And they call me..

Nearly everyone (except a few ..) has nicknameseither given to them by friends or family ..or themselves.
And like most people, I’ve had a tonne of nicknames that have been thrown at me by family and friends. The only name I created for myself was – MELLUDEE. Which as you can see, is my online alias ;) Not that it’s very different from my real name (Melody) – if you sound it out. …haha.
Earlier this year, as I was just entering University, I was given a nickname which I had never received before. The nicknameDee“. I still find it a little hard to respond to this name because ..well, I’ve never been called this before and sometimes it is a little awkward as my younger brother and my ex boyfriend are also nicknamed this. Haha ;-;.
Other than this odd nickname, I’ve had the usual ones like:
Mel, Melly, Mello, MelMel, Mellu, Mero, Mei, Mellee, Miu, Merodi
and then there are the ones that stem from that by adding a suffix/prefix -baby, -love, -cakes ..etc.
But then there are the really weird ones that ..ehe …can be a little mind puzzling ;)
Hina, Pak Cham Kai (…=.=), Momo, Che (supposed to be Jie ..but mispronounced), Little One, MachoMel, Ggomengi, Mr.Happy Face, Meltata, Chibi, Kachang
 ..and a whole lot more others which I can’t remember or do not want to uhm …write down /too embarrassing ^^

♥ ♥ ♥
What nicknames have you had?

Also: I’m nearly reaching 300 followers which is making me superrrrr happy. You don’t know how much guys make me smile every day ;A; /tears of joy/ But yes. As soon as I hit 300, I’ll be holding another giveaway!

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52 comments to And they call me..

  • Vu

    Awww baby, you have so many cute nicknames. The nickname that I most commonly get called is 'vuvu', which isn't really much of a nickname considering it's only repeating my name twice. xD

    I love your name as it is, so I like referring to you as Melody instead of a nickname. :)

    Such a beautiful name *-* heheh

  • xo.- R

    That is a lot of nicknames, haha. I only have one. My stepdad calls me Rosie. (My name is Roslynn)

    Also, your glasses are very cute.

  • wintergurl

    cute people always have a lot cute name lol

  • Jilliancat

    Haha i forgotten that I didn't follow your blog but i only linked you.

    you have +1 follower now! :D :D

    My nickname is Jiggly, everyone calls me that since 9 years old until now bcos I love Jigglypuff. ^^

  • Kim Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린

    waooo….your selca is super kawaii xD~~~

  • Kim Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린

    waooo….your selca is super kawaii xD~~~

  • London's-beauty

    You're so cute. Melody is a lovely name ^^
    My nickname is just Holly LOL because people find it hard to pronounce my name.
    I like how your bf always support you by commenting first on your blog!

  • Rocking Doll Museum / Diabetic Lolita

    I had Chachan. Cha from my real name and chan.. well you know! XD

  • Rocking Doll Museum / Diabetic Lolita

    I had Chachan. Cha from my real name and chan.. well you know! XD

  • Rocking Doll Museum / Diabetic Lolita

    I had Chachan. Cha from my real name and chan.. well you know! XD

  • Rocking Doll Museum / Diabetic Lolita

    I had cha-chan! XD

  • TheMadTwins

    Wow ^__^ you have got plenty of nicknames. And funny ones XD heheh :)
    and I adore the two pictures of you.
    You always look so great on pictures :)
    and congrats with the almost 300 followers :) ^___^

    I don't know if I have much nickname.
    RuRu, Piyo, Luby, Jap, (from Japanese XD that's because I like japan and there music, language culture, and a friend suddenly started calling me that way >.>)

    That's it I think XD

    now I must go studying further -.-"

    xxx London

  • Mei

    Haha so cute!
    What does Pak Cham Kai means? That chicken dish? I like that haha :')

