Through The Years~

I was tagged by Elisa to do the Through the Years Tag.
I found it extremely hard to find decent photos (most of them are group photos or of like hair or something lol.) from earlier years so here are just some from the recent years! *ps sorry for crap photo quality
This is something most of you will have never seen (will never see maybe).
Me with SHORT and BLACK hair. (although it’s dyed black and not my natural black..but similar ? I guess) Both which I have not had for ages hahahaha. I probably won’t ever again either unless I buy a wig!
Hmm, do you think I’ve changed that much? I don’t know hmmmm. 
I think the biggest change would probably just be that I lost some (not a lot) of the baby fat on my face and that I started to use make up. Oh, and that my hair grew out after I cut it at the start of Year 11 (2008)
But ah, can you believe that turned in to what I am now ?! 
Hmmm, sorry for the short post but I’ve got a lot of work to do ! Promise more posts when I get time for them alll~! ♥ But yes, I am kind of sick at the moment so please bear with me *-*
♥ ♥ ♥
Do you think you’ve changed a lot during the past years?

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