7 Beauty Characteristics

I feel really weird blogging so soon again but considering the last post wasn’t really a blog ;A;
But yes~ I was tagged by both Jennifer and Rinny to do the 7 Beauty Charasteristics tag!! ♥ So I thought it’d be a really good idea to do them ^-^”! Because it’s always great to list things that you like about yourself!

(Yay for no make up / bare face ..and really nice lighting next to my room window teehee!)
We girls always complain that we hate this and that, so be positive and say something you like instead!
Melludee’s 7 Beauty Characteristics !

1.Feet – They are small and although I can’t find any shoes my size (4~5) ..I still love them heaps! Especially because I think having big feet would look kind of odd with my short height (≧д≦)
2.HairI’ve dyed (never bleach) it numerous of times yet it’s still so soft and doesn’t have that many split ends.
3.Eye Lids I thankfully inherited my mother’s parallel double eyelids *-* ! None of my siblings have double eye lids cos dad doesn’t have any. And I’m the only one who got it from my mum (♥∀♥)!
4.ComplexionEveryone tells me to get a tan but I really don’t want to. I had a tan in primary school cos I used to run in the sun a lot and I think I look way better with fairer skin ! But I do burn easily ヽ(`Д´)ノ
5.Teeth I’ve never had anything done to my teeth – no fillings, no braces, nothing. So love them!
(Left; In Year 9 with crazy tall friend & no shoes / Right; Last year with black flats)
6.Height – I’m only 151cm! I used to get teased about being a “chibi” but I love being able to fit under people’s chins when they hug me ! And people tend to let me go in front of them so I can see better haha (●´∀`)ノ
7.Nose*-* For some odd reason my nose used to be fat but mum made me pinch them a lot when I was younger and it eventually decreased in size. /I don’t know why so if it doesn’t work for you, don’t blame me!

But yes. That is the end of this list of things that I’m happy with about myself(o・∇・)o But don’t forget, you should never be embarrassed or ashamed for something that you don’t like about yourself because everyone is beautiful in their own way. And sometimes some characteristics that seem good won’t even match you! Like I think I would look super weird if I was actually tall!

♥ ♥ ♥
So tell me, what is something you like about yourself?

I tag: Yumeko, Asuka, Jessica, Kotori, Ling, Sugar and Sarah!
(although if any one of you wants to do this, please go ahead and leave me the URL so I can check it out!)

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42 comments to 7 Beauty Characteristics

  • Vu

    Aww sweetheart, you look so beautiful without makeup. And even with it on as well! Double win! :D

    I love all your characteristics, heck, I love every appearance characteristic of yours. <3

    It still amazes me how small your feet are! haha I've never seen such small (and cute) feet on someone your age.

    Hmmm, something I like about myself… I like my nose. xD hahah

  • Jennifer :) ~

    Naww thanks so much for doing this tag ^^ I like how your eyelids are nicely rounded and your teeth are so naturally pretty :) And you're lucky about your nose, my mum used to tell me to pinch mine but I never did because I didn't think it would have made a difference.. but it seems to have worked well for you!

  • kaizokumousy

    hihi I am also tag by 1 of my friend it's really great to know somethings you like about yourself melody^_^

    you have beautiful eyes ^_^ lucky for eyelids heehee :D

    oh it's better if you are small ^^ I like petite girls or smaller girls.I find them cute ^^

  • Ling

    Hi beautiful, thanks for tagging me!! No-one has ever done that to me before!! And I have blogged for like 6 years!! THANKS!!!!!!!

    Anyway, back to your blog :-

    Loving your eyes!!! – Some girls actually get double eyelid surgery to correct monolids – but i'd be too scared.
    As for your teeth, I agree – you have a lovely smile – and that is from a fully qualified dentist =)

    btw – i'm 1cm taller than you hehe…but my feet are waaaaaaaay bigger – i'm a size 40!!

    anyway, yay, I'm off to think of what to write after you tagged me =)

    (p.s. gonna put it in my beauty blog)

  • &. nostalgia

    You look cute and I love how you did your headband, mine always turns out weird TT-TT haha
    You don't look 151cm at all!
    I'm about 155cm-ish, I wish I was taller >< hehe

  • Dolce♥Bunny

    Nyaaaaaaawwww you cutie! Its always good to be confident in my self! I was tagged in this by someone so I better do this tooooo~!!

    My mom use to pinch my nose tooooo!! lol,,, another Malaysian mom trait? But I'm glad she did thou!! you're lucky to have double eyelids… T^T

  • lissy

    you are so lucky to have double eyelids D;
    no braces? :o lucky again my teeth were jtdldidlijhlccxkx
    im exactly 10cms taller hehehe

    homg i know where you took that pic in the maid costume, it was last years manifest right right? and i also saw you guys dancing haha ^^

  • Jilliancat

    /reply, going to scotland for twinning program. T.T

    you are quite blessed with so many beauty characteristics. T,T I think I can't even complete the list of 7 AHAHA. >,<

  • Elisa ♥

    you are so cute and petite ^o^!! <3

  • Mei

    My pretty little Melody <333 xx~

  • Asuka

    awww that so sweet from you, tagging me like this =)
    I also think that it is very important to like stuff about you, instead of always complaining about yourself.
    and your have such great things to be proud about, I wish I had a nose like you T.T
    oh and teh headband looks so sweet on you!

