EOS Diamond Brown

Hiiiii wonderful people.
As promised, I’ve got a contact lens review from mukuCHU for today ! I’ve already delayed this for quite a bit because my eyes have been a bit red lately (you can tell that they still kind of are) so I stopped wearing lenses for like two weeks :\ But I don’t like to leave things for a long time; so tried these out today !

Photo taken with Natural lighting 

Review: EOS Diamond G-305 Brown Lenses
Unfortunately mukuChu doesn’t stock these any more but recommend these Crystal series instead: HERE

Brand: EOS
Origin: South Korea
Diameter: 14.5 mm
Base Curve: 8.8
(Sorry that’s all I know)
Hmmm. These lenses are my first “natural” looking lenses and it was kinda of awkward for me to be wearing them. Because I’m used to wearing lenses that stand out and are heaps noticeable. But when I wore these, hardly anyone could tell I was wearing lenses until they looked closely. 

Look at that huge area of clear!!

Colour: ♥♥♥♡♡ They are kind of similar to my own eye colour, but slightly lighter. It’s good for a natural look if that’s what you’re going for. But it’s definitely not out-standing at all.
Design: ♥♥♥♥♡ I actually do like the design of this though. The three tones make it look really natural and they blend really well with my eyes so that’s a plus side ! But there’s not much of a circle around them apart from a slight darker brown ..which is good for natural, again.
Comfort: ♥♥♥♥♡These are definitely quite comfortable like most other pairs. But it did feel a bit itchy after 3-4 hours :\ (feels like most of the EOS lenses I get aren’t that good..)
Enlargement: ♥♥♡♡♡These claimed to be 14.5mm but a whole chunk of it is the see through bits around the sides! I seriously felt like these looked like 14mm or something :( !
Overall: ♥♥♥♡♡They weren’t bad. And I would use these when I want to be able to see but not have my eyes look out standing. But I definitely wouldn’t repurchase these as I’m not in to natural lenses!
Note: I’m pretty sure the right lens is the wrong way around but I’m not sure as both sides on that lens look really faded out compared to the other one :\ ! 
Comparison photo in Natural light
Photo taken in Natural light

Flash photo with Makeup

Another thing that was a bit awkward for me was that I found it really hard to tell which way was the right way up because both sides look realllyyyyy similar from the other. Usually, you can tell that one side is more bolder/darker but these looked nearly identical. So yeah, in my photos, one eye may possibly be the wrong way around :( 

Left: Flash with Soft Skin // Right: Flash in Normal Mode

What do you think? Do they look like the wrong way around (left eye for me/right eye for you) to you? :\ I think they do ..but it was really hard to tell :( Also, both contacts looked slightly different in colour ..not sure why. :\
♥ ♥ ♥
What colour contacts do you prefer the most?
I like grey and purple ! But then again, I also really like the greens and the blues ~
NOTE: All my lenses have powers because I will not accept any plano ones!
Sponsored by mukuCHU
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54 comments to EOS Diamond Brown

  • Vu

    These contacts look so nice on you, sweetheart! The natural look is a good change from the other more unnatural colors.

    As for which color contacts I prefer, I’d have to say blue. But these ones are really nice too.

    P.S – You look gorgeous with and without makeup. >:

  • Julie

    I think natural lenses give your face a softer look. But hey, I don’t really wear contacts much so I wouldn’t know. I’ve been craving to own a pair of gray ones these days! :)

  • Sylvia

    thanks for sharing~ =D <3

  • Elisa ♥

    I actually think that non natural lenses will suit you more =p haha, and i like grey and green lenses the most =D

  • Sylvia

    I prefer blue~ ^^ green is nice too!!

  • Pu3

    Cool! ^^ Any pretty colour if fine for me as long as it give a bit of eye enlargement lol :P

  • Feel What's Real

    nice and interesting post for those who want to “change” their eyes..:P


  • huy tran

    i’ve never tried on contacts before. but if i did, i’d try red, green or something. red because i’d look skehwee and green to complete my green outfit. green cap & green shirt. i need green heel chucks. ): FOUND IN HONG KONG. ..zzz. lolol. i should eBay them. what do you think about green shorts/pants

  • Jennifer :) ~

    Wow they do look really natural on you :O But still very nice because they blend so well with your natural eye colour <3 Aw did you have any idea why your eyes were red :( ? I hope they clear up soon!

