2010 in a Nut Shell

Yare yare ..2010 went flying past us, hey? 
In many ways, this was probably one of my hardest ever years that I’ve had to go through. Hardest. But one of the best! :) It was the year that I took a step out of my comfort zone of High School and the friends I had known for ages. It was like someone hit “refresh” and I got to start again with different people.
So what happened in this year?
With the start of 2010, there were a whole lot of changes from the small, shy little high school girl that I was. Well, I was no longer a high school student! I was a University student. But not only was I no longer going to be attending a 9-3 class schedule with tight-ass uniform regulations. (My scarf was blue geez ..it just had a bit of red on it ;-;)

(Just a peak as to what I was like as a high school student hehe)

 I was no longer going to be seeing a lot of my high school friends. As they were moving interstate to study. The one that hit me the most obviously was my (now ex-)boyfriend who I had been with for three years had to move to Brisbane to study. That period of my life was ..pretty horrible. But as I said, everything happens for a reason, ne? Because we broke up and I found someone that makes me feel completeVu

(We weren’t even together when we took this photo !)
In saying that, this has been a pretty awesome year thanks to him.
I never would’ve been able to experience a lot of things if it wasn’t for him. Heck. I don’t even think my blog would be like this now if it wasn’t for him ! I got to try macarons because of him. I got to sit on my very first roller coaster because of him. And I even wore contacts because of him (I couldn’t put it in myself hehe)

It was also the year that I discovered my “girly side”.
This isn’t saying that I wasn’t very girly before; it was just that, I never bothered with makeup or my hair or anything. So yes, this was the year that I started buying makeup and experimenting with my hair. And not to mention, the first time I wore contacts~! (I now have the whole Geo Angel series+2). Also, in the same way, it was the first time I cosplayed !

We’re missing Tezza because stupid ooVoo can only hold 6 people max!
And even though I’ve had countless of blogs before MELLUDEE{♥}COM. This was the first ever blog that well ..had followers. My previous blogs were filled with my mundane annoyances and life of a high school student; and were only read by my friends. And with this, it was the first time I made some awesome friendships with people who I’ve never met before ! Also, exchanging letters, cards and gifts

A lot more has happened in this year and I could drone on and on about every single detail that happened but what’s the point in that, right? And if you’ve followed me for awhile, you should know what happened throughout this year just through reading my old blog posts hehe. ♥

I’m glad that 2010 happened.
And I’m glad that I am able to talk with so many of you.
♥ ♥ ♥

What kind of year was 2010 for you?

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49 comments to 2010 in a Nut Shell

  • Mei

    A year full ups & downs, I'll post that soon :) x

  • Vu

    This has been one of my best years too, and it was all thanks to you baby. <3

    I can't believe the year is almost over already. Feels like everything's happened in a flash. Heck, I don't even feel my age. xD hahah

    Let's hope that 2011 will be even better. <3

    I love you! :)

  • BHaV

    An awakening year really, i felt like iw as connecting to MYSELF and probably because we're no uni students and i was so happy to be starting over and realising that I am who i am and I'm so happy to have found ME and not having to rely on others to define me. And i made some fantastic frnds from uni, had some amazing times, went to india and ddnt get to see your face as much <3
    It was a good year, I've learnt more things about the world in this one year than in the other years. So 2010 ROCKED BALLS!!! and i failed an exam for the first time in 2010 which turned out to be a calcultion error by my uni and i ddnt actually fail but the realisation that that can happen to me if i dnt try hard enough unlike school is quite a wake up call too! You find your true friends when your putin a situation where your far away from them and they still remeber the tiny things about u =]

  • Celina

    Aww this entry made me smile! I love posts about you and Vu, you guys make the cutest couple <3

  • Jennifer :) ~

    Awww sweet post again :D Hehe, 2010 was a huge year for me too and now I'm looking forward to 2011! I find that photo of you and Vu so cute because you're doing two peace signs and he's doing.. upside down peace signs?? Haha at the caption 'We weren't even together when we took this photo!' xD When I saw that pictures I thought you guys were already together! Shows how perfect you two really are ^_^ If I randomly saw that photo somewhere without knowing anything about you and Vu, and if you guys remained friends I still would have thought it my head 'AWWW WHAT A CUTE COUPLE' XD Completely convinced LOL

    But anyway, it's been so great knowing you this year!! A part of my life has changed because of you ;A; A happy change <3 Thanks for everything xoxo

  • Tam

    Oh melody when I read "refresh button" i instantly felt better because it reminded that this year is a new chapter of my life. Glad you enjoyed this year and most of all finding love ^^
    Love you<3

  • Rin~ちゃん ♥ 김혜린

    2010: a wonderful year for me! I'll soon be graduated from my campuss~

  • Rin~ちゃん ♥ 김혜린

    2010: a wonderful year for me! I'll soon be graduated from my campuss~

  • jjeje

    Aw, it's cute how the first thing you listed as a first-time experience with your boyfriend was trying macaroons! (I've yet to have a taste myself, admittedly, haha.)
    I'd also describe 2010 in the way you did; "I'm glad that 2010 happened."
    Here's hoping 2011 will be a great year as well!

