Nerves. Nerves. Nerves.
Today, I watched my baby brother (not so baby anymore) sit the test for his Ls driving permit. And I don’t know why but even though it wasn’t me personally undertaking a test; I felt so damn nervous for him that my tummy started cramping! :\ (He passed with flying colours in the end; but still got me worried!)

So thinking about it, why do we even get nervous?
Why is it that our palms get sweaty when we’re waiting to speak in front of a huge audience? Or why our legs get wobbly? Or maybe our mouth suddenly dries up. Or that annoying feeling in your stomach that people like to call “butterflies”
(Left; When I dyed my hair orange/brown last year ; Right; When I cooked roast pork at the start of last year)

I get nervous (and worried) really really easily.

People often tell me that I worry too much and that I’m going to get wrinkles if I keep stressing out about whatever that’s causing me concern at that moment :( But I can’t help it ! I worry about everything that’s possible! :( I worry about the health of my loved ones. I worry about spiders in my room. I worry about whether I’m going to be able to do what I want in the future. I worry about if my hair is always going to be on my head. I worry if there’s going to be anymore floods. I worry when exam results are coming out! I even worry about going through those detector things at shops even though I didn’t steal anything :( Lol :( It went off once for no reason though..
And even my eyebrows are naturally slanted so that they look like I’m worried :\
But in any case, I think it’s good to worry (to a certain amount) …just probably not as much as I do !
*Note: All these photos are from early-mid 2010 cept the first one; I’ve been feeling a bit too sick for camwhoring*
♥ ♥ ♥
What is something you get worried/nervous about ?

[EDIT: Thank you everyone who folded cranes for Mei’s mum. But sadly, she left us not long ago. You’re in my thoughts and prayers. Please Rest in Peace ♥]

Ps/ Hello wonderful disgusting world of anonymous haters. I’d just like to say that it’d be incredibly wonderful if you would stop spreading your disease around to others. Thanks. And no, world, I do not promote myself on other people’s blogs/formsprings/twitters/etc. Why? Because I don’t believe in spamming other’s with my own crap; just like how I don’t like seeing your crap on mine. – Oh, here’s a heart since you seem to be lacking one ;)
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56 comments to WorryMelody

  • Rebekah

    Hey Melody , i am the same as you ! I worry about every single thing even if it do not concern me . I tend to think alot :(

  • Melissy

    I think sometimes it's a good sign..
    When you worry about something, the outcome is usually good and above expectations.
    If you're not worried about something, you usually get shocked with the results..
    Hmm, that's what I think happens to me anyway. XD
    I am a huge worries as well. LOL. XD

  • sugar sugar

    we get nervous because we're human and humans want to be accepted with what they do. we seek approval, etc.. :)

    being a worry wart is common for the oldest children in the family. i guess you're the oldest in yours, but don't worry you aren't alone.

    it's so nice of you to show love to your haters. they probably need a dose of it. ^-^

  • Vu

    I don't get worried too often but when I do it's usually something that isn't worth worrying about. I like to think that if I think that the worst is going to happen, that the opposite will actually happen. Not logical, I know. xD

    Oh, and baby, you look so cute in these photos. >:3

    P.S – People who trust anonymous sources of information really do display a lack of intelligence.

  • Rocking Doll Museum

    If I am going to get a job for the week days untill I start with my other study.

    And because I stopped with study A, I hope study B starting in August is the right one for me.
    or else I really "lost" 2 years >.>

    Oh and " Oh, here's a heart since you seem to be lacking one ;)"
    Lol XD

  • Jilliancat

    wait wait ME TOOOOO!!! I know what, check your right palm and see if it's a lot of wrinkles. becos people who think a lot tend to have a lot of wrinkles on their right palm!!!!!!

  • Mei

    Nerves and worries are good healthy signs. Because without that you have no emotions & feelings.

    I get nerves if I have to speak infront of an audience. Even I look well confident on the outside, inside my heart is like pounding like mad.

    I worry about my family. I worry about our enviroment. I worry about economics stuff…
    Haha I also wory about these nasty spiders in my room.


  • Rocking Doll Museum

    Thank you!

    I don't know. I probably have to kill the waist and do that all over..
    Oh well.

    I think I'll "throw lolita in the trashcan" too! XD
    Just as my petticoat, which I made, but totally sucked.

