10 Things I Love

Quite awhile ago (aha-I’m so late gomen) Gerry tagged me in the “10 things I like” Tag.
Hm, I found this tag kind of difficult yet fun at the same time. Difficult because thinking of only ten things that I could either take a picture of or document was kind of hard. And also, being the silly me, I started taking photos quite late so the sun had gone down making lighting bad :( ! Anyway, without furtherado, let’s start!

Ten Things I Love ♥

1. Perfume
If you’ve been following my blog for some time, you should know this is an old photo taken in 2010. Back then, the total count of perfumes was 69 but it should be ..at least about 80 now aha. I really need to take a new photo but they are freakin’ heavy to carry to the table outside ! But yes, I love perfume. Heaps and heaps.

2. Letters from Readers/Bloggers
All the mail you see in this photo has been sent by you guys! Some were for my birthday, some Christmas and others just because you girls are so sweet! I absolutely love them so much, I keep them all in a pretty gold box underneath my bed and read them whenever I feel sad hah.

3. Books
I absolutely love reading books – fantasy is my favourite genre. I really need to buy a new book case cos they aren’t all fitting ! Some of my favourite books are: Nineteen Minutes –  Jodi Picoult, the Harry Potters series, the House of Night series and the Sevenwaters Triology!

4.  Miniature Food
Teehee. I think a lot of you saw my haul from Manifest last year where I spent a lot my money on these cute little things. Eee. Just look how cute they are! Oh and heaps up, the cute little bun and the berry cupcake?icecream? was made by Mei from Icepandora ! (So talented *-*)

5. Arashi
If you know anything about me or follow me on Twitter or Tumblr .. you would know I’m a huge fangirl of Arashi ♥ They’re the only form fandom I’m in and I love them heaps. They’re really, really popular and are a really big inspiration to me! Their song lyrics are filled with positive messages and love and kyaa-!!

6. Drawing/Sketching
I haven’t done this in a long time, but I’ve always loved doing so – since I knew how to hold a pen, I guess haha.

7. Make Up
Ahhhh- This is a photo I took awhile ago of my Estee Lauder skin/make up set thing with mum, but you get the point. I love playing around with new make up. I think my most recent purchases were Skin79 Oriental Shining Pearl BB Cream and Skin79 Diamond Star Glow Ball Powder ! Lovelovelove~

8. Melody Related Items
Surprisingly enough, you’d think that because my name is “Melody”, I’d get a lot of items that are related to it. (ie, My Melody plushies etc) but I actually don’t. I’m not sure why haha. But when I do get them, I get really happy and so these are the items that I adore. Specials mention go out to my boyfriend and Jennifer who both bought Melody-related stuff!

9. Stationery
Eee. I love pensss-! I think this might do with my love for drawing and writing but I love a good pen. I love 0.38 pens especially ! They’re so thin and makes everything look so neat and pretty~


But yes, that’s the end of my list of ten things that I love!! I guess there are a tonne of other things that should be on the list too, but I guess it’s just too hard to list everything. (Camera, Headbands, Blogging, Sleeping, Jewellery, Cosplaying+Wigs..etc) But I think that most of you would be able to tell what I like from reading my blog lots anyway, right? Heh.

Ten people I tag: Katie, Mei, Huy, Marie, Bibi, Pooper, Kim, Elisa, Kelly and Min

♥ ♥ ♥
What are things you love?

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73 comments to 10 Things I Love

  • melludee

    ^___^” Tehehehehe. I betchu didn’t expect that ♥ !
    But ahhhhh I love love love loveee youuuu *huggles

  • Thanks for the tag. I finally have a theme to blog about. =P

  • Thanks for tagging me melody ^^. I’m already thinking what I’m going to write cause there are tons of things that i love haha.. btw.. the link to my blog isn’t working xD haha.

  • very nice post! Wow you have so many perfumes o.O

  • Tam

    Your perfume empire is expanding!! You must smell really nice and different all the time! I only have 2 bottles and sooo sick of the same scent lol :(

  • OMG SO MANY BOTTLES OF PERFUME! How are you going to use them all, dear?!

    Oooh I love makeup too… I want to buy a whole bunch of colours so I can make really fun looks with them. Yeah my online order is looking at $200 T__T

    And stationery.. but I’m trying to limit my spending so I can put that money into the makeup haha!

    I envy your drawing ability. On anime camp, people need to teach me how to draw!

    AWEEEH YOU AND VU. I’m dying with how cute that picture is of you haha! Damn it, I want a boyfriend so we can go on fun (food) dates :D Cause I live for food. And eating is a valid hobby.

