Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Happy Chinese New Year!
>゜)))彡 Wishing that the Year of the Rabbit will bring each and everyone of you and your family heaps of good luck, better prosperity, good health, love and happiness!!  <゜)))彡

My family aren’t actually “celebrating” today because we’ve had to do it earlier due to certain circumstances. We met up with my Granduncle and a lot of distant relatives (that I don’t really know..) a week+ ago at a Chinese restaurant where Granduncle spent sooo much money on us all (;A;).
(Photos aren’t good cos relatives are too distant and I don’t know them and they looked at me funny when I tried to take the photos v.v /that and the little kids kept turning the tables – so I just gave up in the end and stopped taking photos)

And I met up with my elder siblings two days ago at their place where we ate some yummy food!
(My sister hates it when I take photos of food _ _” she doesn’t understand always complains and whines about it)

So well, my family (dad, mum, younger brother and I) just ate dinner together!
(My younger brother likes to tease me when I take photos of the food. He always tries to put his hand over it or pick up a piece while I take a photo ;-;)

However, since I bought a new cheong sam / qi pao (my old one was breaking ;-;) I decided to dress up and take some photos. (I had fun trying out different makeup too hehe) I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do my hair up or down so I asked mum. And she said do both ..so ..which do you think is better? lol

Oh, if you follow me on twitter (@melludee_x) you might know that my usamimis (I have pink and blue) arrived today!! (Just in time too!) So I decided to try and do Bunny‘s “Bunny” look since it’s the Year of the Rabbit. But uh ..it obviously failed. I didn’t know what I was doing so uh yeah ;_;

But anyway! I hope you’re all having a wonderful Chinese New Year and that all you get heaps of ang pao/li xi/red pockets!! ♥ Enjoy the yummy food and spend heaps of times with your family!
♥ ♥ ♥
Do you celebrate Chinese New Year?

I’ve been spending my days eating lots of kueh mmmmm.

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66 comments to Gong Xi Fa Cai!

  • Vu

    Happy Chinese New Year baby! :D
    I haven't exactly celebrated it yet but I will be in the next couple of days. xD

    You look so gorgeous in that qi pao. And like always, your food pics make me sooooooooo so hungry. T-T

  • Silkybow

    Happy New year to you too :)
    I think I like you better with your hair up in the picture :D
    Food looks YUMMY.

  • srhtrng

    Happy new year! The photos in this post are adorable as always -pinches cheeks-

  • Jilliancat

    happy chinese new year! yay to usamimis!! ^_^ wear more often this year so it'll bring luck, haha.

  • Angie

    新年快乐 Melody
    I think the left photo is better. And you look so pretty in qipao. I'm so Jealous ><.

  • Tanya Marie

    Love your dress!
    gong xi fa cai!
    how I wish we also spend that new year :)

  • Prinzesschen★

    happy Chinese New Year Melody♥

    The food looks that yummy. Would like to try it. haha

    And regarding your hair on the photos, both are lovely. But the hair-up thing fits more with the dress I think.

  • Dolce♥Bunny

    Gong Xi Fa Chaaaaaaaaaaai!!
    Nyaaaaaaaaaa!! Sooo kawaii!! *nose bleed* Love you in the Chong Sum. Too cute… *very jealous that I can't have you T^T*
    The food looks amazing! You should have totally give the kids the death stare when you wanted to take pictures! lol, I'm sure they will stop.
    I love your hair down, but for this occation, I love it up! Very Chinese I'd say!

    And LOL!! Awww, you failed on my look :B <– there is even a smiley for it. I think I just have big front teeth like a bunny that is why…. haha But you still look so cute ><

  • wendiie ♥

    Happy New year !!
    you loook sooooooooooooo pretty ! D:
    I loved how you did your make up :D
    What lenses are you wearing here? xD


  • lissy

    you look lovely in a qi pao :)
    didnt receive much 红包/red pockets this year because most of my relatives are overseas 8)

    hope you have a great rabbit year

  • Ling

    Happy New Year! I like both yr hairstyles…but I think I prefer it down cos u have such long silky hair =)

    P.S. I hate it when ppl look at me funny when I take food photos too…i just ignore them

  • LovelyKimi

    Happy Chinese New Year miss!

  • nanairomiso

    happy chinese new year!
    I didn't celebrate it, but i liked looking at your photos! such delicious looking food!♪
    Almost feels like I was there♥

    here's to a fantastic year of the rabbit!♥

  • Vermillion

    Happy Chinese New Year! ^^ You look really cute :D & your usamimi looks nice~ I've always been meaning to buy/make one lol.

  • Anonymous

    You make the Leader of the Nexus hungry with those photos T_T
    ich habe hunger!

  • sugar sugar

    Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

    I love you in the qi pao! :3 Your eyeliner looks lovely on you too!

