Thick False Lashes

I hope everyone is doing well ! Anyway, not too long ago, I received a wonderful package from Maggie from KkCenterHK
This time around, I really wanted some thick, thick lashes just for a really dramatic effect and well, it’s always fun to play around with thick lashes yes? Especially when you’re out on a photoshoot or something random like that hehe.
Anyway, here’s the chosen box of lashes.

ES 10 Pair Short Black Luxuriant False Lashes [ES A88]
You can buy them [here] | Price: $5.68USD

So hmm, what did I think about them?
Well, I can definitely say they give a full, dramatic look as soon as you put them on.  And are definitely very noticeable even from a distance! So I would definitely recommend these lashes to anyone who are after something that make their eyes really pop ! However, on the down side, I didn’t like these lashes that much in comparison to the previous ES Lashes that I’ve tried which can be seen [here] and [here]. These were much more stiffer and harder in comparison ? They felt very plastic~y and their bands weren’t as easy to bend in to shape.

(I was wearing my wig for a reason you will find out soon/tomorrow!)

All in all, I didn’t really like them.
They weren’t my favourite ES lashes as they were quite hard and plastic~y. I would definitely go for another pair of ES lashes instead of these ones. But, if you’re not too worried about how your fake lashes feel, go ahead and get these if you’re wanting some really dramatic ones! The price is alright and you get a box of 10 which lasts quite a long time as they’re all reusable.

♥ ♥ ♥
Do you wear Fake Eyelashes daily?

I don’t understand how you do! I know it’s silly but I still find them hard to put on ! lol

*Note* The Back to School Competition closes today ! If you want to submit any photos in, you better do it quickly before 11.59pm AEST (26th June) and the photos of all entrants will be up on my Facebook Page at approximately 1~2am AEST (27th June) ! So vote for your favourites *-* ! I’ll do a proper blog post about this tomorrow.

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47 comments to Thick False Lashes

  • melludee

    Thankies baby~ :3
    I think maybe if you wear them daily, you’d get used to it? Probably o.o” But I don’t think I cbb ;(

  • Pretty! You look like a doll with the blonde hair and blue lenses, so cute C:

    I usually wear false lashes when I wear circle lenses. I think it looks weird if I don’t put on makeup with circle lenses XD

    • melludee

      Tehe thank you <3 !
      And ahh, I understand what you mean! Without my lenses, I feel a bit strange but I'm so lazy to wear them daily :/ so I just ceebs most of the time T-T" Unless I'm really dressing up :x

  • you know you really look natural in that wig. XD Cant wait to see what’s your ‘reason’ for wearing it heheh.

  • Very doll-like Melody!

    There are always wispy-er lashes for everyday… but then again I don’t understand how girls can wear them EVERYDAY. Add eyelid tape, circle lens etc and people can look so different! It’s super scary. Like imagine you’re a guy and you picked up a cute girl to find out that under all that makeup she looks completely different LMAO.

    • melludee

      LOL. I thought you originally wrote “Imagine if you picked up a girl and it turned out to be a guy” AHHAH.
      But yeahh, I totally ceebs with wearing makeup and etc everyday ;~; ..more like I don’t wake up early enough to hehe :P

  • Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!
    I love this on you so much! You look so different :D!!!
    I have the exact same ones and have to agree! They are soooo hard to bend and fix onto the lash! But it is a really lovely pair to use!

    Lately, I’ve been using it daily since its the holidays! But definitely not to uni. I think that is just too much for uni !!

    Pretty Pretty girl you are~ <3

    • melludee

      Nyaa thankies Bunnnyyy <3
      And ahh *-* ! You look so good in them and are definitely pro at putting them on so it's all good ! I fail so badly at putting falsies on ;~; ! Teach meeee onegai <3

  • Kim

    I just received a package hrom Maggie too. I’m gonna review it soon, thanks for the review Mel, you have a very beautiful huge eyes that I wish mine were!

  • Tam

    Awww how cute you are wearing pjs! Those are really dramatic I think I will only wear them at night or to a costume party. You have really nice eyes! When I wear dark makeup my eyes become really small. :(

    • melludee

      *v* I was too lazy to change out ..well, I did ..but that was for a different reason !
      And ahhh, yeah I don’t know when I’d ever wear these out? Unless it was for cosplay or something maybe hmm. And nooo! Your eyes look gorgeous with makeup Dx

  • rindtron

    I think I am more a fan of these ones! The thicker the better!

    …yeah. <3

    However, being stiff and hard to put on is a shame. I only have one box of ten… which are so thick I've never had the guts/occasion to wear! I think, in comparison to the ones you reviewed, they are not as natural looking (the curve). ^^"

    • melludee

      I think you should wear yours to Manifest maybe ! :D ?
      And ahhh~ I do like thick lashes but I am not brave enough to wear them out normally hehe ! Also they feel very heavy ;;

      • rindtron

        Actually, thinking about it, I get a customer who comes in to buy chicken for her lunch, and she wars thick false lashes, but keeps her makeup light. SHE IS SO AMAZING. <3
        Anyway, point is, I think you'd look fine wearing them out and about normally. :3

  • I wish I could wear them everyday! But I feel like my work would get angry at me if I did… or angry if I even asked. I really like natural ones, but mine sometimes come off on the edges because my eyes water a lot and I hate having to always re-glue them.