    • melludee

      LOL JESS Ahaha.
      I close my eyes and pick which one to use *-*! But my mum uses it a lot too – way more than I do ;A; Omgggg, I need a job so I can handle all my spending loool. We should order from those bulky Korean websites like GMarket – YEAH? D: And eeeee, we can have midnight drawing lessons at camp LOL! *v* I THINK YOU SHOULD GO BOYFRIEND HUNTING – I’ll come help and scout. :D

  • Melody! Thank you for taggin me! *hug* I’ll see to it this weekend, as a break from studying :)
    Wow girl, you have A LOT of perfume! O.O So many pretty bottles..

  • Oh, and reply to you: She actually told me that was the reason why they were still together. I don’t think she sees them end up staying together for their entire life though. She’s just with him because she can’t stay without a boyfriend for too long…

  • WOW you really DO love perfume!! haha

    Your no10 is soo cute!

  • The last one was definitely not cheesy! I love how you mentioned miniature food. For a second, I thought they were real XD

  • what do ya know, i got tagged. :D i like that!
    except, my camera’s dead, so don’t cry at my iPhone images. ;A; LOL.
    and nice sketches! i like drawing too! *Hi5

    • melludee

      :D ! I haven’t tagged you before, I don’t think!
      And s’okay ! iPhone pix are good good too (in daylight) haha. Show us some of your pix !

  • Wow your drawings you are so talented! Holyyyyyyyyy you have a lot of perfume! I don’t even have 1 haha which one’s your favourite?
    And that last one!!! Haha naw you are such a sweet girlfriend! I love mini food too!!!! So cuuute!!!!!

    • melludee

      Not really LOL! I’m a lazy artist :(
      And eee, hmm .. I can’t pick a favourite ;A; But at the moment, I’m really loving Gucci’s Flora (not pictured) ! And tehehe :D mini food is the besttt <3 Need to get more *-*

  • hello ! new reader of ur blog here :)
    love the pictures u post and all of your cute stuffss >.<

    enter my $100 shopbop giveaway here

  • fatimaaaaa :]

    aw aw awww!! i love cuteee things too :)))
    AND I LOVE 0.38 PENS TOO. there was a time last year when i refused to write in anything otjer than 0.38 pens lol

  • I love collecting perfume too! :D Woa, but you definitely got more collection than mine. :)

  • awww thats so cute! number 10 is my fave. i also wish i had that much perfume!

  • Thy

    the miniature foods look cute >..<, books, and many more

  • Gosh. Idk how d tings can fit it one room. U got lots of thing, babe. Haha! 60+ perfume?! (; ̄O ̄)

    • melludee

      Aha ;~; My room is a complete mess :P But yeahh >.< I think there's at least 80+ now ! But the perfumes are shared over three rooms so it's okay xD

  • Mei

    Ngo do tjong yee ah :)
    (I like it too) haha xx

  • Liz

    I also love stationary but mostly cute notebook or anything cute and adorable. I thing I have over 100 notebooks ^^ and I like your perfume collection.

  • i love this post! i love stationary stuff n drawing too!

    Omg, I have to do this tag too, lol.
    And omg at the amount of perfume you have! Must mean you smell nice all the time, aye?
    Woo for 0.38mm pens! I like them for the exact same reasons as well, haha.
    … The food in your last photo looks DELISH. *Salivates*

    • melludee

      Ahhh ;A; It’s probably cos of me transitioning to wordpress and all >.< IT should show up if you unfollow + follow again through this site D: ! And ahahah, come over and smell me ;D LOL. (that sounded awkward tehehe)

  • I like number 9 :) I only have a Rilakkuma pen I bought in Paris (there aren’t in Belgium… ?) but look at yours, there’re so cute~
    But 10 is the cutest ♥ (and it looks even better with a picture with waffels haha xD)

  • Aaron W

    i like how vu is last.. LOLOOLOLOOLOLOOL

  • wow thats a shitload of perfumes :D
    minature food is so cute, but just looking at them make me hungry D:
    no. 10 is so cute ^^

  • I really liked your top 10~
    especially the books, arashi and the dates~ tee-hee~

  • Whoopdeedoo! Thanks for doing the 10 things tag! I like to see people complete my passed on challenges hee hee.
    you have 80 bottles of perfume?! That is so crazily cool! I have zilch bottles. Cos I don’t use perfume lol.
    I like your miniature food and melody likes! Quite funny cosshe has the same name xD
    I see my pens ~~
    and the last like is totally something different! Who knew physical things can e counted as a like. I just went and snapped shots of all my materialistics ==

    I hope all those you tag will too enjoy doing this post !
    <3 Gerry

    • melludee

      Tehehe! I wasn’t going to do the last one, but I thought WHY NOT .. ! Right D: ? ahaha. And eeee, why don’t you use perfume Gerrypiee :( PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME COS I WILL SMELL LIKE PERFUMES A LOT WHEN I COME AND HUGS YOUUUU! ;A; But yeyyy, your pens are def awesome <3 I loves them so muchies *-*

