sweetest girl. We known each others for three years because our boyfriends are really good friends. Even so I have never had a conversation with her because I didn’t want to go through the drama that I did previously with other people. It feels great giving other people a chance and not being disappointed. Unfortunately she is overseas atm so I’m back to hanging out with Ben haha. But yes having a bf who can be a bestfriend is a blessing too. I hope more genuine people come your way to share the happiness together.

    • melludee

      Ahh, I understand that feeling a lot hmm!
      But I do wish that there was someone like that ! But never mind I guess~ Having Vu around is good enough for me ^_^ <3

  • such a cute post ^^
    my best friend is two days older than me, so we’re like twins.. :D

  • New reader + follower <3 I must say, I really love your blonde hair – I've always wanted that colour but I don't think it'll ever suit me as I've got tanned skin =(
    My best friend was someone I wasn't really close to in high school – weird – but ever since we caught up 2 years after high school we were really close and started hanging out almost any time we can! We both admitted that we thought we'd never end up like how we are now ahhaha I do have another bestie, but she's always with her bf ever since we left high school and I hardly ever saw her :( I only see her when I go to the gym where she works – a bit sad when your bestie doesn't have time for you and spends most of her time with her bf and his friends BOOO :(

    • melludee

      Yayyy <33 !
      Ahh, if you've seen my previous posts, it's not actually my real hair ^__^"! aha it's just a wig I use for cosplay/other fun reasons ~ xP ! But ooh that is pretty cool ! I think something similar happened when I met a friend out of school (after school ended) and we became quite good friends :D ! Also, ahhh, I get how you feel but I spend a lot of time with my boyfriend so maybe I don't really >.< !

      • REALLY?!?!?!?! NO WAY!!! The hair looks so real and it definately suits you!!! Holy crap, now your natural hair just doesn’t look real hahahahaha (not in a bad way)! I very much like this blonde look <3
        OMG you're one of THOSE people!!! Don't ditch your friends!! :P Other wise your friends may feel neglected – like how I was :'(

        Random question but what comment script are you using?? :O It's so awesome that I want it on my blog NAO! ahahha

        • melludee

          Ahaha! Thank youuu! >.< But I doubt I would ever really dye my hair this colour :S I'm just not used to it, I guess ! :3 AND AHH xD ITS OKAY, I WONT DITCH THEMMMMMM! I promiseeee ! tehehe xP Also, I'm using WordPress so it automatically comes with it :( ! But if you want to install disqus, it's similar to this and works on blogger ! Just google it xP !

  • Annoymous

    Glad you’ve found group of people you can call friends. :3

    If only everyone could be so fortunate =/

  • Naww I love these kinds of posts from you, they make me feel all warm inside :3 Thank you for being my friend, Melody :)

    I don’t know anyone who is against the ‘boyfriend being your best friend’ situation but to those who are against that, shame on you *shakes fist* haha nah joking, people are free to have their own beliefs and opinions etc. but yeah, my best friend is my boyfriend just like you so I totally get what you mean :D

    By the way, your wig looks sooo natural! Like, it’s the most natural-looking wig I have ever seen on someone :o I was just wondering… where did you get it from? Hehe

    • melludee

      Ahah thank you for being my friend too jelly ^___^”!
      And mm, I guess those who are against it either aren’t as close to their boyfriend, or maybe they just don’t think its good >.< ? Idk! And eee, if we ever meet up, we should go on a double date ! Ahah I don't know why but I think it'd be pretty cool xD ahaha. And ahh thank youu! My wigs come from this cosplaywig store on ebay and most of their wigs are super realistic but oh so expensive ;___; !

  • This is a really lovely post! <3
    every word you say is true, hehe ^^ my bf is my best friend too, he's the only one who can truly understand me in whatever state i'm in, haha xD

  • OH HEY, mah boyfran is my best friend too! Pretty hard not to become so attached to them in that way, huh?! Not too many people you can profess your love to one minute, then playfully insult the other, lol~

  • nice photos you got there, Melody! especially the one with your hands up in the air! LOLOL. well, i have two best friends: Tonaye and Melissa. met Tonaye (the pro illustrator) in yr9 and Melissa (the maccas worker who gave me freebies!) in yr10. and yr12 was when we became the BESTEST BUDDIES. we love watching movies and eating! Yum. :D

  • Hi melody!!
    Thanks a lot for entering my giveaway ^__^ I haven’t been to your blog for quite a while (so sorry!) so I’m really surprised to see you went blonde (?)!! Is it your real hair color or a wig?? Looks gorgeous either way!!!
    Take care sweetie!!

