Glasses Y/N

It’s a widely known fact around my friends that I am well ..blind.
(And they like to tease me about it a lot since I can never see them ;A;)
Yet, I refuse to wear glasses (even when I don’t wear my contacts – which I actually don’t wear as often as I probably should) apart from when I need to read something from a distance.
(In the photo, I’m not in the driver’s seat because I got lazy to drive home and let mum drive haha)
So therefore, the other day when I had to go for a drive, I was forced to wear my glasses as my license says I need them ;-; ! I actually really hate what I look like when I wear glasses. I feel ..older with them on.
(Don’t mind the sparklies. I took this photo when I first got the glasses and uploaded it to one of those Japanese sites :D)
I really like my glasses though. Basically because of the “MDiamante. I know it’s supposed to stand for Miu Miu ..but I like thinking that it was custom made for me (H) it wasn’t.
For those that are wondering … my prescription is :
Left: -1.50 and Right: -1.25
Although, this was ..when I was in Year 12 (2009) so uh, I’m pretty sure my eyesight has deteriorated heaps and It’s not that hard to tell since I am so blind that I can’t even tell if my friend is waving to me or not. :( 
♥ ♥ ♥
How is your eyesight? *-*
And how do I look with my glasses ;-; ?

/ps. Sorry if I’m afk from the blogosphere for awhile, my house is kind of going under floor renovation ..and uh hence I might not have the computer plugged in for a short time ;) – I still have my laptop teehee.
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52 comments to Glasses Y/N

  • Vu

    Sweetheart, I think you look really cute with glasses on. It does make you look a little older but that doesn't mean it's a bad thing. Let's just call it a beautiful mature look. ;)

    My eyesight is close to perfect despite how often I stay up staring at the monitor with the lights turned off. I probably take my eyesight for granted, so I should really be more careful. xD

    Even though your eyesight's not too good, at least you can still recognize me. :3

    I love you <3

  • gyc

    your eyes are honestly not that bad! mine are like -5.25 and -6.75! i had to get my prescription re-done because i thought it was too strong for me! i want laser eye surgery >.<

  • Anonymous

    I think you're just as cute with glasses! :3

  • Mei

    You blind?
    I'm superblind then because my eyes are -5,50 & -5,75 :'D
    I wear contacts all the time but I want to wear more glasses because geekylook = hot :)

  • Jennifer :) ~

    your eyes aren't that bad! and you look great in glasses :) they make you look more mature and sophisticated. i was going to ask you how you got those sparkles because they're pretty ^^ for my eyesight… well i haven't gotten my eyes checked before but i do reckon they are fine. i hate saying 'perfect' or 20/20 vision since i have no idea what that means exactly but yeah… i've never had a problem with my eyesight

  • Anniieee

    Last time I checked, I was -1.50 and -0.50
    Although that was back in yr 10… I'm sure my eyesight has also deteriorated, but I'm sticking with my glasses for the moment since those are the degrees for my contacts lens as well :D
    I actually like wearing my glasses at times, since I like my thick black frames :)

  • Amy

    I agree with the others, your eyesight really isn't that bad at all and the glasses look cute!
    Though if you can't tell if people are waving at you, then you probably need to get a new prescription lol!

  • Fionaa ♥

    You look fine in glasses so don't worry ^___^ I need to get glasses soon but never can find the time to go >< I always have to squint loool.

  • MayClover

    That's not blind!! XD
    My eyes are -1,25
    I often wear contacts. The glasses look good on you! :D

  • Rocking Doll Museum / Diabetic Lolita

    Well, I need to check up with the doctor in my Christmas holiday to see if my diabetes already killed my eyes.. or not.

    Haha, I think they're made for you too!

  • suki pooki

    i think you still look super cute with your glasses on! why can't you be cute and mature at the same time? lol you eye degree isn't bad at all! my right eye is bout -6.5 and my left is -4.2, and i've got astigmatism!!!! yes my eye degree is different in each eye why is why i can't wear glasses or else my eyes won't focus properly lol

  • xxkatielee

    Hmm , I actually can`t tell the difference w/ you wearing glasses & not wearing glasses c(x You look good both ways (: Haha , and I too am nearsighted d: I wear contacts mainly , but I like your glasses `cause they`re thin rimmed , mine aren`t as thin as yours . So I`m wondering if I should get new ones now , `cause yours suit you really well (:

  • Justina★

    older? you look even prettier with your glasses on.

