Lollipop and Rainbows

Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone for their kind words about the previous post.
Knowing that there are people out there that I don’t know, yet care about how I’m feeling, makes me really happy. So thank you so much everyone! I’m grateful for everyone single one of you!

I was having a little fun with photoshop! Can you guess which is the real colour?
Anyway,  I’ve spent quite the last few days/weeks with my family, and my boyfriend. My loved ones, really. I try my best to spend as much time as I can with my family, because I know that I might not be able to one day. I hug my mum as often as I can. I talk/listen to my dad about random things. I tease my younger brother. I know that anything can happen, and I’m not willing to risk the time I have with them over some silly arguments. They mean the world to me ♥

Anyway, I’m still really obviously upset by things that have happened but life is life.
I guess it really comes to show that life isn’t always lollipops and rainbows, like we all wish it could be. And it really shows how precious life really is. So don’t fight with your loved ones for very long! You never know when a horrible accident may happen, and you really don’t want your last words to be “I hate you!” or something similar.
So please everyone, stay safe and appreciate the life you have, even if it isn’t perfect.

♥ ♥ ♥
When was the last time you told someone you loved them?

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53 comments to Lollipop and Rainbows

  • melludee

    I love you ! <3
    And thank you sweetheart /huggles/

  • I really try not to use the word “hate” o_o Its such a strong and really I feel like I can never truly hate someone.

    The last person I said I love you too was both my mom and my bf :D

  • Tam

    I told Ben I love him before he went out. He thinks I’m silly for worrying too much but deep down I think he is paranoid as well.
    P.S Love you! :)

  • Nice photoshop skills Melody! You look great with all those different hair colours hehe.

    Aww it’s good to hear that you’ve been spending lots of time with your loved ones :) I try to do that as much as possible because we really won’t know what could happen… sigh, life’s unfair sometimes :( I wish it were all lollipops and rainbows ;_;

    I tell my boyfriend all the time that I love him and I will continue to tell him that everyday x]

    • melludee

      Thanks Jelly ! ♥
      But ee yeah. Life being lollipops and rainbows would be so awesome! So sweet and bright and happy ! Aha. I also tell Vu that I love him like all the time ! *_* Hope he doesn’t get sick of it eheh ;P

  • I’m sorry about your friend :( But it’s so true, life isn’t always lollipops and rainbows. I think that’s something we tend to forget.

    I told my mom that I love her in an email an hour ago and I told Kenjer that I love him when we talked on the phone about 2 hours ago ♥

    • melludee

      Thank you ! <33
      But ahh, I guess sometimes we need to just remember that life is precious! And yay for telling people that you love them! <33

  • Oh love, I am sorry for your loss. I understand how you feel as I have lost a good amount of friends the past few years of my life through unforeseeable events. You’re a very strong person to get a hold of reality that some people don’t see. I wish life was all full of rainbows and lollipops, as it would make life much more fun to live! :)

    • melludee

      Thank you ! <33
      Ahh, I'm sorry to hear about yours :( It's always such a horrible thing to have happened, but life is life. And if only life were lollipops and rainbows - it would be paradise ! aha (:

  • Thy

    you are very strong and i’m sorry about your friend

    i lost all my friends since everyone is in university and take different directions in their life. why life isn’t rainbow…

  • Yesterday! ;] Glad you are feeling okay! I bet it’s really nice if people you don’t even know or never met, still wish you well and all the best!

  • My original guess was the blonde picture since it had the most definition, but I saw your profile picture and realized there was no point left in guessing. :P
    I hope times get better for you. You’re a nice girl and you really deserve something good to happen. :)

  • Kim

    Just now, I told my BF that I love him so much ^^ u look cute with the wig~~~

  • I think people use the word ‘hate’ often but don’t ever really mean it. They just have no other way of expressing their emotions so they bundle it up into one package. And often, they let that package sit there and … ferment (for lack of better words) and then it eventually turns into what they think is hate.

    I hope you feel better soon :) Because happy Melody is better than sad Melody :)

    • melludee

      I guess that makes sense mm.
      But yeah, I try my best to never say I hate anyone cos I really do think it’s way too strong of a word. :/ and thanks Jess ! <3

  • awwwww~ this is so true! >< I'm gonna guess your real color is.. the yellow one?~ hahaha

  • once again, sorry to hear about your friend. It isn’t easy loosing someone all of a sudden. I do hope you are coping well.
    But I know you are strong and always see things from a positive angel, so I know you will be fine :)
    I really love the rainbow photoshop that you did! Its really pretty and I assume the yellow one is the original one…? (cuz of the dp on your comment)
    THe photo of you and vu are just adorable! You look kinda different… but I cant put a finger on what is it….

