Dearest Jen ♥

I still can’t comprehend or even understand why this happened.
I remember you were one of the first friends I made when I entered Uni. You were doing the same Biomed Units and Jap! So obviously, we instantly clicked. I remember how we used to rush our Human Neurobiology pracs a few hours before it was due; and how we would call each other just to ask if we should skip Jap classes or not. I remember you were one of the girls who helped me choose my first lenses and told me how to wear them! I was always amazed how you could wear circle lenses every day without fail. I remember your favourite was Geo Angel Green.

I was really looking forward to having a same unit with you this coming semester!
Unfortunately you were taking different units, and I hadn’t seen you for the earlier half of this year. But when we bumped in to each other that one morning, you hadn’t changed at all. You were still that smiley, happy girl who sheepishly told me you had been skipping lots of lectures and hating the new Japanese classes.

I miss you a lot Jen. I really do.
You were a great friend and I’ll never ever forget you.

Rest in Peace

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