  • Vivian

    My eyesight is -3.75 and -3.50. I have pretty thick glasses of a similar frame to yours. I do like my glasses, and it's the opposite for me because I don't like the way I look without glasses.

  • Rei

    I think they suit you very nicely :O
    glasses make you look more mature, sometimes more hot or more cute :P

    And pfft, I'm more super blind. In the -6s D: left worse than right, but yeah…. whole family ordered new glasses, mine are the only one's left to come. NEED THEM NOW. I FEEL KIND OF BLINDER THAN USUAL ;A;

    Just keep in mind, as long as you're not straining your eyes that's okay. You don't want to get worse right? ;3;

  • lissy

    last time i got tested i was 20/20…. dont think it is now :S
    …you.look.smarter :D with glasses on (Y) and theyre cute on you >D

  • Saving Capulet

    you look great with the specs on xD, my eyesight is reaaallly BAAAD! been wearing glasses since I was 11, lenses makes me feel uncomfortable and I refuse to undergo surgery :<

  • Elisaaa (^-^)v

    I don't wear glasses, not yet xD I don't know what mine is, probably around 0.50 or something (not much) and -1.50 aint that bad ;) the glasses looks cute haha =D

  • fatimaa-xo

    HI MELODY :)
    i think you look absolutely adorable with your glasses on! and you should wear them.
    i also wear glasses and my eyes are pretty bad at -1.7 and -2.5 i think.
    squinting isn't good! it makes your eyes worse!
    sooo just wear them, your glasses are really nice anyway!

  • Tezza

    M for Me…lody ;D LOL

    you look cute with glasses hun :)
    im only like -1 on both sides i think.

    and i hateee wearing my glasses when driving too! i tried to avoid the whole "do you need to wear glasses" when filling in the driving license form but like they made me read the alphabet slide chart thing? and im like noooooo. cos it was on an overhead too. omg overheads are my weakness. cant see shit haha

  • FashionableAsians

    definitely with glasses 8-D especially if they're Miu Miu!!! haha I have reading glasses that age me but yours look ok

  • amanda

    omg 1.5 is nothinggg.. you barely need glasses! mine is cloer to 5 ><
    and i like HIDEOUS with them.

  • BuNnYLuverz

    you look super cute with glasses but you are always cute! lol but i do prefer no glasses. maybe im just used to seeing your pics with none? =3

  • Vy Nguyen

    you look heaps good with your glasses on! you should wear it more often. I saw looking older with dece clothes is called class ;)

    My eyes are perfectly fine, which is actually amazing since I read in dark places and on the laptop A LOT.

  • petitechouxx


    i'm more blind than you xD i have to wear glasses >.<
    my left is -4.00 and my right is -4.25

  • Tam

    I love glasses! Its a fetish of mine hehe. I think you look chic <3
    If anything i think you should be proud rather than hating them because you pulled it off.

  • talipanda

    OMG MERODEEEEEEEEEEEE~!!!!!! XD U LOOK SO CUTE WITH GLASSES~!!! XD wear more please~!!! XD (Y)

  • P o o p e r

    Your miu miu glasses look really nice and cute. :'D
    I personally think that glasses look odd on everybody. Just because it's distracting (not helping lol) When people look at your face the first thing they notice are the glasses and I suspect this cause I've done this. -___-;

    I don't like glasses for everyone, but I don't mind wearing them even if my vision is clear enough to see. I just get really paranoid about my eyes worsening. ;_; Girl, wear your contacts or glasses!

  • TheMadTwins

    I didn't know you didn't see well. But I think the glasses are very pretyy, and the M is indeed so nice. I love it that it are diamond.
    And yes, perhaps you look a bit old, but I don't think you look that much older. But I first guested you younger when I first saw you blog ^__^ something like 17. So that's positive ^__^ (I hope XD)

    And sure, If we met, (I hope I can one day, It's so nice to meet bloggers ^_^) than I certainly take pictures! :)

    xxx London

  • !♥ m i m i

    You look cute with glasses!