    So many ang paos eh?? xD That's what we call those red envelops with money mwuahahaha!!!!

    Ohhh I super love steamed lapu-lapu in soy sauce but I think it's called Garoupa or something like that in English. x)

  • Jennifer :) ~

    Happy Chinese new year ^_^ You look so cute in those photos <3 The food all looks so yummy!

  • Rocking Doll Museum

    Happy Chinese New Year! ^^

    We don't celebrate it, I think next year I will ;D

    According to a newspaper here it's a master piece xD

  • christine.

    Ngaw happy new year too mel! You look so adorable in your qi pao!!! I wanted to dress up in one too .. but i grew outta my one years ago and cbb to buy a new one xD

    Loving the updo – you look like those olden day asian princesses hehe.

  • Elisa ♥

    Happy Chinese New Year sweetie ^^
    You look so prettyyy in that qipao =D !! I celebrated with my family on monday (also earlier) :) just had a nice dinner ^__^! the food looks so yummy !!

  • Jodie

    WHY SO CUTE!! SO CUTE!!! SO CUTEE! I mean you. Really.

    keke i didnt get to wear cheongsam or anything, stopped wearing it since i was like… 9. LOL
    I like your new eye make and i love usamimis! It's so cheap and good ovo plus its a bunnylicious year so they are perfect fufufu


  • Mutsumi

    Happy Chinese New Year ♥♥♥

    Love your pictures! And the ones with the Usamimi are cute, haha ♥ you did a good job~

  • h.tea

    Happy LUNAR New Year! Don't forget the viets, yo ;D

    The fish looks scary :|

  • Yapo Nightroad

    Kung Hei Fat Choi! <3

    ~those are very cute usamimis and yes, they're just in time! ^_^

  • Sammigurl

    hey Melody!
    you look so pretty!
    I celebrated Chinese New Year for the first time today. I don't know why (maybe because there's a lot of Chinese people in Indonesia) but we got a day off Uni so we went to Yum cha for brunch. It was amazing!

    Hope you had a really good day.
    take care xo

  • Light

    Happy new year to you!!
    You are cutie in bunny!

  • [Anna]

    Happy chinese new year! I prefer your hair up ^-^. I wish i still got red pockets, but i think my family probably thinks i'm too old now haha

  • Biopolymath

    Huat ah!!!

    It's the Hokkien word for prosperity.

  • super-rabbit

    Happy Chinese new yearrr mellu-chan! :D

    Ohh the food looks so yummy! Great, I was hungry oredi and you make me much much more hungry XD!!!

    I think the qipao looks smexyyyyy on you! It's very pretty :D
    I like both hairstyles, down is very modern and sexeh and up cute and traditional! nao stop being so sexy cuz you blinding my poor eyes XD

  • Vincent

    happy cny beautiful !!! :D

  • wintergurl

    Happy chinese new year to you,
    Luck , joy and wealthy with u
    get more ANg Pow

  • Vincent

    new url, get onto it melody!

  • Hello

    You. Are. So. Cute <3 :3 {thanks for the comment}

  • Hello

    You. Are. So. Cute <3 :3 {thanks for the comment}

  • ♡Yumeko

    Happy Chinese new year to you too!~
    You look so beautiful,with your hair up or down!;D!~
    Awww,I LIKE your new usamimis, the print looks so cute!<3
    &Yummy food:D

  • Kenzie

    All of these food pictures just made me sooooooooo hungry! Looks delicious

  • kaizokumousy

    waaaahhh super cute melody!^_^
    i love your cheong sam dress^^ super kawaii^^

    oh i like your hair up :) because I rarely see your picture with your hair up ^^ and the bunny look sooo cute!^o^

  • Dodo-Vogel

    Ur such a cute rabbit <333

  • Asuka

    Happy New Year!
    You look so gorgeous in that dress *-* you're such a beautie! and I like both hair styles, but do the up-do =)
    and all this food made me hungry again! he he he

  • Hello Naka

    awh this is so cute ^6 i love yo8ur cheongsam :3 i like ur hair up :3 im so jelly of ur long hair :3

    you look amazing ^^ happy new year!

  • Hello Naka

    awh this is so cute ^6 i love yo8ur cheongsam :3 i like ur hair up :3 im so jelly of ur long hair :3

    you look amazing ^^ happy new year!

  • alexpiano

    happy chinese new year!! ^^

  • MayClover

    Happy Chinese new year :)!
    You are really beautiful! :D
    Foooood looks good<3

  • ベーサ

    You look super cute in Chinese style!! That red dress is really nice! And uh, all that food! *o*
    Unfortunately, it is really not common in Switzerland to celebrate Chinese NY…


  • Jessica

    My grandparents are Hokkien :D
    and I think most Filipinos are part Hokkien :/

    Anyway I like your hair down ^^
    you look so cute as always ~ I wanna go to Melbourne and hug you >< haha

    I miss the Philippines ~ I dont get any ang pao's here :/

  • Suteisi ♥ ステイスィー

    I don't celebrate Chinese New Year. But Feb 3rd is my mom's birthday n__n So we're always doing something for her on this day!