  • Jodie

    Recently the pastor in my church in Perth passed away too.. :( RIP and may his family be okay..
    I worry bout … not much really HAHA

  • kaizokumousy

    aww melody now i know why your eyes looks always sad but it's ur eyebrows that does that!^^ so cute!:)

    but dont be sad because yeah ur right u get wrinkles quickly :<

    oh and i heared about what other people tells you on vu's blog i hope that doesnt worry you so much :) smile and 4get about that. HATERS WILL MAKE YOU FAMOUS ;) hihi

    oh and brushes i bought from dollfacecosmetics.com

    it's philippine based.

  • London's-beauty

    You look cute with the eyebrows, very special :))
    R.I.P Mai's mum T___T My tears started to water after reading her post.

  • Elisa ♥

    Argh same here!!! My nerves are freaking me out sometimes >.< I'm stressing way too much for school, friends, family, my future everything o_o.. And i'm trying tons of things to distract my thoughts lol xD

    p.s. i also worry about the spiders in my room or other insects o_O" EEK!

  • Asuka

    you are right, people worry to much (including me!) but I guess we can't help it. I think we worry because we are afraid of the outcome or the consequences, what happends if we do something wrong. This is just how people are.

    For me, there are countless things I worry about: school, life, friends, little things that are so unimpoartant -.-

  • Dolce♥Bunny

    Omg, I used to be such a nervous person before. I couldn't do anything cuz i was 'scared' something bad will happens. Well, if you must know why that happends when you're nervous… *puts on nerds glasses*
    When you get nervous, the body automatically sets the body into "run away mode" or, flight! Stomach starts to cramp cuz it is trying to make you vomit so that you can run faster away with nothing to carry in your stomach! Palms get sweaty cuz of your kidney being in panick mode! Legs get wobbly cuz you're not suppose to be standing!! but running!!
    *puts nerds glasses down*

    wow. sorry :( But I really love how your eyeborws are slanted. Its just sooooo cuteeeeeeeee *squeeeze cheeks*

    I get worried/nervous about disappointing my self. Like either in business, life, parents, or grandes…. :(

    Sorry to hear about Mei's mom… May she rest in peace…

  • macromi

    hai melody. :3
    i thought i shall always leave you at least a short comment whenever i read one of your blog entries, i thought i'd be fair, wouldn't it ? ^^"
    i know what you mean with getting worried about everything very quick.
    i also worry about how my future will be like and sometimes i'm in my bed and wonder if there are any insects or spiders around any corner of my room. oo"
    it's getting me so nervous that i get up again and check if there's something. :'D
    and sometimes i'm scared of these shop detectors as well. i always hope they won't turn on as soon as i walked through them. 0:
    i think i've already told you that i love the way you put up your entries. ♥ you always mark your sentences in these nice colors which makes the reading very … pleasant ? :D + all the pictures you always take. you are so cute. C:
    and it's sad to read about mei's mum. ): when i read your last post i wanted to fold a crane but unfortunately i didn't know how to and i didn't have the right paper for it. ): so i just wished the best for her & her mum. but oh well. :A:

    greetings from germany. [;

  • Suteisi ♥ ステイスィー

    As others have posted, I think it's perfectly normal to worry. Some of us though, like you, and like me, worry more than we probably should/need to. All the things you said, I worry about too. I always get the sick feeling/butterflies in stomach when I'm nervous. And then I start to sweat. And if it's REALLY bad, then sometimes I forget to eat breakfast or lunch, or just feel so sick that I don't feel like eating at all.

    In 2010, a lot of stress caused me to skip on meals, which helped me with my weight lost goals. But the feeling of being worried and stressing out so much wasn't good at all.

    What makes me worry and nervous the most is when someone tells me "I need to talk to you" or "Can you come here, I wanna talk to you?" GAAAHH! That just drains the blood from my face and stops my heart completely.

  • siwing

    i lol'ed when you said "i worry about the spiders in my room" lol you are so silly melody!

