When I was a Baby..

Can you believe that, I wore this poncho when I first came to Australia (~1 y/o) ?

And when I wore it on the plane, it dragged on the floor? Hehe. I may be short now but at least I know I’ve grown since I uh ..was a baby… ? Hahahah. Yeah, that doesn’t mean anything.
Ahh. But it’s quite nostalgic looking at these photos, yeah? Just a few years ago, I looked like this.

Oh and you should notice that even since I was a little kid, I was uh, quite the camwhore :3! I used to do really freaked up poses like my cross eyed one in the photo below?!? Ugh. Seriously x)
  I was such a weird baby hehe.

When I ask my mum what type of child I was, she always replies that I was a rather shy girl that always hid behind her legs when (adults) people tried to talk to me. And ahh, and I was really really clumsy girl. (I still am ;A;) I used to fall over ALL THE TIME. And get my fingers jammed in to doors. And hit my head on stuff. And fall off the playground etc. :(

I was also very hmm …motherly(?) to my younger brother. 
I still am..haha. (forcing my brother to study right now rofl)
And when mum was busy with cooking and cleaning, I’d take care of my brother and give him toys and translate baby language for my mother lolol. Although, that doesn’t mean I wasn’t a bully to him ! I used to hurt him “accidentally” and I’d force him not to tell mum ahhhh lol :3

In saying that, I was actually quite the mean person in primary school too.
You know, one of those bossy little girls who used others to do things for her? Yeah. I was one of those girls. I used to have people throw my rubbish away, and to have others ask a teacher something for me etc. Haha. I am still quite uh, bossy, but that doesn’t surface unless I’m like …your girlfriend (A) hehe.

All in all, I think I had a really good childhood. 
I had loving parents, the best baby brother. Awesome friends. And a great upbringing!
♥ ♥ ♥
How was your childhood?
And what type of a child were you?

Ps. My camwhore competition is ending on the 5th Jan~! So don’t forget to enter !
Winners will be announced of the 6th of Jan :) xo
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52 comments to When I was a Baby..

  • Vu

    Ngawwwww sweetheart, you were such a cute baby! I can't believe that poncho still fits you. Seems like you're still as cute and small as you were back then. :P

    I've always wondered about the baby language thing, I guess it could be true that babies have a language of their own. xD

    I can't remember too much about my childhood but apparently I was quite naughty when I was little. I'd get in trouble quite often. hahah

    P.S – That 'I am DAD's little GIRL' shirt is so adorable hahahah!

  • Jennifer :) ~

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWW YOU WERE AND STILL ARE SO CUTE :P Thanks for sharing your baby and childhood photos, I can definitely recognise you and you had such big eyes back then (and you still do!) That poncho is adorable hehe ^_^ I love the cross-eyed picture the most hahaha <3 I was also a very shy girl when I was a child. But wow, I can't imagine you being a mean girl in primary school :O

    Well my childhood was okay but I didn't have that many friends, only a few close ones. And I used to cry so easily when I was younger. These days it takes a bit more to make me cry haha. However as I look at myself now, I can still see that little, shy innocent girl I used to be x) I'm glad I haven't changed too much, personality-wise :)

  • Bibi

    You were such a cute little kid! Haha, caring older sister, I recognise that. And secretly hitting my brother… ^///^

    I was kind of a tomboyish kid, I think, or at least, if I look at the photos from back then, I look like a tomboyish kid >< I had short hair and didn't wear skirts.
    But I was also very shy, and silent… I think. Should check with my parents ^^ 'Cause my childhood is a long time ago…

  • Bibi

    ❤ Thank you Melody hun! ^^

  • Kelly_konomi

    hehehehe sooooo cute *squeeze*

    you're a girl who loveesss to smile! sooo cute!!! >.<

    i only remember myself eating sandwiches ( my favourite food when im young ) hahahahhaa…

    i guess i'm a piggish baby. wahahah

  • Rocking Doll Museum / Diabetic Lolita

    Aww, cute photo's! ;D

  • Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린

    wiii…u're such a cuuute lil kid~~~ Well, I was kind of bossy girl too… even untill now, I keep askin my housemaid to do things for me at home…nyahahaha~

  • Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린

    wiii…u're such a cuuute lil kid~~~ Well, I was kind of bossy girl too… even untill now, I keep askin my housemaid to do things for me at home…nyahahaha~

  • Elisa ♥

    Ahwwww, such a cutieee ^^ !! And you had the famous hairdo =p lol, everybody had that, including me xD it rules!! lol XD

  • Meri and Anni

    You was so cute when you was kid, and you're still so cute!! ;w;
    I liked this post, these kind of things are funny to read and watch~

  • Alex

    Baby pics! Aaaaaw! You're so cute!