    Hmmm… the last time I told someone that I loved them was…. now!
    I love you Melon chan <3 :)

    • melludee

      Aww bunny !! I love you tooooooo!!
      Ah! I forgot about my dp having the real colour ( ;´Д`) but no matter ~ ! teheh and yes I think I look different maybe cos my hair is all up ? I nearly never put my hair all up *^*! and I also hardly ever smile like that ! Cos my cheeks go puffy and makes me look like a baby aha :3 and thankyouuuuuuuuu bunny <3 hughug

  • I’m glad that you are feeling better Melz! I would probably still be curled up into a sad ball in my room. I admire your strength, soldier on gal friend! ♥
    I think the last time I told someone I loved them was last week to my was my mom.


    xo Gerry

  • Melody you look adorable ♥

  • Once again it has been proven Melody looks good with any kind of hair colour. I think the first pic is the real coloured one, but it might be any of the other ones as well.
    It’s sad we often need something bad to happen before we realise how important it is to keep our loved ones close. I don’t tell people I love them. I don’t think I’ve told that to anyone before… Bad with emotions, I guess? But I’ve noticed not many people here say that, unless they say it to their boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife.

    I’LL TELL YOU I’M ALIVE ON TWITTER! ^^ I sure will! Every now and then you’ll see bibi_again post something along the lines of *raaaaah screams of frustration* :p
    One day I’ll send you choco Melo, lots and lots of choco ^^ When’s your birthday again?

    • melludee

      Ahhh /embarrassedddd/ you are wayyy too kind bibi <333333 !
      And ee, the real one is the yellow-blonde one ! :D Hmm, I guess it isn't bad not to say "I love you" - I don't say it much to my family - but I think it's more of showing your affection rather than saying? Like, I would just bake a cake or what not for my dad when he's down or something. Or just sit there and listen to him ramble lol ;_; ! But yeahh !

      My birthday is 10th October ! But noo~ Don't be obliged to send me anything ^^" ! And yeeyyy, talking to you on twitter is fun!

      • Talking to you on twitter is fun too!
        Oh, I could’ve sworn… no I couldn’t have sworn it was the first picture. Girl your photoshop skills are waaaay above mine!
        And I agree with you: showing someone you care for them or love them is what you do rather than what you say. Hugs are awesome too ^^ *hug*

        Oh and: *writes down: 10th October*

        • melludee

          Ahh I wish it was the first one though! I really do like that colour *_*! And eee noo, I just like to play around and not do anything that I’m supposed to be doing T~T ! And yayyyyy for hugss! HUGS ALL AROUND *___*!

          I was going to ask when your birthday was but then I remembered I have it *v* ! I shall send you something next year !! <3

  • love your wig(s) :D im guessing the original colour was.. blonde?
    this is such a cute post, i think the last time i told someone i loved then was to my friend kelly like…a week ago?
    oh and i dont know what to say about what happened to your dear friend, but im glad you loved the time you spent with her :) r.i.p

  • I actually never say the words “i hate you” it’s too harsh.. and it can hurt somebody, so i never say it :)

    I’m sorry to hear that about your friend, i already saw your tweets about it =(. I’m glad you’re feeling better sweetie! r.i.p.

  • I’m so sorry for your loss, i think its great how you are so thoughtful to your friends and family and everyone in general.

  • hmmmm it’s last month when my ex and I broke up -_-
    thanks for reminding me to appreciate my life ^-^

  • I’m sorry for what happened. I read your previous post :( It made me sad…
    I hope you are alright!

    Lovely photos, with the different hair colours! Your photoshop skills are amazing dear <3

    Stay strong xx

  • Aww i’m really sorry about your friend, it gave me tears in my eyes ;-;
    r.i.p! I really hope you’ll be alright! all my prayers goes to you ^^

    Andd wow indeed nice photoshopping skills ;D, you look good in every color ^^
    and i told my bf that i love him everyday and almost every moment that i speak to him. :3. thanks for this touching post ^^ it made me think about life and appreciate it more.

  • I’m sorry for your loss. I hope Jen will rest in peace :)
    Was she sick?

    Anyway, this post of yours is really meaningful. We should enjoy every single moment with our loved ones!


  • KT

    Melody… I feel so awful for posting so late. There’s just no excuse, and I’m sorry. I’m sorry for not being here sooner to offer words of encouragement, even from so far away. I wish I can run/fly/swim/glide over to you and give you a gigantic hug! But I suppose an e-hug will suffice. *huggles* Stay strong, Melody! Your friend would want you to keep being positive and cheerful, and I’m sure she’s so proud of you for staying yourself through everything that has happened. I have too many regrets in my life not saying “I love you” enough. I just wish my family was close enough to say things like that, or even hug each other, I’m very envious of families like that.

    I wish there was more I can say or do to comfort you Melody, but I know you have tons of wonderful people supporting you right where you are. :) If we ever meet I owe you a big hug! <3

    Ah, the last time I said I love you… I think it was either to my boyfriend when he dropped me off at work at 2pm, or to my dog a few hours ago LOL.

    • melludee

      Ahhh nooo! It is okayy. You wouldn’t have known >.< ! And thank youuu ktttt :( You're doing heaps just by writing this long as comment now ! I love you heapss ! x

  • Hungy

    Hello Melody! I think you should get the turquoise one if its not already turquoise. It looks pretty good!


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