    I love all colour lenses x] But I mostly wear brown and grey~

  • Ice Pandora

    I think it does enlarge your eyes :o
    And it looks very natural on you so yeah ^^

    Are you allergic of something dear o:
    maybe you should get some eyedrops or something


  • huy tran

    @Melody; yeahh.. actually nvm. LOLOL!! maybe if they weren’t tight jeans i’d like them more.. s:

    you’re Chinese right?
    i’m taking Chinese classes this year. hehe ^^

  • sojjeje

    I can’t tell if either lens is in the right way or not too! Though the lens in your left eye (in the comparison photos) looks slightly darker than the right lens? They’re still quite lovely, natural lenses though!

  • huy tran

    turn that frown upside down, girl! OK OK, i like tight jeans. :D LOL. just had a change of heart after 18 years.

    no really, keep smiling! Melody looks 美しい when she smiles. (:

  • Hello Naka

    oh they loks so natural and nice ^^

  • Mika

    I totally love your new haircolour :3
    and you look so cute with the lenses (:

  • Chloe

    Your eyes are sufficiently large to pull off both natural and bold circle lenses well, Melody! I’m mad jealous cos all the new designs have huge diameters and don’t fit my small eyes =(

    I’m a no-frills person so I love brown and grey lenses. But if I want a pop of colour, my favourite would be violet ^_^

  • petitechouxx

    very natural, and they look cute on you!

    still i prefer green, pink and gray ^^

  • Mutsumi

    You’re right…they definitely look different x__X I would say the right one was put in the wrong way, but I’m quite not sure…
    Buuuut! I think they are great for daily life~ They do increase the size of your eyes but it’s just not too much ♥

  • Evelina

    seeing all those lenses reviews everywhere makes me want to start using them again myself ToT too expensive, and too complicated to order all the way to sweden D: i’ll go catch some on my next trip to korea maybe O:> I’d like to try brown lenses (i’ve only tried blue/green) since i not asian :o dont think that’ll fit me very well tho xD
    and ur so pretty :( I’m so jealous :(

  • siwing

    they look nice on you ! i’m loving your hair color =DD

  • Michelleesque

    Even though you don’t like it, I really liked it on you. It’s very pretty! I have tiny eyes, but when I have double eye lids (they come and go) they make my eyes bigger. I don’t think my eyes can withstand anything on them – especially colored lenses.

    I am definitely jealous of you! :)

  • MOON

    They’re so pretty and natural! Hmm.. that’s weird, I hate it when I cant tell what side is the inner side etc. I only notice it after a couple of hours, when my eyes get irritated -_-

    I’ve had nudy blue, nudy golden, angel brown before, i’m currently using the 14.8mm geo black ones (not hurricane). So far I liked my blue ones the best with black hair and the other lenses looked nice with any haircolor. I find that red hair + blue contacts make me look like the little mermaid hahaha!

    I hate those brown lenses who turn out to be orange and yellowish lenses -_-
    Also no big fan of ugly tri-tones and those crazy lenses (smiley face etc/)

  • Rena

    I think the issue I have is choosing a color…and because of that issue, I ended up buying FOUR different colors…which I’m supposed to do reviews on but haven’t…and it’s already been three months since receiving them…But I do love blues! However, I want to try greys and greens!

