I like Cameras

I think everyone should know by now that I like to fill each blog post with photos.
And I like to fill it with my own photos because I don’t particularly like using other people’s photos unless it’s of a model or a movie or what not. Yeah? And it brightens the site/blog up considerably!

So every chance I get, I take a photo – whether it be of food, people, items, my brother..anything.
Most people are okay with it, like my mum, she’s okay with waiting to cut the new cake so I can run to my room and grab my camera to take a photo. Others, are well, quite …hostile and rude about it.

And I absolutely hate it when people tell me not to.
It’s like when I’m trying to take a photo of that chicken wingsure it’s not that interesting, but I want to take the photo! I’m not disturbing anyway since it’s my chicken wing and then someone comes a long says:
“Why are you so weird? Why do you want to take photos of everything? Stop doing that.”
Why can’t I document every single tiny bit of information I can with my camera?
I guess it’s just as simple as people asking people, why do you write what you do from day to day in a blog? I mean, sure, some people might not enjoy it but it’s your blog! And recording things so that you can look back on them later on is really important to me.
I guess some people just don’t understand it.

The best thing about a picture is that it never changes. Even when the people in it do.

♥ ♥ ♥
Do you get annoyed when others take photos of things?
Or do you get weird remarks/looks from taking photos of random stuff?
Ps/ I’m incredibly sorry about not posting the Girlfriend Tag up yet! I’m bad and haven’t edited it yet. And I also have another video coming up soon. And I’m also working on something.

Pps/ I’ll be taking some images of the pigments on my actual eyelids soon for those who asked!

Also you don’t have very long until my Giveaway ends!!

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60 comments to I like Cameras

  • Dolce♥Bunny

    first :D <3

  • Vu


    I'll win next time… xD

  • srhtrng

    I'm still drooling over the photo of the macaroons x] I agree completely with this post but people in restaurants used to always look at me awkwardly while I took photos of my meals so I stopped LOL TT

  • Yapo Nightroad

    I love taking photographs of everything too ^___^ ~ and id take as much photos as I want and I dont give a fuck whatever they say!

  • ♥TanyaMarie♥


    I can totally relate .. I love to take photos of almost everythin!
    I love to take photos of sceneries, desks, pens, etc. :) haha

  • Silkybow

    ahah you're like me! I take pictures of EVERYTHING especially food etc etc.
    I don't listen to other people because in the end, it's us with the memories from our pictures :)

  • lissy

    those pictures make me hungry now ;(
    i love my cameraa too, and especilly when you see something cool and you're like 'omg camera time!'

  • Elisa ♥

    LOL, I usually take pictures of food =P but some friends of mine don't really like it.. they always say that it's weird… I'm like whatever =P it's for my blog xD

    and your food pictures made me hungry !!! going to have breakfast now hahaha =P

  • lala

    no i wont get mad. :D
    i also love taking phtos. ;D

  • Asuka

    I don't get annoyed at all, I take pictures all the time. For me it's like taking memories =)
    and now I'm so hungry, thanks sweety xD

  • Mei

    My friends are the same "Why do you alwaaays take pictures of your food??"
    I don't care haha.

    My motto is: capture moment of life and never forget.


  • Jae Gibbs

    Sometimes, I get annoyed.
    cuz I think, it's just too much, sometimes.

  • Jennifer :) ~

    I like taking photos of food and stuff but sometimes I do sense the weird looks around me and there have been times where I didn't feel 'brave enough' to whip out my camera and start snapping lol. Love your pics :) Yummy food <3

  • Jilliancat

    LOL-ed at Vu's second comment!!

