The Over-Enthusiastic Guy

Hello to all my wonderful and awesome readers
Thank you to every single one of you that has given me heaps of support since my last blog post! Anyway, I thought I’d finally start up a new blog series that I’ve had floating in my mind for agesss! So, in my 19+ years of life, I have encountered a number of different type of “guys“.  So, I thought I would blog about the different type of guys that I have known.  So to start it off, let’s talk about a type that I DON’T LIKE.

“The Over-Enthusiastic Guy”

Disclaimer: All names have been changed. And no one is to speculate or assume who the people in this blog post I am referring to are.

Yes. That is exactly what I look like when I think about these type of guys.
I’ve met quite a number of these type of guys in the past few years – not sure why – but either way, it’s not a really nice thing to encounter. Pretty much, these are the guys that see every single female in their vicinity as a potentialgirlfriend” (or as I like to call it, “target“) It doesn’t matter whether that girl is taken or not; they will still view them as someone they could possibly “wooover. And it gets to the point where people start to notice; and are so creeped out by them that they will  start to warn their other girlfriends, and simply just avoid them altogether.

For some reason or another, I find that these guys are also very “touchy” and uhmm, “affectionate” in their words? They will sit really close to you, ask for lots of hugs, talk to you non-stop, offer to carry your bag, buy you food, walk you to class, call you pet names like “honey”,  message you when you aren’t replying – etc. And this could be all well and good if you like them too, but if you don’t – it’s creepy. And not to mention, they’re doing it to every single other girl hah.

So how do you deal with these type of guys? Well, the way I’ve been handling it so far is: IGNOREEE!
I’ve blocked and deleted quite a number of them because I really don’t feel comfortable around them. And when I see them in real life, I tend to occupy myself with something/someone so they dont’ have the opportunity to talk to me or anything. I guess, it seems mean but when it comes to the point of harassment then it’s better than pretending to be nice and hoping they’ll get tired of you. (because they probably interpret your niceness as you liking them~_~)

♥ ♥ ♥
Have you ever encountered one of these guys? What did you do?

Ahaha. These type of guys really annoy me ;__;! Especially when they just won’t get the hint and leave you alone!
Anddd! If you’re one of my friends reading this, do not jump to conclusions ! But yes, if you’re a guy reading this, please think about how you act around females! Mmm.

Edit: Thank you for 500+ followers! I love you all :) And also, please read my interview on Sara Mari’s FHF here!

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68 comments to The Over-Enthusiastic Guy

  • melludee

    I think I’ll punch the next guy who does this :O Ahahaha. :3

  • l KNOW exactly what type of guys you are talking about!!!! They are quite annoying… But then, the best thing is to get married and then they will no longer annoy you LOL

  • Lynni3z

    you’re soooooo much moreee firmeerr than i am~! teacchhh mee~! :( i always find it hard to ignore someone and be mean to them *sighface*

  • William Y

    AHAHHAHAHAHA, nw on the new post melody :D
    i understand how annoying they are even as a guy >:(

    just a thought but it may actually be better to tell them that they’re annoying, that should shoot them down.

    btw nice pics, even though the guy looks like a girl and that guy/girl(which ever it is) with the short hair reminds me of YOU when u had that wig…just saying and dont kill me :P

    • melludee

      LOL I HATE YOUUUU xD ahahha.
      But oh, did you get hit on as a guy too ;D ? AHAHAH. But yehh, I’ll try be straight forward next timeee

  • I have never encountered one before (thankfully!) but I know what you mean by those types of guys -_- Cute drawings by the way, and congrats on 500+ followers :D

  • If I was an over enthusiastic guy I would expect a kiss on the cheek from you :D:D:D

    Don’t ignore me I love you :(

  • i think we all come across who fits this description every once in a while i either ignore them or snap at them when i’m not in the mood hehehe. :)

  • oh yeah these type of guys really creep me out, and it’s so strange that they don’t get it when you just want them to leave! O.o xD
    the drawings are so cute, you did them yourself, aye? :3

    • melludee

      Ahah yeah, I just did quickly did them on the computer mm x)
      I DONT UNDERSTAND HOW THEIR MINDS WORK >_< How can they not get the cluee ?! ahah :C

  • OMG I totally understand! I hate how these guys just desperately want a girlfriend and will settle easily with any girl! I just don’t talk to those guys LOL *steps back slowly*
    Ewww @ them calling you “honey”! That’s grossssss. Sounds like these guys stalk you! Thank god you have Vu! T ^ T

    I rememer one guy that kept trying to ask me out. I rejected him so many times but he still kept trying. Annoying when they cross the friendship border >: | Sometimes I wish I wasn’t single!

    • melludee

      Haha. Urghhh! Yes, super lucky that I have Vu to protect me ahhhh D:
      But yeahh, when I was in this “single” kind of state before ..I met a few of these type of guys and they scared the crap out of me T~T Trying to get too “close” D: ughhh

  • Raine



    But yeah, as a guy, I can tell when a guy is doing what you describe. I don’t have any problem with them aiming for a girl, but when it starts getting to the point that the girl realises and she’s perturbed by it, THEN IT’S TIME FOR US KIDS TO STEP IN AND STOP IT.


