Hey awesome people~
Sorry for the lack of blogging lately; I’ve been having exams gahh. Had three this week and still two more to go ;~;! I hope that everyone who’s having exams at the moment are studying hard and not getting distracted ! (like I so often do tehee) ~ Anyway, I was thinking the other day about friends” – more specifically you guys.

To be more specific, I was thinking about all the friends I’ve made from blogging.
And I say friends and not blogger friends, because I really see a lot of you as my actual friends and not just people who share the same interest of blogging with me. You guys always leave me such positive messages when I’m down; and write me cute emails from time to time; and also send me awesome gifts in the mail. You guys are always willing to hear me out when I’m upset or annoyed or have problems, and it’s just – I’m really thankful that I met all of you.

As most of you should know, I’ve met with a few bloggers in real life earlier this year.
And it’s strange that it was so easy to talk to them despite only having communicated via blog comments, facebook or skype before. It’s also quite sad that the majority of you guys live in different states or countries and I can’t just plan a shopping date or dnm session with you guys whenever I feel like.

I guess what I’m really trying to say is I’m really appreciative of each and every one of you.
For the ones that I talk to all the time on twitter/facebook; and the ones that I talk to sometimes; and even the ones who I’ve hardly ever spoken to.

One day, I will meet all of you.

Thank you to every single one of you

♥ ♥ ♥

Special Mentions: Jennifer, Marie, Amanda, Sam, Tezza, Tam, Min, Gerry, Bunny and Jahnice
These are the sweetest girls. As soon as my twitter update or blog indicates something isn’t going right, they immediately ask what’s up. And they’re always there for support, advice and a shoulder to cry on. And if you’re not on this list, it’s not that I don’t love you too; it’s just that I don’t speak to you as much as I do with these girls

(Examples of Generous gifts from : Jahnice, Gerry, Jennifer, Amanda, Tezza + Rebekah)
Also, from now on, I’ll be posting all the awesome gifts that you guise send me on to THIS PAGE as a sign of my gratitude !

Ps. I wanna meet up with you Melbourne bloggers! (or any that are visiting Melbourne)
And I just made a lame “accent” video on tumblr lool. Check it out : “here

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75 comments to I♥MyReaders

  • i <3 you too melody! someday i'll go visit you in australia. in the meanwhile hang in there and i'm sure you'll do well in uni. ;)

  • melludee

    Ehe. Thanks babee!
    I wanna meet everyone again and moree !

  • Awww I actually got teary when I read this! We should all be thanking YOU for being such an awesome blogger, but not only that – you’re such a sweetheart and it has been so great knowing you ^^” Being included in your list means so much to me, ahhhh *hugs* I love you lots and lots hehehe <3 We must meet you one day :D

    • melludee

      I’m so glad that we met ..I don’t even remember how we did ! Hahaha.
      But seriously Jellypiee! <33 I CANT WAIT TO MEET YOUUUU~! Come Melb nowww <3

  • Ehehe~ I met you at uni :3

    ahh~ so many bloggers I want to met in real life~~

    … omg is that Tokuya?!

    • melludee

      Haha yes! I can’t believe I didn’t know you were a blogger ;~;
      And yeeesss ! Tokuya is awesome <3 ! You should come along to our blogger meets next time :D !

  • Okay, seriously. That is such a sweet blog entry! <3
    Aww, I love you Melody! I'll visit you in Melbourne one day.
    I can't tell you when, but it'll happen soon.
    All the best for your examinations.
    You can do it, go go go! (:

    • melludee

      Aww, I can’t wait for you to come to Melbourne !!
      You’re also going to Singapore sometime right? Because I might be going there too! :D And thank youuuuu <3

  • I LOVE YOU MELODY <3 these melbourne pictures makes me miss you so much!
    I just want to be camwhoring and eating macarons and talking rubbish with you again <3

    I WILL COME TO MELBOURNE AGAIN. i don't care. <3

    • melludee

      And ahhh, you should come back naooo! then we can eat lots and lots of macarons and talk random soiahsfoih loool

  • KT

    This is such a sweet post, Melody! If I ever visit Australia I’ll know exactly where I’m headed. :) That’s the great thing about blogging, is the amazing people you meet. Hopefully one day you’ll be one of those people Melody!! ^_____^v

    To be completely honest, the only thing I dove right into a search for on Sasa was Dolly Wink LOL If you’re looking for some face masks I’ve heard rave reviews about My Diary Mask brand :) I like to check out Eki’s blog (ekiblog.com) and check out her Sasa hauls for ideas of what to buy :D

    I’m rarely on MSN (and, what is skype? XD) but if you happen to catch me here’s my email!!

