Stockings and Foundation

Hello beautiful! :) 
Apart from sleeping in and surfing the net for ages; I haven’t really been up to much since the holidays began. Well, truth be told, I’ve been working on a few things for my blog and for someone special! 
 But yay~ I went out to the shops today in theseeee gorgeous 3/4 stockings. I love love love loveee them! I love the patterns :) And this was only $5AUD! I can’t describe to you how much I absolutely love these stockings But anyways, I got a few holes in them already :( Sigh. Never mind.
Did you know, I am completely hopeless at make up and beauty related things *-*?
Hence, I’ve never actually owned any sort of foundation or anything – the best I’ve had is a concealer and some powder. Yeah. And maybe some tinted cream. And trust me, I hadn’t even heard of BB Cream before this year ;A; Thus, my mum walked me in to Myers, sat me down in front of the YSL Consultant and asked her what foundation would suit my skin. 
The consultant was so pretty and super super nice ! I admitted to her that I hadn’t used foundation before and she was shocked lol :( She applied some of what she thought suited my skin tone and a bit of an illuminator under my eyes. 
The above photos aren’t edited and I like it :) But, as usual, I didn’t choose to buy it so that I could look around and compare prices and brands and quality etc. 
♥ ♥ ♥
What foundation do you use, if you use any? 

Recommend me some brands so that I can go and try them out ! Thanks :3
* * * * * * * 
The products used: YSL Teent Radiance No.2 – Blonde
and Touche Eclat No.8 – Radiant Silk
(Do you think the ones that were chosen for me from YSL were good?)
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45 comments to Stockings and Foundation

  • amanda

    hahaha your mum is so cutee!
    i love those stocking ;D

  • Vu

    Baby, you look pretty even without makeup on. :)

    I can't really make much of a comment here since I don't use makeup xD but I think the YSL foundation looks great! :3

  • dwag0ns

    lol I am still learning about make up stuff from my friend >.<, I am hopeless too

  • Celina

    Dude, you look awesome without makeup ;)

    But if you want brand recommendations, for natural foundations I'd look into Bobbi Brown, NARS and Laura Mercier for medium coverage.

    Your skin is seriously good, I really don't think you need anything heavy, so even consider using a Tinted Moisturiser~

  • wendiie ♥

    Cute stockings! :D
    ahahah I don't really wear that much foundation.. unless I'm going somewhere where I am going to be photographed xD
    Most of the time I just use bb cream and a LITTLE bit of powder mineral foundation over the top xD
    The mineral foundation i use is from loreal :)

  • Kim

    i've got the coverage down when it comes to makeup… but im hopeless with the eyes. eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow =\ still learning overall.

    but for foundation i usually use loreal =] their newest foundation one is the mousse one. its really really really soft <3 but if you're lazy and dont want your fingers getting dirty then you can also try the roll-on one (loreal)
    but with the foundation, just in case it would make your face too white, get a bronzer as well. i use a natio bronzer =]

  • Jennifer :) ~

    I love the stockings! I want to know where you got them from x]
    Naww your face is seems really flawless to me so that's probably why you've never really owned foundation before… because you don't really need it :D I wonder if you've been using my tinted moisturiser, hehe.

    I just did a review on my current foundation :] I use Revlon ColorStay and I love it ^^

  • ☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆

    The stockings look so cute!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • h.tea

    I don't use make up much either … most of the time, I just go Uni with concealer :P Might wear some eyeliner if I can be bothered :P LOL!

    Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation is my favourite drugstore foundation because the consistency is really light … so it doesn't feel heavy on your skin :P I like Clinique's Superbalanced foundation because it's "light" as well. But, mm, yeah, I prefer the Rimmel one cos it's $30 cheaper :P

    My sister just came back from Japan and bought me Missha's BB cream! You should defs get on that stuff! It apparently makes your skin better … and you can just use it in place of your foundation :P

  • Prinzesschen★

    I love your stockings! ♥ And same here, I'm a hopeless case in make-up , too! >:

  • kaizokumousy

    I don't use makeups too before the first time I did is when I started blogging XD I just wanted to try out what beauty bloggers tried.Anyway I suggest that you use bb creams with spf for sun's better than foundation.

