Review: EOS Adult Brown

Hello wonderful people ~! 
Earlier this week, I received some beautiful brown lenses from mukuCHU! Which came perfectly in time, the day before my job induction. (Which, I shall briefly mention that I did get the job and am now employed!) And thus, all of the photos displayed in this entry will be in business-formal clothes ! (Which are so overpriced. $200 for a blazer?! x.x) Anyway, back to the lenses ! They’re absolutely gorgeous in my opinion and I love them for a normal, not over-the-top type of look!

Review: EOS E-203 Adult Series

You can buy them: here
Power/Prescription: 0.00 (Plano) to -10.00
Len Usage: UP TO 1 YEAR
Shelf Life: 3 YEARS
Manufacturer/Origin: SOUTH KOREA
Materials: 2Hema
B.C.: 8.6mm
Diameter: 14.00mm
Water Content: 38%

Anyway, I was obviously really excited to have received brown lenses as I realised the majority of the ones I own are blue/purple/green/pink etc – and obviously not very suitable for a professional work place or such. So brown is definitely perfect as they look natural ! They’re also a really nice light hazel-like brown which gives a beautiful sparkly look!

Colour: ♥♥♥♥♥ – I absolutely love the light hazel-like colour making it sparkly ! And really natural :D
Design: ♥♥♥♥♥ This is different from others I’ve owned because instead of a black ring, it’s a lilac sort of colour! Totally unique and I love it. The design of the shaded browns make it really beautiful and sparkly too!
Comfort: ♥♥♥♥♡I wore this from 9am all the way till 4pm. It was comfortable, but of course, nearing the end of it eyes were getting quite tired and I had to take them out.
Enlargement: ♥♥♥♡♡ It’s not a huge enlargement especially because it’s not a black ring, but a softer lilac one. And although it’s only 14.00mm, it still gives a nice, slight enlarging effect !
Overall: ♥♥♥♥♡ – I loveeee it! It’s perfect for a natural look yet, still gorgeous enough not to look too boring.
Repurchase? Definitely ! It’s one of those must-have natural lenses in my opinion!

Photo taken in the morning/sunlight

Photo taken in late afternoon – flash

Comparison photo taken at night with indoor light (and no make up)

Oh, also, apparently with these lenses, if you wear them the wrong way, they become a different colour.
And it’s trueee! I tried them on (but didn’t take any photos) and they became a nice blue ! You can see an example from the wonderful Jennifer’s blog here.
(Note: The three photos above this were taken at different times of the day)

But yes, I did wear this from 9am till 4pm. Although, I guess it should be noted that I’m not very good at wearing lenses – I’m always that person who’s eyes hurt really easy from doing something too much or anything. So even though it wasn’t the most comfortable for me – I bet it would be for some other people ! Mmhmm. And yeah, I wore this to my job induction where we learnt about what we were going to be doing and such. (I shall let you all know when I get my first shift ! – it’s only a casual job – ) *Hint : Might be working with top brands like Marc Jacobs, Estee Lauder etc

♥ ♥ ♥
Do you wear lenses to work?
If so, what type?

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49 comments to Review: EOS Adult Brown

  • Tam

    Congrats on getting the job :)
    I guess it’ll reimburse for the formal wear.

    hi pretty :)

  • melludee

    Thanks baby ! ^_^”

  • OMFGGGGGGGG I wrote a comment and it deleted itself *rages*.
    I’ve always wanted to try the green version of the adult lenses~ But they look blue apparently so I passed. However, brown looks good!!! Rock on Melz!
    have fun at work! I feel like a jobless slob ==;

    • melludee

      AHH ;A; I hate it when it does thattt !
      And ooooh, I haven’t seen the green ones on anyone yet *i think* hmm. And naww, don’t feel like thattt D: ! It’s fun being unemployed xP !

  • Oh wow, the lenses look great!! And so do you, your hair is unbelievable long!!

  • congrats on getting employed! and you look great in business clothes:D
    i guess its a department store..myer or david jones?

  • Aww~ It looks great on you! :D Looks awesome with your hair colour. Hmm, can I know did you dye your hair or not? I would love to dye my hair XD~ Not now, though, but the colour is more or less like yours~ Brown but a bit darker =>


    • melludee

      Thank youuuu~!
      And mmm, well I didn’t dye it this particular colour (I dyed it red/purple a few months ago and it faded to this) but I’ve been dying my hair for quite some time now (since I was 13) so …I guess all those years of dying has resulted in a sort of brown-ish hair! Aha. And you should definitely dye your hair one day :D ! It’s awesomeee ~!

  • Awww you look so sophisticated with your work outfit, I wish I had a work outfit like yours haha… I can’t dress up nice and girly in my work uniform because I work with food and drinks lol >< The white ruffles(?) on your top look so cute hehe. Congrats on getting the job!

    These lenses look amazing on youuuu and thanks for linking my review, you so didn't have to <3

    • melludee

      Aha it was just the outfit for the induction though ^^”! My real work outfit doesn’t look that nice :( It’s like MEN IN BLACK aha. Black heels, black pants, black shirt + black blazer :( ! And hair has to be fully tied up! Booo~ But yess! The shirt is actually pink and is so cute *_*! Mum found it for me at an Asian place xD ahaha

      And naww but jelly ! your reviews are so honest and nicee !