    I think you look pretty no matter what Melody n__n! But I like the hair up better with this outfit~

  • Winnie*

    gongxifacai melody!
    Your fotd is so cute I have always wanted to get a chinese dress,, now I feel too old to own one-_- Anyway Happy New Year, my dear!

  • petitechouxx

    happy new year!!!!!!!

    you are so cute^^

    i think i may celebrate new year, but not sure when o.O

  • Gerrytales

    Your eyes are huuuuge! I love it!
    And wow whee that's a lot offoodandred pocket!!! :Q___ drools……
    My family didn't even eat out yet this year! Eeek!
    I like your dress, it really shows your figure ;D hour glass mucho?!
    Yay to usamimis! I love how everyone's sporting them now~ trendy!

    How funny! Just last nightI was stressing about registering correctly, and now I've won! What madness! Thanks again sweet potato ~ <3
    I'll email you back asap!

    Btw, doooo thw 7 beauties tag! We'd love to see your features hur hur!

    Shiz this is a long comment !

  • ことり ✜ kotori

    Ei Melody-chan is so cute~!

    Personally I think both is cute – but I find hair up is really adorable.

    I hope you have a happy new year ^^

  • Audrey (hkittygirl)

    Happy Chinese New Year! Haha, today is also my friend's birthday, so she's pretty lucky being born on Chinese New Year! :)

    I like your dress! Your hair looks so long. How do you keep it looking to neat? :3

  • Lexy @ Quirky Explosion


    And GURL WE ARE SO THE SAME. Kind of. I mean, my family celebrated last weekend too! Haha. We don't really do anything special, but we played a bunch of board games. Which is really unasian, but I mean. Yeah. 'Twas fun.

    And you look stunning! I love the rich colours on you.

    Excited for you to take on the challenge ;)

  • Isabel

    wow nice cheong sam! I think tying your hair up suits it more here.

    lol @ the lil kids turning the table. My cousins are all pretty grown up now so that didn't happen to me xD but when the food arrived, everyone 'cheong ahhhh!' lol just kidding.. but yeah.. my table which consists of my family + uncle's family always finishes the food =x

  • Silkybow

    ahhaa I would wear red but I don't have that many red clothes! :(

    Oh… I'm in Year 11 lol hhaa ^&^

  • HitomiNeko

    omgish! somehow i missed this post. U look SO pretty n Cute with the chinese outfit!!! ^^ LOVE IT!!!

    happy new year!

    xoxo hitomineko xoxo

  • emily

    happy chinese new year! i celebrate it too :)
    you look gorgeous!

  • BuNnYLuverz

    your pictures are sooo cute! happy bunny new year! have a great yearr!!

  • ☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆

    Belated GONG XI FA CAI to you!! XDXDXD Lol!! Did you enjoy your day? :3 Basically I don't celebrate Chinese New Year but I often get angpows from my Chinese relatives~ (^_~) You better get married faster with Vu and save some angpows for me~~!! Mwahahahahaha XDXDXD

  • Delena

    As if your nose bridge isn't high! I was dead set staring at it for 20 seconds and I was thinking to myself "Melody is ka-ray-zyyyyyy~!!"

    Anyways, I am heaps jealous that you can wear those types of dresses! They really suit you, and the red is very popping, I love it <3

  • Delena

    As if your nose bridge isn't high! I was dead set staring at it for 20 seconds and I was thinking to myself "Melody is ka-ray-zyyyyyy~!!"

    Anyways, I am heaps jealous that you can wear those types of dresses! They really suit you, and the red is very popping, I love it <3

  • Rinny

    Ahhh you look so cute in your qipao Melody! Your hair is crazy long – it must have taken forever to grow it out! I think it looks better up with the qi pao :D

  • mookxi.com

    Such a hottie in your cheong sam ! Hope you had a good one Melody ;-) Haha, food *drools*.

    What are you talking about ?! I think you make a pretty good rabbit impression ! :-P

  • SneakyLily

    AWWW I LOVE LOVE LOVE your dress! My friends tried to convince me to get a cheong sam for CNY but I resisted, then when I saw everyone else looking great in their I regretted.

    There are a lot around at the moment in Malaysia, I wonder if they will go on discount after CNY. Maybe I could get one for next year, but then i'd have to keep it a WHOLE year without wearing it -_-

  • Ribka

    Happy CNY!!! I think I should buy cheong sam for next year hahaha

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