Pigments are Love!

Although, it’s not really such a big thing to me or my family or ..anyone I know really. I just stayed at home writing this blog post and taking some photos for it ! And I’m a bit sick..
Anyway, the other day, I got a little gift in the mail from Maggie again! (From KkCenterHK) and this time, she sent me some awesome make up products to try out! I was really excited to try these out because I don’t think I have any pigmented eye shadows; and I was really hoping that these would be pigmented!
Anyway, so this is what I received in the mail.
Oh gosh, I was super stoked to see that the packaging was cuteeee as and so were the names *-*!
Within this bunch of awesome stuff, there are four eyeshadows and one eyebrow powder. (: And so I’ll be doing a quick review on all of them now.
Note: I’m in no way a make up expert and everything written here is based on my own personal opinions.
Love Atti EyeBrow Powder
The URL link to this is: HERE and it costs $2.99USD each
Okay, I’m going to let out a secret here, but tbh, one of my eyebrows is pretty much screwed up because when I was a little girl I took a shaver out and shaved like half of it off LOL. And now it’s not really growing back properly. So yes, I really really need this! And it’s awesome. The sponge like applicator makes it look much more realistic than eyebrow pencils. And I think having both the brown and black is good so that if I decide to dye my hair lighter, I can always use it to lighten my brows! The only thing that I found weird was that the mirror was on the back? But maybe that’s so it won’t get dirty from the make up!
Repurchase? Yes, unless I find something better than this.
And here are the swatches for the next four eye shadows/pigments:
Love Alpha Eye Color Frozen
The url link to this is: HERE and it costs $3.30USD each
I’ve been wanting a gold eye pigment for awhile and this did the job. It’s a “jelly-like” substance and it applies really smoothly with a brush and finger tip. So it’s a cold, wet application but dries pretty quickly and stays on well for the rest of the day. I tried this out yesterday when I went out with my bffl, and it stayed on until I removed it! I love that it’s quite pigmented and shimmery! It can be worn on its own or over a base!
Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥
Repurchase? Yes definitely! And I’m going to get the other colours too!
Love Alpha Magical Powder Eye Shadow
The url link to this is: HERE and it costs $1.99USD each
I really wanted to try a nice turquoise type of blue shadow and this colour works it perfectly. It’s a loose powder so I applied it by patting it on the back of my hand/paper and picking it up with a brush. It’s a nice colour but when you smear it becomes much more like a shimmer dust. I like it but I probably wouldn’t use this much unless it’s over a base. I would like to however try out the white colour of this!
Rating: ♥♥♥♡♡
Repurchase? In this colour, no. But possibly in the other colours!

MEILASU Creamy Eye Shadows
The url link to this is; HERE and HERE and it costs $2.20USD each
I’ll review these two colours together because they’re of the same brand line. They’re both cream shadows so the application was easy and smooth. I really how they’re also shimmery and the colours show quite well! Out of personal preference, I like the pink one better but they’re both great colours. I didn’t need to take a lot to get a good pigment, so I’m pretty sure it’ll last me for quite awhile!
Rating: ♥♥♥♥
Repurchase? Yes, I wouldn’t mind collecting all the colours !

(an extra photo of me wearing the eye brow powder and the gold pigment when I went out yesterday! although you can’t really see the gold in these photos..)

And that comes to the end of the reviews. I personally really like all of the products that I received from KkCenterHk. For brands that I’ve never heard of, they’re really well pigmented and in quite awesome packaging! (so cuteeee) I would definitely repurchase the Love Alpha Frozen Gel Pigment and possibly the creamy shadows! ♥ I love that they’re all quite cheap and delivery was quick!

♥ ♥ ♥
Do you prefer pigmented shadows or not?

Ps. Girlfriend tag will be soon (after I edit hehe) and maybe next(?) ._. ! In other news, if you haven’t already seen on my Facebook page, I’m going to be at the Japanese festival in Docklands (Feb12), so if you’re going, meet me  there !! (we’ll camwhore heaps ;D !) /leave me a comment or email

Pps/ Please don’t forget to enter my Giveaway !

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46 comments to Pigments are Love!