    My childhood was very fun and happy! I guess I was shy and outgoing at the same time. Haha! If that makes sense!

    Aaa…cute photos really! I especially love the last three! =)

    Happy New Year Melody! =)

  • jjeje

    Oh, my goodness. I was motherly to my younger brother when we were little too! And I translated the baby language as well! And I used to "accidentally" hit him also, only to blame it on him running into the wall or something equally absurd, haha.

  • Miss R.

    Cuuute pictures!
    I remember being very bossy in elementary school and being a butthead to my brother and making him keep quiet about it, haha.

    Hope your holiday season was lovely!

  • huy tran

    quite the troublemaker.


    i also hit kid's bottles off their hands in the cinemas.

    but i'm a good kid now, i think. (:<

  • siwing

    hehe you and your baby brother are so cute !!

    i used to be the shy girl too.. i still kinda am.. lol.. =)

  • sugar sugar

    awwww you were soooo cute!!! :3 but you still are now.

  • wintergurl

    you are really cute and pretty .

  • Dolce♥Bunny

    Nyaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwww!!! You're still as cute as ever! Your eyes never change!! I love it! and haha, loving your crossed eyed photo! You were indeed a unique child. LoL, you are allowed to be bossy to your bf, its what gf do best. lol jks!

    my childhood… hmmm… don't really talk much about it but let's just say, if not for what my childhood was, I wouldn't be the person I am today :)

    Great post melody chan ^—^

  • Audrey (hkittygirl)

    I can't believe that poncho fits you! :O

  • Hello

    Nawww what a cute baby you were <3 (: When I was little I had super blond and curly hair :P hehe And liked to play in dirt and put on lipstick (: hehe

  • YomiLikesSweets

    AWHHH such a cute child you were ♥♥♥
    I was a quite child who didn't talk to anyone and because of that people thought I was stupid XD

  • Mei


    You were a cute little baby ^^

    Hmmm what kiddo was I? I was not a cry baby according to my parents. I was very quiet and innocent/sweet lol. But I also wanted all the attention, like a spoiled princess haha =w= xxx

  • Angi

    You were so cute and you still are!! ^-^
    I love these kind of photos too, even thought I don't remember the time I was so little, there are still these great feeling while looking at them. I also have a younger brother, actually two but my second brother is nearly 19 years younger than me, so he is more like my own son then an actual brother (I think that will change as soon as he gets older! XD) but my first brother is just one year younger than me and when we were younger I also loved to play the mother in front of him. XD Yes but he was getting older and nowadays it's not funny anymore to fight with him! (Ok sometimes but not always!! XD)

  • Diana

    Awww, you are adorable! I'm so glad you're holding the competition, such an enabler!

  • dwag0ns

    I think my childhood was something… lol my parents said that i had to go hospital a lot because of my asthma and eczema.

  • ~KawaiiParadise~

    aw your pictures are too cute ^^. Well, I was rather a shy baby too ^^, I got my fingers jammed a lot too lolz. Aside from that my mom said something about me being very eager to learn. That's changed a lot lolz. Happy New Year ^^
    ~XOXO Charlotte

  • lissy

    aww sooo cute >< and ik can still recognise you >D
    i was a really shy one just like you, and i never used to talk to people :S and i loved dresses….and barbies o-o; just like a typical lil girl 8)

  • ~*NeNe*~

    hello <3333
    how are you doing?? *3*/
    arw those photos of you are sooo super lovely and cute <3

    oh did you receive my letter btw?? <3

    yeees i got the kat-tun dvd!! it´s so awesome!! you must watch it somehow!!! <3 it´s amazing :D

    yes i watched Johnny´s Countdown!!!! *0*/ thanks to youtube :D yes Kat-tun was really cute hehe :D but also NEWS were cute hehe :D and it was in Tokyo Dome *0*/ i love TD <3 hehe

    take care!!! <333
    and thank you too for being such an awesome friend ne <3

  • Tezza


    I think I'll post up my baby pics too ahhaha :)

  • Jenni

    Aww you were adorable! and you still are! I can see the resemblance :D

  • Tam

    This post is so happy :)
    I have always wondered what you look like as a child. It proves photowhores can start to appear when you are a child. I giggled and "Awww" so much at the crossed eye photo. So cute! Haha it is so entertaining reading about how you used to hurt your brother by accident and force him not to tell you parents or translating baby talk.

    I used to be a tomboy when I was little. Only wear pants and shorts. And my hair used to be like a boy >.< Oh veryyyyy shy aswell.