    Hopefully I can help you out ^^ I just went searching for face masks and saw My Scheming has a lot in one pack for a cheap price, and the reviews seemed alright. I almost went and bought some from The Face Shop, but seriously.. $3/mask?? @__@;

    For hair products, I’ve heard good things about ESSENCE and DHC :)) I almost bought some from DHC, but I thin Mitsuwa sells the same things, and I already have lots of hair product to go through haha

    If you wanna try out falsies, it’s a good chance to get Dolly Wink for a very good price! :D I think Mitsuwa sells them for $17 plus 9.250% tax… killer @__@

    Let me know if there’s anything specific you’re looking for and I’ll try my best to help you! <3

    • melludee

      Eeeeeeeee. You’re heapssss sweeeet! <3 Come to Melb naoooo!
      And ahhh, I shall add you on MSN noww~ :3 ( Skype is the same type of thing except with a bigger emphasis on video/calling) And hmm, I wanted to get Dolly Wink lashes but I have quite a few atm that I don't use so I thought it might be a waste. I was thinking of getting the eyelash glue though since I need some hmm. BUT YES, Face Shop masks are so freakin' expensive ! I need to buy some in bulkkk.

      But eee, I think if I do happen to catch you online at anytime, I think I'll be talking to about heapsssss ! :3 Like Gmarket and other things ! ahahah <333

  • Ohhh Melody, I remember the first time stumbling past your blog. I was thought “this chick is way too popular, she won’t bother replying to the likes of me.” Boy was I wrong about judging you :’C Gomenasai!!!! You are the few that reply to every comment and actually way to establish friendships online~ that I love about you <3
    You are one of the sweetest bloggers I know bro!!! It's so funny meeting Tam and Tezza today, we spent a good time talking about different bloggers and how we all became friends. Can't live without the Internet! D:
    Thank you for mentioning me in this post! *sobs* I feel special!
    I am determined to meet you more than ever! It's like a goal to meet you, Jennifer, Jahnice and other lovely ladies~
    Sorry I couldn't stay on longer to talk to you about lash glue lololol. Duo clear glue is the way to go!

    P.S. Phone is still lagging to load your accent video =.= lame zzZ

    • melludee

      I AM HURT BY YOUR WORDS GERRY ;A; Nah I jokes loooool!
      But ahhhh, you’re one of the sweetest girls I knowww! And gahhh, when my exams are over, I’m gonna just talk to you heaps online about shopping and clothes and makeup and *-* I’m gonna go broke looool! And eee, I really want us ALL to meet up at the same time! THAT WOULD BE SO AWESOME *-* /come to melb naoooo/

      And its okayy, THE VID SUCKS ANYWAY <3 ahahahah

  • KT

    I really want to try the eyelash glue too! I’m not sure if they have it or not though, I forgot to check when I made my order :x I’m so glad I was tired after work yesterday so I didn’t go to TFS! ><;;

    Yessss I love G-Market and I love helping friends out with it too :D Spreading the G-Market luuuuuv haha! Anytime, Melody! I think I need to install MSN now haha :D

    • melludee

      Ahhh, I think they do have itt! And I wanna get it but need other things to get too hmm. And woooo~ Can’t wait to talk to youu soooonn :3 <3333

  • Lilaire

    Helloo, greetings from Poland ^^…

    You seem nice person, and so reasonable… Good for you! I read all of your posts; especially like your videos, hahah :).

    And I have exams too, awfuuuullll! Good luck with your last two.

  • awww such a sweet post =)
    It’s nice to hear that you get along with them so well and that you are even able to meet them in person ^-^

  • that is sooo awesome you met up with fellow bloggerz! im too shy to meet up with any bloggerz thats in sf. to me its easier online to talk but maybe one day!!

  • You are such a sweet blogger! >_<"
    Haha .. reading your blog made me remember i'm suppose to be studying right now.. dang.
    I hope I can meet you one day (even though i've never spoken to you that much)- YOU ONLY LIVE ACROSS THE DITCH!

