Video w/ Other Bloggers!

Hello beautiful people!
So today, Amanda and Sam decided to head over to my place (sadly Tam and Min couldn’t make it) and we decided to do a vlog! We had seriously no idea as to what we should make the video about but we finally ended up with a few ideas haha. We eventually made two different videos, but here’s just one!
I hope you enjoy watching us being silly ;)
Hahahahah. Yes, don’t worry. We actually are all better artists when we have more than 20 seconds to draw something lololol! (especially Sam! – she is an amazingggg artist)
But yes, here’s some of the sticker photos we took on Monday just to fill in the gap *-* tehehe
♥ ♥ ♥
Are you good at drawing things in a short time span ?

I hope you’re all looking forward to see the other video ;) !
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