    My nicknames: Meimei, Meitje, Mai, Tjing, Kachinka, Bling~

  • ShuShu

    hahahaha, your nicknames are really cute! i have a lot of them, too. currently i prefer ShuShu, which originates from JuJu :3
    i love nicknames ending on >>i<<, because they are so cute, but i don't have a single one which ends on >>i<< T_T""

  • Bibi

    Nice to know your nicknames! You have so many!!! I've only got one, which is Bibi ^^ and only my parents and the people on Blogger call me Bibi. I think it would be so weird if anyone besides the above would call me like that…o.O

  • Michy

    Lol you've had so many nicknames and such a wide mixture as well but I think the name Melody is cute anyways ^^!
    The nicknames that I've had is Michy, Mich, Mimi, Jun, Panda, Carebear, Michelin (u_u)" and Fish lol, some weird seafood phase me and my friend went and followed through until now.

  • Hello Naka

    awh those r cute nicknames i love mero :3
    i only have one friend that can call me gracie, but we haven't talked in ages :(
    most people just call me grace and naka was a nickname someone gave me ages and ages ago :3

  • suki pooki

    wah~ that's a ton of nick names! but your original name is sooo pretty already and it matches you so perfectly! and those are some really cute pics! my only nickname was suki, given to me when I was in high school and its also my blog name =P people still call me suki and sometimes i forget to respond =P

  • 김은화♡

    You have cute nicknames! I have some as well, but people knows me mostly by Suzu. Sometimes in my private journal I call myself Kim Eun Hwa wich it's supposed to be my korean name. People call me Suu or Susum too haha~ and a friend recently have started calling me ddalgi wich means strawberry in korean and it's my facebook surname.
    I'll try my best doing my vlog! but my face is horrible in videos -and always- and I'll need a translater to make sure that what I'm saying is correct because I'm never sure ^^"

  • Tezza

    you know how people suit their names?
    seriously, you scream out the name melody. ohhhhh shiiiiiet get it get ittt LOL

    scream = play = music = melody? … you know what im sayin? HAHAHA.

    merodi. hehehe i can soo imagine myself calling you that.
    merody, oh merody ;D

    i've always been with tezza for many many years now. many people don't know my real name haha

  • talipanda

    LOL @ 'MachoMel'~!!! XD I like 'Momo'~ :3 i think i'll call u Momo from now on~!!! XD <3 MomoxVuvu lol~!!! so cuuuuuuuuute~!!! XD *dies*

  • Elisaaa (^-^)v

    Haha, i have many nicknamesss xD Like pikachu, Pucca, Pi, Eli, Elis, Elizabeth ….

    Don't really like my name though =/ it doesn't really suit me i think haha

  • dwag0ns

    I have 2 nicknames >.<, on the internet it is dwag0ns lol. Some people know me on games, since I always call my character dwag0ns =]. The other nickname i got was from little kids, they can't pronounce my name so they all me chewy lol

  • Yapo Nightroad

    i have few nicknames back then ^__^
    Andeng(derived from my 2nd name Andrea) Yapo (the orig nickname) papu (relatives call me that)

    i think your nickname Melludee is very unique! :D

  • petitechouxx

    so cute nicknames!!

    i have nicknames like tea, teetee, anh teetee, hentai (when people pronounce wrong my name o.o), aunti, =.=

  • Audrey (hkittygirl)

    My nicknames are mostly variations of my name or variations of my nickname, Pudding.
    Pudding Head

  • Gerrytales

    There's a place called "Deeeelicious"? Aw I want to eat there and see how good the food is >:)

    You have had so many different nicknames (envies a little). Hmm the only names I have been called is – Springer, Gerry Fairy and Germs.

    P.S. I like your lenses in the photos. Oooo purple ~

  • huy tran

    Haha, i have heaps of nicknames too!

    eg; weeman, wee wee, Hoi, LJ, dep trai, mr.vui.. can't be bothered thinking of anymore x___x

    but yeah, i don't have an English name. can Melody give me one? (a) (think it through first!)

