Hard Work as a Maid

For those who follow me on twitter, you all should know that I spent my Wednesday at my University’s (Monash) O-Week promoting the Anime Club~! (so if you’re going to Monash, come check us out!).

Please join the Anime clubbbbbb. Onegaiiiiiiiiiii~!  (lul jokes, i didn’t talk like that …no way haha)

I cosplayed as a maid in hopes of luring many people to our store hehe.
The boyfriend, Vu, cosplayed as Roxas (despite lack of wig) from Organization XIII from Kingdom Hearts.
I had a lot of people taking photos and coming up to me saying “Aw, that costume is so cute!” and etc.
Hehe. It was fun but oh so so so so soooo tiring because I was pretty much standing at the stall under the sun from 11 till 3 something handing out our fliers saying “Hi, do you wanna join the Anime club :3? in my most nicest voice possible lololol! (so hard man!) I think my face hurts from smiling too much.
But anyway, last year, was my first year at Uni and I can definitely say that my transition to University was made much easier after joining the Anime club. Because on my first day of Uni, I had people to hang out with and to help show me around to rooms etc (: Even though I did have friends at the same Uni; it’s still quite hard to get them around you all the time esp if you’re doing different courses. And yeah. Joining a club does help!

Today’s eye Makeup . Using the same lenses from eyecandylens.com again! haha. *love* and don’t mind my left eye .. my hair is pushing down the falsies~

If this year is your first year at Uni, you should really take the time to check out these Orientation weeks and possibly joining some of the clubs and organizations. It’s a good way to make friends when you’re new to your surroundings and the faces there! And anyway, you never know, you might find some really awesome friends there!

♥ ♥ ♥
Are you apart of any clubs or organizations?

But yeah, do come drop in and say hi to us if you’re going to be at Monash O-week!

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62 comments to Hard Work as a Maid

  • Vu

    GAH, today was so hot for our cosplays. xD It was still fun though, handing out those flyers. hahah

    You were so shy, baby. But I think that also added to your cuteness. xD

    You should totally work at a maid cafe. :P

  • London's-beauty

    I agree with everyone else! You look so cute! I especially love the outfit. :) Seems like you had loads of fun ^_^ Love your lenses. :)

  • ♥ 熊貓girl ♥

    you're so cute ^_^ love the outfit =] my uni doesn't have an anime club =(

  • Morgane ☆

    I wash there were clubs here too ><
    Oh and also, it's snowing right now, I'm so jealous of your good weather *O*

  • Jennifer :) ~

    Naww you're heaps cute Melody :3 I can imagine how tiring it would have been for you! Lol at Vu slacking off xD If I was at your uni I would definitely join the anime club, even though I'm not a huge fan of anime and haven't watched that many xD Would I get kicked out if I didn't contribute much to group discussions etc D: ? Haha I would join cos you're in it <3 Teehee

  • Bibi

    Congrats on luring in 110 people :) Ah you're right, joining a club can make transition from highschool to uni a lot easier. I didn't join a club (because there weren't any) but our class only counted 50 people, so yeah, hard to not get to know eachother ^^

    It felt demanding because I wrote it all down. Seems like a lot of "have to"s then. I think a lot of the points are obvious, and are on a lot of girls' lists.
    I heard about that anime. Hmm, still want my boyfriend to be taller than me though…
    And I don't understand that either, not seeing or hearing each other for days! Maybe I just need some sort of confirmation of his existence and if he thought about me or something, I don't know…

  • super-rabbit

    YOU LOOK SO CUTE !! :D !
    beware for creepy otaku who want to eat you up o.o lol!

    anyway, nope, i'm not. lazy, hehehe XD

  • Hello

    Cutttee!! ~<3 I am part of the Japanese club :3 :3 I wanna join a anime club!

  • Jilliancat

    It looks super super super x1000000 hot -________- omg and your maid costume looks kinda thick right?? :'( Poor you! But luckily it attracted 110 people ahahah so your effort isn't wasted. :P

  • sojjeje

    How impressive, 110 new members?!
    I like your eye make-up, btw! Simple yet pretty! I'm actually quite interested in the fake lashes you're using as well, ahah.