  • Vu

    Baby, you look beautiful!
    And I really like the colour of the pink eye shadow!! Wear it out with me? >;]

    Ps/ You look good with curly hair !

  • Dolce♥Bunny

    These are really nice!
    I love the pink shadow/piment!! Its so vivid and gorgeous! The cream one looks so good too but i want to try the Love Alpha one since you gave it 5 hearts!! Have to aggree with Vu, you look gorgeous with curly hair!!! well, you look such a cutie always :)

    @Vu: damn you for commenting first!! lol

  • sugar sugar

    the people at the KKCenterHK seem to love you Melody and I can't blame them for doing so. :) You make awesome and detailed reviews of the products. ^^

    Btw, the gel liners can also be used as an eye base for eyeshadows to make the colors stand out more. yay! xD

  • Jennifer :) ~

    Ahh the packaging is so pretty! And so are the colours *_* I want an eyebrow powder :) I might consider getting the one you have since you rated it quite highly. I love pigmented eyeshadows haha, pretty sure everyone does xD But if you meant pigments that are loose eyeshadows then mmmm… I prefer pressed eyeshadows because they're less messy and have less fallouts hehe

  • h.tea

    The colours are prettyyyyy :):) Also, wow at the prices! So cheap :OOOO! Bahahhaa so lucky to get freebies ;)

  • ♡Yumeko

    The products you got are so pretty!^__^ I think the prettiest is the Love Alpha eyeshadow!( ^v^) It has such a nice color,
    Also The reviews are great!:)

    And curly hair suit you so much!<3

  • nanairomiso

    I really like how the Eye Color Frozen looks! I'm really tempted to try ;___; Lol

  • Jodie

    happy australia day! cant believe im flying to perth tmr ~ gah
    im not a big fan of glittery colours, but i like pigments~~
    i have a bit of phobia to brands i dont know of though.. idk why ><
    but kkcenterhk is like epic duuude cheap stuff! i wanna buy their wigs~

  • Suteisi ♥ ステイスィー

    Wuaaahh! Look at you lucky girl! I love all the colors +w+ The creamy eye shadows especially look really awesome :3 And they're SO CHEAP! Amazing \\n____n//

  • Exuvalia

    Melody. Happy Australia Day! I stayed at home as well, because it's not a big event for me. You're sick? Take care! <3

  • Hello Naka

    i hope u have a good time at the japanese festival and nice revoew ^^ u look super cute :3

  • sojjeje

    I'm not very familiar with eyeshadow pigments, but the first photo with you holding the Australian flag is pretty! Especially loving the eye make-up in that shot~

  • siwing

    Happy Australia day !!

    hehe the cap on the eyeshadow pigment is so cool !

    i prefer regular eyeshadows because pigments are too messy for me =S

  • HitomiNeko

    aww lucky u! happy Australia day to u! ^^ hehe.. I love pigmented shadows.. the light ones just don’t do anything! ~~~

    xoxo hitomineko xoxo

  • Elisa ♥

    Happy australia day =D !!
    , love from holland lol

  • srhtrng

    Ooh I don't usually use eyeshadows because I have no idea how and just end up putting random colours everywhere LOL. Get well soon love♥

  • KittyBonkers

    Awwww you are totally cute <3

    And wow those colours and make ups are so pretty, what a nice friend to send you such lovely things!!

    Kitty x

  • petitechouxx

    happy australia day! =D

    the packages look very cute ^_^ even though i've nerver heard of this brand.

    I like pigmented shadows! i prefer when the color is bright and pastel

  • lissy

    happy aussie day?
    never heard of those brands before, but why not try new ones out :)
    you look pretty with curly hairr >D

  • Tifa Mai

    Hey Doll!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog regarding break dancing. I sadly can't do an arm chair.. yet. -__-" But I'll def show you guys when I can!

    ANYWAYS, nice blog post! You're sick yet you still look so good. :( Lucky girl! And omg nice make up, the turquoise colour is beautifulllll. Thanks for the review!!