    • melludee

      I understand if he’s doing it for loveeeeee but when its just to GET SOMEEE; I’m like aosihfaoishfaoihf ;A; WHYYYYY DO YOU HAVE NO SHAMEEEE?

  • Yup! I have! Unfortunately I never have the heart to tell these guys once and for all I am not interested, so I really have myself to blame >.<. But then again in my experience these types of guys often read everything you do as signs that you are interested. I can't count how many times I've been asked out by a guy, promising that it's 'just as friends' and they still pull the moves at the end. It's like they think, girls are just too shy to admit they are actually interested =_=

    • melludee

      Ahhh ! I really wonder what is in their minds ..cos they seem to interpret every single thing as a “signal” :| mm.
      But yeahh, if it gets too annoying, you really should tell them off cos then yeahh :( Eeee. Gotta be strong and CONFRONT THEMM ahahah ;P

  • omg they bug me to bits too!
    telling them to shut up doesn’t work….i may have to learn to speak ‘men’ o-o;
    don’t know what they eat these days that makes them (*IH%RWD(HIOQWED :O

  • I mostly sees them when I’m going out actually…
    Very annoying yes :(

  • Tam

    Spot on description! When I was in year 10 I encountered one, he was in year 11 and at the time I thought it was pretty pedo of him lol. You’re right though they are annoying. Most of all I despise sleazy male. *shivers*

  • Kim

    awee melody, I’ve been missing you ^^
    I don’t like “The Over-Enthusiastic Guy”too, I’ve encountered some of them and they’re really annoying >.<

    But what I hate most is "Ecchi guy"!

    • melludee

      I miss you heapss T~T
      and ahhh, the worst part is when the over-enthusiastic guy is ALSO an ecchi guy T___T ! But I will write about the Ecchi guy too :3

  • @Melody; yep! you should try Crazy Wing some time! IT’S CRAZAYEEEE. make sure you smuggle in milk though alright? it’s your life saviour, LOLOL. but seriously, if you’re considering on going, BRING MILK.

    *whew* i’m chirpy, but i don’t do that stuff so it’s OK! ^^ poor you, you’ve encountered heaps! i can only think of 1 person that’s like this. apparently there was this one incident where Mr.X pretended to be drunk and he was feeling up Ms.Y. Ughs. -__- few other times too. but i’m not usually not there to see it, so meh.


    • melludee

      BUT I DONT LIKE MILKKKK T~T *hence the shortness ;D*

      Ahhhhh. Runnnnn! Huy is an over-enthusiastic guy!! jokesjokes ahha. But mm, wtff at Mr.X :| supersuper disgusting loool

      • @Melody; that was.. not creepy at all. LOLOL. Nice stalking skills. how mad’s my Dp right? we look dopey as! HAHAHA! and how do YOU know Nhat and Vince! :D

        hmmm. i see your problem. well if that’s the case, GUESS YOU CAN’T GO CRAZY WING THEN. :D jk jk, idk. just smuggle in something cold.

        yes yes. i’m an over-enthusiastic guy. i’m targeting YOU next! watch outtt. LOLOL. and i just realised my typo too. ): correction: “but i’m usually NOT there to see it” :D

        • melludee

          Ahh, Vincent and I used to be in the same Jap class last year :D and I know Nhat cos he’s in the Anime club :D

  • To be honest, I haven’t!

    Thanks! I shall have to take a picture of the dress soon as well!
    Cool, what tights did you get?

  • I’ve dealt with these guys before~ so annoying indeed!! and especially if you’re not interested in them at all !!! all i did is ignoreeeee as well and give them a “go away ¬¬” stare LOLL!!. They will go away sooner or later =p sounds so mean (evil) lolllll

  • Thy

    i met these kind of guys, but they do to my closest friend because they think she’s beautiful. lol i’m her bodyguard ^^ the guys become very creepy over time O__O i really want to punch into their face!!

  • Omg I really don’t like these types either! I’ve had friends like that before that were good friends… but when they’d get too ‘close for comfort’ it was really hard to be nice to them.

    I liked your FHF!!!!

  • Nice new blogging series. Haha, I can totally empathise with your ‘over-enthusiastic guy’ encounters. Truly they exist, in all their annoyingness. Hopefully life will do them a favour and direct them towards this blog post X-D.

  • P o o p e r

    You’ve just described the most annoying trait that anyone and I mean ANYONE could ever have. Both females and males. DDD:
    I completely agree with the fact that if you act nice towards them they see it as “OH SHE’S SO INTO ME *_* THIS GIVES ME THE ADVANTAGE.”