    Photos huh? This is something most bloggers do and definitely get stares and '-_______-' face from people around you. =.=

    Bleahhh.. just do what you like, hoho, in the end they'll be the one who regret for not taking down any photo ESP food, after eating the whole awesome stuff into the stomach and excreting it muaahaha whereas YOU have the photo of its awesomeness. ;)

  • Mutsumi

    Gah…totally know that problem.
    I'm taking a whole ton of photos of random stuff, too…
    There was a guy in a café one "..uhm…sorry,girl. Are you taking a photo of your…food?" Seems like some people really can't understand it, but it was a funny situation, haha ♥ I won't stop to take photos of my food / friends & other stuff ♥

  • Anonymous

    I actually like it when bloggers take their own photos and put it on their blog, not reblogging photos AKA Tumblr

    I only find it annoying when people take photos of me, I'm a photophobic person lmao

  • Vermillion

    Haha, I also love to take photos! ^^ I think it also gives a personal touch to a blog :3 I guess people might think I'm weird but I ignore them. I get more weird looks when I'm out taking photos of my dolls in public XDD My friends all take photos of food when we go out so I'm not alone :B

    Your food photos are making me hungry +_+

  • Dolce♥Bunny

    I soooo know what you mean! I take pics of almost anything!! Until when ppl see all my hundreds of albums labeled with date and title, they go like "WHY YOU TAKE SO MANY PHOTOS!!!" but its just I want to treasure every single moment…

    But yeah, if its food, I quickly snap as fast as I can. But I heard that food bloggers take SOOOOOOOO much time in snapping a photo before they eat!!!

    When we meet, you can snap all the pics you want :D

    Vu: HeeeHeee! I'm gonna be Melody's number one fan one day… <3

  • Exuvalia

    I always take pictures of everything. Thank goodness my friends are very understanding. Some of them join me – take photos before eating.

  • Morgane ☆

    (ooh I didn't come to your blog for too long !)
    I really HATE it when people take my camera and delete some photos because they think they're ugly on it ! If you don't want anybody to see it, I'll just keep it on my albums, but DON'T DELETE IT !
    I'm also always taking pictures of everything, starting from food~ My father is a very good cooker and he likes to play with me to have the best photo we can take of his dishes ^^^

  • samurai-peace

    The foods look delicious!
    Your pictures are very nice.

  • siwing

    i agree.. photos really make a blog =) so interesting.

    i love all your foodie pictures! i have yet to try macaroons.. lol..

    and i take pics of everything too.. and most often times, ppl dont come up to me and say i'm weird but they give me weird looks .. 0_o

  • h.tea

    I feel the same about including photos in my post! I don't even bother blogging about events if I didn't take any photos =P

    Ngaw, those people seem very rude =( I actually only take photos infront of people I've comfortable with … I don't mind waiting on other people to take photos (if they do) but I'm not comfortable with most people waiting on (and watching) me.

  • sojjeje

    Whuuut, really? You know people who dislike having photos taken? But we're Generation Y! Don't you love it when you stumble across old photos from in the early years of high school and marvel at how much things have changed? 'Tis my main motivation to photograph anything I can~
    Btw, those macaroons look pretty, haha.

  • Winnie*

    I know! I don't consider blogging without having pictures. I think it makes blogging 10 times more interesting. Though later I have been stopped taking pictures because I often get yelled at when I do-_- Reading this post cheers me up! Yes, I am not the only one ^^OH btw I am looking for a small good quality camera to buy – any recommendation? Since you always have the best pictures you must know alot about cameras :)

  • Rocking Doll Museum

    Haha, I think we're bloggers for taking pictures of food and other random stuff! XD

    I got asked: "Why? What are you doing? Serious? What the f-?" XD
    Oh, well, as long as I am not taking picturs of them they shouldn't be bothered.

    I absolutly hate it when people take pictures of me. DDDDD:

  • petitechouxx

    i love taking pictures of everything (mostly food!!), even small things. But my friends think i'm weird >=(
    I take pictures for my blog and for my album souvenir.

  • super-rabbit

    I agree, photo's make a blog worth reading! I don't mind it when other people take pictures, because I do the same, hahaha. In the beginning, my dad would say y u make picture of everything, but after a while he began to do the same, hehehe XD

  • Frances

    ppl really say that to you? O_O hmmm that's weird cuz I thought a lot of ppl do that! (like taking pictures of everything) well at least where I come from… ppl don't consider it weird at all XD just keep doing what you're doing <3 I love your bright and colorful pics they make me happy :D

  • YomiLikesSweets

    I don't get annoyed when people take pictures of things, in fact I really like it when they do because it's like keeping the memory fresh for as long as the picture exists. :D
    Considering I don't own a camera I don't really take pictures .__. But I do own my ipod which takes video so I take a lot of videos, and people always look at me weird- sometimes I get scary glares .__.

