Blonde Melody

Sorry for my absence over the past week! (Relatives visited from Malaysia)
Anyway, the other week, I received an awesome package from KkCenterHK and over the weekend, I decided to try it out just for some photos! I received two wigs; but you’ll only see one in this post :P I’ll keep the next one as a surprise!
So as you can see, I got one long blonde wig! Yeahhh *-*I chose this one because I really wanted to see how I’d look like with blonde hair (without actually dying it) and of course, it’d be great for cosplay reasons!
The biggest qualms I had with this was that the fringe did not originally look like that – it was long (muchhh longer) and looked like absolute crap on my face; so I cut it to make it in to a straight fringe. Which I did not mind because I think wigs that have long fringes are good so the wearer can choose to cut it or not to suit them!
→ You purchase it and can see what it originally looked like HERE
(Sorry for different light settings on camera – I was taking these photos at night hence flash etc)
Anyway, I thought this wig was quite good in quality for a synthetic wig and did not drop as much as some of the others I’ve dealt with. Also, there was quite a lot of “hair” making it easy to cover up my own. NOT to mention that it was only $20.80USD which is quite cheap for a good quality wig. Although, it is not heat-resistant like other wigs I’ve used which would mean if I wanted it to be curled/wavy, I would have to do it the longer way.

And also, it did not come with a wig cap (but I already had my own ones and most do not come with ones)
I actually really like the wig, and although I would never dye my hair this colour, I think it still looks awesome and would definitely wear it out just to be a blonde for a day – you know? :D

♥ ♥ ♥
What hair colour do you want to try?

Stay tune for the next post as it’ll be with the next wig ;) which is pretty drastic too xP

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84 comments to Blonde Melody

  • melludee

    I knoww ^_^” Please try blue one day darling <3 It'd look awesome *-*

  • audrey

    I thought you dyed your hair when I saw the thumbnail picture& caption! Regardless you look gorgeeeous :>

  • Waaaa, blonde Melody!! You even look good blonde, damn girl, how do you do that? And I like it better with the straight fringe ^_^ Really cheap indeed, too bad you can’t use your curl iron on it, but you’re right, you can still do it the long way…
    What hair colour I’d like to try? Red!! I always thought redheads had such beautiful hair (not the blondish red, but the brownish red)… Maybe one day I’ll try dying my hair, but it’s such a big change! Still in doubt.

    • melludee

      Thank youu! ^_^” Pretty sure many other people look better with blonde hair though haha.
      And yesss! DO RED <3 I absolutely love red-brown / red-purple hair ^-^ <3 <3 !

      • If I try red, I’ll post a pic on my blog ^_^

        reply to you:
        Usually I don’t even hang out with their boyfriends. Just the regular: “hey how are you” can be enough to trigger some girls. Hehe, a lot of people on my blog say I should see it as a compliment, but honestly, I’d much rather have girls trust me instead. I would never ever steal a man away from his woman. That’s just rude.
        Hehe, I’ll remember the “pshh, as if I want your guy, there are way many hotter guys around” suggestion :P might come in handy one day!

  • whoa! You look amazing blonde! I want to dye my hair an orangey red or bright red. Don’t think I ever will though!

    • melludee

      Thanks Sammi <3
      And try buying a wig !! And if it turns out as awesome as you think it might, then you can actually dye it xP

  • William

    hey mel, nw with the wig! liked how u custom cutted it :) blone colour is okay but i personally prefer red/orange>blonde :P

    btw next time, u should somehow try a shorter hair style like a bobcut(etc.) just for fun!
    p.s. the 2nd photo on the last line still scares me D:

  • With the middle picture you remind me of exo-chicka? from Aural Vampire for some reason O_o

    I cannot find a “get messages when someone replies” box! Please reply on my blog?

  • Mei

    Lady Ga.. I mean… Melodyyyy :’D
    Super awesome wig! You can cosplay Sailormoon <333
    I want to try mint color wig ^^
    or any pastel colors <3


  • Blonde hair really suits you :)
    I would love to try Blonde hair colour ~! but would look wrong on me LOL.