    I’ve dealt with numerous people who act like this … and I’ve pretty much lost my ability to tolerate it so I just basically give them one word answers if they ever ask me anything and I also pretend I’m busy with something too. XD

    What bugs me too is that they’ll complain about how people treat them …
    If only they could develop the ability to see what’s happening. D:
    No one wants to be the bad guy and tell them the truth (I sure wouldn’t want to) but sometimes I hope that they would just realize what’s going on and then change from that. It must suck to be in that position.

    (I want to punch them all too … ;-; or at least knock some logic into them!)

    • melludee

      Ahaha omggg!
      Yeahh. There was this time last year when my friend and I were considering buying one of them a book to do with “being too physically dependent” ahhaha. :P But eurgh. I don’t know how they can’t see how they really act?? I mean isn’t it obvious that all these girls aren’t like ..responding to your actions well :| Mmmm. LETS PUNCH THEM ALLLL ;D ehehe ~

  • I know exactly what kind of guy you’re talking about! I’m thinking of one now haha… I haven’t figured out how to get around them, but one thing I REALLY HATE about them is they don’t think girls and guys can be ‘just friends’. So he often alludes me to ‘cheating’ on my boyfriend because I have multiple male friends…? And that it is impossible we’re not all attracted to each other somehow because we interact. Drives me NUTS.

    I can tell you I tried telling him I am just not interested in him AT ALL… it didn’t work. He thinks he’s god’s gift to women and I WILL CONVERT eventually. Please!

    • melludee

      What the hellll! That’s just ridiculous :|
      Do they have no shame at all ?! How can they not see that they obviously aren’t ! Mmm. >__> And geez. As if guys and girls can’t be friends ! Stupiddd people need to get their heads checked seriouslyy D: I would just tell him to fkkkofff Dx

  • Leader of the Nexus [Wade Barrett]

    What you have to do is send a message to them, make a powerful statement.
    One of the best approaches is my usual jumping from behind. You form a crew of 7. Get 2 of your soldiers to distract the victim. Then out of nowhere you and the other 5 attack him from behind and beat him down on the floor and then trash talk LMAO! Say “YOU AIN’T SO BAD ZEKE!” lolol
    (Note: do not really do this LMAOO XD)

  • Leader of the Nexus [Wade Barrett]
    skip to about 0:47 LOL that’s what I’m talking about baby, that is what I’m talking about xD awwww yeah

  • The answer is simple-tell your dad some guy from school’s been harassing you. After that all you can hope for is that at least he made it out of their little “talk” alive.

  • haha i recently met one of these type of guys a few months ago. I never met one like him before and he was calling me nicknames and using all the cheesy compliments that i felt like he was so used to doing that to girls. Boy was i right..he did that to every girl and he still denies being a player haha. He is trying to be my best friend now and I don’t know what to do about it. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one bothered by these types of guys..although it is disturbing to know there are more like him out there..

    • melludee

      Ahhh D: How unfortunate that you would finally have met one T~T
      But urgh, if he’s really disturbing you; you should tell him to back off xP Haha. Cos I don’t think these type of guys are trustworthy as boyfriends :| mmm

  • AJSK

    What’s the most appropriate thing to do at 2 am… Read an outdated blog post obviously!

    “Over-enthusiastic” is a pretty nice way to put it I have to say. This being said, I do actually think some of these people actually don’t know what they’re doing. Some people are so used to (or ignorant of) their own behavior that they see it as “natural”. While ignoring them may be a viable option, sometimes someone needs to be told what they are doing, especially if it not that clear if they’re doing it because they are legitimately “playing the game (poorly I might add)” or if they actually don’t know the kind of impact their actions have on others.

    • melludee

      Loooool. :I
      Yeah, I rkn it’d be appropriate to tell them off …if it’s becoming so obvious that everyone else is noticing it too but ahh. Sometimes it’s just rude xP

  • Tess

    Urgh!!! ¬¬ I found a bunch of them during my stance in England last year and It wasn’t nice… As I’m an Spaniard they thought that i was an “easy girl” because of my nationality and they were cut (not literally) by my mean words. Why can’t girls can be in Uni/Disco peacefully and having fun without having arround those piggies??? But I completely agree with u that the best way to rid off them is ignore and till the point of nearly harrasement is to be MEAN and RUDE when necessary. By the way in Spanish we call them “MOSCONES” (Big flies, as flies are so annoying xD)

    • melludee

      Eurgh! That’s really really really annoying :I and really disrepectful to you too. Need to slap them hardd!
      And ahhh! SPANISH !!! I really want to learn it <3 IT's a MUST before I dieeee ahha :P <3

  • My ex were all lyk ds! I want him to go slow but i guess he didnt understand it. He reli creeped me out. Lyk VERY! Got few of ds guys wen i was in high school. But i misinterpreted them as being nice. Lol.

    • melludee

      Eeeek. Yeahh, you think they’re being nice at first but it’s like WAYYY TOO NICE later on >.< Just tell them to piss offff if you don't like it ^^ <3

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