Camp Preparation

Evening everyone ~ ♥
I hope everyone is doing well lately ! *-* Nothing much has really been going on in my life apart from preparing for an upcoming camp which is happening next week! So just been doing some planning on that and such. In other news however, the BACK TO SCHOOL Competition ends tomorrow!! So if you have not voted, you better do so now to ensure your favourite bloggers wins :) Click [HERE] to see all entries !

I’ll be announcing the winners at about Monday 1am AEST but since I’ll be leaving to camp on that very Monday, I won’t get in to contact with the winners properly until after I get back (Thursday) ^_^!
Anyway, in preparation for camp, I’ve been making a lot of lists.
Okay. So not all of these lists are of myself, as lot of them are for the rest of the committee and the camp groups too. But still! I like making lists. I made three schedules, camp groups and a To Bring list. It makes me feel so organised (and I rather do this than end up forgetting my like ..towel ;A; – MCAC people reading this, DON’T FORGET YOUR TOWELS!!)

Vu and I went shopping for camp food (on our anniversary lol – we actually forgot xP) and uh ..the picture above is only kind of half of what we bought. We spent $60+ on random junk food .. :| A lot which I think I might just leave at home haha. AH WELL! Midnight snacks are always heaps funnnnn :D !
Anyway sorry this isn’t a proper blog post ! I promise a better one when I’m back from camp (:
[Also I promise to reply to all your comments etc when I’m back!]

Good luck to the competition entries !!

♥ ♥ ♥
What is your routine for camp preparation?

I’ve liked made lists, bought food and (tried) to pack my bag. I always over pack ;A; Because I want options when choosing for clothes I’m going to wear!! But then when I’m at camp, I always end up wearing the same jumper or what not for the entire trip lol ;__;

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50 comments to Camp Preparation

  • melludee

    Yes. You’re not very organized :(
    I bet you’re gonna forget something >_> ! It’s okay, I’ll make sure you remember everything though 8D

  • I have yet to start packing. Just dump crap into my luggage and shove it close = job well done =D

  • Jay

    THAT’S A LOT OF FOOD FOR A 3 DAY CAMP LOL You should bring them all and give me some =D SHARING IS CARING RIGHT? I’ll start packing Monday morning and just chuck everything in my luggage and rush out the door with socks hanging out and everywhere I go I’ll leave bits and pieces of my clothing behind. YOU KNOW IN CASE I GET LOST AND PEOPLE NEED TO FIND ME.

  • Oh my…I should start making lists, too…
    I always end up forgetting some important items…going to be away from sunday to tuesday as well…and I didn’t even think about packing yet, haha~

    Have fun at the camp!! ♥

  • Ahh so many yummy snacks/camp food! I haven’t been to a camp since year 9, which happened to be my best school camp ever x) 5 days in Victoria hehe, that’s probably the ‘closest’ I have ever been to you in terms of location lol! Anyway, I hope you have a really great time at camp, I want to know about everythingggg when you get back :D Take care, stay safe and hope you’ll be okay without the net for 4 days x) You’ll be missed <3

    Oh and how I prepare for camp.. I always get so excited that I start packing at least a week before the camp xD Last-minute packing would be too stressful for me, and I'd hate to accidentally leave something behind D;

    • melludee

      THATS NOT FAIR D: Why do you come here when I don’t know you :( lool.
      And ah, didn’t your schools have camps in year 10~12? Or did you just not go to them xP? hehe But thank youuuuuuu! I WILL MISS YOU HEAPS :( /cry/ I’m hoping that my 3G phone coverage will be alright so I can tweet a bit though! D: In any case hehe, I’d love to pack a week in advance too *___* ..except when I need the clothes or toothbrush etc xD aha

  • Kim

    aaaah,a tarako has been spotted!!! that’s really my FAVORITE food eveeerrr!!! >.<~~~

  • So much foooood :D jealousss, asia has the best junk food :L

  • ur so cuute!! :D

    Wow that is a lot of snacks!! Midnight is my favourite snack time…but so bad for the figure~~

  • Woah! Bunch of snacks ~ Heaven :3
    My camp preparation : always need to buy many many many food :DD
    I’m the one picky at food given in the camp lol XP

    • melludee

      Hehe that’s me too!
      I can’t help but not like the food given at camp (even though we’re making it this time xD ahah)

  • Even if I made a list, I’d still forget something. I’m EXTREMELY forgetful, it’s awful. I once started laughing at something in the car, and 5 seconds later my boyfriend asked me what was so funny and I had no clue what he was talking about. o_o; I think there’s something very wrong with me XO lol!