  • sugar sugar

    Awww you're so cute dear. :3 I still say go for milk tea for 2011 LOL!

    you and your bf make a lovely couple. you look good together!

    2010 was one heck of a year for me too but i hope 2011 will be better for you, me and for everyone! :)

  • Sammigurl

    cute photos! i wish i was pretty!!

    2010 was definitely the best year for me so far, I felt the happiest I have in years!

    Thanks for including a link to my blog, that means a lot to me <3

  • Rocking Doll Museum / Diabetic Lolita

    I think I'll agree with Mei about 2010.

    /reply Aww, thank you! I think I secretly do want to ripp the front open, the tux is so decent if I don't. XD

  • kaizokumousy

    yeah you are right.i can't believe that it went so fast but I'm looking forward for 2011 :) Hope everything will be nice for that year!:) goodluck to us^_^

    you are really cute on those lolita dress wooo i love it!!! :D

  • Elisa ♥

    Same here,.. many ups and downs this year >.<" but it went by so fast !!!

  • huy tran

    2010 was the best year for me.
    made best friends, met awesome new people & graduated from High School.
    i hope University will be as fun.

  • P o o p e r

    I'm so glad it was refreshing for you and also I'm happy that you were able to meet Vu and get into makeup! <33 ALSO, I'm especially happy that you were able to maintain this blog for the entire year cause if not none of us would of known about you. ;A;

    My 2010 as you already know, wasn't ultimately the best but I am happy and grateful for some things that had happened this year! :'3 I started my blog this year and couldn't have been happier with how things went ever since! I hope for the both of us and for everyone else that 2011 will be an awesome year! v(-_-)v

  • Sakie and Thomas Gantz

    Sounds like you had a great year over all, and I'm glad to have "met" you thorough your blog. :-)

  • gyc

    aww what a great post! i'm glad to have discovered your blog this past year too! it's a great find i must say! ^^ and you are super super super pretty!

  • ☆ NachiPoo

    Thank you for the comment :D hehe, girl if you want that necklace I'll be more than happy to get one for you! I have to send out a few letters so it would be no problem.

    I agree this year has def been a very hard one, but like you said one of the best ones. Its funny because I also found my special someone this year <3 I'm super glad you achieved so much this year and I know 2011 will be even bettetr for you! ;D and hopefully me as well.

  • Gyaru Mika

    Seems like you had an awesome year 2010.
    I hope 2011 will be as great if not even greater for you *hugs*

  • nanairomiso

    I recently found your blog, and it's just so cute♪ You seem like such a bright and cheery girl, I can't imagine you staying down for too long. Even though the year was hard, it definitely made you a stronger person. You're be ready for any challenges ahead! =]

    My year was pretty crazy too, I finished college, got married and moved to Japan. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be, and there were times when I really wished I could go back to my college life (soo much easier!!), but I'm glad I stuck with it and I feel like I have a lot to look forward to in 2011. Yay for the year of the Rabbit..!

    Good luck to you for the next year..!♥
    Looking forward to more lovely posts~


  • Hello

    Heyy :) Blogwalking and I love your blog :) I have been reading ur posts you look very nice :) Lets be friends?

    Heres my blog If you like it please follow :) japan-kawaii12.blogspot.com

    This year was meant to be my lucky year:) hahah Year of the Tiger :D My downs were mainly the begining of the year haha
    ~~ Hello

  • Amy

    Such a cute entry :) I wish I could say I had as many nice feelings about 2010 too… it was great in the beginning and ended kind of lame for me, sadly. But oh well!

    Haha, I've also had lots of blogs before I finally started my current one! :D Here's to a new year of blogging~

  • Drea ♪

    2010 started really bad for me D:
    Stalker ex, guys not accepting my love..
    But it all seemed to brighten up from May :)
    In June I finally got the right guy I've always wanted and he makes every single day worth it <3

    Hopefully 2011 will be better~

  • Min

    I think I still like you in high school uniform x) You look so young and cuddly (not that you aren't now) HAHAHAA

    I'm really glad that you found someone who makes you feel comfortable and complete <3 I'm sure you and Vu will go a long LONGGGGG way together :)

    2010 was one with ups and downs for me. Like you, I graduated from high school so the transition was kinda hard for me at first but after awhile, I began to realise that there are advantages to uni as well because we get more freedom as compared to high school. What shocked me even further was that we're both in the same uni and I hardly bump into you UNTIL nearing the end of the year (WWWWHAAAAAT) :p

    All in all, I loved 2010 because I got to experience a new way of learning and got to know lots of other awesome bloggers through blogging <3 I hope 2011 will be a great year for you~

  • petitechouxx

    awww ^^

    my 2010 was okay for me. i have down and up side

  • melanie

    2010: I had a major move and lifestyle change, 'officially' graduated as a Beauty Therapist (even though I've been one for years) and started my blog!