  • cute~ I think I would like it even more if it has some red mixx in it =)

    xoxo hitomineko xoxo
    *deco mirror giveaway ends soon*

  • kim

    oh waw…$20.80 is a nice deal for long haired wig like that, >.< now I'm thinking about selling my wig..ha2

  • KT

    Oh dear Melody, I’ve missed so much lol! I thought you seriously dyed your hair, and I thought “OMG MISA!” <3 It definitely suits you, but it would be so damaging to go so light~ but that's why they have wigs so you can change your look whenever you want ^^ Do you happen to know what kind of wig it is? Kanekalon or just synthetic? ^^

    I've thought of dying my hair a light brown or black… I'm not very risque hahaha. I've dyed my hair before, and it turned orange, but honestly I didn't know what color it would turn since my bf bought me the dye from Mitsuwa since it was cheap ^^ I was okay with it though, maybe I'll post pictures someday too hehe.

    CONGRATS on your 1 year!!! It's been too long, I don't remember what we did for our 1 year… I'll have to dig up my old xanga and check lol. You two are just so adorable together, I love the matching outfits! I want more details on how you guys met, so far it sounds like straight out of a manga <333

    Your handwriting is very cute! Mine is constantly changing depending on if my hands want to work or not lol. I usually write just plain text, not so much cursive as fun as it is… I haven't used it in years so I forgot how to write some letters, so I just make my letters squiggly… XD

    You should order from G-Market for sure! They've made it extremely non-Korean friendly recently, so it's a LOT easier to navigate! If you ever decide to order from there I'd be more than willing to help you if you so need ^^

    • melludee

      YES ! My mum thought MISA MISA too when I came out of the room looking like that xD haha.
      And ahh, I’m actually not too sure what it’s made from cos it doesn’t specify on the site :( But if you still want to know, I can ask KkCenterHK for you! And yes! Damaging to the hair ANDDD the regrowth would be absolutely horrible >__<"! I think you would look sexy in like any colour D: serious! (light brownnn!! = win!) And omg LOOL xangaa!!! I had one of those and haven't looked at it in yearss P: - in my defense, I had deleted all posts on it tho haha (regrets) But oh wells. And hmm, I'll definitely write about our relationship ONEEEE DAYYY (maybe when we get married lol!!) But I can always tell just you if you can't wait that long xD tehehe AND G MARKET <3 I`ll def ask you for help when I decide to order!! <3 loveyouuu

  • ani

    cute ^^ it looks good on you! i gave my blonde wig away because it didn’t suit me haha

  • Min

    MELODY~ <3

    You look gorgeous even when you're blonde! It's like you just popped out from an anime/manga x) Very very pretty!

    I've always wanted to try having pink or turquoise hair :)

  • Hahah melodyyy, i really had to look twice to see if it was you or not xD
    I’ve always wanted to try a wig !!! =p always fun to see how you look in different hair colors =p

  • wow i love the fringe on u! and i think u gd with blonde i think its a hard look to pull off :3 and I think i wanna dye my hair light brown, but im not sure XD

  • holy moly!!at first glance i thought you had dyed your hair :O the wig looks super cute ^__^ especially the way you cut it!
    can’t wait to see the other one :D
    btw i’m so sorry i haven’t commented in a while, i was just super busy and when i was checking on your blog i saw that you moved over to wordpress @___@ so confusing :D hope you’re doing great!

