Bloggers Unite!

If you follow me on either twitter or facebook, you should already know that I spent the day with some really awesome people today!! teheh. Can you guess who they are?!

Many of you probably recognize these faces because you might read their blogs too!
Yup, that’s Tam, Min, Vu and I meeting Amanda and Sam (who were visiting from Perth) for the first time! It was probably the most awesomest day I’ve had in the longest time ever and I’m so glad I met them all!

Black&White top, Pink Usamimi, Boots, Stockings, High waisted Skirt, Studded bow belt, key Necklace, flower earrings & piano bag!
This is what I wore out to meet these lovely ladies!! ♥
And let me tell you what my VERY first impression of Amanda and Samantha were.

Because if you’ve been following my blog, you should know that I’m only 151cm. Yet these girls are the same age as me and are like ~170cm!!! ;__; I’m so tiny compared to them! ;( ! tehehe Seriously though, look at the photos, I’m stretching my arm up as high as possible and they’re bending their knees and yet, the photos were hard to take!

Vu&I’s lunch: Takoyaki and Katsudon Bento / Amanda&Sam‘s lunch: Melbourne’s largest Ramen!
We spent ages shopping for Japanese magazines, super expensive Japanese make up/skin care, cheap stuff at Tokuya, taking purikuras, eating yummy Japanese food and well, having lots of fun! ♥

Hehe. I don’t even think they knew I was taking a photo of them sneakily like such ;D !
Oh right, I forgot to mentioned. We took A LOT of photos! Hahahaha.

(Waiting for our beautiful Tamtam to show up!)
It was so awesome to be able to meet other people that have similar interests to you and don’t fuss over a thing when you want to take 50billion photos of that piece of sushi ! teheh. Ahh, if only Jennifer, Tezza and Marie were here too – then all of my SMV bffls would be here with meee! (definitely one day!)

But yes, I had an awesome time and bought a lot of stuff! (some are for you guise!) Hehe. Oh and Vu won me those plushies & My Melody ear phones from those UFO catchers! (loveyou♥)

Oh and of course, THANK YOU to my wonderful darling boyfriend who tagged along with us girls shopping and helped us take nearly all these photos for us *-*! (for ..all our cameras too ! hahahaha) You’re the best!
♥ ♥ ♥
If I visited your country, would you ever be so kind to take me out too? Or which country should I visit?

Hehe, please come to Melbourne everyone and we’ll meet up!!
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62 comments to Bloggers Unite!

  • Vu

    hahah I had fun today, and it was nice meeting Amanda and Sam, and seeing Min and Tam again. Gosh, Amanda and Sam were so tall! *-* But in a good way though. xD

    I was only able to win so many plushies because you were there, sweetheart. You gave me some good luck! >:D

    I can't answer the question this time since I'll always be taking you out. :3 Aaaaand we live in the same country and etc. xD

  • Elisa ♥

    ahww, the stuff that you bought are so cuteee ^o^!!! looks like you had loads of funn ='D y'll look gorgeous ^___^


  • Jennifer :) ~

    Aw it looks like a missed out on so much! I wish I could have came :( But there will always be a next time, yeah? With the others too ^^ I can't wait hehe.

    If you visited my city I would take you around even though there isn't a lot to do in my city -.-

  • amanda

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You crack me up melody! <3

    The question is, WHY ARE YOU GUYS SO SHORT?? lololollll

    i look heavily photoshopped in the first picture, did you photoshop me? LOL

    so happy that i finally got to meet you! see you again soon babe <3

  • Jilliancat

    how come vu always be the first to comment?! T,T Everytime you update then his comment pops right out! @,@

    yesss if you come to KL I'll take you shopping. :D and i love your coordinate of the day. <3

  • Exuvalia

    Visit Perth, so you can meet me, Amanda and Sam again. I will bring you around, and if you need accommodation, I would be willing to provide it for you free of charge. Come come come!

