Competition Winners!

It’s finally the time for me to announce the winners of my 
Love Yourself Camwhore Competition
Thank you to the 28 wonderful people that entered this!!
So many of you have been speculating and wondering about how I was going to pick the winners, right? It’s true that I had quite a lot of ways of picking the winners. I could’ve easily done a; but I thought, there is more to this competition than just camwhoring. Right?
The whole point of this competition was to love yourself and be confident no matter what you look like.
And after reading some of the things that you girls (and guys) told me either through email, tweet, blog post or whatever else; I have decided to pick it through who understood what I was trying to convey the most.
♥ ♥ ♥
Well, let’s check out some of the entries first! Look at all these gorgeous people! Ahh. I’m so lucky to have some beautiful readers, right^^? (Click on their names to either head to their post or blogs)

Gorgeous Mimi , Beautiful Morgane and Lovely Shirley!

Pretty Panda , Hilarious Tom , Stunning Natalie !

Alluring Rena, Radiant Alyse and Divine Jenny!
Keep reading because there’s more beautiful entries after the announcements ~!
But of course, there must be a winner so I present to you:  
Caroline Josephine as the Camwhore Winner!

Click here to see what she wrote about Camwhoring ♥
Caroline, please email me your address and we’ll discuss your prize! Your prize will be specially picked out just for you!! (although, you will definitely be getting a compact mirror for those camwhore days!)
♥ ♥ ♥
But wait, there is more! I decided to pick two other people that I thought also really understood the meaning and gave me some really super duper awesome photos!
So, Runner Ups go to Pooper and Kaizokumousy!

Click here to read Darling Pooper’s and here to read Mesmerising Mimi’s blog posts (:
You two will be getting a small bag filled with some awesome makeup related items~! Email me your addresses and I’ll be sending them out soon! (or you can request specific items if you don’t want makeup)
♥ ♥ ♥

And MOST CREATIVE Prize goes to Bunny~!
I absolutely loved how she looks like what she claims she is ! Hehe.
Click here to read Hot Bunny’s post and to see the rest of her photos :) ! And Bunnyyy, please email your address and we’ll discuss exactly what you want~!

♥ ♥ ♥
But WAIT, there is more ?!
The truth is, every single person who decided to enter this competition took a chance. Even though it is actually rather embarrassed to send in your photos to someone else who will judge them based on who knows what. So in actual fact, everyone is a winner. Everyone who was confident enough to take photos of themselves without caring about what anyone else thought of them.

Sexy Jennifer, Pretty Rin and Cute Jenni~!

Ravishing Kelly, Wonderful Ella and Sweet Yuin!

Graceful Tanya, Adorable Stacey and Glamarous Audrey!

Angelic Gerry , Tempting Asuka and Magnificent Tezza!

Dazzling Thy, BESTEST BOYFRIEND VU, Elegant London~!
♥ ♥ ♥
So because I love you all, for the people who did not win ..
You will still get a letter/gift from me, it won’t be big and I might not be able to send it for awhile. (Moneyy ;A;) But I want you all to know that you are all winners for taking the chance to enter!
♥ ♥ ♥
To claim your letter/gift, please send your postal addresses to melludee[at] before 7th Jan!
(If you don’t want to receive anything, just ignore this then! ♥)
Edit: EXCEPT THOSE WHO DID NOT FOLLOW THE RULES AND FOLLOW ME THROUGH GFC!!!! I couldn’t find some of your names in my list! So sorry! No prize ~!

Don’t fret if you wanted to enter but it was too late, I will probably be hosting another one of these later in the year! (But will everyone get a prize then? I don’t know! hehe) Although, next time I will be more strict and not post any pictures/links of the people that didn’t follow the rules!
♥ ♥ ♥
Congratulations to all the Winners!
Who was YOUR favourite Camwhore?

Sorry if I had to cut your pictures! To see some of the *FULL* photos visit my album:
Password: confidence 
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41 comments to Competition Winners!

