Sleep Paralysis

For quite a number of years, I have suffered from something called “Sleep Paralysis
(Also can be known as a “ghost sitting on you” while you sleep)
If you’ve never had it before (lucky), and had no idea of its existence before having it, it is a very very frightening experience. Although the experience is harmless, it can be pretty traumatising. 
Basically Sleep Paralysis (or REM Atonia) is basically not being able to move for a few seconds/minutes upon falling asleep or waking up. It’s like you’re trapped in between reality and dream world. Sometimes, it can take upon a whole new level (which has happened to me unfortunately) in where you may hear or think you sense something near you. (ie, I sometimes think someone is standing over my bed or someone talking to me when there really is no one)
It’s pretty much being in a PANIC state of mind.
When I’m in that state, my first course of action is trying to lift or move my hand which usually occurs to no avail/I usually can’t sleep for awhile after suffering from a paralysis because I’m pretty much scared to close my eyes.
When you’re experiencing this just after sleep; it’s because you still remain aware/awake while the body is shutting down for REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. (Hypnagonic or Predormital Sleep Paralysis)
When it’s just after waking up, it’s because you’ve become aware too early; before the REM sleep cycle has completed. (Hypnopompic or Postdormital Sleep Paralysis)
* Unfortunately, I suffer from both*
So, after years of having this, I’ve figured out the cause of my Sleep Paralysis (Hypnagonic one) and the cure of it.
Pretty much, Sleep Paralysis occurs for me when I sleep in an upright position, as in, sleeping on my back and face up. Whenever I sleep like this, I WILL be paralysed. And it sucks. And it’s scary. The only way I can get out myself out of it is if I somehow shock my body in to waking up or turn on to my side. (which by the way is very very very hard considering I’m “paralysed” – at least by my mind)
And that’s where my personal cure comes in.
As long as I sleep on either of my sides holding something pressed against my chest (Tofu Plushie ♥) then I will sleep peacefully. Although, this also causes problems as sleeping on my sides ends up hurting my arms. But I would rather that, than being paralysed. It is absolutely the worst feeling ever.
I’m usually okay with it now as I know how to counter it; but there are times that it gets so bad that I end up crying when I wake up. It’s like …my heart gets a huge ..shock? And I can’t breathe? I don’t know.
Sometimes just before I experience this, I’m having a pretty vivid dream which is “normal” but feels freakishly like a nightmare. (ie, walking in a shopping centre but the skies are grey and I’m alone and something is “out there”?)
♥ ♥ ♥
Have you ever experienced Sleep Paralysis before?

I’m sorry this post was quite ..spooky in some way. But, it’s been bugging me for years and I thought I’d share my experiences. And that if you ever experience it in the future, you will know what it is – and not panic. Just remember, it’s all in your “head”. //Also, my flooring is done ~ ♥

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49 comments to Sleep Paralysis

  • Bibi

    Aww I know what you mean!! I have that too! Sometimes, right after waking up, I'm unable to move and it's like I'm PUSHED into my bed by something. Just like you, it happens to me when I sleep on my back.

    It's frightening, but I never had the experience of 'feeling' something in my room (thank God for that). Luckily you've found a way to avoid it by sleeping on your sides.

  • Tezza

    nyaaa~ tofu tofuuuu <3
    ive never had that experience bfore but ive heard lots about it! and now i know all the technical terms thanks to you hehe :)

    i always sleep on my side though, i hardly ever sleep full on my back. my body has to be bent somehow LOL

    inception much? :D

  • christine.