  • sugar sugar

    looks like you had loads of fun!!! love the pictures & i love your outfit! :D

  • Bibi

    Aaah meeting with other bloggers seems like so much fun!! ^^ And if you were to visit Belgium, I would definitely take you out and show you everything! ^^

  • Rebekah

    Hey Melody ♥

    Please come to SG and i'll bring you out for shopping , play etc . We could have girls talk all night long and share secrets . That would be so nice ^^

  • Rebekah

    Hey Melody ♥

    Please come to SG and i'll bring you out for shopping , play etc . We could have girls talk all night long and share secrets . That would be so nice ^^

  • Eva

    OMG i love the kawaii plushes Vu bought for ya >.< !!
    you should visit The Netherlands some time ^^ that would be fun ;)

  • fashioneggpplant

    your blog is just sooo cute and so much fun! =)

  • Caroline Josephine

    Visit me in Japan!!! I'll take you ALLLLL over!

    Looks like you had fun!

  • Morgane ☆

    Aah I envy you to have this kind of meeting *O* ♥ Looks like you had so much fun~

  • Hello

    Haha come visit scotland!! You could visit Pu3 and me >.< AND ITS COLD… (.__.) Yay?

  • ShuShu ♥

    you should come to germany, or we just meet up in bulgaria, hehe :3 i think it would be so much fun to spend some time together *~*
    i have never met other blogger girls T_T (apart from them who were already my friends before i started blogging)
    seems that you have had an awesome day, good for you! :3

    ShuShu ♥

  • kaizokumousy

    *o* melody that sounds fun!I want to meet you too!!!^___^

    Oh I know amanda, I followed her blog as well :) wow I thought she was petite and small O.O but gosh melody i think you are really petite!o.o

    But i think you are really cute too :) all are cute^^

  • super-rabbit

    Looks like you had fun :D!!

    Lol silly me trying to spot Vu in the first picture and then I realised he must have taken the picture XDXD

    I really like your outfit, but wasn't it hot XD? The piano bag reminds me of an AP rori bag, hehehe :)

    The food looks so delicious, especially the ramen! I love ramen :D

  • siwing

    looks like you had such a fun time ^__^

    you are so cute! i love your leggings !!! so unique~~ hehe ^__^

    and your food looks so yummy !!

    and LOL LOL "why are you guys so tall?" hahah i'm a shorty too ^__^

  • Asuka

    awwww you guys seem to had a lot of fun =) You all look so beautiful *-*
    and of course I would take you out, melody he he he … just come to germany one day and we'll have a lot of fun =)

  • nanairomiso

    I'm not familiar with any of the other girls, but you guys are so cute! Looks like it was a fun day out!~
    If you ever drop by Osaka, I'll take you around the city. There's so many different things to see and do~♪

  • Tifa Mai

    Looks like you had a really great time!!! It's amazing to be able to meet people who share the same interest as you and stuff. :) And what lovely goodies you got!! I'm jealous. Hehe And your boyfriend is so sweet to get you those plush! :D

  • ☮My☮Socks☮Never☮Match☮

    that looks like sooooooooooooo much fun! And you got some really kewl stuff, to! ^.^

  • Mei

    Again: WHY DON'T I LIVE IN AUSTRALIA D: !!! According to map I live 16534.00 kilometres away from you.

    If I ever visit Australia (probably will) you guys have to take me out to the hot spots over there and eat sushi with meeeeeeee! Poor Vu hanging all day with girls haha.

    Everyone looks so cute really ^__^
    And awww I kind of like your petite size Melody :) it's cute.

    If you ever visit Holland (my country) of course I will take you everywhere :D (and for free harr)


  • Hello Naka

    awh ur so cute and that was really sweet of VU ^^ and oh cutie has changed since i first bought it, but i still have a soft bit for it ^^

  • ことり ✜ kotori

    Aww omg it looks like you guys had so much fun >o< I wish I could live in Australia too~

    *A* waii I recently just bought those same My Melody headphones too – they're so cute.