  • Vu

    hahaha Great competition sweetheart, looked like something really fun for all the girls to enter in.

    I liked Tezza's one, because there is a rake, and I found it funny upon seeing it.

    I didn't think you'd post up my one…xD haha Man, this is pretty embarrassing.

  • Bibi

    Waa Melody, you put so much work in this post!!! That's true dedication ^^ It's so hard to pick a favourite too, it must've taken ages to decide.
    Which one I like best? Hmm, I'd say Bunny (unchainedbunny) and Tezza (teee-time) because they look gorgeous AND added a touch of humour to their photos.

  • Caroline Josephine

    Omg this post is WONDERFUL. And I can't believe that I won!!! I'm really quite touched. I've been working hard on being more confident and taking more chances with myself… not only when it comes to looks and I'm so just… wow. Last year was a year of changes for me and I really want to keep moving forward this year and keep improving and this just shows me that I'm really changing into the person that I want to be and that I'm finally gaining the confidence that I've always desired to have.

    Thank you so much. I will email you soon!




    CONGRATS TO EVERYONE!!! I'm so glad that so many people took a chance :) Good job guys, you all look amazing :)

  • lala

    aww. congrats to caroline :)

  • ♥TanyaMarie♥

    Congrats to all winners!!
    it was a fun competition, melody!


  • Gerrytales

    Congratulations to all those who has won ~ Feels like every one has won!
    I'll email you my details hehe
    Favorite camwhore… I think Kelly @ took some awesome pics :D

    <3 Gerry

  • Dolce♥Bunny

    Congratulations to the winner! and yaaaaaaay!! Thank you for selecting me as most creative! You don't need to send me anything! Just selecting me and putting me on your blog makes me sooooo happy already! Thank you Melody~!!
    You must have put sooo much work into the post with all the pictures!! Great job and love you sooo much *hug*
    I love Vu's picture!!! I love how he entered as well!!!
    Congrats to everyone!!

  • melanie

    Congratulations! :)

    Kisses, Melanie

  • [Anna]

    Aww everyone looks so pretty. Congrats to the winners!

  • Mei

    Why did I not know about this competition?!

    Anyway everyone looks super pretty! It's hard to pick a favorite out, everyone is different and they all have their own style so I can't choose!


  • huy tran

    I personally liked Jenni's photos with her elastic face more, but I guess my opinion is pretty biased. Haha ^^'

    NICE COMPETITION! i might join the next one. :p

  • Hello Naka

    awh this is such a cool competiton ^^ and i love ur photo ^^ omg ur such a cute doll ^^ and everyone looks great it's too hard to choose which one is my favourite :(

    also I hope u had a great new year!

  • Hello

    Heyy!! Fun competition!! Sorry..I didn't enter but I'm not allowed to give out my address to people I like haven't met before… you know…
    My favorites wereee epued, Bunny, pearly kelly and Gerry!!!
    ~~ response to your comment~~ Hehe YOU SHOULD GET ONE ;) It'd be cool! :)

  • sugar sugar

    i can't choose which one i like best. it must've been a hard choice to make.

    congrats to the winners!

    melludee you are sooo sweet to have thought of all of that! you have put a lot of work in this post. told you, you are a genius. :p

  • Asuka

    This post is lovely, congrats to the winner =)
    and you are so cute melody so send us all a letter *-* so sweet of you and dedicating!
    Hope you do one of this competitions again it was so much fun!
    my favorites are Panda, Gerry and Kelly – they look so cute ^-^

    love Asuka

  • Elisa ♥

    Congratssss ^^ wow, those pictures are so funny and cute =P loll !!!

  • BuNnYLuverz

    aww congrats!! sorry i didnt make it on time… super busy! but congrats to the winners this seems soo fun i cant believe i missed it! i cant wait for another fun contest!