  • nyaaa, melody, you are so adorable cute <3 ^o^/
    the pics are so lively, i really like them :)

  • I don’t really think I have a best friend right now. It’s really hard to have really long, deep friendships with people when you live abroad… especially when most people aren’t here for good. I had a best friend for 10 years when I lived in the USA, but I fell in love with him and he would never admit his feelings for me nor would he settle down with me… and when I decided to move on with my life (and to Japan) he didn’t support me and that’s when I knew that I had to leave him. He didn’t want me, but he didn’t want anyone else to have me either.

    Since then I’ve had another friend who I considered to be my best friend, but we’re in different countries now and it’s a bit difficult being best friends when we can’t even talk for month at a time.

    Right now I’m just happy having precious friends. A bunch of people who I can have fun with and share good times with, and a few close friends who I can tell my secrets to, and cry on if I need to.

    • melludee

      Omg :( That’s such a sad story !
      But I know how it feels :/ They don’t really want to be with you ..yet they still get jealous if you try to move on! Eugh. Completely selfish :<< But it seems that you've finally got a group of good friends (and Kenjer!!) so glad it's all worked out ^__^ <3

  • Hehe. Sad to say, I miss having a group of friends LOL! From 7th to 10th grade I just hung out with my sister’s friends since all my middle school friends went to another school together =3= I finally found my group in 11th grade, always dancing and hanging out after class on fridays and at school on weekends! I miss those days so much, so much fun we had~ running around the school roofs, throwing boba at each other HAHA we were weird!

    However… I guess it’s okay. I can also say it’s great to have your best friend also be your lover. Heck, we were friends before we ever got together, and he was always there for me. He would literally offer to run to my house in the middle of the night if I heard something scary outside ^^; Then again he would also steal my food when I wasn’t looking QoQ

    What I love about your photos Melody… I don’t feel sad or jealous or envious. I just feel… happy. Seeing you having so much fun with your friends really just makes me feel better. Maybe when my boyfriend runs off to hang out with his friends I’ll just come back and read your blog, it always makes me feel better. <3

    You know who else I can call my best friend? My dog and my cat, lol. It's true though! When I was a kid, if I was upset, I'd run outside, give them a big hug, and just stay there with them forever. They listen, they never betray you, they're always there for me. I feel lucky to have them with me for over half my life :) It sounds silly probably, but I can proudly call them my best friends ^___^

    We bought Catherine btw! :D I don't think it can be downloaded because it's a PS3/XBOX 360 game. Maybe it's possible?? Ohhh but it's SO worth buying :D If you do decide to get it though, go for the deluxe edition. <3 OMG I only have 2 more endings to unlockkkkkk! I gotta get on that NOWWWWW

    Ohh for the Review Circle Lens site, you basically just sign up for an account and you can start posting reviews and pictures on there. :) For the lenses, I bought them myself and just showed them the receipt and they sent me the same amount I paid. Not sure what you mean though? ^^;;

    YESSS I wanted to use them for a Catherine cosplay! :DD BUT… they're SO much darker than I thought LOL! OMGGG you totally should do a Catherine cosplay *_____* I imagined it already OMG *doki doki* WAHAHA <3

    • melludee

      And ahhh, yes! Vu was definitely my best friend before we became lovers too tehehe. I feel like it's the best thing - because being that close to someone, you find out what type of person etc and then relationships should work out much better that way! ( I don't think anything I said just then made sense BUT IM SURE YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN LOL) AHahah xP

      And ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, thank youuuuu *___*
      Teheh, I wish that you lived here or I lived there! So that when our boyfriends run off to THEIR friends, we can chill out and take photos or do other girly things xD (that most of my girl friends don't really like to do ;A;) And eeee! In the same case as you, I guess my younger brother is my best friend then xP I never had any pets ;__; but I spoke to my younger brother a lot so its good !