  • Min

    I had fun yesterday! Thanks to you, Vu, Tam, Amanda and Sam for making this meetup an enjoyable one <333

    And YES I would take you around if you visited MY city hahahahha!!! ;D

  • Tezza

    first off LOL amandaa is so taaaaaaalll wtf hahahah. im short like you melody, dw we'll be short together :D:D our luvos will be perfect cos we're the same height TEEHEEEEE.

    and i loove your usamimi! so cute, makes me wanna get that pattern now :3 but i think im gonna learn how to make them first, cos i bet its heaps easy to know how to make! i mean, like its a wire and pretty fabric, what can go wrong? …… *stuffs up sewing machine* LOL oops

    anyways im SO meeting you one day, like i swear habibyyyyy. whether it be this year or the next, you better not forget me or else when i come visit you, you'll be like EH WHAT … T…. Tezza?

    LUPP YOU :) <33

    OH YEAH.
    pS COME TO SYDNEY. the end.


  • petitechouxx

    awww you girls look fabulous! and Vu too ^^

    Come to Montreal, Canada! it will be fun! i hope =D

  • Jessica

    Melody's so lucky.. many cute girls wants to give her a tour hahaha

    You girls look so cute.. and thats so sweet of Vu ~ to take pictures and to stand all that girl talks kkk

    ~then if ever you decided to visit Vancouver, Ill show you around of course (even though Im not that familiar with the place yet) haha!
    And Ill make you a welcome cake :D

  • 20 York Street

    Ah that is so cool, a get together! Yes, come to Canada!


    20 York Street

  • YomiLikesSweets

    If I had money for once in my life I'd totally take you out (and blow it all >D) It'd be pretty rad if you went to Canada I think :P

  • Tam

    the first impression photos is so cute hehe. Yesterday was heaps fun im looking forward to sarurday now :)


    Ahhh I recognise all those places cause' I live in Melbourne too ;-P Hahah, WE should meet up ! I'm always a little scared meeting people online though, cause' you know .. 1 in 2 are freaks ! X-D I just made that up.

    If you'd like, I can send you a postcard from Hawaii when I'm there ! That's if you don't mind disclosing your postal address X-D My email's mookxi at hotmail ;-)

    Loved seeing all those pictures and looks like you guys had SO much fun !!

  • Ling

    I think you girls all look so pretty and cute. Ahhh, I wish I was still as young…
    And yeah, its great having a boyfriend to take photos and carry stuff and win goodies for u =)

  • lissy

    bet you guys had heaps of fun together :3

    i recognise all those places where you took the pics at muahahaa
    the bentos look delicious!! btw where is this at?

    i fail at ufo catchers D; but HOMG you got a rilakkuma, lucky!! so i guess photoworld has new toys now :D

    will be going soon to pick up my order from KK 8D can't wait


  • Gerrytales

    Awww man! I want to have a huge get together with all ze blog girls T ^ T
    Looks like you guys had a blast looking at the food, purikura (from Min's blog) and the purchases @_@" OMOOOO so cute!

    I agree with Tezza, you need to come visit Sydney one day : )
    If I see you, Tam and Jahnice, that would be freaking awesome!

    Until next time <3 Gerry

  • Michelleesque

    I just got your comment on the coupon book LOL ^^

    I don't know why I couldn't find the link to your blog at the time of your comment, but now that I found it, I'm following your blog!! :)

    I love your outfit! ^^ You and your boyfriend are adorable and your purchases are amazing!

  • srhtrng

    Your usagi headband is adorable and you're so lucky your boyfriend takes such nice photos. Khang's hands are always so shaky LOL TT

  • ベーサ

    Ooh you look super cute!! I love your outfit!! ♥ And your friends look pretty good too ^^ I wish I could meet up with gals where I live too :'(
    Mmm all that food!!! I. WANT.
    The stuff you bought looks really cute and the plushies are adorable! :3

    I live in Geneva, in Switzerland… I would take you out for sure, of course!! But there's not much to do here ^^

  • Rocking Doll Museum

    If you come to Holland I will be your host/tourguide! ;D

    Cute photo's! The food looks awesome!

