MCAC Camp 2011

Hihi everyoneeee
I’m sorry that this post is so long overdue, but after coming back from camp I needed sleep and now I have some stupid eye infection which has caused it to swell up really badly :(  Ugh. Anyway! As you all know, I am home from Anime Camp (4 days and 3 nights) where we all stayed at Golden Valley Lodge *_*

In total there was 91 campers (including ourselves) and 7 committee members.
I guess, to say that these type of trips prove that no matter how much you plan and prepare, anything can happen and you just gotta work with it. We had planned for activities such as Giant Swing, Survival Course and such for the second day, but unfortunately with the strong wings, we couldn’t. And there wasn’t anything we could do about that. All in all though, within these events, many new friendships were formed and you get to see a whole new side to people that you normally don’t. Or how they react to different type of situations.

(Photo Credits: Oliver Jiang and his awesome dSLR)
Left: Having fun in Archery | Right: Serving Japanese Curry for dinner
I guess I can say now that I actually had fun on this camp, and I had lovely people to share my bunk room with ! (Vu, Cindy, Jonhsan, Lynn, Stoobi, Xin, Jess, Lawrence, Byron, Duta, Elsie and Will/Aaron/Wong who hung out with us on the last day) ♥ Where we feasted on food at like 3am – making jelly, hot chocolate and other yummy things.
[Myself and Vu and our ANGRYYYYY faces tehe ♥ ]
Also, if you didn’t already know the winners from the Back to School Competition are
Congrats to Andy for most votes and Mei for most creative ~!
Congratulations to both of these entrants! And thank you to everyone else who entered (:

♥ ♥ ♥
What’s your favourite Camp Activity?

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