  • Bibi

    But I like your layout!! To be honest, I looked at your blog as some sort of inspiration for my blog ^^ I know what you mean though, sometimes we get tired of looking at the same thing over and over again…

  • Bibi

    But I like your layout!! To be honest, I looked at your blog as some sort of inspiration for my blog ^^ I know what you mean though, sometimes we get tired of looking at the same thing over and over again…

  • Bibi

    You have an IT friend? That's convenient ^^ Because all this CSS/HTML stuff is pretty difficult if you don't use it regularly… And I've never had any kind of education on programming and such, so I had to sort it out all by myself.
    I wish I had an IT friend. T.T

  • P o o p e r

    Girrrrrl ;A; I'm feeling bashful right now! -hides- I should of written a better entry! XD Melodeeee, thank you! ;__; <3
    I don't know what to say!
    All those times of camwhoring paid off. XDD
    If you host another one I'll definitely take more recent pictures. lol
    I definitely agree that Caroline Josephine had a really meaningful post and I had actually read it before but didn't realize it until I clicked the link on this entry. xD

    My favorites would have to be …(I can't narrow it to one!) Tom and Jennifer :D (Sexy Jen!)
    Tom's picture is badass, and Jen is just beautiful!

    Again missy, thanks for choosing me as a runner up! <3

  • nanairomiso

    Yay for such a fun competition!! Now I can get to explore new blogs!★
    Thanks for having such a lovely competition!♥

  • Caroline Josephine

    I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who's said congrats to me and has visited my blog :) Feel free to leave me comments or follow me :) I'd love to get to know more of Melludee's lovely followers



  • Bibi

    Thank you for offering the help ^^ I think I'll keep it as it is for a while, and see how long it takes until I get tired of it again >v<

    Hehe, I actually like that coding stuff. Makes me feel smart ^^

  • Meoki Goto

    OMG Kelly looks so adorable! <3

  • London's-beauty

    Aww you're so considerate to send everyone a small lil gift! :) hehe they all look so cool!

  • petitechouxx

    congrats to everyone =D

    i love everyone pic!


  • Rena

    SUCH A CREATIVE CONTEST! Congrats to all the winners! I cannot wait to get a letter from you!

    <33 Rena

  • Saving Capulet

    omg, how can I miss this!! TT.TT but reading this post surely made me happy! i am so proud of my friends who made it here! and i just love the reason behind the giveaway <3 you go girl!!!

  • siwing

    hehe congrats to all these ladies ~~ they are all gorgeous !!

    i am still so shy melody, lol..

    but maybe i can enter your contest next time.. =)

  • liz

    Gosh, i really really love this idea of competition !
    I see lots of ppl having fun here :)

    Liz Secret Rendezvous

  • Silkybow

    congrats to all the winners! :)
    I liked the way you selected the winner hehe.
    By the way, how does your boyfriend manage to always be the first one commenting on your posts? :O

  • Jenni

    Definitely a big thankyou to you for hosting this contest. Congrats to everyone <3

  • jess

    this was such a great idea! some of the luvos are so unique and cute hehe!

  • moon

    Congrats to everyone! ^^

  • Rinny

    This was a really good idea; there are so many cute and funny pictures hehe. Congrats to all the winners ^^

  • a.tad-bit.dorkii

    Awww congratulations to the winners ^.^ was such a good idea babe ;]
    Everyone looks so cute/pretty .. cant stop staring haha
    You are so good at giving "pep-talks" babe ^.^ at least I know who to come too when I feel like crap hehehe

  • ♥ 熊貓girl ♥

    everybody is so cute ^^

  • Sakie and Thomas Gantz

    Thank you so much for thinking up this contest. It was so fun for everyone involved and that is so great that you could generate so much interest in it. I was very happy to be able to participate since this is the first time I've ever participated in something like this. Congrats to Caroline!

  • xxkatielee

    Ahha , I ended up being wayy too lazy to participate d: Butttt , everyone did look cutee (: haha , my favorite was the bunny one (:

  • !♥ m i m i

    Congrats to everyone!!! Awwe these pictures make my heart warm and fuzzy <3 haha.

    I think everybody looks just so adorable and beautiful and confident and creative.


    ps. Sorry for late comment =___=

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