    I’ve never been to a camp before! I could’ve gone in 5th grade but didn’t want to… so I ended up doing math problems the entire week lol. I can see you guys are WELL prepared!! A trip to Kyo Po Market would probably be #1 on my list, Korean snacks FTW!! :D Cracker Pirate are SO yummy! But if you like banana you HAVEEEEEE to try these banana puffs they’re AMAZING! <3 Have you tried them before??

    Oh gosh, I think I might have to run out in the 90 degree weather to go buy some, I'm craving them now ;O And banana milk MMMM…. :DD

    Anyways, have fun on your camping trip Melody!! Don’t forget your towel!! That would be almost as bad as not bringing snacks!! :OOO ;D

    • melludee

      Ahaha oh Kt xD !
      That’s just like me too! I’m like “Hey!!! …crap, I forgot.” and I legit can’t remember ;A; I hate ittt ! >_< ! But ahhh, we had camps every single year in our high school but I didn't go to like two of them D: ? And had to do work in that time too ;___; ! Pshhh. BUT YES, YOU HAVE TO GO ON SOME SORT OF CAMPING TRIP :'D Organize your ownn! yesss? teheh And yessss, I love the Cracker Pirates !! And what's best is that the whole packet you see in the picture is like 99cents (YAYY! There's hardly anything in cents nowadays D:) And ooooh I haven't tried the banana puffs but I'm def gonna if I ever see it *____* ...90degrees ;A; ?! It's like 10degrees here :( /so cooldddddddddd ! and thank youuu <3

  • Eve

    You have a lovely blog!
    And you look cute:)xxxx
    hope you’ll visit mine :)

  • Hai hai ~
    I can’t believe you and Vu spent over $60 on snacks!!! That is a lot of money and food! You guys are going to have so much fun eating hehe ~
    Have a wonderful time at camp babes! Man I miss camp back in school.
    Memoriezzz T ^ T
    ♥ Gerry

    • melludee

      Hehe. I KNOW ;A; We’re big spenders (especially on food >.<) I hope I don't come back all fatty ;A; ! I'm gonna miss youuuu! x

  • LOL :3 xD That’s great could make it ^^ And forgetting towel is horrible! Last time camping I forgot my cup for brushing teeth >_< I brushed teeth with my drinking bottle lol XDD

    btw, followed :DD can follow back so can keep in touch chu~ ^3^

  • hmmm yummy la!!! so many scrumptious snacks xP
    Krissy xoxo

  • ani

    wahhh so many snacks ^_^ I want them =(

    I think your beck to school pic was the best out of them all ! you should give yourself a prize haha

  • Aw, I never was a “Summer Camp” kind of gal. But I’m sure YOU’LL have oodles of fun! ESPECIALLY WITH ALL THAT FOOD! Lucky duck! My stomach is legitimately rumbling! :)

  • ive never went camping b4. r there showers at ur camp?

    • melludee

      Ahh yes they are ! It’s like a sort of lodge :D
      Eurgh. I’ve been to a camp before where there was only one shower for the entire site and it was so bad D:

  • LOL you bought so many snacks XD
    and I want to say thank you for cheering me up haha maybe you already forgot :p (just broke up question)

    Hope you have fun at the camp!

  • Hope you have fun at camp Melody! It sounds like it’ll be a lot of fun. You guys definitely won’t go hungry at least haha :D

  • OMGGGGGGG so much food!! I really want to eat the gummy worms on the top!! 6: hahaha~ lucky camp people! You look so cute in your first pictures! I like the purple shirt XD

  • wow~! sounds like heaps of fun! will be waiting for the photos you take there! and haha, that IS alot of snacks But i’m sure you will have a great time!! ^-^ Looking forward to see the winner for your competition! The entries are amazing! I wished I had enter but maybe I’m too old to be a school girl… T^T All the best Melon chan ^vv^

  • congratulations on our anniversary :) and wow so much food!
    tehe i love lists and then ticking them off or crossing them out when they r done :p

    • melludee

      Ahh yehh ^__^”! crossing out heaps of lists is funfunfun <3
      anniversary :o ? have we known each other for this long *__* ? woahh

  • LOL at your haul! :p ILOVEEEETTTTT!!!! i will never go anywhere unprepared so i’m giving you and your bf 2 thumbs up for coming very prepared haha! xD

  • woah melody! so much yummy looking sweets! I wouldn’t mind munching on them all <3

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