    • melludee

      Ahh! Yeah, mine come off really easily too :S But I thought that might be my choice of glue maybe hmm? And ee, you look so good in falsies too *_*

  • ahh they look cute as Melody! I just bought fake eyelashes for the first time, im hoping to try them out this week and hopefully they look as good as yours!

    • melludee

      Oooh! Good luck with putting them on! :D
      I found them so hard to put them on for the first time ;_; (and still do …) but yeah, you’ll look gorgeous with them !!

  • Kim

    ahaha, my eyes are small in real >..<

  • I don’t always wear fake eye lashes everyday. Only when I play with makeup and picture taking hehe :)

  • Wow, those lashes do look very dramatic! :O
    You look so cute & pretty in your photos~!!
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your wig <3 It looks very natural~ Can't wait to find out about it in your next post/soon haha ^^
    I don't wear falsies daily.. it would take me FOREVER to get them on right & by then i probably would waste the whole day.. (takes me 1/2 an hour minimum @.@)

    • melludee

      Ahh thank youu *___*!
      Teheh, yes I really really love this wig cos it looks so much more natural than my other ones >3< ! Eek yes. It took me so long to put the falsies on ;~; ! Ahaha.

  • KT

    False lashes really can make a huge difference! You look cute either way though :D

    You look SO good as a blonde!! >w< I'm curious what the reason is besides to look mega adorable!! :DD <333

    I'm starting to get into falsies lately! I don't wear them everyday because I'm lazy/don't feel like looking super dolled up, but they can be fun to wear. It just takes a LOT of practice to get them right! I still have trouble with them too, it's hard ;__; At least I'm not as bad as I used to, getting them stuck on my lashes and the glue dries and they get bent out of shape AHHH nightmare. XDD I guess if you choose a good falsie they can be comfortable :D I tried Dolly Wink and OMG it's true. SO comfortable, you don't even feel them!! The price is kinda crazy though, especially since I already broke one and lost a piece of my No.8 NOOOO! But they can be dramatic and natural looking and feel okay even for a noob like me! :)

    • melludee

      Ah ! Hehe. The reason is kind of already exposed (on my facebook page) but eh wells :3 !
      Ahhhhh ;A; ! I wish I could get some Dolly Wink but I probably won’t :/ Since I hardly wear them and they are so priceyyy ! Eeek. But I guess I’m just way too lazy to wear them every day etc xD Especially cos I’m usually the most dressed up one anyway out of my friends so adding lashes will make it worse xD ahah

  • I don’t have any experience with fake lashes or circle lenses, but I want to try someday. :]
    Cute blog ♥
    Kibear ♥

  • Oh, they are looking cool!! And I like your wig! The wig for my next Cosplay has exactly the same color, heh~ But I’m looking like an Idiot…haha.

  • Liz

    I don’t really wear false lashes but if I do I would wear it for nite outs or on special occasion. ^^ You look really pretty on the pictures.

  • They look lovely on youuu ^^ !! Dramatic lashes really suits you, but it sucks that it’s too plastic-y =/

  • It must sound silly, but I have been wearing false lashes ever since my sister bought me a pair for my junior prom, which was 7 years ago! I cannot believe that my false lashes and I go back 7 years already! It’s got to be an addiction!

    I DO love thick lashes, but they have to look natural at the same time. What bothers me the most is probably the thick spine and the shiny, plastic-y fakeness…it looks like I have bug eyes or something and my classmates can really tell I’m wearing falsies! That’s a big NO-NO for me!

    However, I order my falsies from eBay all the time…sometimes they’re misses and sometimes they’re HITS!

    I have got to try KKCenterHK one of these days.

    Maybe I will make a post of my false eyelash collection as soon as midterms are over. LOL

    <33 Rena

    • melludee

      Ah woahh *___*!
      You must be a total pro at wearing them! TEACH US *_* Ahahah :P But eee yes, you should definitely post up your collection! I’d love to see the huge haul of a eyelash fanatic !! I bet it’ll be filled with stuff I’ve never seen or stuff that I thought looked like the others xD ahaha !

  • i only wear falsies on special occasions, and those look really pretty on you :D
    blonde wig for…..cosplay??

  • Hehe I was just talking about fake eyelashes with Sam the other day! Our conclusion was that were too uncoordinated. (Me&Sam)+ (glue near our eyes) = BAD NEWS

  • No sorry, i don’t wear fake eyelashes!
    i did wear fake GLASSES though! ^^ good competition.
    *waits for proper post. (:
    and thanks! i’m glad i entered too!
    *pats, you keep wishing that, girl! Bahahaha

  • You look super pretty with those lashes! I’m always so lazy to apply any on mine :(

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