  • P o o p e r

    I actually call you "Merodi" in my head whenever I see your name. XD Its because I immediately think of the opening for Onegai my Melody whenever I see your naaaame.

    My nickmames … I was called Chibi by anime friends. -__- and then it followed ALL the way to college and I'm called this by non-anime people too. lol I'm also called Jen, and by the nickname I made up which is Pooper. xD

  • Anonymous

    lol my nickname is ZAINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!! *with the stretched out N and said enthusiastically

  • Lee Oliveira

    Those nicknames are super cute.. you should have them all.

  • amanda


  • HitomiNeko

    NICE. my online name is also my nick name.. hehe.. <3 <3

    @ Read the story here. Please Help, Thank you.

    @ xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  • MayClover

    Thanks fo your comment :D I really like it!
    You've got many nicknames hehe, so nice! ^^

  • xxkatielee

    Haha , I used to call my friend Moncica Momo d:
    But yeahhh , hmmmm , nicknames , I don`t have as many as you , buttttt , I`m usually called Katie / Katie Lee . Sometimes I`m called Kate , Kat , my friend likes to call me booger , and my other friend called me Jak for awhile .. Hmmm , but I have made a nickname for myself too > < It`s King , and surprisingly , people call me that , and it just makes me cocky c(: BUTTTT I enjoy it (: (:

  • Silkybow

    wow so many nicknames!!!
    I don't think I've even had a nickname before LOL T_T

  • Lily

    Woah, you have a lot of nicknames. O: I don't really have many. /: I guess one of my nicknames is Jelly. My friends and I were trying to think of "wobbly" foods to name each other, and we ended up with Pudding, Jelly and Tofu. xD

  • jess

    awww your name has heaps of nicknames!!!! my name's too plain to have any other ones except for… 'jess' haha. how unoriginal :(

  • ☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆

    Most of my friends call me Rabbi-chan, Rabitan and Rara but my gay guy friends nicknamed me as Tobby and I don't know why! o(;A;)o

  • SneakyLily

    omg haha I didn't know someone could have had so many nicknames! My own nickname seems to have somehow overtaken my real name! My name isn't even lily or any variety of it, most people don't even know!

  • Ailing ♥

    Aww, cutieeee! HAHA, I swear I say this in every comment! But you are adorable! :P
    I have such strange nicknames myself like for e.g. Ling Ling, Gayling, Analing, Lingers, Lingy, Ailz, Azza… it's funny how a majority of them are actually longer than just saying my name? :P HAHAHAHA! I have quite unusual friends! :P <3

  • Min

    I love the name Melody. It's an extremely nice name <3

    Hmm, I don't really get called anything else apart from Min or MEAN? Hahaha I need a nickname :p

  • Sakie and Thomas Gantz

    Wow, that is quite a collection of nicknames. Can you loan me one? I've never had a nickname. :-)

  • Anonymous

    You forgot mimpi!!!!!

  • ♥ 熊貓girl ♥

    you are so so cute!

  • Biopolymath

    I used to have my parents called me Raymond but I've stopped it.

  • liz

    Hehe, you deserve lot of followers meludee :)
    Anw, i also get lot of nicknames, such as IPEH, listong :D
    Still, i love being called liz

  • crt

    gosh, I love your eyes. ;__; ♥
    You're the sweetest girl I've ever seen, lalala. *–*

  • lil_budoy

    aww…u r such a cutie…love this blog!

  • lil_budoy

    aww…u r such a cutie…love this blog!

  • Dolce♥Bunny

    Merodi sounds so japanese … haha! But I really love how you spelled your name "Melludee" its really cute!
    love the name Chibi too!

    If i were to give you one, i will give you "Meru-rin" I give all my besties name with -rin at the end <3

    I have many nick names too~!

    Natsumi, Nana, Nattsunn, Natzy, Nat, Bunny, Bunneh, Kailan, etc etc….

  • Tam

    Lol mr happy face and mello! I have no nickname beside Tim-tam, tam ham and Tammy

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