    <33 Rena

  • katie

    I guess i haven’t heard of these lenses before, because I thought this was going to be a review of the diamond (jewel?) series, I think… they literally look like diamonds, you know which ones I’m talking about? :P

    I like these on you though! I think they still stand out and enhance your eyes :) One of them does look lighter than the other, that’s really weird! Could it possibly be a defective lens? :(

    So far I’ve only tried brown and blue lens, but I really like blue! I want to try green sometime so I can see what my eyes look like full green, which is why I got the Max Pure browns… wanted to see what my eyes look like as just one color :P

  • sugar sugar

    awww what happened to your eyes? :/ i hope you had your eyes checked so you can wear contacts again. ^-^

  • Asuka

    awwwww I really love your haircolor it suits you so good *-*
    And the lenses are sweet, though I like the more outstanding colors more.
    Hope your eyes are alright, sweety =)

  • Rinny

    These look really nice on you – I like the light honey color :D You should be careful though Melody! Risking your vision for bigger eyes isn’t worth it >.< After reviewing my pair of Geo lenses I haven't worn them since because they dry out my eyes so much after a few hours :/

  • konayukiss

    aww thank you for sharing!! i really like that color! *_*

  • Gerrytales

    Hmm I would probably not repurchase these lenses either if I were you >< Because your eyes olready look big and brown lol!
    Ahaaa and I can tell you like unnatural colors~

    Green is def for moi :DDD

    Thank you again Melludeeee! Gon bring the bento tomorrow to uni!
    <3 Gerry

  • derek

    this color looks pretty on you!!!

  • lissy

    aww, i hope your eyes get better :3
    and i really like these ones, didn’t even notice you wore them ;__;

  • srhtrng

    Wow these are so natural ;) and babe if your eyes get red veins then make sure to not keep wearing lenses or else they’ll stay there for quite a while ;A; Hope they feel better soon lovevlevoevoleolve

  • TheMadTwins

    You really have a collection of lenses :D But I wont stop you because I think they are amazing :P
    hehe =)

    xxx London & Paris

  • Rocking Doll Museum

    /reply/ Aww, thank your very your lovely comment! <33 *hug*

  • kaizokumousy

    btw melody, I think I like bold colors on you better, Like violet and blue.But light colors =/ I don’t like because it makes you whiter XD but still cute anyway

  • abby

    i’m definitely into circle lenses, but my eyes can’t manage to actually feel comfort in wearing them. i think you look great :D

  • Amy

    Melodyyyy <3 <3 *glomps*

    Lovely contacts. I like the colour of these ones..although, I do like the GEO ones a little more.


  • Melody

    Love the color contacts on you.

    You always look so cute :)


  • amanda


  • suki pooki

    wah! you look adorable in these!!!! They’re natural but still give you that nice dolly eye look! Great review!

  • Dolce♥Bunny

    Natural ones do look good on you but I think I love with more unnatural ones on you! I think thats because i can see it more.
    Either way I think they look really pretty on you girl! And your natural eyes are so brown and big!! So pretty <3

  • OtherMix

    Brrr, I hope your eyes are okay!

    I like purple more on you! ^^

    Can you guess who I am? I deleted my old blog to start all over and all new! ;D

  • Marky

    Personally, Prefer PINK!!!!!!! or blue. I think they look fine.

  • Very beautiful! I’m loving the colour on you! :)

  • Your eyes look bright after you wore the lenses(:
    I like brown color too. I really hope I could wear the blue one, but everytime I tried, my eyes look like a creepy ghost!

    Dreamy Princess

  • Correct! ;DD

    What kind of comment systeem is this? You can’t login?

    • melludee

      Ahh it’s just like a normal leave your name/url thing; I’m still looking for a plugin that will allow Google users to login ! But just wait for the time being pleasee ^^” and yes <3 I'll update my Links now (:

  • Oh glad, I so dislike typing the above information everytime! (Or get disqus [a] )

    Thanks again big time for following me! Much appreciated! ;D

    And psst, your new banner rocks!

  • Oh, and the birthdaylist needs an update too if you like!

    • melludee

      Thanks for reminding me !
      Unfortunately, I might have lost a lot of the information in the process of switching over domain hosts so ..I’ll have to figure that out sometime soon! :)

      • I see!

        Well the computer indeeds remembers it, but I use CCleaner (Crapcleaner) to remove cookies, clean the trashbin etc… etc.. I doubt it would remember it then. Or if people selected “no cookes” in the browser!

        I don’t get notifications though if you have replied to me :/

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