  • Cute! You look good in blond. So dolly and yeah, display ish!
    Hmmm, I like you with you dark hair, but blond isn’t bad at all!
    That is really cheap and that’s good you can cut to your liking!
    Loving the photo <3

  • Thy

    waaa you look nice in blonde =D you look like misa from death note =D

  • Chris

    although it looks good on you >_<b i think the color is a bit yellow, yanno?
    reminds me of another blogger who has big eyes like yours and use to have blonde hair!
    imo your real hair looks better :)

  • I’m sensing a Sailor Moon cosplay! What else is better for that wig other than Sailor Moon? XD

    I really want a cotton candy blue wig, but my mum doesn’t approve, so to keep her pleased, I’ll wait until I’m on my own! XD

  • Aaaaa you actually suit blond hair bru!
    Like the wig looks natural! I looked at the thumbnail image on the blog group and thought it was real! = ___ =
    I’m excited to see what the other wig looks like!
    Hmm hair color~
    I would love to try white hair ahah!

  • waaa i look so cute with blonde hair >D
    kawaii ~

  • Ps

    I think the wig looks much better after you cut the straight fringe! :D
    And the wig looks so nice on you!
    Now I’m tempted to get a wig! Since I can’t dye my hair yet :/

  • Hehe cute! I want to try a wearing a wig, especially a blonde one :) Or a short bob wig hehe. Looking forward to your next post with another wig!

  • The blonde hair really suits you! You look great with it :D
    Now I also want to try out some wigs haha

  • Wooooo~

    Wig reviews are awesome! Very helpful, since I’m planning to cosplay sometime and I need a good place to buy cheap, quality wigs from. Thank you so much!

    Also, you seem like you have exp in cutting hair. I’m too embarassed to bring my wigs to the hair salon so maybe you can cut them for me instead, huhu. Looking forward to seeing the next wig!

    • melludee

      Hehe thanks <3
      And eee, not much experience! Just from what I know of cutting my own fringe :\ and it's pretty bad really hahah. But anyway! I can't wait to see some pictures from youuu! <3

  • you look really cute with blonde hair merodii ^_^ I <3 it!:)

    me, I'd like to try pinky hair ^^

  • Nia

    What hair colour do you want to try?

    – Light blue!!! :D :D

  • It looks so cute on you!

  • Amanda



    Tehe. (Poor) joke. I loooove the wig! It actually looks SO real. (And the fringes – haha, fringes. we call them “bangs” here. but “fringes” came out soo naturally. anwyays – looks SO good. I loveeee it.)

    My sister is OBSESSED with wigs. I should definitely suggest this style – long and blond! So different from her natural hair, as well. Haha.

    • melludee

      But chyeahhh <3 You should totes borrow some of your sister's wigs and wear them tooo!

  • I think the quality of the wig looks really good and I do like the straight fringe on you alot ^^ I kinda prefer the lighter blonde coloring in the 2nd photo a little more though because it looks more like a natural blonde :)

    • melludee

      haha yess. I do prefer that type of blonde more P: Unfortunately, it is more like the first and last photos mmm. But thank youu ^^ <3 <3

  • oh reminds me of hannah montana. lol (nvrmnd) haha

    I wanna try having a brunette or reddish color of hair. :]
    it looks really exotic! the hair colour, it is.

    teehee :3

  • You look great with the blond wig. Too bad we could not meet up last week. Sakie and I will go back to Singapore this weekend. It was interesting to visit Melbourne, but Sakie got to see more than I did since I was working most of the time. I did change my blog as you can see since we don:t live in Japan anymore.

    • melludee

      Thank youu!
      And aww, wish I could’ve met up with you guys ! :( And oooh, I have not been checking out blogs lately cos been busy >_<! But will check yours out now !

  • awww that color suits you a lot =)
    and for me, I’d like to try out a blond one as well and a light brown one, just curious to know what it would look like on me hehe ^-^
    sorry for the absence =(

  • Hey the wig actually looks like normal hair, I can see what you mean that it is good quality synthetic hair xP Like it’s not shiny or anything ^^ It does look good on you but your red hair suits you more I guess! :D
    Oooh hehe anyway don’t forget to check out my giveaway at :)<3

  • Eva

    heyy melludee! (*^^*)
    when are you gonn post again on your blog? i miss your posts (T^T) they kind of make my day(*^^*)

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