The other day, I received a Nengajo in the mail!
For those who don’t know, a Nengajo is a sort of greeting post card sent in the New Year in Japan. They aren’t supposed to arrive before the New Years in Japan (but Australia’s postal system is different and I received one before New Years beforeUsually, they have an image of the zodiac animal of the year, but you can customise them too like the ones I get.
I received these three Nengajos from my Japanese Year 9+10 high school teacher. She’s sent me one every single year since 2009. She’s the ONLY teacher from my high school that I’ve kept in contact with and that’s probably because she left the school when I was in Year 10 to go back to Japan. 
She visits Melbourne every year or so, and every time she visits, we always meet up !
In high school, I was never one to speak to teachers …at all. I wouldn’t really ask any questions or respond to their funny jokes or anything. But Shima Sensei is the only teacher that I think I could consider my friend!
[edit] I think one of the other reasons why I can consider her my friend is because she’s quite young and isn’t one of those mean ones T~T! /she used to let us play those study-games and give us prizes when we win! :D (lollies, sushi rubbers, hello kitty stickers and etc!)
♥ ♥ ♥
Do you consider any teachers your “friends”?
or Have you ever received a Nengajo?

Ps. I’ve been playing Maple again lately haha. (used to play in year8/9) and so if you play too add my Battle Mage account; Melluzor ! ♥

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32 comments to 先生の年賀状

  • Vu

    Coool, Nengajos! :O

    The only teacher who I found friendly in highschool was my year10 general maths teacher, who was also my badminton team's coach. xD All the other teachers weren't so nice…


  • Bibi

    I never ever considered one of my teachers to be my friend. Our teachers usually didn't care too much for us, now that I think about it… But I get kind of curious if I hear people talk about the good relationship they have with an old teacher. Kind of makes me want to teach too ^^

  • KittyBonkers

    I've never had a teacher as a proper friend, though my current teachers are pretty close. And wow, I have never heard of these post cards before, they sound really cool!! Thank you for widening my horizons!!

    Kitty x

  • P o o p e r

    Already by how you're describing her she seems awesome! :D Her prizes sound adorable, I think being nice and giving out prizes really works for any kind of student! Whether in elementary or high school. :3

    I've never had teachers as friends before, except for maybe one on my year 12. She was an economics teacher and I would talk with her before and after class and she purposely called my mom once to tell her that I was a wonderful student. O: lol I sort of wish I remained in contact with her!

    You play Maple Story? O:
    I've never played but I use to watch my friends play all the time. The game is so freakin adorable. ;A;

  • Hello

    Thanks for your comment xx cx I saw a Nengajo today!! I've never got one before though =.= our Japanese friends just give us cards ^^ There so cute!!!

    No, none of my teachers are friends of mine… but they are all super nice!!! ^^

    I will bake something yummy soon ^^ and tell you all how to make it :)

  • Jilliancat

    aww i don't even have a teacher as my friend. i'm so jealous of u! xD

    awww! which maple server do you play? MAPLESEA? Mapleglobal? :)

  • ShuShu

    oooh, your negajos look really cute *~* i've never recieved something like this =_="
    and i've never have had a teacher as a friend, too. sometimes i make some jokes to those teachers i like and talk to them friendly. but it's only at school, we don't have a realtionship. but i know some people who are friends of my family (and of course friends of mine, too) and who are teachers. but i think it isn't the same ^-^
    aaaah, but when i think about my "music school", where i learn playing my instruments, my teachers there are like friends. they are really lovely and sometimes we meet beyond our lessons :333

    ShuShu ♥

  • Asuka

    mhhh I don't really consider one of my teachers as a friend, but I don't mind =) My teachers are all kind of strange and waaaay too old haha
    and these nengajos are too cute *-*

  • BuNnYLuverz

    ooh i love teachers that give prizes! makes me want to answer questions! hahah

  • petitechouxx

    i don't consider my teachers my friends o.O because i don't feel comfortable to talk like a friend

    oooh i've never heard of nengajo =O and never got one =O

  • sojjeje

    Aw, it's great that you've been able to keep in touch with one of your teachers~
    I've always wanted to go back and say hi to some of my primary school teachers myself, haha.

