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Hello beautiful and wonderful people~ ♥
Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone who has stayed with me this far, despite my random absences and crazy posts ! But yes, I love you guys heaps and heaps! Anyway, it’s the last week of holidays before I begin University again, and I haven’t really been doing much. I went shopping, ate a lot of food, cooked/baked, watched movies, read some books, celebrated dad’s birthday and well, slept for quite awhile. Aha! Oh, and I did go to Daiso for the first time last week where I spent $30~ on things for blogger friend’s (belated) birthdays ! (you know who you are!)

I was watching tutorials on how to conceal eyebrows / make them different colours cos well, I never really knew how people did it and considering Manifest is coming up, and both of my cosplays have blonde wigs, I thought I’d better learn D: ! So yeah, I watched random youtube clips and experimented with my blue wig *_*! And the above picture is a result of random trial and errors. (I’m not wearing contacts cos my eye is still infected :/ But the swelling is gone yay!)

Anyway, can you believe that half a year is gone ? Time really does fly past.
I’ve been thinking a lot this past week and a bit. I stopped my “online presence” since my last post (except for Twitter) just to clear some things out of my head and reassess a few things in my life. I’ve been (trying to be) rather productive the last few days with getting many things done and out of the way. I cleaned out my room, wrote a few letters, cooked and baked a few things that I’ve been wanting to and well, it feels great !

♥ ♥ ♥
Have you done anything productive lately?

I’ll be sending out a few letters and parcels tomorrow!

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  • melludee

    Eheh Thankies bebe <3

  • Oh wow I like your blue wig ♥ and it seems like you did a good job with your eyebrows~
    My next Cosplay includes a bright blonde wig, too…what to do what to do…I should really try to watch some tutorials on how to get your eyebrows more bright, too….

    • melludee

      Thank you^__^”! Ahh I can’t wait to see your cosplay! I bet you’re gonna look heaps sexyyy with blonde hair ♥ ! Aha. It’s so harddddd to get the eyebrows concealed x__X” esp for black hair eesh x.x

  • Xin !

    Wahhh ! How do you always look so cute ! ;A; So jelly xP
    I thought the blue was photoshopped at first ahha

  • Nice work with concealing your eyebrows! Totes didn’t notice that they were supposed to be not blue naturally, haha.
    And yay for being productive! It’s a really good feeling to get a task done and not procrastinate, aye? Hope your productive streak continues!~

  • I think you look bettter without lenses! I think you totally rock the blue hair as well!

    I haven’t been really productice lately. I just don’t have much to do either! I don’t like it! :/

  • i love the blue wig ,your style is sooo creative,i love your posts with the contacts but you look fine without them,goodluck with university!! : ),


  • Wahh the blue wig is pulled off so nicely! And it was your first time going to daiso!? :O Don’t you just love it? haha hoope to see your full cosplay soon!

  • You’re very right! I also can’t believe it’s half a year already =O

  • Your pictures are so cool Melody! I wish I knew how to do something like that haha! But I’d probably miserably fail. :P

    Yes, half a year has gone by and it seems I am terribly lagging behind schedule.

    I hope you are ok. Hugs hugs! :3

  • the blue wig & eyebrows look so cool on you ^__^
    good luck with uni ! & yummy looking chips lool :P

  • HIHI thx for ur nice comment abt my deco stuff ^^

    I like the blue hair! it looks like u came right out of manga! hahaha Kawaii <3

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo
    *hosting giveaway*

  • Liz

    I still can’t believe it’s already July and in a few months it’s already new year XD. You look great with blue hair.

  • I don’t care if we’re already in the middle of the year, IT’S THE SUMMER IN CANADA and I’m sooo happyyyyy! I hate our winters and the cold and the snow. So I love July cause it’s warm and also it’s my birthday nWn !!

    I haven’t accomplished much other than trying to organize a short road trip during my vacation week off work~

  • aww I’m jealous with your brows! I tried lightening mine, but I have dark bushy eyebrows (sigh…) and I can’t conceal my original black completely. The worst is, I’m going to do a cosplay for a girl with blonde hair. D: I’m thinking of shaving my brows now! lol.

    • melludee

      Eee ~ Maybe try thin them as much as possible T-T?
      I thinned mine out as MUCH as possible – so I nearly look hairless unless I shade them in and it helps ? ish T-T”

  • cool wigggg =’D !!! you look totally different with blue hair xD hihi

  • welcome back!~ ^^ hehe~ it’s okay about the absences~ I have these long absences where I can’t do a blog post because I have so much homework to do ): but I still find the time to read other peoples’ blogs~ hahaha I hope your eye is doing better! ): & you concealed your eyebrow color so well o___o how did you do it? & how did you turn them blue? haha~

    • melludee

      Thank you! :D
      I kind of have absences randomly cos I’m not sure what I wanna blog about, or if I do know, I don’t have any photos to post in to the post :( ! And the eye is kinda doing better! But still itches and burns from time to time ;_; !