    • melludee

      Hehe :P I’m sorry about thattt! BUT GO STUDY ! HAAHA (I should too ;A;)
      But yesss! I would be totes happy to meet up with you one day! :3

  • Ahhhhh Melodyyyy! I miss you! :(
    Must come to Melbourne one day and visit you again hahaha! (And eats lots of macarons hahaha!)

    Best of luck with your exams! I still have one more to go :(

    • melludee

      SAMMMM ;A;! COME BACK NAO. It’s okay, you don’t need to worry about exams when you have macarons!!!!!!! *-* AHA
      But yee, good luck with your exammm ;A:

  • ahh such a cute blog entry :D
    waahhh now i wanna meet you too, saw you at manifest once (i think that counts ;D)
    tokuya hmm? 8D
    love this post ^^

  • Thank you, Melody~ You know I love you :)) U are so lovely~!! <33

  • Thy

    sooo cool! i want to meet you someday if i have enough money to travel to Melbourne >.,> now i can relax for a while….
    good luck on your exams and study hard =D

    and thank you for your comments =D

    • melludee

      ^__^ I would love to visit you too one day! (when I get money too xD ahha)
      But yess, please come to Melboune one dayyy <3!! and thank youuu :3

  • Min

    MEROMERO <3 I am so thankful to have met all you girls too. Can't wait till all of us meet. Maybe after graduation? (THAT'S REAL SOON!!) :)

    Thank YOU too! Your posts never fail to cheer me up cos we're always going through the same stuff…like EXAMS ~.~ And we end our exams on the same day! ;) All the best <3<3<3

    • melludee

      MINNNN~ <3
      I can't wait to see you againn! Let's have another photoshoot with more people xP ehhe. And ahhhh, your exam is 20th? WE SHOULD SEE EACHOTHER *-* But mine's at 2.30 ! <3 Good luck for yours tooooo xo

  • Tam

    Good luck with the rest of the exam Melody! I miss you girls we should catch up again over coffee or japanese food. Or even better travel to Sydney together :D
    Also, skype after exam? I think so! <3

  • Good luck with your remaining exams Melody (:
    I would love to visit Melbourne and meet up with you in real life ^__^
    meet ups seem fun :D

  • Nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! You’re welcome babe!! It’s normal to be concern~!!! All the best with your exam! Am taking a break now so I thought I dropped by! hehehehe :P
    Love you babe~!

  • HOW CAN GREEN KILL MY CAMERA! ;A; *shakes Melodyy, Howwwww! ‘LOL JKS <3' i was kidding! don't cry, you. :D i'll probably use my laptop camera to enter your competition. ^^ sweeeeet post! (: hope you open a day so you can see all your Melbournian bloggers, specifically ME! ^^

  • Your new posts don’t pop up in my blogspot’s home anymore since you’ve been there ; _ ; Well, I added it in my favourites now so it’s fixed~
    Anyway, good look with the rest of your exams :3

    • melludee

      Ahhh :( It does that to some people ~
      It SHOULD pop up in your dashboard again if you unfollow and then refollow through this site~ But thank youuu ^___^ “<3

  • KT

    w<;; I really, really love it, but I'm always curious about other products of course.

    And YOU'RE WELCOME SWEETIE!!! You totally deserve it, as you've been tagged before too haha!! Love you too babe :)))

    NOOOOOO! D: I wish it wasn't for such a short time, I wish you could have ordered :(( Next time I hear something like that I'll let you know asap!! <33 :(

    • melludee

      Eee, the current BB Creams I have are Skin79 Oriental Shining Pearl and BRTC Trouble Clinic Line (and a whole bunch of samples ahah) ! So you can try those out if you ever feel like venturing out x3 ! The Skin79 one is really sparkly and pretty; whilst the BRTC one is matte and is good for pimples etc :3 ! And ahhhhh, thank youu^__^” Yeahh. I’m actually not sure why though :( Cos it said it ended on June12 but I checked HK’s time (at that time) and it was only June11 :S So I have no idea ;~;