    Omgosh that happens to me sometimes but i thought it was purely just .. me. I hate the feeling of when you're trying to wake yourself up, but the relief of when you finally "shock" yourself out of it feels so good lol. For me, i usually just concentrate on trying to move my arm, and if i concentrate really really hard, then it works sometimes xD

  • Elisaaa (^-^)v

    I know what you mean =/ it feels so scary.. but I've read it before that you will only get it when you take a short nap or something.. or when you're very very tired, and don't sleep much…

  • Exuvalia

    I've experienced sleep paralysis twice in my life. The first time, I was sleeping on my back, and my arms were by my side. When I 'woke' up, I tried moving my right arm to my left side, but it just wouldn't move. I started to panic and kick my legs in the air to get out of my 'freeze' mode. However, my body lay there in paralysis and I tried to scream. Nothing came out of my mouth and the only thing I could move was my eyes. It was the scariest thing ever. And also, I could feel something standing over me, but it was invisible. After trying to move my limbs for several minutes, my body came back to life. The first thing I did was to Google my 'condition' to see whether I was actually paralysed. >__<

  • Jennifer :) ~

    Wow this was quite deep Melody, especially because I have never heard of the term 'sleep paralysis' before. Judging by the comments above, it seems like I'm the only one that has never heard of this before, nor have I experienced it :/ This is actually my first time knowing about it thanks to you :) However I also feel a bit confused about it since I can't exactly picture what happens to the mind/body when sleep paralysis occurs. It sounds really freaky though, sorry to hear that you've had to deal with this :(

  • kaizokumousy

    yeah I had this and I'm also a sleep walker lolXD dang my mom had to padlock my room because she's afraid that I will go out our house sleep walking~ which had happened 3x before when I was younger~

    anyways, about this problem of yours dear, the best way to remove yourself from being paralized is to move your toes~ just try move your feet because its the only way that could wake you up from it.

    then sleep in a different position.

    I am glad you find a way to sleep good melody :)

  • Mei

    Awwwies x a friend of mine has this problem aswell. It sounded funny when she told me, but pretty disturbing as you wont get any good sleep…

    Also do you have 'hyperventilation'?
    Like trouble with breathing?
    I think before you go to sleep you should make yourself 'zen'. Don't think to much either!
    Otherwise go see the doctor o: ?

    Take care larrr!
    (and you are welcome ^^)

  • OrangeFay

    OMG~ I've experienced that before's suck! and scary! Plus traumatizing!! I've become insomniac for quiet a time because of that. >.<

    I'm doing the same solutions as your because its seem like if I were sleeping on one side, those sleep paralysis (*e.g Ghost) will not even bother me.

  • Rocking Doll Museum / Diabetic Lolita


    I never had it :/ I did know about it though (I think I watch too much discovery channel!)
    I hope you're okay! Please take care!

    May I say that the tofu plushie is really cute! XD

    Do they make loads of geisha dolls in Australia too? And that's very kind of you!

  • gyc

    oh i hope you're okay! i once saw a documentary on something like this and it seemed very scary. you are a very brave girl! ^^

  • Saving Capulet

    hello there, I'm a new follower!
    I am so sorry to hear about your sickness, reading it made it hard for me to breath, really. I'm glad that somehow you are now able to walk through with it. I have a close friend who has narcolepsy :<

  • Saving Capulet

    oh shocks, it's just now I realized I've been following your blog :>, my bad!

  • London's-beauty

    aww, I wouldn't think that you'd have this. I hope it will go away eventually in the future.
    Your tofu cushion is very huggable ^_^

  • Kim Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린

    I experienced it… many many times. But now I'm get used to it. At first I was so scared, but believe me. you'll get used =p. just drink a glass of water and back to sleep~

  • Kim Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린

    I experienced it… many many times. But now I'm get used to it. At first I was so scared, but believe me. you'll get used =p. just drink a glass of water and back to sleep~

  • xxkatielee

    I don`t have it , but three of my siblings do . They can`t breathe or move , it`s gotten really bad for my oldest sister once , so I let her sleep in my room sometimes . So to get it less often , it`s best to sleep on your side ? Hmm , I guess that makes sense , because my younger sister and I (who don`t have it) . I`ll recommend that to my sister

  • BuNnYLuverz

    i nver had it! n i hope i nver will. sounds scary wen i heard stories of it happening to friends!!!kowaii…