  • moon

    I pretend to be cool but in fact I'm nervous all the time XD!!
    Like when I have to speak to someone I don't know, or going into a room full of people x_x

    Ah, don't worry about haters. It's true you don't promote yourself on other blogs etc., that's what I like about you, you're not pushy like OMG READ MY BLOG GO NAO !!1!1
    Haters will only make you famoussss rawr

  • Bibi

    It's not bad to worry. If we worry it means we care. So worrying is a good thing! ^^

    I worry a lot too. I think it's normal for the eldest daughter. I worry about my younger siblings. I worry about my parents. I worry about my grandparents. I worry about stupid little things.

  • gyc

    getting worried is totally natural, after all we're all humans ^^ oh and did i mention your slanty eyebrows are SUPER CUTE!

  • ShuShu

    i get worried about everything, too. in principle i am a very emotional person ^-^" sometimes a bit too much! (or even more than a bit) but the most feelings like being worried, sad, etc. i try to hide when i'm among people, because i don't want them to see. when i'm alone i cry very often. because of sad movies/dramas, because of sad new, because of bad marks, because of a beloved person who died some years ago, and so on. i cried when i heard about mei's mommy, too :'((
    but it almost sounds like i would be a very depressive person – it isn't true! as i am crying pretty much, i am often very happy, too and laugh most time during the day :3

    ShuShu ♥

  • Hello

    Ahh POOR MEI!! :D

    Mehh I am always worried about people coming to my house and killing me/my family!! D:

    any way i dont feel like writing now so bye!! Happy wednesday! :)

  • FashionableAsians

    aww my nerves always make me screw on interviews, I leave them smacking my forehead like why did I say that?! and sometimes I start stuttering but that's only when I really want the job! I love that you have a butterfly belt to kinda emphasize the ones in your stomach :P

  • Hello Naka

    awh dont worry to much and worry about the store dectors too Xd i always worry when there is police T^T

  • Saving Capulet

    oh dear, I can totally relate to this, I think too much and worry too much, out of habit, I think. so there's nothing much I can do about it. But here's a nice thought, "Stop worrying, most of the things you worry about don't happen anyway" ;)

  • Mei

    (Don't cry, gimme a smile ^^)

  • lissy

    zomg im taking my Ls next week D; dont know if i'll pass or not :S

    im really bad at public speaking, i always mumble and my voice goes all shaky and i dont know what im talking about T^T

  • Rinny

    I get extremely nervous when I have to take my road test for my driver's license – I've failed it twice already because I could never parallel park =.=

  • YomiLikesSweets

    I worry about EVERYTHING. When my friends get sick with a common cold I have a giant freak out and say I'll buy them soup and all this stuff (Even though I have no money.) So yeah I worry about everything also. o-o;

  • Vermillion

    Congrats to your brother on getting his L's!

    Hmm I guess I get nervous when I'm uncertain about things? I'm the type of person who likes to be decisive and make sure that I'm making the best decisions about things ^^;;;

    And RIP to Mai's mum.

  • Sarah

    I love your eyebrows dear. They're shaped so nicely and make you look so innocent and huggable :3

  • Audrey (hkittygirl)

    I get nervous, when going through the metal detectors at airports. I know I'm not a terrorist and that I don't carry dangerous weapons, but I always think to myself, "WHAT IF THE ALARM GOES OFF?" D:

  • Luquiejay♥

    i'm like you too LOL i get worried a lot when it's not even me undertaking the situation ._. like.. when somenoe's about to ask someone out, i'd get all nervous and excited when it isn't even me ! LOL

  • petitechouxx

    i always get worried about small things >.< like i thought that i forgot to close the door and thought my dogs might go out! @_@ it didn't. the door was really close^^ i was so glad

  • Amy

    I guess if worrying wasn't a natural reflex, our self-preservation instinct would be less sensitive and we'd be more susceptible to danger!

    Aww your eyebrows make me want to make a cute little cartoon character out of you! It would be a Melludee rabbit with that looks like this: <:3

  • Amy

    Oh, and P.S. don't worry about those anons! I don't know why anyone would want to troll someone as sweet and thoughtful as you :\

  • Gerrytales

    Aww you're like a little worry doll. They actually have worry dolls in 'Tree Of Life' – they worry for others :)
    It's okay to be nervous, everyone gets anxious over different things ~
    Anyway, I hope you feel better and start cam-whoring some moarrrr!

    LOOOOL @ the "here's a heart since you seem to be lacking one"

    Take care sweetie ♥ Gerry

  • Isabel

    Shit.. I don't know Mei but that sucks. I believe she's in a better place now though (no worries there!)