      • Haha but still you get to dress formal and I am jellyyyy x] I have to have my hair tied up too! Ooh sorry my bad, in the sunlight of your pics it looked kind of white but now I definitely see it as pink after you corrected me xD Aww no wonder it’s so cute :D

        • melludee

          Ehe yes! It was such a good find !
          And ahhh, I’m just a little iffy about wearing heels non-stop ;A; ! And since we’re quite a reputable company, I have to look my best at all times ! ;A; ! Fully done makeup and all D:

  • wow ! those lenses really look nice on you ! Rock on ! =D

  • Kellykonomi

    Congrats!! Pretty office lady!! And u still look so cute n young in those blazer! Kawaii!! :)))

    The lens look nice on u! :))

  • you have such long & pretty hair~ ^^
    omggg~ your lenses look great on you! Also, congrats on getting the job!! :O
    Working with high end brands? SO LUCKYY!!!!!!

  • ehh business-formal clothes are so pricey >.> The lenses are pretty though! I got myself the new adult greys though… hope they turn out well!

  • Congratulations on the new job!! :D I can’t wait to hear more about it, it sounds exciting :) Your outfit is really cute! OMG $200 blazer… I could never bring myself to pay that much for one piece of clothing, even for a huge job @__@ But…. it’s still sooooo cute. XDD;

    These lenses are so pretty *__* In the flash picture they almost look kind of a brown-grey color, it’s very unique! I think it’s a good choice for a professional work setting, as it’s natural yet still gorgeous and enhancing color :)

    I just stick to plain lenses like my Max Pure Brown or Aqua lens. I tried wearing my 3D greys once, and my coworker literally said I looked like a “demon” or like someone from this show “Supernatural” or something *cries* LOL! I think I’m gonna try wearing my Baby Candy Doll browns to work someday though, since they’re not super enlarging but still crazy design I love <3

    • melludee

      Thank youuuu! :D
      *secret* I didn’t pay that much LOL. I got them on sale *luckyyy* The skirt was like $30 from some Asian place and the Jacket was on saleeee at $59!!! (Last one / lucky my size /) and …shirt? I don’t know. Shirts are pretty cheap from cheap places so it’s okay ! tehehe :D And eeee, yess! They do look quite nice for a workplace. At least I was afraid that wearing a blue or bright colour would put off the employers.

      Aww ! That’s so mean ;__; !
      But yeah, I wore my sugar pink? i forgot the name .. but yeah, I wore that to a wedding once and some people were like o.O Your eyes look so scary! ;A; cryyyyyyyyy.

  • woww you look really cute in that outfitt ;D <3 and i these lenses on you! ;o. Its awesome that these lenses have 2 different colors xD so you can wear them the normal way and inside out xD

    • melludee

      Thank youu ^__^’
      And yess, those two different colours look so cool :o ! But I’m afraid of wearing them the wrong way around xP

  • awww you look so innocent and adorable ♥
    congrats on the new job!!

    congrats girly <3

    wtff 200 for a blazer? did u get clothing allowance?

    • melludee

      Thank youuuu!
      And noooo ;A;! It’s just normal business clothing though :/ I managed to get my blazer for $59 though so not that baddd !! :D

  • I’m a new follower. I can’t get over how cute you are ^-^ & the way your eyebrow’s slope down is so unique and suits you, and makes you look pouty, heh :) so cute

  • & oh yeah, my eyes are the same way.. I only wears lenses for 6 hours at the most.. and probably only a couple to few times a week. Makeup and lenses, although so awesome, aren’t comfy.

  • my friend didn’t wanna mention where he worked in case he got stalkers coming to his workplace. Bahaha! and congrats on getting the job! lookin’ very lawyer-like. maybe it’s the cravat. ^___^ and i want to wear yellow lenses (for fun! lolol), but dunno where they sell good ones. know any places on my side? West Side? kekeke

    • melludee

      STALKERS? me *___*! ahah jokes :P
      But hmmm, I have like never been to west side :o i think .. but like, you can get them online at or if you want an in-store sort of thing, there’s a shop on the bottom floor of MC that sells it. It’s like one of those small kiosks in the middle of the place o But those have like no prescription xP

  • hey melody! you have a really nice blog. and I love your hair!!

  • look so cute with your outfit :), those lenses really suitable for yor eyes <3

  • omgsh you’re gonna work at david jones?! That’s so awesome :D
    Love how in each new post you always seem to have varying hair colours. Those lenses look great on you :)

  • I haven’t been on your site in ages!
    ^^ back now.

    wow your blazer is $200, so expensive.
    Glad that you’ve got a job now.

    You suit lenses a lot. Any lenses suit
    you. I’ve tried wearing lenses, but
    mostly they feel uncomfortable in my

    • melludee

      Ahhh! I haven’t seen you(r blog) in agesss ;A;
      And ahah thank you :( ! But mmm lenses can be uncomfortable at times :( But it depends on the type and you’ll get used to it after awhile (:

  • gd luck with ur job ^^ and i think u look so cute and smart ^^ i love the contacts too :)

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