  • Jessica


    lucky I havent experienced anything like this.. Although Ive heard a lot of stories from friends ~ which include a lot of underlying ghost stories xD

    I hope youre okay~

  • Yomi

    Oh my gosh I had it before it was the most scary thing ever because I thought I saw something at the foot of my bed but I couldn't move to see fully and I thought I heard my name, I like cried it was the worst thing ever T__T

  • ♥Mishi à la mode♥

    wow that sounds scary.. u you are so brave and strong for being able to deal with this. Stay strong! ^_^

  • Silkybow

    omgsh! My friends and I ALWAYS talk about this and it gives me the creeps… I haven't had the experience yet because I always sleep on my side XD.
    I always refer to it as the ghost sitting on you because… yeh… which creeps everyone out even more!
    Hope you're ok though, I think I would die if I had to experience it many times like you =/

  • petitechouxx

    i don't remember if i have ever experienced sleep paralysis before.. maybe?

    it's kinda scary =(

  • TheMadTwins

    wow, that is a strange thing O_O
    I'm glad I don't have it ^__^
    but so sad you do Ö it sounds so strange, I can't imagine it O_O
    I hope you don't have it too much

    loves, London

  • Monica L

    I think I've had this happen to me a couple of times before as well.. I try to wake up but I can't and then I'm all liek wtfing and yeh =.= hate the feeling ….
    and yes I've too woke up crying before but sometimes I don't know why XD

  • London's-beauty

    Hii melody, thanks for commenting.
    How much would you pay for a dress in Australian dollars?
    (This is for research purposes) :)

  • Rocking Doll Museum / Diabetic Lolita

    @reply –
    There is even more snow today!

    AAw, that's tooo bad. A husky is quite a dog that needs a lot of time and space and miles of walking!

  • Bibi

    Thanks for the comment. Yeah I just deleted the messages, think I won't give it too much attention in the future.

    Haha, my Mom and Dad weren't angry (I guess I'm too old for them to be mad at me for something like falling with my own computer ><). It's my computer, I bought it with my own money, and I was angry enough for falling (eventhough it's not really something I could've avoided or anything). They were trying to cheer me up because I was sad lappy doesn't look perfect anymore. He still works perfectly though, so no real harm done…

  • Mei

    @Reply: Meloddyyyy you wont faaail it's super easyyyy :D

  • Anonymous

    OMG~ Yeahh, I read about preventing sleep paralysis and it was not to sleep on your back. I've only had it once while sleeping on my side. I guess I wasn't as scared but it felt as if I was falling out of my own body.

    I've had quite a few episodes of, some where of nothing just paralysis and some quite scary hallucinations. I guess it doubles my 'freaked out factor' when the 'apparition of my mind' is trying to crush me and i can physically feel it.
    Anyway awesome post, just came across you today~ I think i shall follow you ^_^

  • lil_budoy

    aww…this is a cute post…sleepy sleepy

  • P o o p e r

    Omg, I've heard of this before but girl. ;__; I'm glad that you found a way to avoid it by sleeping on your side. Though, are you more use to sleeping on your back?
    It sounds like a very scary experience and I hope it disappears on its own. Dx
    Reminds me of an out of body experience except you can't see your body from the outside, that would be crazy. o_o

    The only kind of sleep disturbances I've had was that I use to scream, talk and make strange movements in my sleep. It doesn't affect me but it affects those around me. XD I remember my parents would get angry at me because I use to scream as if I was dying. Idk why that happened. D: (maybe it was a really tormenting nightmare that I'll never remember?)

  • Sakie and Thomas Gantz

    Oh, no. I'm very sorry to hear you have the condition, but am relieved to hear that you know how to avoid it by sleeping on your side, etc.

    I've only ever had that in a minor way where I realize my body or my hearing is "turned off" for sleep even though I've woken up. But I've always been able to control it.

  • Vy Nguyen

    That actually sounds LEGITLY freaky. I WOULD COMPLETELY Freak out if i was you! I feel for you, I have never experienced sleep paralysis before.