    Kisses, Melanie


  • Gerrytales

    I'm glad that things have fallen in to place for you. Uni, love, friends ~
    2010 has to be the most easiest year by far. I think uni is way more fun and relaxing than high school :D And I really hope that 2011 will be just as awesome! HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!

  • SneakyLily

    The year after highschool is such a huge transition right? I remember in those months I moved out of home, started uni knowing no-one, and started enjoying my life haha.
    My 2010 was one of the suckiest year's of my life, but if it wasn't for those experiences I never would have started blogging, which I now love!

  • lissy

    zomg you went to mount waverley??
    i go there for chink skl D;
    hope your 2nd year in uni will be as fun and exciting as the first >D
    yes this year has had a few ups and downs, but it's just like any other year 8)

  • jess

    Love looking back at old photos! <3 You look adorable in your cosplay costumes! I'm so happy for you that your blog has been such a success in gaining fans all around the world! It's always a lovely read!

  • Jessica

    My 2010 was pretty busy~~
    going here and there :P
    *I posted it on my blog btw

    Anyway I hope youll have a blast this coming 2011

    happy New Year and Im glad to have met you :)

  • Kelly_konomi

    >.< hehehehehe!

    i love your change from a playful girl to a very cute young lady!! <333

    i love your cosplay photo on the right! it's super duper cute!! <3

    i hope you'll have a great 2011!! <3

  • InsideOut Elle

    aahh I love all your pictures ^_^! Absolutely adorable~

  • Caroline Josephine

    OMG. I'M DYING HERE!!!!!!

    Are you and Vu dressed like Allen Walker and Lenalee? IF YOU ARE (and I'm like 100% sure you are, lol) I LOVE YOU FOREVER!♥♥♥♥♥ you have no idea how much I love D.Gray Man and it's actually what brought my boyfriend and I together.

    2010 was a year of figuring a lot of things out for me. Kenj and I figured out a lot about ourselves, and our direction in life together. I figured out a lot about where I want to go on my own, and what I need to do to get there.

    Let's hope that 2011 keeps us going in the right direction :)


  • Kura

    This post is so cute <3
    I'm glad 2010 was a good year for you hahaha!
    I've been re-watching D.Grayman recently and now and again I am reminded of you and Vu's awesome cosplay hahaha! :D

    I hope 2011 will be a fabulous year for you and Vu! *A* <333 (Cause you'll get to see Moo and I! Ohohoho LOL~ ;D )
    Happy new year Melody!

  • Rinny

    Ahh I know how you feel, the transition from high school to university was really hard for me too; it takes awhile to get used to it. Great post, I really enjoyed reading it :)

  • Pu3

    Good job well done! So many things can happen in a year yea, its just so interesting to read about your story (not to mentioned all your beautiful photos).

    Its good to be young and being in high school lol, im getting older and life is getting boring. So enjoy as much as you can ^^

  • annet♡fomina

    you re so qute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! follow you! <3

  • melanie

    Thank you for coming to my blog :) Of course you can be my neighbour!

    Kisses, Melanie

  • Tam

    YES OF COURSE! Pick you and Vu up and we'll go somewhere locally to eat. But at this rate I dunno when I will get my P's haha.

    Thank you for the link I appreciate it. SMV <3

    bahahahah at facebook convo. I told ben what SMV stand for (the inappropriate version) and he was like lololol.

  • Lexy @ Quirky Explosion

    Why is it that all your posts make me go "AH THIS IS SOOOOO CUTE?!?!?!" I don't know. But I thought I should let you know tha all your posts are just oh SOOOOO CUTE. For real!

    Sounds like you had a fabulous 2010 with a lot of new, awesome changes. It's actually really cool how you can just look through old blog posts to discover what was on your mind a year ago! It's trippy. I like it.

    Happy (almost) New Years!

  • TheMadTwins

    I adore this post, think about what you have done last year. And that is soooooo…. much X)
    But it better be, I had a whole year for doing much thing :P
    I hope 2011 is going to be much better ^__^
    and I wish you a happy New Year already ^__^

    From London & Paris

  • Ribka

    2010 was amazing for me :D
    happy new year!!!

  • Lisette

    lovely blog!
    Would you like to follow each other?

    Lots of love, Lisette

  • Lexy @ Quirky Explosion

    AW YEAH. I just checked out your video. IT IS WAY TOO ADORABLE. I am SO SMITTEN by your accent. AHHHH. I want to be Australian. Just because your accent is INCREDIBLE. You look so cute. And I love your smile. And I sound like a creeper. I'm really NOT!

    Happy New Year! (No way can I succeed in saying that in any other language. I'm boring, I s'pose. Haha.)

  • Saving Capulet

    you know, I could totally say the same, 2010 was the hardest, but it was the best, so far! I'm so sure that 2011 will even be better for us, fighting!

  • Dolce♥Bunny

    Although you seem to have many ups and downs, I'm glad you are able to keep a positive minds but either way, I feel that you've ended your year happily!
    I do enjoy reading your blog and although I'm a late replier (dont stab me!) I will never fail to read your blog, not because I have to but because I WANT TO!! I love you melody~chan!! Happy New Year!!

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