  • Jessica

    You are soo cute ^___^

    I left all my childhood pictures at Manila LOL!
    *it wouldnt fit in my luggage because all of the clothes i brought (including some i dont even use but cant let go of :P)

    Anyway I was such a camwhore too :P sometimes i would even secretly take pictures of myself and some random stuffs which made my mom really angry cause i used up the whole roll of film. LOL!

    i was a pretty busy kid though :P My parents were strict when it comes to studying TT only 1hr for tv and playtime XD i was barely at school cause of some academic competitions and my ballet training. then at 10 i was already at high school XD

  • petitechouxx

    aww you are so cute!

    i was a shy girl. I didn't like to speak and i tried to hide or turned my head somewhere xD

  • Lia Waroka Putri

    Aw you were and still are an adorable girl indeed! soooo cute ^^

  • ❥ ќʀɨsтɨиɑ

    Hello there… ^.^ Visiting you here. I hope we could be good friends. Do you mind if we follow each others blogs? Take care. ;)

  • ♥TanyaMarie♥

    Awww <3 your baby pics are very cute :)

    & your poncho's pretty too!

    As for me, I had a an awesome childhood! I enjoyed eating very much back then that is why i'm hella huge. Lol, I was very good in my academics when I was in elementary and even got the highest honors during our graduation.. :) Ohhh.. Good times!

  • Silkybow

    awwww so cute, especially your cross eyed ones! hahah
    you still look the same and still pretty :)

  • TheMadTwins

    And so beautiful already when you were little. You are realy cute, and not only one the baby pictures, the two of you now with the poncho are also so cute! ^-^

  • Aiko

    Ow you was so cute ^^
    I follow you.

  • melanie

    Haha, I cracked up when I saw the one of you on the tricycle – but like everyone before me has commented – you were (and still are) SO CUTE! I will show these pictures to my future baby bump one day and say 'you have to turn out as cute as Melody'!

    Kisses, Melanie

  • Pui

    i was the guy who everyone hated because he was younger and smarter than everyone.

    the one you would've picked on because you could

  • ShuShu

    oh you were such a cute child! >_< i love remembering my childhood, because it was an amazing time. i remember especially the year before i was sent to school. i think i can recollect almost every day of that time :3 i spent a year in bulgaria with my grandfather (who was a great father for me) and my grandma. i enjoyed the year pretty much and every time i am sad i think back to the happy moments those days.
    i have to confess, that i looked like a little macho boy, sometimes.. i had short and boyish hair and (i really wonder!) a six pack xDD i think because of my sporty activities i did a lot..

    ShuShu ♥

  • amanda archambault

    Awwwwww YOU WERE SUCH AN ADORABLE BABY!!!!!!!! I was the sweet child. but my brother on the other hand… well we wont go into that haha

  • Amy

    Wow, it's cute that you still have a poncho that you wore as a kid! Did you wear it out or just for the pictures?

    Haha, I wasn't bossy as a kid, but I was temperamental! I am much bossier now, but only to certain guy friends :P

  • a.tad-bit.dorkii

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH major kawaii! So cuteeeeee! I love your cheeks, good to see you kept them haha – let me pinch them please ^.^ haha
    I've never gone hunting through my mums house for my "baby" things .. Hmmm maybe I should and see if I can fit into anything hahaha !
    I was the same in primary school, high school and probably still now – was always the bossy one. Get me this. Ask them this. Rah rah rah !
    We can totally boss each other around haha ;]


  • kaizokumousy

    omigosh melody you look sooooooooooo cutttttteeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!^_^

  • xxkatielee

    Awhh , you were a cute baby (: ahah , really small too d:
    Butttt yeahh , my mom said that I was a mean child . I`d hit / bite others if they weren`t my mom or dad (x But , I was also very obedient .. Now I`m starting to sound like a dog , but yeahh , haha , my mom said that she`d leave us (my siblings and I) for awhile and we actually stayed when she said "stay" lol (x

  • aidaj

    you were so cute when you were a child =D
    kawaii!!! <3

  • Hello Naka

    awh ur such a cutie ^^ and I used to be a really jeaslous baby and I think I still am! XD I dont have that many photos of me as a child I dont think though :p

  • P o o p e r

    Omg this is super late but you were the cutest thing! And very photogenic as a toddler! :3 <3

    Ohhhh My favorites are the ones with you and your brother. ;A; It's the most adorable thing when a toddler sibling takes care of their baby bro/sis. T_T
    But lol @ you secretly hurting him. xDDD SHOW HIM WHO'S THE BOSS!

    Mom use to say that I was a very … friendly toddler? xD I use to smile at everyone, and dance whenever I heard music. But then, I entered elementary (primary) school and then I got extremely shy and was a pushover. D:
    lolol I think I got intimidated by
    all the students or the teacher.

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