A New Start?

Hey wonderful readers and potential creeps ~
Uni started again yesterday (cry) so I’ve been a little busy with tonnes of lectures and what not.
But anyway, I’ve noticed something that I do all the time (and not only me too) – but every start of a new year / semester / term of school/uni ; I always feel a need to change something. It doesn’t have to be something big; but I feel like I have to be “different” / “changed” after the holidays or something.
Do you get what I mean?

Like example: A new hair cut/colour, clothing style, new phone/car/laptop etc.
So this semester; for the start of the new schooling year; I dyed my hair redddd (/purple) – which is uh something I usually do at the start of every year lol … :( ! The only problem that I’ve noticed with this is that I only used one box to dye my hair but I think my hair is far too long to use just one box now ;_; so I think some of the inner parts of my hair are near-black/brown/darker than the rest. (saddddd)

I also painted my nails in to watermelons.
PLEASE DO NOT SAY THEY LOOK CRAP, because I already know they do. I think everyone around me would know how horrible I am at painting my nails so I don’t need you to tell me lool! But um yes, these are actually the second time. The first one that you twitter followers heard about got repainted over cos uh they didn’t look like watermelons lololol. (more like really really really ugly strawberries)

(Left: First day outfit [same as another day lul] // Right: Second day outfit [got lazy])

I’m not really sure why people (myself included) do these type of things when a new year/semester starts. I guess, it’s kind of afresh new start kind of feeling? Or maybe it‘s kind of a way to show Hey I kinda accomplished something over the break ! – even if you really didn’t. Oh and...here is my timetable (colour coded)

Here is my horrible (but not too bad…I guess) timetable ! Haha.
Structure of the Human Body; Biochemistry of Human Function Body Systems; Psychology

♥ ♥ ♥
Have you had any “change” since last year?
I don’t think I have at all lol! Except the hair, the nails and possibly my make up style and a bit with the fashion? Oh. I also kind of feel a bit more confident in real life … sort of. Mmm.

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50 comments to A New Start?

  • Vu

    Ahh last year… so much has happened since then. xD I think you look better with red hair than opposed to the other colors, it suits you so well. >:D

    hahah and darling, your nails DO NOT look crap, I think they look cute and delicious like real watermelons. :P

  • Rebekah

    Your nails look so cute ♥

  • msfob

    I think the reddish purple hair suits you a lot!!! Cute watermelon polish x) I can never do that, i have like no sense of balance whatsoever so my polish ends up going everywhere haha

  • Elisa ♥

    Terrible time table x_x thank god i'm done with school >.<" I like your hair color!! ah i can't really see that the inner parts are black ^^

  • Pu3

    Change is good! ;)

  • srhtrng

    I love that hair colour Melody x] When school started I expected to see heaps of changes in my friends but the only one of them looked different because she basically went from black hair to really light brown ahahah.

  • Jonhsan

    wow your timetable looks horrid… you should see mine XD

    The nails don't look too bad… its definitely better than just a single colour? probably… but hey I'm a guy what do I know =)

  • Rocking Doll Museum

    I really like your hair colour though ^^

    I changed… minor things and big things XD

  • Jilliancat

    Your time table's good. especially on Friday. ;) But Wednesday is like.. 8am to 6pm, which is really tiring I would say even with the breaks in between. :)

    Hmm the only change is that I started applying BBcream and mascara to uni. ^__^

  • Jenna

    I love your red hair! it really suits u =)

    And ur watermelon design is sooo cute >.<


  • Melissy

    I totally get what you mean!!
    Every start of a new year I feel the need to change something just to give me a 'fresh start'~ XD
    And every start of semester I suddenly feel the need to be super organized. LOL…
    I painted my nails like that once and I had someone say, are those strawberries? I was like "Nooo WATERMELON.." Hahaha~ Common mistake, I think. XD

  • Eva

    first: you're a better nail artist than me (for sure XD)
    and second! i love your red/pruple hair ^^ i had it red myself last school year. I think that when the summer arrives i dye my hair blond :D (sorry for the useless text ;) )

  • Caroline Josephine

    I was told once that change of any kind spikes a slight adrenalin rush that helps to push you forward… that's why girls cut their hair after break ups etc. Plus it is just fun to put on a fresh face and have something new that can mark the start of something :)

    Cute hair and nails! They don't look like crap, just the white is a little wobbly, nothing major!