  • Frances

    these look really nice ^__^ and they're pretty inexpensive! the packaging of the creamy eye shadow sort of reminds me of MUFF :P

    hehe you know what I really like about your blog? all the COLORS!!!! :D I just get such a happy vibe from your blog <3

  • super-rabbit

    Wah, the make-up is awesome! And so cheap! I'm tempted to buy nao… hehehe

    I prefer pigmented shadows over translucent ones, because translucent ones won't give you a dramatic effect if I want to, but pigmented ones can be used lightly and heavy. Err, do I make any sense? Lol.
    By translucent I don't mean those shimmery korean eyeshadows, those crappy ones which says black on the package and when I apply it, it's more like a light light grey.. XD

  • Gerrytales

    Wow Maggie sent you a lot of products!
    Oh I think we all had a bad first shaving experience : (
    The stuff are soooo cheap! But I assume it doesn't include delivery? Ahh well, still cheap!!!
    I like the cream eye shadoww! You make me want to purchase more eye make up xD
    I like pigmented eye shadow ~ brightens the eyes haha

    Anyway, I hope you get well soon <3

  • Beauty meets Kawaii

    You're so lucky Melody! :)

    Kisses, Melanie

  • Mooshi.Chui

    aww melody ur sooo lucky ><!
    yes im backkkk =) and i missed you alot! and reading ur sweet comments all the time hahaha
    gosh u look so gorgeous in those pictures
    and after u did such a detailed description of these products ur making me want to buy MORE makeup =(
    whch is not very good!!!!

    xx mooshi

  • Rocking Doll Museum

    If I like.. pigmented? What? XD

    /reply/ Cool huh? I think my fav's are nr 1 and 5 ;3

  • jess

    I've never used pigmented eye shadows but they look really pretty! Suits you very well :)

  • Mei

    Pigment eyeshadows? I don't what that is =w=…
    I'm so clueless with makeups, but the Love Alpha Magical eye shadow looks intressting!

    Silly Melodyyy why you shaved half of your eyebrows!

    Awww have fun at the Japanese festival! I wish I can come :)


  • Karen

    Pigments are absolutely gorgeous! Love the colors you were gifted. You should wear your hair like this more often, looks very pretty ^^.

  • kaizokumousy

    great review melody!^^ yes I prefer pigmented eyeshadows because I love darker colors so much :3

    oh and the packaging were really nice!^^

  • mookxi.com

    I admit, I've never tried pigments/loose eyeshadow powder before. Just the idea of it .. knowing how clumsy I am. It's basically waiting for me to just spill it all over the floor X-D Gorgeous colours though !

  • HitomiNeko

    thx for the comment n following! ^__^ <3 <3 i am adding u on twitter right now ^^

    xoxo hitomineko xoxo

  • мaямellatส

    all those eye shadow are so pretty!
    I love the pink colors~

  • Bibi

    Thank you for the luck!! Awww, I'm definitely going to come back next week, only a few days of torture left ^^

  • Saving Capulet

    pigmented all the way! i love the shades of the cream eye shadows and you look super wonderful in those photos <3

  • kaizokumousy

    ya melody try watching it it's great!:D sweet:>

  • Frances

    hehe just stopping by to say congrats on winning Bunny's giveaway ^__^

  • MizArWeN

    does d pigmented eyeshadow pencil counts? well, i dun actually lyk to use it coz it smudge my upper lids when i sweat…i prefer powder-like eyeshadow :)

  • LISA

    wow i love your make up! you look so pretty! :)

  • Gyaru Mika

    You look supercute in the pictures *Q*
    And thanks for you lovely entry :3
    Read that you are a little sick,too?
    Hope you get better soon,too <3

  • BuNnYLuverz

    happy australia day. n cool! i love all those makeup you get to try out!

  • BuNnYLuverz

    happy australia day. n cool! i love all those makeup you get to try out!

  • BuNnYLuverz

    happy australia day. n cool! i love all those makeup you get to try out!

  • xxkatielee

    Lol , I didn`t know Australia had it`s own day , that`s pretty cool d:
    & for the question at the end , I have noo clue d: Lol , I don`t really know what you mean by pigmented shadows (for what) ? haha c(: i`m not a make-up person c(x

  • steph

    hey! where did you get your headband in the last 2 photos

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