  • sugar sugar

    i love food pictures!! yay!!!

    you know melody, i have always liked taking pictures of food, random things & good scenic views but i just recently discovered that i like cam whoring too! :p i never used to take photos of myself. if you view my facebook page, you'll see that i am mostly holding the camera most of the times and i am often absent from the pictures ahahaha! :p

    IDC if people say nasty stuff when i take photos too. i think its fun to document random things so you can always have something to look back at. ;)

  • Ribka

    I love taking pictures of food. Whenever I do that, my friends give me a weird look hahaha :p

  • Isabel

    hahaha.. i always stop my bf from eating sth so i can take a pic XD

  • Julie

    All the food pictures are making me crave! & I totally agree with you that photos sure spice up posts ^^

  • ♡Yumeko

    I know what you mean!^__^* I also like to take photos of everything! And it's great when i see other people in restaurants taking photos of food, this makes me even more confident with photographing!<3

    Melody,I LOVE your blog, with all those photos you took, it makes it even more interesting and cute!;D

  • Anonymous

    Yes! my friends don't get it why do i have to take pics of the food.

    But after that, they are not used to it if i didn't took photo of it. haa~

  • Mooshi.Chui

    I know what you mean babe!!
    i do get annoied sometimes like when im really HUNGRY and I wanna eat the cake :P
    but ur blog is amazing with all your photos! it brightens the whole blog!
    I think its fine taking photos as long as the person themselves don't mind :)!!
    i love your photography skills!
    after blogging i started taking more pics of random stuff myself :P

  • Cindii

    Same here! I love to take pictures of everything, but some people get annoyed at me. D:

  • ジュリエット

    Thank you<3 You are so cute!!O.o Oh and keep taking pictures!Pictures are always great!I should take more pictures for my blog,too…

  • HitomiNeko

    O ~ actually I would love to do that, but i think I am actually shy to do it!!! but I love taking pictures~ though, I started to become lazy with editing pictures.. i still have so many photos in my camera that i havn’t upload. ha.. ^^”~

    xoxo hitomineko xoxo

  • Gerrytales

    LOLOLOLOL ^ @ Bunny beating Vu to comment this post!
    – – – – – –

    Agrees with publishing own photos!
    And OMG I hate getting told off for photographing shiz too. Like in myers. They didn't let me take a photo of my friend because thier MAC product is in the background ¬___¬ starezzz*
    I read my friend's FB status about blogging too! How they say "Why publicise your life to the world" and shit like that. It just gets me fired up. People can just stick to their measly diaries LOOOL!

    Anyway, can't waits to see your GF tag!

    p.s. I have no idea what that first dish is, but I am getting heapppps HUNGARY!

  • huy tran

    eh? i don't get any weird remarks when i take photos. when people ask why, i just tell them it's because i blog. i guess they're okay with it. o__o. they don't say anything afterwards. Hahah :)

    & i like uploading photos onto each post. yes, it does brighten up everything.


  • Eva

    I really don't mind it when people take photo's of things or people ^^ because i do it myself as well! and sure there are people who look weird at me but i don't give a shit XD
    p.s. i really like your blog!

  • Kelly_konomi

    *high five*
    i take photo before meals!
    but sometimes, when i'm tooo hungry i will just eat. wahahahah

  • Lexy @ Quirky Explosion

    *Ah, sighhh. 'Tis the life of a blogger. Taking pictures of everything.*

    Haha. But I love it! It's so much fun to document things. And people think I'm weird for always taking pictures of my food BUT:

    1) It's delicious
    2) It's fun to take pictures of (HELLO MACRO)
    3) I'd obviously rather take pictures of my food than talk to you so WHAT DOES THAT SAY ABOUT YOU? HUH.

