EOS Candy Color Pink

So, Uni is about to start and I really don’t want it to but ..ah wells~ ヽ(`Д´)ノ
Anyway, I told you all that I attended a wedding last week! Unfortunately, I didn’t get that many photos because I was in a bad spot for taking photos and well yeah~ So here’s a nice photo of the married couple plus Anime Club!
I reused my dress from my Year 12 formal (only I shortened it because it was wayyyy too long before) ! And I thought because I was wearing a sort of purple; that I should wear the pink lenses I got no long before that from mukuCHU ! So um, yeah, since I don’t have any photos from the wedding, I’ll just do a quick review on the lenses ~!
Review: EOS Candy Color Pink
You can find it on mukuCHU here
POWER/PRESCRIPTION: 0.00 (Plano) ~ -10.00
B.C.: 8.6mm
DIAMETER: 14.50mm
I’m pretty sure most of you have seen these lenses heaps as many of you have bought it (ie. Gerry and Tezza) so, I‘ll just do a quick review on these pink lenses ^-^” I was pretty happy when mukuCHU said they were gonna send these because I’ve always wanted pink lenses just well because it’s pink!!!! And yeah
Photo taken with soft skin mode + flash in the afternoon
Colour: ♥♥♥♥♥These are definitely outstanding! When I wore these to the wedding; I had many comments on them (some good some awkward) so they’re definitely noticeable !
Design: ♥♥♥♡♡ I don’t see much of a design in this apart from the thick black ring and the gradual pink; so it’s quite of a plain design but I still think it does the job of being pretty lenses ^_^”!
Comfort: ♥♥♥♥♡Quite comfortable for the few hours I was wearing it out! Although I just wanted to take it out after about 4-5hours? (probably because of lots of make up though)
Enlargement: ♥♥♥♥♡Again, the huge black ring and the fact that it’s 14.5mm makes your eyes definitely pop! Especially because the colour is quite noticable :B
Overall: ♥♥♥♥♡Liked it but would probably avoid using it for everyday use cos it’s too unnatural!
Repurchase? I wouldn’t mind purchasing the other colours because they are quite pretty lenses!

Comparison in Natural Light (sorry no, non-makeup photos for this)
Photo taken in Natural light (different day/makeup)
Photo taken with Flash in the afternoon / Sorry for the bad photo (will retake)
Anyway, I guess I really do like these lenses because I really really love how the pink stands out a lot but of course; the fact that it’s so outstanding makes it hard to wear it every day as it’s well pink. However, I got a few comments asking if it was purple or red lolol? But most people realised it was pink on closer inspection.
Trying out different modes! Left: Soft mode / Right: Bright+Contrast !
However, I think I might’ve overdone it with the pink/purple that day hehehe. But it was still fun and I liked the overall outcome of it ^-^”! Next time, I might tone it all down with some black though looll!
♥ ♥ ♥
What would you wear to a wedding?
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41 comments to EOS Candy Color Pink

  • srhtrng

    Babe, you are way too pretty.

  • Vu

    Those contacts you wore on that day looked so good with your outfit baby. Aaand aside from those contacts, your shortened dress looked stunning! I couldn't take my eyes of you. >:D

    Hmmm, as a guy, there's not really much of a variation to wear to a wedding aside from the change of dress shirt and tie, and a few other things.

  • Bibi

    Black? Why black? It's a wedding!! I love how you wear purple and pink, it doesn't stand out too much but it's still colourful and cheerful. You look really great Melody!
    What I'd wear to a wedding? Probably some colour (not white, because that's the bride's colour, of course), and definitely a dress!! ^^

  • Silkybow

    You look really pretty Melody! :)
    I actually like those lenses a lot now… I haven't worn contacts in like oh so long. The last time were some pink ones too last yr LOL. I got kinda turned off by them but i like the one you're wearing <3

  • sojjeje

    I have those lenses too! They're bright, aren't they?! I reckon they're one of the nicest, most vibrant pink lenses~
    And nah, I think your outfit wasn't too purple/pink!

  • huy tran

    i'd wear my Birthday suit. ;)

    JKS. i'd wear what i'd always wear. Ummm, the suit with a tie & vest? :)

  • Ice Pandora

    Congratulations to the married couple ^^ -throws rice-
    You look nice in your purple/eggplant dress :) and it sure matches your contact lenses.

    What would I wear to a wedding?
    A long strapless beige/pink chiffon dress.


  • Angie

    Oooo, those lens are pretty nice, I kind of want to buy them. ><

    I wish I could attend that wedding. ><

  • Ribbonlicious

    Nice pictures ^^v
    Wow pretty lenses, I will also buy one soon. I haven'T try circle lense out yet! ^-^

  • London's-beauty

    Love what you were wearing! Oh I don't know lol! Anything pretty :P I haven't been to a wedding before.
    Love your pink contacts! :)

  • Bibi

    Haha, not exactly the right moment to be reading about nightmares then? Goodnight hun!

  • TheMadTwins

    You look gorgeous, and the dress looks very pretty.
    The pink lenses are awesome as well :D
    I finally found a store where they but lenses, but I only have to think about a color now :D


  • Suzu's Blog

    your so cute !!!!

