Oh woah, it has been a very long time since I’ve posted hasn’t it?
I’m so sorrry that it’s been ages haha. But I’ve pretty much had a lot of stuff to complete for the entire week, and not to mention a bunch of other things to worry about .. mm, but anyway, here’s the post for the SECOND wig that I received from KkCenterHK. (I told you it’d be another thing that I’d never do with my hair :P)
Anyway, my thoughts on this wig is pretty much the same as the last one!
Despite it being synthetic, it was pretty good and did not have that plastic-y “shine” ? Andddd, it was really really easy to put on (after having the wig cap); which is definitely a huge plus for getting a short wig. Because basically, long wigs are pretty damn hard to put on when you’ve got things flying all over the place (unless you clip/tie it in place beforehand)

The other thing that I absolutely love about it, is that …I LOOK LIKE A LITTLE BOY hahahaha.
Well, if I was wearing different clothes, I seriously think that I would look like a little boy xP ! And the colour/style is similar to what Vu’s hair used to be so … hehe, I could totally pretend to be like ..his ...younger brother hahahah. 
Anyway, I’d definitely recommend this wig to anyone who’s looking for a short hair sort of alternative that looks quite realistic ! ( I scared my dad when I walked out of my room loool ) And for the price that it’s selling at, I think it’s pretty damn good ! ^__^” Mmmm, I think I’m going to try wearing this out sometime next week hehe.

♥ ♥ ♥
Do you prefer long hair or short hair ?

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