      Eek. The eyebrow thing was hard; it was like glue stick, powder, concealer, powder, concealer, powder, foundation, powder x___X’ My eyebrow felt like a plastic thing afterwards x.x ! But for the blue part, I just used various blue eyeshadows with those pointed brushes. And a bit of this green eyeliner pencil D:

      /still unsure on how to make it seem blonde~ish though. x.x

  • love the blue wig and blue eyebrows :D
    havent done anything productive…but i should be o3o

  • KT

    We can never leave you Melody! I’m quite late recently with replying to comments and reading blogs, but I’m trying too!! ^^;; Daiso is awesome!! I’m glad you got the chance to visit :DD I’m surprised there’s quite a few around here, like there’s 2 just 3 minute drive away from each other LOL

    How did you conceal your brows?? The only trick I know is using glue stick and foundation, or trimming your brows lol. Well I’ve gotten in the habit of trimming mine anyways, so I guess that method might work for me after all :P OMGG you look SUPER DUPER CUTE WITH NO LENSES!!!! AND BLUE HAIR!!! *steals you from Vu* Gosh, how many times have I attempted to kidnap you now? LOL I’m glad your eye is starting to heal, but I hope it speeds up! :( But kinda not at the same time because your oh-so-adorable right now hoho~ I’m so creepy. :3
    My eyes have been bothering me a lot lately too due to mix of *attempting* to wear circle lenses and SO much barbecue at work, all that smoke…. Q___Q And then when I’m preparing chickens I keep getting juice flying in my eye…. even the cooked chickens decided to break off when I’m taking them out of the oven and attack my eye wtf! T.T

    YUMMY FRENCH FRIES!! Can I have some? :D

    I know!! It’s funny though… right now, it doesn’t feel like it’s going super fast, I don’t know why. Maybe I’m working so much so time is going by slowly for me? I don’t even work that much, but I get stressed and frustrated so easily I wish time would go faster sometimes!

    I really does feel awesome to get so many thing done! If I had more time, I would love to help my mom with our backyard! We have SO many ideas, but my schedule is all over the place I don’t even have time to either help my mom or relax since my mom works throughout the week :( Gahhhh can I have my vacation now?? Maybe that’s it… time goes by slower for me because I haven’t had a vacation in a year LOL!

    • melludee

      KATIEEEEEE /glomps/! I love reading your comments cos they’re so superbly long and it makes me happy knowing that someone has taken the time out to give me something awesome to read *_*! LOVE YOUUUU ! hehe.

      Anyway, I kind of did both for my eyebrows xD ? They’re quite thin atm but not that really really short trimmed kind of thing. But yeah, I used glue stick, powder, concealer, powder, concealer, powder, foundation x__X” My eyebrow seriously felt like some sort of plastic thing afterwards :I But eh, it kind of worked :/ But I think if you come close to me, you’ll be able to see my eyebrows still ;_; ! Silly black is so easy to seeee ! :< BUT AHHHHH ;A; I hardly ever wear lenses anymore cos I've been home a lot and I ceebs but MUST START WEARING SOON AGAIN xPP I wonder how girls wear it like every single day D: ! BUT OMGG- Chicken juice in your eyeee!? Nooooo! Wear safety goggles *_*! xP And eee yeahh, I want to help my brother with his school work and my mum with house stuff and just do other random stuff but then other things get in the way! I wish that there was more time in the day ..or that I would wake up earlier xD HAH :3

  • Once again I lag to read blogs =_=
    Wow! You actually spent your holidays well! Like all that stuff you listed, I feel so lazy!
    Your eyes got infected from wearing contacts?! :(((
    But hey! You did a good job with the blue look eheh ~ Looking good there missy!
    GOD I AM HUNGRY. Ok, after typing my comment, I shall go have a bowl of cereal ==

    I have been sleeping late and waking up late everyday. Nothing productive. I don’t want to go back to uni! Am loving the holidays too much! And I’m lazy to blog lately zzzzzzz

    • melludee

      LOL! Despite being kind of uh “productive” I’ve still been sleeping and waking really late loololl! ;A;
      But eee, I don’t wanna go back to Uni either T~T I really cbs but asfasfasf :( And I’M HUNGRY TOOOOO! I just woke up >.> LOL

  • Great Post and Blog!!!



  • I’ve been trying to get through all my summer assignments and my online DriversEd, but it’s so hard to stay focused! I’ve also been trying recipes and trying to make some cash this summer…That’s about it for prodcutive things! XD

    I think you did a really good job with the blue eyebrows. It looks pretty realistic to me. :3

  • you loook sooo good with blue hair. n i love love your makeup! where do you get your wigs? cuz it looks good. and i want to purchase some but not the ones that are shiny and fake looking =3

  • Oh god >////< I LOVE ITTTT. Its the same generic response from me every time, but I can't help it! I'm at awe with you and your blue wig and blue eyebrows ;A; Have you went out in public like that? :D

    I've been absent too because I've been doing more productive things as well. Nothing ever wrong with that. ^^ A good balance of being productive and going online does wonders. Health campaigns always urge people to get off the internet but nowadays the internet is the only way to keep in touch with the world. Girl I can't wait to see your cosplay!

    • melludee

      Ahhhh I haven’t gone out like that so far! I might try to do so for the anime convention though! And babeee, not as good as yours ! I’ve seen your wigs *_* THEY’RE AMAZINGGG :D

  • Nooooooo, I was wondering why i didn’t get a response for you, to only just find out that my comment didn’t go through…. T^T So sad, never mind, I comment again!

    I really love how you did your eyebrows! I always can’t get it right when I try to conceal my eyebrows! I love it how its sooo blue!!

    Hope you eyes get better!

    p.s. just read your newest post, My deepest condolences, I hope you and her family are doing alright.

    • melludee

      Ahhh! Thank you Bunnnnyyy <333!
      And eee, I was going to ask you for tips on how to conceal my brows ! I still don't think it's the best method cos I can still see my brows slightly when you go closer and also it's easy to see the chunks of makeup layering it ;_; !

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