    Haha. But you definitely raise good points. Plus, I thinking photos and blogging are great things to look back on (of course, providing the internet still exists and what not…)


  • [Anna]

    I used to take photos of everything but everyone thought it was annoying and weird, so i don't take many anymore. Sometimes if someone is taking a photo of me, i make them take it really quick because i don't like people staring at me posing >__<

  • ベーサ

    Ah I had that problem too, like WHY do you need to ALWAYS have your camera with you? -Because I didn't buy it to keep it in the box dude! :D

    I love taking pics and then edit them and make them even prettier, it's like art you know ^__^ We're actually like artists: misunderstood :DD haha

    I usually never let people take photo of me unless it's with my own camera! It may sound weird, but I like having the control XD

  • Hello Naka

    oh cute photos :p i love taking photos of everything too :3 i feel awkward when I ask for other ppl's photos like when Im at a lolita meet or something XD

  • xxkatielee

    I don`t mind when people take photos , just as long as they`re not of me d:
    Buttttt yeahhh , i`m glad you take your photos (: I like them on your blog (: (:

  • Saving Capulet

    omg! I knoow what you mean! i get annoyed at super noisy people, like a group of noisy teens, but that can be solved by ipod, as for the photos, I loove taking photos so I understand your point! i just wish that people would just stop staring or looking and just mind their own business xD

  • Audrey (hkittygirl)

    People always ask me why I'm taking pictures of my food and I always think to myself, "Because I like to!" Haha, I hate it when strangers look at me weirdly for taking pictures of food! XD

  • ❥ ќʀɨsтɨиɑ

    visiting :))) cute post!

  • kaizokumousy

    you are so right about this post melody!!!
    and all are your post…I can relate to them.almost all of it!i love reading your post!
    and sad to say :( this is true..people thinks were weird to take pictures b4 we eat or drink something.or when we see good stores or cute things… that's why it's hard for me to bring out my camera x.x

    yeah..I'm shy people will say why you take a picture of everything x_X Am I weird? or they just don't know anything.they just need to mind their own business hehehe.

  • Delena

    Haha, I find that I'm too lazy to post pictures and that I tend to write more?! And yeah, I write for my own like, not for others!!

    But seriously, I love your photos, they look so light and happy! Continue doing your own thing gurl~

  • Prinzesschen★

    Oh yes you really love your camera, but thats good the way it is!♥
    It may seem stupid to other ppl taking a photo of a hamburger, a drink, some chicken wings or other tiny usual things in our lives, but isnt it great to be able to docuemnt evry thing youre living with and living for?

    I really love all of your photos and snapshops you are sharing in your posts.

    I always liked to take photos of everything, but somehow feld ashamed ppl will call me strange or weird so I mostly didnt do it when going out with my boyfriend or things like this, but I regret doing so.
    And reading this post Melody showed me that it is alright to do whatever you want to do regarding taking photos of your stuff.

  • Evelina

    /brb EAT! oh my. I miss japanese food soooo much. Gonna eat until my guts crawls outta my body on their knees when I go there next week.
    and taking pics of food is totally normal! :D

  • hellomissa

    This post made me DROOL.
    You're too cute.
    I shall follow you!

  • Sarah

    I know how you fell about the taking picture thing. Sometimes I don't want to take pictures in public because I think people might think it's weird. But I keep taking them anyway :)

  • MayClover

    I agree with you..
    I also love to take photos of food/things etc but a lot of people always complain about it. They say I'm irritating them etc. XD
    & looking back at blog posts is so much fun<3

  • Caroline Josephine

    I don't get annoyed when people take photos of stuff! I've always had 1 or 2 photographer friends, so maybe I'm used to it? Ever since I started my blog Kenjer has gotten a little 'wtf' at me taking so many photos, but recently he seems to have gotten used to me taking photos.

    I really hate it when people say things like 'you shouldn't take photos, you should just focus on the moment and remember it in your mind'. Or stuff like that. I have a horrible memory! And I love to share photos with people.

    Keep taking your photos bb :3

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