    Good luck with school!

  • Yapo Nightroad

    they look watermelons and they are cute! not crap! >.< I want to try that design too. :>

    One thing I noticed about me is that Im not lazy to study every start of the sem or school year but of course it gets worse on each and every passing day hahaha

  • sugar sugar

    melody check my blog! i also painted my nails and did a post about it hahaha! xD

    anyway i hope everything works well for you in school – ganbatte!!!! xD

    hmmmmm on changes… it seems i am getting a lot of wrinkles ROTFL! i attribute it to aging. >o<"

  • ことり ✜ kotori

    Melody looks adorable with the hair color ^^ !

    Ahhh if you compare me to last year around this time – I've actually changed a lot. ;;; been wanting to change how I dress, but so lazy sometimes.


  • Hello Naka

    i love the colour of your hair! and cute watermelon nails ^^

  • Desire

    I didn't notice how long your hair was & it looks gorgeous in this colour, you look like an ulzanng!


  • MOON

    Wow, your new haircolor looks so good! It's really vibrant and pretty! ^^

    Lol! You're not a pro, so don't worry. Besides I like the watermelon nails a lil' bit messy, it makes them much cuter hehehe.

    and yup! i totally feel the same! whether it's a new haircut or accesoires, something must be different or new XD

  • Angie Applepie

    I love your hair ! :D

  • Drea ♪

    Your hair looks great XD
    Nice outfits too~

    The only change with me is that I've cut my hair shorter :3

  • Hello

    D: Your nails are SO much better than mine :) haha Nice job!

  • katie

    Your nails are so cute! I won't even attempt designs like that because I'm so picky and know it'll turn out baaaad lol

    LOVEE your new hair color misses! I actually prefer multi-shades in hair like yours; like a 3d effect or something? i can't explain hah

    I don't know how people can keep up with schedules like that! I tried too many times to go to school, urghh damn my laziness and lack of driving skills! I can barely get through 4 days of work, I'm so bad >_<;;

  • Prinzesschen★

    Love your hair and your nail art (: Very nice idea!♥ But don't worry I'm more crappy regarding nail art than you, Melody. haha.

    Any changes? I think I changed a lot the last few months with my stay in Japan. I made a lot of experiences which helped me growing up I think. (:

  • Ling's Beauty Blog

    Your hair is gorgeous!! And good for you to do something new when you reach a new landmark in life :)

  • chocolatesuze

    i love your new colour! hee and your nails <3

  • Audrey (hkittygirl)

    Sometimes I get into these moods, where I really hate myself and who I am. So I end up changing something about myself. This year I dyed my hair brown and got contacts. Then after two days of contacts, I realized I was acting silly and put my glasses back on…XD

  • Gerrytales

    OMGGG same as me! I bought ONE box and now my hair looks all patch :(

    Lol I dressed up on first day too! And yeah now I'm just like bleh…
    No your nails are fioneeee!
    When you were complaining about your time table this sem, I didn't think it'd be THIS BAD! :OOOO

    //Change? I think i've become more bad >.<

  • -MIE☆-

    \(゚▽゚*)Hey Melody~!!

    Wow!! That hair colour is soo awesome!! I think even if there were darker bits it would add funky bits to your hair!!

    Kyaaa those nails are soo cute too!! I always like to start the year "fresh"too ^-^it just makes me more "prepared"in a wayy… hehe

  • -MIE☆-

    \(゚▽゚*)Hey Melody~!!