  • "Shiney's Blog"

    I really love your face, you look like a doll and anime! you're super cute!!!

  • Caroline Josephine

    Omg you look so cute!!! And Vu looks really cool~ I LOVE Roxas!!! I think Vu and I would be good anime friends XD


  • Ice Pandora

    Of course people will say how cute
    You participate so many anime expo & clubs! I want tooooo you are, because you areeee!
    It's a nice way to attract people aswell + it looks it paid off, wow 110 people! And lols about Vu!

    As for me, I dance at a dance school & I donate €6 per month to this heartillness foundation. I don't know if that counts?


  • Elisa ♥

    whoa, you must have worked hard >.<" it looks very warmmm in that costume. but you look so cute !! And that kingdom heart key is cool o_o !!

  • Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린

    waah nice costume xD

  • [Anna]

    Adorable. No wonder why you managed to get so many people to sign up! x

  • Mutsumi

    Aw, wish I could join your Anime Club <3

    You look great as a Maid & your bf does, too! (Well, not as a maid but Roxas, haha)
    I especially love they Keyswórd!!
    Is it selfmade?

  • lisa

    you look so cute!!! congrats on getting so many ppl to join :)

  • Cecilia Warner

    i love your birthday page idea it's so cute! if you accept my birthday i will be your first november ^^

  • Michelleesque

    I love your costume! It's so cute that you and your boyfriend were working together (well, okay..you were working hahaha! xD)

  • super-rabbit

    Yay, arisu cosplay is love! <333!

    uhhh, i used xiaomoon and xiaoyuanmoon before, then stopped blogging and came back using super-rabbit/bunnypon/kingbun, becox i think it sounds cuter and i just had to have super-rabbit XD. but it's also prevention for people i know irl prying into my business -_-

    LOL! they're so creepy XD!
    especially when theyre middle aged… lol!

  • Rocking Doll Museum

    Out in the sun! D: Glad you didn't melt!

    Haha, Vu the slacker! ;]

  • Prinzesschen★

    You look so adorable as maid! ♥

    Seems like you two had a lot of even you had to work in the hot sun. (:


  • Asuka

    you look so cute in that outfit *-* I'd have totally joined the club just for you hehe ^^
    in my school there aren't any clubs you could join, not even speaking of an anime club =( I'd love to join one!

  • lissy

    you're so cute ^^
    i sooo wish high school had clubs instead of houses ….(;___; )

  • Celina

    Yay! The anime club :D I used to be a member waaaaay back when I was in Uni XD;(same uni too) I love the little Japanese building, it was so calm and soothing, away from all the other hectic parts of Uni! Glad to see the anime club is still going strong <3 You and Vu as always look adorable together <3

  • Suteisi ♥ ステイスィー

    You guys are super cute! :3 I looove the way you styled your hair and the contacts look great!

    I'm not part of any club or organization since I'm out of school and I haven't found anything of my interest to join in my city. I'm hoping to take belly dancing classes soon though… not really a club but…? Fun times!

  • YomiLikesSweets

    If I lived there and not cold Canada I would totally join the Anime club!~ :D I have a strong love for Anime. XD
    I'm the president of a club at school that deals with raising awareness for causes :3

  • Pui


    sorry i was in a hurry yesterday :(

  • petitechouxx

    you are so cute!!

    i'm not part of any clubs or organizations =( i wish to be in anime club.

  • Audrey (hkittygirl)

    Whoa! 110? That's so impressive!

  • Sushi

    Haha your costume is really cute! I woud totally join the anime group if I went to Monash. Hope you recruited lots of new members! x Sushi

  • Desire

    SO CUTE! That is all before I go all creepy like ♥ xx

  • Gerrytales

    I know how it feels to stand constantly -_- I had to stand for 8 hours (with some breaks) last week!
    Anyway, as usual you look fab ;) I am loving the dress! Can't wait til anime convention to cosplay!
    I hope you recruited more funky friends :)))

  • srhtrng

    Babe you're so cute! My school is huge.. like 2k+ people but there are no clubs TT only student councils and stuff like that.