  • Jennifer :) ~

    Pretty dress :) May I ask where you purchased it from? Hehe, anyway those pink lenses look great on you <3 I have the brown version which I am yet to review ^^ For a wedding I'd wear a formal-ish dress too~

  • petitechouxx

    pink turns out so nice =O next time i will buy a pink circle lens!

    for a wedding, i usually wear something formal, special, nice, maybe classy dress xD

  • cutielippi

    that dress is just fabulous!!
    and the lenses are really cute too :D i love pink lenses!! actually i love everything pink hehe!
    i guess i'd just wear a nice dress and a cute cardi depending on the weather (but i'd never wear white lol!)

  • Hello Naka

    the colour of ur dress is amazing! i love ur contacts too :3

  • katie

    I think you looked perfect for a wedding dear. Super cute and you stand out, but not overpowering the bride hehe ;D I'm really loving these lenses on you Melody <3 I'm not sure if this particular one comes in purple, but that would look lovely on you too I think ^^

    Oh gosh, the last wedding I went to…. I wore dress pants and boots @__@ Made me stand out in the wrong way since I'm 5'6", and most of the people there were Japanese (my mom's side are all short) XD; Actually the wedding before that I wore the same thing, but with sneakers ugh. I don't know how to dress for weddings! Next time I go I'm asking your help hahahaa

    I'm mad at the news!! Right now, it's SUNNY outside. Yesterday, NOT even that cold! That's all they talk about on the news: snow! snow! snow! *cries*

  • Elisa ♥

    prettty girlll ^^ !!! I would wear a pretty salmon dress.. anything whats neat =) those lenses really matches your dress ^^ <3

  • sugar sugar

    melody i love the pink lenses on you! please take more pictures with it on hahahaha! x) feels like i haven't talked to you forever… :( miss you!

  • Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린

    EOS candy pink got a lot of fans~ and it looks cute on you~

    usually I attend 1-3 weddings in a week (bcos of my bf), I'd prefer casual wear with girly touch.

    if the wedding is my siblings. I wear hanbok or cheong sam. traditional is the best xD~~~

  • Michelleesque

    I love love love your outfit! The hair, the lens, everything! I feel like because the majority of my closet is either gray, black, or..black the majority of the time I wear black. LOL that's so sad. The last time I wore any color at a wedding was for my sister's wedding, and that was only because I was her maid of honor.

  • Saving Capulet

    aww you look so pretty! and i love those lenses!! had my eye on those for the longest time now but I can't find a seller in our country with on hand stocks :(

  • Rocking Doll Museum

    /reply/ Aw, thank you!
    You really should try! ^^

    Like the lenses! Looks like purple to me?

  • P o o p e r

    Look at you, looooook at youuuu :D
    Prettiest thing I see standing in the front row! (one of the advantages/disadvantages to being short? xD)

    I can definitely see how people might of mistaken the color as purple, it seems to me that a lot of pink circle lenses sort of appear purple somehow. o:

    Hmm … dressing formal always scares me ;A; Like I love the idea of it but preparing for it is like the worst. Overall I think Idk how I would really dress for a wedding! lol

  • Rinny

    You look so pretty Melody! The color of the lenses go very well with your dress :) I usually stick to black when I go to weddings because:
    1. I don't want to stand out too much or have ppl think I'm trying to outshine the bride.
    2. Accidentally match the colors of the wedding party :P

  • carizzachua

    i think those lenses are not looking natural but it looks like a CANDY! and really cute!!!!


  • Mutsumi

    Oh wow, they are looking amazing ♥

    & btw…just noticed your blogurl everywhere on your photos..did someone copy you?

  • Julie

    You suit all the lenses so well! Those pink ones are oh so cute! Since you have done so many positive reviews on lenses I have considered buying a pair or two!

    P.S- you look stunning in the purple dress :)

  • Kelly_konomi

    i would like to wear the same dress as TSUBASA~ sooo cute!!

    i love that series! sooo jelly-ingly cute!

  • super-rabbit

    Wow these lenses look so cute on you!
    They really make your eyes pop ^^

  • Miss.Mia

    Aww, just found your blog and wanted to say 'hi'

    Hi. xD

    I adore the colour of your dress. really beautyful

  • Lexy @ Quirky Explosion


    But REALLY. You look AWESOME. I love your dress – amazing colour on you. And WOAH. Totes had to do a double take. Your eyes are so fierce. Though I'd never be able to rock them. YOU DEFINITELY DO. Woohoo!


  • Gerrytales

    Wow I haven't been catching up on blog reading for a while ><
    I like your pink lenses! Can't wait to see Jennifer (uni friend/aka 5th commenter on this post) where her lenses! I want to see how bright they are~

    And you rock purple girrrrl! I can't pull off the color >:{

    <3 Gerrrrry

  • LovelyKimi

    nice pictures you so very pretty i like your blog!!

  • Alexandra Gabriella Audrey

    Aw pretty eyes!!! <3

    Laces on My Dress

  • Fionaa ♥

    pretty pretty photos~!
    i so wanna get a pair of circle lens *sigh*
    I'm attending a wedding next week ^___^ my sister is getting married :D i'll be wearing a light pink chiffon-y dress ~ :)

  • ♥ 熊貓girl ♥

    i have these lenses too ^_^ you're right, some people were totally freaked out when i wore them and couldn't look me in the eyes. others loved them o.O!!

    But i think you look cute in them =] and they match your dress ^^

  • amanda

    its not fair your eyes are huge alreadyyyyy D:

  • lil_budoy

    did u tell you already that you look so cute!

  • Christine.

    Aww you looked so pretty for the wedding – i'm loving the pink contacts on you. Congrats to the bride & groom too xD

    PS: i sent you a f/r on fb (:

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