    Wow!! That hair colour is soo awesome!! I think even if there were darker bits it would add funky bits to your hair!!

    Kyaaa those nails are soo cute too!! I always like to start the year "fresh"too ^-^it just makes me more "prepared"in a wayy… hehe

  • -MIE☆-

    \(゚▽゚*)Hey Melody~!!

    Wow!! That hair colour is soo awesome!! I think even if there were darker bits it would add funky bits to your hair!!

    Kyaaa those nails are soo cute too!! I always like to start the year "fresh"too ^-^it just makes me more "prepared"in a wayy… hehe

  • lissy

    love your new hair colour >D
    omg i feel sorry for classes at 6pm D;

  • Pui

    Sweet, I'm a potential creep <3



    nothign's changed :(

    i feel like time's moved on and i havent ;A;

  • h.tea

    Ooh! Good thing you didn't dye your hair from bottom to top :D

  • Arrianna

    hey! I did my nails watermelon a while ago too!!!

  • petitechouxx

    your nails are not crappy, i think they are nice ^^

    i like change myself before starting school like having new hair cut/colour or new style of clothes

  • Violet LeBeaux

    A change is definitely as good as a holiday hahaha! :D Love your hair and outfits <3

  • YomiLikesSweets

    I always change at the start of a new semester or sometimes even over short holiday breaks like winter break, I come back with a new hair color everytime T__T whether it be a different tone of black or just a new color all together there's usually something new lol, or I buy new clothes or try to be super nerdy. x3 I like to change apparently.

  • mookxi.com

    Wow you have a lot of classes !! I'm over loading and I still have less contact hours :-P Nah seriously there's a lot of work to do at home anyway -.-'' Don't worry, you'll make it Melody ;-D I believe in you !! And I really like the watermelon nails ~ really creative ! I think the idea of changing someone sounds good. I'm thinking about dying my hair purple too actually. It's either that or a perm ! :-)

  • Veren Lee

    love your hair and nails!
    Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog <33

    a little princess

  • Mifuyu

    I decided to actually start studying… as opposed to not studying and getting depressed about a crappy mark o_O

  • Silkybow

    Hope you do well in your second year of uni this year! :)
    It is sad to know what your hols are just over , time does fly by sooo fast!

  • Ice Pandora

    Gambateruuuuuuu with your school ^^
    You'll be fine and get straight A's!

    I also think your new hair color is nice o:
    And for the watermelonnails: use tape to devine lines ^^
    I'm no pro at all infact I have shaky hands when it comes to nailarts but a friend suggest me once with tape and so..
    @Reply: I can be an otaku sometimes haha =w= I've used my wardrobe and I've stacked up some books to succeed the last picture :) xxx

  • lil_budoy

    omg! i love love your nails! they are very cute! why are you such a cutie!

  • xxkatielee

    I loveeee your new hair color c(:
    My sister was wanting to dye her hair that color too d:
    Butttt yeahh , work hard at school (:

  • Vermillion

    I love your new hair colour :D

    My change was going to a new uni XD And to be more social this year! Really want to improve on my Japanese lol.

  • TheFowlwithChanelSunglasses

    Love your hair color! Suits you very well~
    And the watermelon nails are too cute!

    Everything is so cute about you!

    Lov your blog- I'm following<3

    Miss. P

  • Biopolymath

    This year I am spared from taking those annoying and distracting breadth subjects. I am taking 3 biochemistry subjects and a biotech commercialisation subject for my 3rd year. ftw!

  • Melody

    Hi Melody..

    This is Melody too!!

    Love your nails..you are so creative and cute.

    Going to follow you..follow me if you want :)


  • Dolce♥Bunny

    I love you STAWBERRY nails! Lol I keed! I love your pretty watermelon nails! I think they are gorgeous. And loving the hair color too. I love red hair so really feeling this color.
    I try to do that too but wear new clothes I guess. But I tend to slack off my beauty side during uni cuz there is no one to impress. Hehe!

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