    THe "books" are lovely! They are from a french company actually, atleast according to the pricetag! XD

  • ♡Yumeko

    Awww,the photos are so cute!(And yummy food!)^__^* It seems so much fun!:D &I like what you bought!(Rilakkuma plushy, and are these Arashi on the cover of the magazine?)<3<3<3

    PS;I wouLD definitely take you out!(^__^)/Hope you would visit EU sometime!:D

  • Saving Capulet

    great job vu!! absolute boyfriend!! and what a cute and fun post! you all look so lovely and sweet! I'm glad you all had fun and lotsa pretty stuff there!!

  • Henar

    You look really lovely, fantastic pics!


  • Audrey (hkittygirl)

    Looks like so much fun! I would love to have blogger meet ups, when I'm older! :3

    The food looks so very yummy and all of you look so cute! 170 cm? Wow, so tall! :O

  • Suteisi ♥ ステイスィー

    Such nice pictures!! I love gathering like these, it's awesome to see bloggers meet up!!! n___n//

    I love the photos you took from above, that huge smile you got :D It makes me want to smile super big too!!

    I'd definitely tour you around if you can to Canada!! n_____n

  • Julie

    Looks like you had lots of fun ^^, it'd be so exciting to meet you in person and actually go shopping with you! Oh and The food looks scrumptious and your outfit is super cute! :)

  • Beauty meets Kawaii

    You look like you had so much fun Melody! The plushes are super cute!

    Kisses, Melanie

  • Ailing ♥

    I could quite possibly marry bento!!!!! HAHAHA!
    <3<3<3 xx

  • cutielippi

    i've been reading your blog for quite a while now but i've just realized that i never followed ö__ö well, now i am tehehe!!
    you guys seem like you had a great time! you look just too cute >___<
    love the belt ♥
    also, i'm only 151 cm too! i know how it feels when EVERYONE is taller!at least your boyfriend isn't that tall, so that makes you a cute couple. my bf is like 190 cm and i just look like a little kid next to him!!

  • SneakyLily

    I need to start dining with people who understand the need to take a thousand photos of food!
    You girls all look so pretty and are dressed so nicely, I miss Melbourne fashion >_<
    Honestly at the moment Melbz has WAY nicer clothes shopping than in malaysia!

  • Roadrunner

    You girls are all SO cute! :)♥

  • Kelly_konomi

    omg! soo cute!! i want a blogger gathering too!!

    can i meet you when i travel to Australia? >.<

    i'd probably study in perth for my physio degree. but nothing is confirmed! *emo*

    but your gathering seems sooo fun!! <3

  • MayClover

    Looks like you had lots of fun^^!

  • P o o p e r

    The usamimi is soooooooo cute on you! <33 LOVING the whole outfit and the circle lenses! All of you ladies are look so fashionable.

    OHHH, if I owned a car of my own I would totally nag you to come to Florida. :DD and we'd go to all the theme parks! That's all there really is about Florida. Just the theme parks, and maybe beaches. o:

  • xxkatielee

    Ah , that`s cool you actually meet other bloggers (:
    ANDDD I just read your "Grateful" post . I can`t find the comment link , so I`ll just put here that I`m looking forward to hearing about your Valentine`s Day (: Haha , it sounds creepy , but to me your guys` relationship is like a story book c(: it`s very sweet (:

  • Dolce♥Bunny

    *sob sob* i feel so left out… :( looks like so much fun and i want to meet bloggers tooooooooo T^T and I really wanna meet you melodyyy~!! I hope when I go visit you over the winter, I can meet others too~~!! Organize shite melon chaaaaaaan!!!! T^T

  • dblchin (double chin)

    wow looks like a lot of fun!!! I hope I can come to Melbourne someday!

  • Vermillion

    I love your outfit :D It looks like everyone had fun.

  • Silkybow

    aww looks like you guys had a lot of fun :) Everyone looks so pretty and I love japanese foooood T^T.

    Wow they're really tall too haha *jealous*

  • Ribka

    ahh I'm short too, 153 or 154 cm :(
    I love your outfit, btw. You are so cute! XD

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