    Your costume makes me wanna go to an anime convention x] ♥

  • Ling's Beauty Blog

    Ahhh, you're so cute…pity I'm too old to be at uni…lol

  • Julie

    Awww, your maid cosplay is so cute! ^0^

  • sugar sugar

    you are so cute melody! i'd definitely join any club that you're promoting. :)

    i think, i'm too old to joing clubs hahahah! x)

  • Hello Naka

    u look so cute :3 and wow thats alot of memebers congrats!

  • Vermillion

    Awww you look so cute xD

    Haha yeh I joined clubs in hopes of making friends within my interests lol XD

  • Eva

    The maid cosplay is really cute ^^
    I'm going to uni next year, i hope they have some sort of anime/japan club there =o
    and otherwise i set one up XD

  • Sakie and Thomas Gantz

    Great job on the recruiting effort. You look cute in that maid outfit, so I'm sure that helped ;-)

    You are right that it is great to join a club like that to help make friends when you are new to a place, and best of luck in your university. I'm sure you'll have a blast.

  • dschulie

    you look endlessly cute! ♥


    I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! your hair and your photos are fkn awesome!!



  • Drea ♪

    Aww you look so cute!
    Congrats on getting so many members wow XD

  • Amelia IrreplaceableDude

    was here =)

  • Dreamy Princess

    Wow.. I've always want to do cosplay thing. But because of the costume made is very pricey.. so I ended up too see people cosplaying TT,TT

    Your costume is lovely. You look adorable(:

    Dreamy Princess

  • Vy Nguyen

    I couldn't find any for me at my university and I got lost on my orientation! :(

  • Beckerman Girls

    You are the cutest person ever!!!I LOVE YOUR BLOG! it's the best one I have seen alll day!!! You are soo inspiring!! Love yoru amazing outfits!
    WOWOWOOWOWO!!!!!! and Love that you love anime!
    Big Kisses.. MWAH!
    xox Beckerman sistas


  • katie

    Sweet adorable Melody <333 Thank you love! You totally should try out the sample and let me know how you like it! I'm really super loving this bb cream ^^ I even bought the Revlon PhotoReady HD Foundation a few days after I got my bb cream, and I don't even touch it. I'd been wanting to try that foundation for over a year, and it doesn't even come close to my skin79 <33

    Ohh the mascara I'm using is Maybelline's The Falsies Volum' Express Mascara :DD I'm in love with it. It makes my lashes long, but not so thick >< So I usually use it with another volumizing mascara :D I'll do a review of it soon ^^

    Ahh, enough of me. I LOoOOOVE your maid outfit! You're so cute <3 Be sure if I was there I'd join the anime club in a second lmaoo. You and your boyfriend are adorable together too <3 You both look like you jumped out of an anime, kawaii~

    What kind of lenses are you wearing in the pictures btw? ^^

  • Kelly_konomi

    hahahah! so cute!! u look more tiny in that costume! <3 so cute!!

    i'm a choir member~ <3

  • lil_budoy

    aww…this is sooo cute!

  • Dolce♥Bunny

    Nyaaaaaawwwww! You are such a cutie and if you actually worked at a maid cafe I'm gonna do omochikaeri. Lol!
    Otsukaresama! I can imagine the heat in that outfit! Yoku dekita neeeee!
    Infirm join and clubs this year yet because I was late to go see all the clubs…. orz…. But hopefully the Japanese club!

  • Pu3

    Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh you're so CUTE! *pinching you cheeks*

  • sourmay

    I should have come on Wednesday D;


  • Anonymous

    I am apart of the crew called the Nexus and we "beat people down" to send a Statement and make an Impact

  • Dorothy Souhuwat

    cute costume

  • Anonymous

    i was some random white guy

  • China Mungcal

    Oh gosh, you're so cute!! I'm part of a maid cafe myself, and I know how you feel! It's really tiring, but still totes fun!<3

    Following you, btw! :3

  • Melody

    You are so so cute :)

  • lol you know I would join your club If only I was there with you <3 :)) you look super cute on your maid outfit *o*

    lets keep in touch even you are already in wordpress XD

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