I’m Straightttt

Woahwee~ Melody is blogging so soon after her last post ! Haha.
Anyway, just thought I’d do a quick post since I am procrastinating everything so badly ahh.  Vu and I have been quite sick for the past few days so we haven’t really attended Uni properly in awhile; or done anything constructive for that matter..But anyway, I decided to get my hair cut this morning !
I haven’t had a proper straight fringe in awhile  (2008?) so I decided to go for it again ..esp cos it’s freezing here in Melb ! But eee~ yes. I’m sorry I shocked some of you on twitter earlier today when I posted the below pic and it must’ve looked like I cut it all off ! aha. I should’ve mentioned that it was tied up (sorry tehee)
Every single time I go to the hairdressers, she says the same thing to me; “YOUR HAIR IS SO LONG!” and looks really excited because she thinks I’m going to cut it all off? Hahaha. I haven’t cut my hair properly since like 2007 or something! But yeah. And every single time, I have to tell her “Nah, just a trim” or “Nah, just the fringe” hahaa.
And she always  looks so disappointed !
But I was actually thinking of cutting my hair short today .. like uberrr short. But it’s winter and I love my long hair too much to cut it all off ;___; !

♥ ♥ ♥
What does your hair currently look like?

I feel like dying it back to red/purple ..but I’m a bit lazy at the moment :c mmm~

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