  • suki pooki

    I've never experienced that before but it seems so frightening! It happens to my dad sometimes but for him it's so normal and he just waits until he can move again hahaha But I always remember my dreams so it sucks with its a nightmare because I can usually recall every detail of it, and it's especially spooky when I see the dream through my own eyes or see myself, it just sucks!

    hee hee Duffy is so cute, Im really glad my bf bought him for me instead of having to wait until next month, what are you and your bf planning for christmas?

  • Gerrytales

    Ello Melody ~
    I take so long to reply to comments. I honestly just long on to check for feed updates and log off.
    I have never experienced sleep paralysis in my life! But my sister and mom has. It sounds like your soul escapes your body O___O Weirdly I want to experience it. Just once to know how it feels like.

    But you must get it often, that must be terrorizing! :/
    I've entered you in my giveaway. HUR HUR HUR ~

  • a.tad-bit.dorkii

    Ugh. I hate Sleep Paralysis .. I suffer from it too but its not as bad as yours :( .. I hate when I get it because its always the same thing and I always freak myself out >.< even when I know its happening I still think the worst haha ! Especially when my boyfriend said it meant i was "possessed" >.<
    I always sleep on my side or on my tummy so maybe thats why i dont get it that often .. Hmmmm note to self; never sleep on my back !


  • Dolce♥Bunny

    oooo! I know this! In japan its called Kamishibari! Never experienced before but I heard that when that happends, don't open your eyes, and think of the person you love the most and it will go away…

    but yeah because of this, i never sleep on my back… I'm too scared…

    hope your get better from it… It is really scary D: *hugs*

  • Tam

    It happened to me before! I rarely tell anyone because o didn't think it occur to many people. I get it when my arm is on my chest and sleeping sideways. :(

  • Lily

    ): I've never had it before, but it sounds pretty freaky. I'm glad you found a way to avoid it. :)

  • dwag0ns

    YES! sometimes I felt like I couldn't go back to sleep because of it T^T too scared to >.<

    Glad you found a way to get out of it =]

  • Ailing ♥

    Awww! I have definitely experienced this before! Poor girly! It's such a scary and traumatising experience! :(
    I hope it's not really a ghost lying ontop of me and it's the scientific explanation! HAHAHA :0

  • Miss R.

    Scary! But that tofu guy is cuuute!

  • Anonymous

    omg…i always experience it..
    it was so damn scary..but i could not forget one night that always haunts me till today when 'it'happens,i could not see anything..its dark..then i hear a loud voice of a man laughing(like those horror movie).what freaks me the most is the voice sounds like the 'men'is actually in my room that time..but when i actually woke up,i could feel as if 'he' is still in my room..
    anyways,the most effective way is to move ur toes when that happens.

  • Audrey (hkittygirl)

    I've never heard of that before! That sounds so freaky! I hope it doesn't happen to you too much!
    By the way, I like your tofu plushie! ^^

  • Anonymous

    actually this is caused by ghost..everytime i experience it i will pray and it will go away..thats why its not good for us to sleep on our backs..and if u actually can feel 'something' beside of ur bed then 'it' is truly exist in ur room that not kidding..

  • Anonymous

    Do you people have a facebook fan page? I looked for one on twitter but could not discover one, I would really like to become a fan!

  • Amy

    >___< eeee I read up on this a while back and it sounds soooo creepy!!

    My boyfriend once had sleep paralysis (we think…or else it was a real ghost LOL) but yeah, he said it was standing at the doorway. It was some folklore Japanese ghost aswell @.@ Creeeeeppppyy!! >______<

    And aww blesshuu~ I hope your personal cure works..hehe tofu plushie <333

    anyway, Merry Christmas, hun! Have a loveeeely day :3

  • hihihi!

    hii! I just found your blog…
    i had it before too, only i never knew it was a real thing for a long time! I felt so weird…like being controlled by someone else :/
    happy new year!!! and i think u look gorgeous the way you are ;)

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