    For me, I worry before going on stage/presentation, driving lessons (I'm afraid of driving), talking to strangers, walking through a crowded place (I'm self conscious, thinking everyone's looking at me), not having enough money T_T, ending up as a failure in life, wrinkles etc etc I think the list could go on and on lol

  • Gyaru Mika

    I do worry about every little thing,too and I think woo much worrying makes a life really hard :D
    I mean sometimes it can be really annoying for myself if I worry about things that are not worth it T_T
    But we'll make it some day haha :'D

  • Aiko

    You are so cute ^^
    I love your blog, i follow you.

  • Jae Gibbs

    I worry about lots of things, like going to school, i feel like every single day is the first day I'm entering school. :S

    BTW, the part about your naturally slanted eyebrows is hilarious. XD

  • Oami

    I love Ur make up Melody ^^ it's simple and delicate but U look amazing on it~ adorable :3

  • Hello Naka

    i hope you can do the 30 day challenge it'll be fun :3

  • Melty IceCream Party

    Thank you for your lovely comment!!

    You are so cute*///*

    really? you have the same brown circle lenses? are they comfortable:D
    I am a little bit afraid, because its my first time wearing lenses>//<

    you like KAT-TUN?:D
    They are great, aren't they?

    have a nice day;)

  • xxkatielee

    I also get worried when I walk through shopping doors c(x
    Butttt , I pray Mei`s mom rests in peace .

  • P o o p e r

    I tend to be an old worried little girl too. :'( I just don't like facing the negative events in life by surprise so its kind of like … I mentally prepare myself for what ever is coming. (Like, for examp;e, if it a thought about "What if I can't pass this upcoming exam" then I try studying more and mentally preparing myself by being more hopeful and preparing for failure if it occurs. D: blah blah blah)

    I think getting nervous/being worries helps a lot (makes you become an over achiever or more attentive about stuff :D) but not if you over do it.

    Your still getting haters? D: Geez these people need to seriously back off. I'm telling ya, these anons are nothing but angry people who can't accept that some of us like to express our positive views to the world. :\ Your a very influential blogger and the last thing we need is to have a group of haters try to bring you down.

  • Silkybow

    lol yeh i tend to think a lottttt and it gives me a headache, especially when i'm trying to sleep and my mind just keeps thinking! T_T

  • Ailing ♥

    You go girl! Don't let those haters get to you! >:D
    Hehehe, many thanks for the support and wishes, sweets! :3
    I'm quite nervous about it all, HAHA! It's such a drastic change and I don't know what to expect so that's really quite scary! HAHA :(
    Anyway, I hope all has been well my love! xx

  • Sakie and Thomas Gantz

    It is normal to worry to much, but if you know you do that, that is the first step to not worrying as much. :-)

  • Caroline Josephine

    I worry about everything… and most of the time it's really small stupid things that REALLY get to me. I worry about my loved ones safety, I worry about if what I'm eating will make me sick, I worry about being sick when I'm alone, I worry about if my hair looks too thin, or if my wig looks like a wig. I worry about if there's food in my teeth or if my dog is okay. My mother was a worry-er and she… passed it on to me. Waaaaah.

  • Ribka

    hahaha I get nervous easily too! my hands get cold when I am nervous.

    and I also worry too much, about my family, friends, boyfriend, exams, and even spiders too!! XP

  • BuNnYLuverz

    omygosh you are sooo cute! i worry like crazy too! its pretty bad ..yeh i always get butterflys and sweaty palm. im soo shy ! aughh and my cheeks turn red all the time i hate it wahhh*** criess** hehe

  • samurai-peace

    I think your eyebrows are very cute!

  • Ling

    That's really thoughtful and kind of you to make paper cranes. Sorry to hear about Mei's mum passing away.

    Yeah, I am a natural born worrier too…worry about totally random worrywart things…aiiii…

  • Phony

    You are lovely *-*

  • ☆ NachiPoo

    :( I worry a lot too, you are not alone! I have constant stress because of it and that puts my mood/motivation way down low (kinda the reason why I don't blog/put any effort into it as much)

    I agree that its good to worry but not to the point were you're miserable like me. I think this would be a good post for me :o what I worry about.

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