      • Yaaaay ! I’m glad you like the pens!
        I was looking for smelly pens, but NO cute ones available =_= Either pretty ones or ugly ones that smell lololol!
        I would love to help you out with your banner! :D Just tell me what you need help with ~ It’s not like I’m a banner expert, but I’ll try aha!!!
        – Gerry

        • melludee

          LOL SMELLY PENS!
          Hmm, I shall talk with you on MSN sometime! Ahh, it’s just that I can’t think of a good idea~ and I probably need to take new photos tooooo- or maybe if I do a graphic~y one rather than a photo? D: IDK. SO MANY OPTIONSSSSS!

  • O wow~ nice post~! I haven’t done those letters things forever.. I used to when I first move to US~ & i wrote letters to my friends back home… but that was a long time ago, so I don’t write letters anymore~ but I do love letters too! I keep all my letters & although I seldom take them out to read it, whenever I just look at it I feel like I have a piece of my childhood with me =)

    O n i’m jealous of ur perfume collection! NICE!!!

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

    • melludee

      Ahhh ! I absolutely love letters although emails and fb etc is so much more convenient ..but there’s something special about using pen and paper ^__^” ehhe.

  • hehee you and Vu are so cute together<33 i wish i had such delicious looking dates with my bf Ox loooks soo expensivee ; -;

    • melludee

      Haha thankyou^__^
      Eee, that was kinda pricey but once in a blue moon is fine !! Other times, it’s just cheap dates like KFC looooool xD (sorta)

  • You do like perfume :D kk and IVE MISSED YOU TOO. Ive been stalking your blog the last months haha now Im back to leaving comments :D

    anyway I also like number 2. I left my box in the Ph so I only have a few with me here and instead of putting them in a box I placed them on my wall as decorations :D If you like My melody items I like strawberry items >< I find them really cute, even when its just a red/pink with white polka dots I gotta have that haha.

    • melludee

      Awww. Putting them on a wall is a good idea too! I used to kind of doing that but I didn’t like how people could read the messages when they came in to my room >.< ! And eee, strawberry items are also super cutee ^___^! I have a few too :3

  • aw this was a cute post! :P I love…. food, my ipod, UP!!!, and purple! :P

  • LOOK AT ALL THAT PERFUME ;-@ YOU’RE CRAZY !! HAHA I LOVE IT !! Of all the awesome things to collect :-D Curious to know which is your favourite from your collection ?

    Also, it’s cool that you have a favourite diameter of a ball point for a pen haha. I’m guessing you like Muji and those hi-tec ones eh ? Mines 0.4mm ^^

    By the way, have you finished exams yet ? I wish you all the best ;-) My last one is on Tuesday and seriously, going to get some takoyaki after ! What’s a good place ? I usually only have takoyaki at Teppansan !

    • melludee

      AHA. *v* I would like a Crazy Award kthx looool! But mm, I don’t really have a favourite ..but at the moment, I’m quite loving Flora by Gucci (not pictured) ! Mmm. AND NOO ;A; My last exam is on the Monday blergh! And they started on the first day too :T Stupid stupid eeek. But ahhhh, didchu know that the takoyaki at Monash isn’t actually that bad LOL ? (upstairs at grain) But uhmm, some Korean restaurant at Glen ..Kimchi Hut ? has really good Takoyaki too *-* … Ack I want some now!

  • WOWWWW you have so many perfumes!!!!!!!!!! *squeals* what are your favorites???? :D if I have enough money, the next perfume I want to buy is Chanel Chance the pink bottle >w<

    Hehe I LOVE stationary as well!!! and Asian stationery are just sooo much better! I have so many colors in my pencil bag, my American friends always look at me like I'm crazy XD

    • melludee

      ! Ahhhhhh I haven’t got that Chanel one yet! But I saw it in a Magazine, and now I wants ittt ~! *_*
      Mmm, my favourite? I don’t have any ..but I’m currently liking Gucci’s Flora right now :3 ! Tehehehe. And ahhhh! Yesss, Asian stationery looks much better than the Western ones xD eheh

  • Kim

    aww, Mel, thanks for tagging me! I’m gonna blog about this~ chuuu <3

  • aw! the last thing you love is so cute :D and you’re eating max brenners :( waa~

  • awww you and your boyfriend look so cuteeee together *3* and your pens! i’m so in love with them @o@ you know where i leave this kind of cute stuff is so hard to find TT.TT do you have any good online stores where to buy them?
    thanks =^,^=
    Monstros no Armário

    • melludee

      Ahh thank you !
      Uhm~ im not too sure about any websites sorry! Cos they were bought in-store. But I’m sure that youll be able to find some on eBay or etc too (:

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