    I wear glasses + contacts too. My eyesight is waaay worse than yours: left -3.25, right -4.00! if i'm not wearing glasses or contacts, i basically trip over my feet. jk i don't, but yeah, i can't see people from like 2 feet away hahaha

    anyway, i love contacts! best thing ever. but sometimes if i don't sleep enough, it's harder to put contacts in lol

  • Bibi

    I actually have no idea how good or bad my eyesight is… I think I have about the same numbers as you have, but I could be wrong…

    You look cute with and without glasses! But I think it's something you need to grow accustomed to. When I first had to start wearing glasses (at the age of 8 T^T) I hated them, and I hated them for a long time… But by the time I was 17/18, I didn't really mind wearing them anymore (doesn't mean I love them now). OMG I NEEDED TEN YEARS TO GET USED TO WEARING GLASSES!!! I never realised this!! o.O

  • Sakie and Thomas Gantz

    I'm the same way. I should wear glasses (even my blog icon with the orange background with me and Sakie my character has glasses, lol) but I lost my very expensive glasses and have not bought another pair since then. My eyesight is not so bad so usually I can get away without wearing them most of the time.

    So I know how you feel.
    I have to admit, you look cuter without the glasses than with, but I don't want you to drive dangerously without glasses just to look nice, OK. ;-)

  • London's-beauty

    Same same, when I get a car, I'll need glasses T_T suckish. My eyesight is worse than yours I think.
    You remind me that I need new glasses. :)
    Lovely glasses x] You really do suit them. You look pretty with or without, so it doesn't matter :)

  • Celina

    Ooh, LOVE those glasses! You have good taste!

    I think the glasses really suit you, you look very studious and mature :D

  • ivy's closet

    Thanks for the note. I'm not sure just what type of horror other than psychological about CHATROOM. Since its by the guy of the RING I'm sure he'll take you on some sort of horrific adventure.

  • better days

    Cool glasses!

  • Michy

    Aww I know how you feel! My eye sight is really bad too but its like -3.50, -4.25 lol u_u Don't you have to go opticians every year?

  • alexpiano

    im blind without my glasses haha~

    thanks for dropping into my blog ^__^ i love your blog :)

  • kaizokumousy

    aww I didn't know that you have problem with your eyes doesn't show.really.

    It's not nice but I think It would better if you wear eye glasses when you are driving.

    I suggest you wear eyeglasses like korean style ones that way it would still looking fashionable :) because square ones really makes a person look older.

    but you still look cute!^o^

  • ❥ ќʀɨsтɨиɑ

    hello! i was here… would you like to follow each others blogs?? =))) you can follow my blog by clicking here. *winks*

  • Dolce♥Bunny

    i think you still look adorable and cute with the glasses on! You should wear them dear!!! don't want you to get injured or anything like that!!

    Or wear contacts like the ones with color! Anything you do, you will just look really really cute ^—^

  • kyura

    same prescription lol

  • [Anna]

    I think my eyesight is the same as yours. Although i can see when people are waving at me ^-^
    I don't like wearing glasses either, i only ever feel comfortable wearing them indoors where no one can see me haha.


  • suki pooki

    haha did you end up checking out the nintendo club? it's not super great but hey its free right? lol I'd love to see the yummy necklace that you have! I really want to buy Q-pot stuff but they don't sell any overseas and Im not going to tokyo anytime soon boo =(

  • huy tran

    thanks for dropping by & commenting, Melody? really appreciate it. :D
    and 4,4,7 was pretty fun. not the losing part though. Haha~

    ANYWAY, my eyesight is good, despite me playing with my iPhone at night (with the lights off).
    and dw, you look pretty with your glasses on/off. (y) (y)

  • Maryjane

    Oooh, MIU MIU glasses! I would love to have a pair and they look great on you!

    Maryjane xoxo

  • Min

    Hey Mel it's been awhile x)

    I'm short-sighted so I need my glasses when I'm in lectures/tutes. I don't like wearing them cos they hinder my movement to a large extend. Like if I don't tighten the screws after a few weeks, they tend to loosen and fall down to my nose bridge, which is really irritating! And the worse thing is that we have to have our glasses on when we drive! I know how that feels ;)

    I actually like you with and without your glasses. Somehow you look really different with them on. I think it makes you look a little more mature? hehe :)

  • Kim Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린

    you're cute with or without glasses~ ^^

  • Kim Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린

    you're cute with or without glasses~ ^^

  • Rinny

    Aww I love your glasses! They look really cute on you. At least your eyesight isn't as bad as mine; I'm -6.50 in both eyes, and have been wearing glasses since I was 7 yrs old. My mom used to joke that my eyesight got bad because I read too many books as a kid lol

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