      • KT

        I’m really loving Skin79 so far, so I think I’m definitely going to stick with this brand! I’ve tried several of MISSHA’s samples, and not really liking it :X Well, I got one sample in a gold packet that I absolutely LOVED, but stupid me threw it away on vacation and forgot what it was called ;o; Guhhhh I wouldn’t know which to chooooose LOL Which one do you prefer Melody? :D I’ve seen the Skin79 online and very intrigued, but the BRTC MATTE is calling out to me… have you tried the Skin79 Oriental Gold BB Cream by any chance? I almost got that instead of my Hot Pink, and have been curious for quite a while. I think I’m going to do more research on all of these, thanks for the suggestions love! 3>; I hope they have another sale soon so you can get some Sasaaaa <333 AND YOU'RE VERY WELCOME LOVE! As soon as I hear anything, I'll let you know asapppppp :DD

        • melludee

          Hmm, I don’t think I’ve tried the Gold Oriental – sorry! The only Skin79 BB Creams I’ve tried are the Oriental Pearl Shining, Super Plus BB Cream and (have samples of) Super Plus Gold BB Cream <- I think this is the one that you got in Gold cos it's the only Gold Sample package I seem to have xD. Mmm, Do let me know about the Gold Oriental though! It looks really nice *-* hmmm. I tried one Missha Sample so far ..it was Signature 21 (I think?) and I actually really liked it *-* I was going to get it ..but decided to get the Skin79 one instead on an impulse buy xD Hehe. I've tried quite a few but I didn't see MUCH of a difference between them apart that some were pretty bad in coverage compared to others mm :/ But yesss! *-* Do blog about the research :D teheh

          • KT

            Thank you again for the email sweetie! w< I might just order it and see, I ran out of bb cream and lost one of my foundations LOL I'll start taking notes of all the bb creams I'm eyeing, thanks again Melody! :D

          • melludee

            No problemmm! <3
            Tehehe yeah. I had tried to take note and then I ended up forgetting ;~; ! Can't wait to seee what you get <3

  • Mei

    Thank you as well sweetipie ^___^ xx


  • Aww you are so sweet Melody – no wonder you have so many adoring friends ^^ That’s really cool how you got to meet bloggers in RL – I see Amanda in the back, but I don’t know the other girls :P

    • melludee

      Aww, it’s cos I really really appreciate you guys *-* and every time I see a new comment from one of you, it makes my day <3

  • hehe goodluck on ur exams ^^
    looks like u guys had a great day ~

  • T___T that’s really sweet~~!!! I know what you mean. The internet has really opened up the world for so many opportunities to meet amazing people!

  • Omg, If the opportunity ever came up, I’d love to just hang with you in person! ;A;
    I’ve thought about this so many times! Honestly since most of you guys (blogs I read from)
    are from Australia I kind of can’t help but to wish I lived there. xD I knew nothing about Aussie
    until I started reading your blog and reading a bunch of others. I kept thinking how its unfair that most
    awesome bloggers live in Aussie. D’: or at least the ones I’m following.

    Ohh girl I’m glad you consider all of us your friends :DDD I need to talk to you, and I mean TALK. lol
    I occasionally get on msn, here’s my email:

    Hopefully the time zones won’t get in the way. lolol
    (and well … Uni. ;-; College gets in my way most of the time.)

    • melludee

      Ahhhhhhh Jennnnnnnnnnnnnn <3333
      I really wish that I could go to the US! I know heaps of bloggers in the US and I always wished that I was able to teleport that so easily to see you guys *-* (and you have such awesome stuff there that we don't have here ;A; haha) But yessss, I wanna meet with youu definitely! You're one of the top on my list to see people! :3 hehe

      And yeyy <3 I shall add you on MSN soon!
      Pshh~ I bet the timezones won't get in the way that much considering how late I sleep :3 It'll be like normal time for you AHAH <3 But eeee, I'm about to finish exams so short holiday for me means a little rest time to talk to youu~!

  • you are the most adorable person ever!

  • Wauwwwww your blog is great! You are sososo cute! I follow you now with bloglovin and i hope, you follow me too haha :D Lots of love my dear! <3

  • Ahh finally uni is over for me and i’m back to reading blogs (: ahaha its awesome that you’ve made such awesome friends through blogger – show’s us how small the world really is with the internet!

  • I feel the same thing too! Blogger friends are some of the best friends I have. It’s so nice that you can meet those bloggers, you all look lovely :)

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