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Hey everyone ~!
I hope everyone is enjoying their Easter ♥ I know I am ..with this short, short one week break that I have from Uni! :D Mmmm. But yes, apologies for the super delayed posts *^* ! I’ve been busy ..and kind of lazy ;_; ! Sorry haha.
Anyway, I’ll just do a quick update of what’s been going on lately …which is pretty much studies and fun ! Haha.
Firstly, I campaigned for and got the role of “Social Representative” (Committee) for the Anime Club ~

The Old (2010-2011) Committee and the New Committee (2011-2012) !
Ahuhh. I’ve also been doing a lot of lab reports, assignments and etc. Other than that, Vu and I have been spending lots and lots of time together eating at Yum Cha and other random places. Andddddd! He’s being the sweetest and winning lots of different plushies *-* Like: 


Oh gosh, I love it so so so so much because it’s the perfect size for me just to hug all night ^_^” Not to mention, we also won ANOTHER Mameshiba (Peanutshiba!) on another day. But I let Vu take that home since my bed is already filled with plushies that are pushing me off the bed ;__;

Ahaha. In other news, I also got an iPhone 4 ..except the speakers don’t work now ..after only two days. Sigh. Have to head to the Apple store tomorrow to fix that problem mm~ Anyway, I know this wasn’t much of a post but I’m not really in the mood to be writing at the moment !

♥ ♥ ♥
What is something exciting that has happened to you in the past few weeks?

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