  • Amy

    Being one-on-one with teachers always makes me so nervous for some reason! But I've been trying to stay in contact with some of them, for career reasons…

    I USED TO BE SO ADDICTED TO MAPLESTORY. The game has changed a lot since then though so I'm lost about it now lol. I want to play with you!! But I doubt we play on the same server ;A; Which one are you on? I'm on Windia in MapleGlobal mostly…

  • Jenni

    I'm always scared of my teachers :S I don't think I know anyone that is friends with their teachers the way you are. Except for you :D

  • Mei

    I haven't recieved any Nengajo's before D: They look retro and beautiful tho! xxx~

  • Saving Capulet

    There are some teachers who I really do consider as friends, I can trust them with anything. Back in HS we were not allowed to bring our phones, But I did anyway, when principal came to inspect, my teacher hid mine for safe keeping ;)

  • Beauty meets Kawaii

    It's so cute that you still keep in contact with your teacher! I can't even remember my teacher's names!! >_<

    Kisses, Melanie

  • Isabel

    LOL Maple story. Gosh.. I spent so much time and money on that. so stupid =_=

    I've never considered any teacher my friend as they usually draw a boundary somewhere.

  • huy tran

    haha, sure! i still keep in contact with my Jap teacher. the whole class does. we all call her Mum. ^0^!

  • Ken

    i wish people would send me snail mail. i miss it

  • lissy

    those 3 negajos are so cute :D
    i dont think i'll ever keep in touch with any of my teachers …o-o;
    the old days of maple *_*

  • a.tad-bit.dorkii

    wow so sweet .. i love the way she has customized them :) i was close with a teacher in high school but we lost contact when i moved from 1 side of melbourne to the other. you are definitely lucky to still be in contact with your one ^,^


  • Ribka

    I consider a teacher as a friend too. we are pretty close and I can talk anything with here hahaha :D
    I give you an award! please check my page hehehe ^^

  • audrey

    Thank you Melody for always leaving such qt comments; you're such a sweetheart and your colorful blog always brightens my day :D Hope your 2011 will be AMAZING!

  • Ribka

    ah it should be 'her' not 'here' in my comment above (-_____-)
    well, you get both awards :)

  • christine.

    Melody i can't believe you play maple too! My ign: SimplyXtine – and i'm a battlemage as well lol.

    On the whole, i get along with a lot of my teachers – some more than others obviously. But none that i would deem so close i would have their contact details and meet outside of school lol.

  • moon

    it's great you were able to keep contact with your teacher ^w^ !

    Some teachers are more than teachers, but were not that close to share personal information. They tell us where they live and about their family, but its mostly to the whole class and not me individually ~

    You could say I consider teachers as some sort of friends, but different, haha :p

  • Caroline Josephine

    My Japanese teacher and I used to be REALLY close… she loved me so much that she even brought me a birthday cake IN CLASS! I was the only student she did that for, hahaha. When I moved to Japan she changed universities and she's really bad at email, and I was so busy and then we lost touch… I tried to find her online, but she's very private and doesn't let information like that public :( I miss her and want to let her know that I'm still in Japan and find out how she is too. I hope I can meet her again someday :(

  • Hello Naka

    lmao XD i havent played maple story in a year :( yeah it should have been lith harbour :p what level r u^^? It was pretty addicting for me and my bros and then we all stopped playingXD

  • Audrey (hkittygirl)

    I have a few teachers, whom I feel were very kind and funny. I don't actively keep in touch with them, but I do feel closer to them than to other teachers.

  • jess

    Awww I've never received one!! But I do love getting mail and postcards hehe <3

  • ~KawaiiParadise~

    ~Well I love one of my 7th grade English teacher. She's so fun, pretty and young so easier to bond lolz.
    ~How are you?I hope you have a great week ^^
    ~XOXO Charlotte

  • Tifa Mai

    My high school math teacher was fairly young, so now we are considered friends! He's into a lot of things youth are into. Such as the latest technology craze, sport cars, etc. So I do have a teacher that I consider a 'friend' now. Since I've graduated, we now have each other on Facebook and refer to him by his first name. Weird huh?

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