I seriously think I’m such a glutton at times.
I’m always spoilt with such yummy food provided to me by either my parents or my loving boyfriend ♥ And I seriously think that food can bring people together seriously! I’m sure that if any of us go out together, and we share a love for macarons or takoyaki and we go out to eat it – we will definitely be closer friends !

Note: These photos were taken over a span of a few months so please don’t think that I’m eating this stuff every day!

Drool Away My Friends ~

Krispy Kreme Assorted Donuts  (Favourite: Strawberry Creme)

Max Brenners: Chocolate Shot, Belgium Waffles and Banana Praline Crepes

I absolute love Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki (Oh, I want some now!)

Outback Jack: Sparrows Steak and Big Jacks Rack (Pork Ribs)

China Bar Signature: Assorted Sweets and Desserts

Yeah, I’m actually really hungry right now. Ackk. But let’s just hope you are too! *evil laugh mwahahah ~ But anyway, yes. I think you can see that I absolutely love my food ! And seriously, if we meet up; lets go eat at some chocolate cafe or something delicious! And it’s great for blog photos too! Haha 

♥ ♥ ♥
What would you eat everyday if you could?

I don’t think there’s something I’d eat every day …but I would love a huge variety !!

PS. ANNOUNCEMENT: My Back to School Competition will be extended till 26thJune for Entry + 3rdJuly for Voting!

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