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Hey wonderful people ! 
I know all of you have heard about the tragedy that is occurring in Japan and around the world at the moment. Apart from donating, there’s not much we can all do – so let us all keep them in our prayers and hope for a brighter tomorrow
Anyway, I’m sorry that I’ve been absent from the blogosphere lately; I really am super busy with everything that is going on at the moment :\ ! But I do have tonnes of posts that I should be getting up as soon as possible ! As soon as I get time to take proper photos for all those posts…..

This photo was taken in February ~
Anyway, I thought I’d do some sort of update as what is going on in my life so far? Just so that you all know that I haven’t completely disappeared from here ..yeah ?
 * * ♥ * ♥ ♥ *
I saw AND TOUCHED my first cadaver (dead body) last week!! It was for my Anatomy class and even though it was really creepy to see someone dead lying in front of me was really interesting/fun! 
 My friends and I planned a surprise cake / celebration for another friend’s birthday
 Vu and I won 9 plushies in a row from those UFO catchers!
 I received my order from PGMall (two bags) which I should blog about really soon!
 Been designing the new layout of the blog ~
 Sending out all these (super) late packages to awesome bloggers ;)
 A lot of Uni work !!! (aka. Stupid Biochem Presentation rarara ! *stab)
 Received new lenses from mukuCHU ! – which I’ll be reviewing in my next blog post

But yes, I’m really sorry that I haven’t been updating or reading your blogs lately ;__; ! I do promise that I’ll check them all out on Friday or Saturday night ! (ps. if you follow me on twitter you get instant updates)
♥ ♥ ♥
What has everyone been up to?

I‘ve also been planning a new competition that I’d like to try out ..but it’ll have to wait until I figure out more details about it etc ! Also, if I was meant to send you a letter and haven’t yet – I’m sorry! I promise I’ll get them done and send asap !

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26 comments to Current Status

  • Vu

    Things sure have been busy around here, for the both of us too! Well, mostly for you baby, since you’re doing Bio-Med. :(

    I can’t believe you were so excited about the cadaver! D: hahah

    Let’s hope we’ll get a little more free time sometime soon. xD

  • Elisa

    ahww, i hope you will get more free time soon =(.. but good luck with school !!! looking forward to read your blogpost about the lenses ^^ and yeah, just blog when you want to and when you have time ;)

  • Jennifer :) ~

    Aww I’m in the same boat as you D: Damn these science-y courses having so much work T~T I can definitely relate to your circumstance right now, even though yours may be different to mine since you’re in second year but eugh, I’ve no time to blog :( Best of luck with everything though!

  • wendiie ♥

    D: your anatomy class sounds fun LOL
    can’t wait to see your new pair of lenses :D


  • kaizokumousy

    ToT waa merudii I’ve been waiting for your next post it’s always good to hear from you,It’s sad when you are gone for to long :< I swear!

  • Gerrytales

    JAPAN :(

    Arrrrrgh your life sounds hectic atm : / Glad you had time to post this up Mel! My uni stress hasn’t kicked in yet (phew). I hope ya do well in your presentation!

    <3 Gerry Berry!

  • Ice Pandora

    -gives a shouldermassage- Don’t give up!!
    Omg you touched a dead bodyyyy *o* and I can’t wait to see the surprise cake :)

    What have I been up to? School school school…


  • Jilliancat

    9 plushies in a row from those UFO catchers is crazy!!! It’s good to hear from you because you were gone for a long time. :((( Miss you!!

  • Yapo Nightroad

    I wanted to do a review but I think its not a good timing. also my giveaway.. D: I think I’ll have to wait until everything’s calmed down over Japan.

  • MOON

    Let’s keep praying for Japan!

    Anyway, wow so much plushies XD
    Geeeez, you guys are such pro’s XD

  • Rocking Doll Museum

    I have been up to nothing as well XD

  • Hello Naka

    cute photos ^^ and im glad to hear ur still around ^^ omg i wanna see the plushies!

  • London's-beauty

    Everyone is so busy these days. :) wow a cadaver? I’d be very freaked out ><

  • Tezza

    haha im doing anatomy this sem too and there is dead bodies, preserved yeah?
    except… i dont touch them…only cos i forget to brig my gloves like for the past two weeks LOL

    miss you bubbby!

  • lissy

    homg im super worried about japan D;
    coz im going there in april :S butbut the radiation freaks me out…

  • Julie

    School/uni always takes over the blogosphere!
    I’ve been busy too and haven’t had the chance to blog about various things! :)

    + I’m praying for japan too…<3J

  • huy tran

    i’ve been going to Uni~ starting to feel the workload coming in. Ahh @__@

    and been going to friends’ 18th’s. SOOO much fun celebrating Melissa’s 18th 3-4 times. Haha, i know right? luckayeeee. (

  • Pu3

    Whoa you’re taking BioChem? @_@ Must be tough!

  • Saving Capulet

    lololol you med people!! my friend was also psyched up when she dissected a cadaver! lol My bf and I are doing good here, work has been toxic, but nothing we couldn’t handle, ;) have a lovely week to you and Vu!

  • Rinny

    Sounds like you’re really busy with school! Don’t worry so much about us – real life responsibilities should come first haha xD Omg I can’t believe you saw/touched a cadaver! I would have probably passed out if I was there x_x

  • amanda


  • ♥ 熊貓girl ♥

    I had to do anatomy classes too, it was so scary in the room!! I even got the cadaver fat juice in my face once when i was dissecting. not nice >_<

  • Beauty meets Kawaii

    Hi Melody! Just take your time coming back to the Blogging world. Don’t forget to enter my Giveaway!

    Kisses, Melanie

  • kaizokumousy

    yeah I wanted to make my eyebrows bland but I don’t have blonde pencil liners so I just used the eye shadow, which didn’t really covered up my eyebrows XD

  • Jessica

    My friend and I once trespassed a room beside ours only to find out it was where they keep the cadavers LOL there were like 10 of them in there.. hehe. i was looking forward with dissecting but I switched major a sem too early :(

    Anyway work is keeping me busy these days :/

  • xxkatielee

    Woah , you touched your first dead body and thought it was fun (x
    haha , that`s interesting d:
    and i saw your review for the mukuCHU lenses … hmmm , i need a new place to buy lenses because the place i buy them from is closing .

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