  • Hello Naka

    cute tag ^^ i need to do this tehe, but i need to think of 7 things first :p and i never realised i was lucky to have double eyelids until i heard of people getting double eyelid surgery D: and eyelid tape!

    you look really cute ^^

  • Fionaa ♥

    Wish I had double eyelids! That is the one I really want *sigh* so I'm trying to "naturally" create them somehow because my sister somehow did it ><" Cute picture of you with the pretty headband <3

  • petitechouxx

    lucky you have great hair without split ends O.O!!!

    mine is horrible =.=

  • Anonymous

    I seldom leave comments on blog, but I have been to this post which was recommended by my friend, lots of valuable details, thanks again.

  • macromi.

    oh i love the thing (oh sue me for calling it a thing but i just can't come up with the right word for it D:) in your hair. :3
    and i love your size. :D i'm about the same size, maybe 2cm "taller" but i like being that short. my friends are very tall too but nobody does tease me because of my size. (:
    a thing i like about myself? i can't tell. i just used to be happy with myself in general. (:

    greetings. ♥

  • sugar sugar

    kawaii chibi melody! <3 *pinchx3
    LOL! xD thanks for tagging me dear!

  • Lexy @ Quirky Explosion

    AWW. I don't know why, but this post made me so happy. I can't believe that your feet are so itsy! That's so adorable. I actually wish I had small feet (or big feet. but small is wayyyy cuter) because your shoes are always on sale!

    And hahah, I'm so happy I have double eyelids too. But it makes me upset that people undergo surgery to get double eyelids! 'Tis silly.


  • Rocking Doll Museum

    I pass that question!

    /reply/ Well, don't tell me I didn't warn you you would get hungry! XD

  • Beauty meets Kawaii

    Hi Melody! You're so cute – and you look fantastic without makeup on! I like my eyelashes because they are pretty long, but when I was younger I was freaked out by them because my parents told me that when I was a new-born, my eyelashes went to the bottom of my nose. Weird!!

    Kisses, Melanie

  • Vy Nguyen

    hahahaha! my mum tells me to do that too (pinch your nose to make it smaller/taller) and i'm always like WTF it's not going to work. Kind of surprised that it actually worked out.

    I just love my height, being taller than everyone, kinda sucks though when your boyfriend is only like 4cm taller than you and slumps when he walks so he looks your height/shorter than you

  • Rinny

    Thanks for sharing! It amazes me how big and round your eyes are – you probably have the biggest eyes out of all the Asian ppl I have met haha.

  • Amy

    That nose thing is interesting. I wish my mom made me do that when I was younger. Now I use this funny Japanese nose clip to try to accomplish the same goal D:


  • ことり ✜ kotori

    Wai Melody is so cuteee! You're so lucky on your nose though >o< and your bleachings as well to have it so healthy~

    Thank you for tagging me as well~ keke you really do rock that usamimi so well ^^

  • knk

    you looks very pretty nice group of friends

    have a great weekend


  • Bella Francisca

    I really envy about your eyes! aaah, I want an eye lids so bad :( mom, daddy and my brother had the eye lids. I'm the only one who hasn't an eye lids -__- your height is just about 151cm? wow, very.. chibi, teehee :p anyway thanks for your comment, I'm so really better :)

    xoxo, bee.

  • ♡Yumeko

    Your eyes are so cute, Melody!^__^* I wish mine were so big!~ I like the ''pinch your nose'' thing!:D I wish my mom would made me to do that!;D

    &Thanks for tagging me sweetie,I will post my list today!<3

  • ♥Mishi à la mode♥

    pretty pretty with and without makeup ^_^

    I'm short as well but i think chibi is a very cute name. Great things come in small packages ya'know. LOL

  • super-rabbit

    Omo, your height is so cute XD!
    and i'm so jelly of your double lids wtf XDXD

    anyway, did you bleach your hair before attempting to dye it red XD?

  • Mooshi.Chui

    hahaha awww ur eyes are SOO big and beautiful! ><"
    its good having small feet! cos when theres sales there will always have ur size! teehee

  • Eva

    awwh your cute and beautiful! ^^ and i luve your blog because it always makes me happy hihi
    the part i like about myself is my skin. i've never had acne or something like that *^^*

  • Saving Capulet

    aww, you look so sweet! :> and cute!! you're the cutest chibi gal, ever! uhm what i like about myself, I have to say my eyes, It makes it hard for other people to determine my nationality xD

  • ShuShu ♥

    what a cute post! *~* i am a small girl, too but not that small like you ^-^ (i'm 157 cm) sometimes, being a small girl, is really annoying but all in all i'm glad about my height :3

    ShuShu ♥

  • ~KawaiiParadise~

    Your skin look great with no makeup on. Care to share the secret?lolz ^^
    ~XOXO Charlotte

  • Audrey (hkittygirl)

    You're so lucky that your hair is soft! I've highlighted my hair once and I just dyed all of my hair, so now it isn't as soft. It's still soft, but not as soft as it used to be. T^T

  • Gerrytales

    You look pretty with and without make up on :O
    I lyke your undamaged hair, double eyelids and petite height! I use to want to be shorter!
    You left out how big your eyes are ~ ohhh lucky ducky :)

    Take care,
    <3 Gerry

  • Ken

    too bad i dont really like anything about myself

  • BuNnYLuverz

    i really like how your positive about your height! i dont like getting picked on so i always wear wedges. unless im going on an errand and running to safeway down the street. but i do like the fact that we always get to go in the front =D

  • Jessica

    Oh my.. you tagged me ><"
    I cant think of even 1 haha!

  • Ribka

    Great post ^^! I think every girls is pretty. The main problem is we often forget how to be grateful for what we have and who we are

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