      Also, YES I actually only realised AFTER commenting on your blog that it was a PS3 game ;___; !
      It's still possible to download it ...but, I don't have a PS3 ;A; ! I think my older brother has an XBOX but .. I doubt he'd let me play with it xD ahahahaha. And eeee, I kind of um - cheated - I WATCHED ALL THE ENDINGS ON YOUTUBE LOL. I know ! I'm soooo bad but I always do that xDDD And I guess I won't be playing it for a very long time so ...yeah xDD ! Tehehe. WHICH ENDINGS DO YOU HAVE TO UNLOCK *_* ? I kind of like the good / true cheater one .. xP !

      ahh! That Circle Lens site seems interesting :o ! I wonder if I should bother with it though xDD

      • Oh holy canole I’m SOOOO late replying as usual!!!! T______T

        I LOVE YOU TOO!!! <333 HAHA :'D
        I totally get you, Melody, no worries! Plus you're already completely comfortable around that person so there's probably a lot less awkward moments right? XD I mean, you already know so much about each other that it's only natural that you become closer~ <3

        Perhaps someday I can hit up Australia and meet you!!! That would be amazing, seriously… stupid boys can do… whatever guys do… at least my boyfriend and his friends do stupid things, I bet Vu isn't nearly as bad. =w=;; Awww that's awesome you're so close to your younger brother! :) I have 4 sisters but they're all dumb LOLL I seriously have to chase them down or just follow them all over the house just to tell them stuff and they might not even be listening! XD Lucky I had Pumpkin huh! o_o Awww you never had any pets?? (Have you told me this before?? It sounds familiar) We've always had SO many animals, whether we bought them, found them, or captured them (we found a few spiders in the house we kept and named! I'm disgustingly SCARED of spiders too LOL

        LMAOOO you watched ALL the endings?! XDD You're so funny Melody! I love you. Seriously. XD I forgot which ones I still need! I think I need one of the freedom endings and one of Katherine's endings, I can't remember… OMG my boyfriend went nutso over Catherine's true ending! It was SO funny and confusing… like, seriously, wtfjusthappened sort of feeling! I think my favorite so far was Katherine's GOOD ending where they're talking about marriage. <3333 She looked SOOO cute and HAPPY! I liked it even more than her true ending :33

        You can always just post some reviews on there for starters and see if you like the setup :D You could totally be a model too though, you're so kawaii and lenses always look freaking AMAZING on you! <333

        • melludee

          And eeesh, I love being completely comfortable that nothing makes me embarrassed around him xP !

          OMG, PLEASE BE COMING TO AUSTRALIA AND HANGING OUT WITH MEEEE! We could camwhore and have so much funnn xP ! Aiishh~ Boyfriends can be silly at times, but ahhh, WE STILL LOVE THEM ! :DD And ..I don’t remember if I’ve told you about the pets thing bfore ..? BUT IF I HAVE, THEN YEAH ! GOOD MEMORYY :P <3 ! AND HOW THE HECK- why would you keep spiders ;A; ?! I would cry so badly if anyone did that to me xPP ahahah. A

          Oooh! Yess, I liked the good ending too! The marriage part was so sweet and I was like ngawww~ *_* ! BUT THEN, I don't really like her after watching a few of the scenes. I thought she was a little too pushy and naggy ;A; SO I DONT KNOW. (even though I'm sure that is like exactly like me huhuu) AND GOSH KATIE DARLING, YOURE WAY TOO SWEEEET. I am definitely not model material xP But if I was, you can take photos for meee :3!

  • Min

    Meru~ hisashiburi <3

    Once again, I'm able to relate to this post. My best friend is in Singapore so I only get to see her once a year. Like you said, it's really hard to tell an ordinary friend everything. So sometimes, it's really hard when I've got something happy(or sad) that I wanna share with someone but they're a few thousand miles away. But the great thing about it is that they're what motivates you to work harder and keeps you going (till the day you meet again) :)

    I'm so glad you've found that best friend and am so happy for you <3


    • melludee

      Minnnnnnnnnnn !
      Ahhh yes. Sometimes I don’t know who to tell these things to, so I just keep them to myself @-@”! Or tell Vu ..even if he was there when it happened or something xP ahaha.

      Yeyyy! We shall organize something in the midsem breakkk <333 !!

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