  • Isabel

    Lol with skin like that, I don't think you even need foundation!

  • Pui

    the foundation i use is…

    my girlfriend's

    the eyeliner i use is..

    also my girlfriends

    all make up that I use is sponsered by my girlfriend and she's very much forcefully puts it on

  • Tezza

    oooh ysl, classy ;D

    i currently use stila foundation, but only on days i go out the whole day, other than that i just conceal and im off haha

    cute stockings :3

  • Grace

    i lvoe ur stockings i always get holes in my tights :(

    and i love the makeup ^^ i have never tried foundation too :( XD

  • 35585

    You look fine without makeup :}

    xD Don't even see a difference. Save your money for other things!

  • Kura

    Those stockings are lovely! *___*

    I use Rimmel foundation and then matte powder/press powder on top *u*
    However I don't cover my whole face with it…mainly on areas with acne scars haha (I should perhaps use concelear instead…? Idk, my current combo works for me xD )
    But I've never tried BB cream before! Heard it's much better than foundation so maybe once I've finished my current tube I might give BB a try *u*

  • glamourberry


  • Tam

    my friend use dior sculpture or something. she applied it on for me last time i went out for clubbing an domg it is amazing. it is better than bobbi brown. only thing is the price tag is $80 for a bottle :( so im trying revlon colour stay due to reccomendation from jen.

  • ♥ 熊貓girl ♥

    love your stockings <3 i don't use foundation either, just bb cream :)

  • Rocking Doll Museum / Diabetic Lolita

    Thank you ^^

    " I admitted to her that I hadn't used foundation before and she was shocked lol :( "
    I think I'd kill the lady if I say I NEVER use any make up XD
    Why should she be shocked if you don't use foundation :/ It's not like that's lifesaving or anything!

  • gyc

    wow your skin looks soo gorgeous! ^^

  • mica

    i'm hopeless @ makeup & anything related to makeup. i dont even own concealer, powder, or tinted cream! >.<

    the last time i went to the lancome counter @ myers and enquired abt concealer; i told her i've never done makeup, duno how to go abt doing it; and asked if she cld recommend me some prdts. she was SHOCKED that i dun do makeup but helpful with prdt recommendation too. ur mum's really gd!! my mum doesnt even bother abt whether i put on make up or not. she hasnt passed me any makeup tips too =S

    love, mica

  • siwing

    the stockings are loveeeee !! <3<3

    i have a simliar lacey one.. but i love yourss more !! hehe

    i don't own any liquid foundation.. but i do use bb cream sometimes.. and some powder foundation..

  • xxkatielee

    I like the print on your stockings (: (:
    & as for foundation , I don`t wear any either d: I honestly don`t know how to . I didn`t really get into that stuff as I grew older d: So no make up for me either d: And if I ever do , someone`s always putting it on for me d:

  • lissy

    zomg stocking for 5bucks!!!
    i dont use foundation but i sometimes use bb cream, i find bb makes your skin look more natural :D

  • Rinny

    The stockings are really pretty, love the floral pattern! I normally use BB cream on a daily basis, but I feel like foundation daily is kinda unnecessary for you – your skin looks pretty much flawless already in all your photos :)

  • Ailing ♥

    Aww! Your stockings are so cuteeee! x) They suit you very well… cute girl ;) HAHA!
    Hurry up and get your licence so you can drive up to Sydney and visit me! :P HAHA

    & also you're so lucky that you don't need to wear foundation! I have to. :( I use Revlon ColorStay as the base, and then I use MAC Studio Fix + foundation powder to set. I can use the powder on it's own since the coverage is so good, but it doesn't stay on my face for long enough. >.<"

    I hope all is well. xx

  • Elisaaa (^-^)v

    love the stockings, and you don't even need any make up melody, you just look pretty without it ^^ I'm using BB cream atm =D

  • Audrey (hkittygirl)

    Those stocking are so pretty! ^^
    Don't worry, I don't know much about makeup either because I'm comfortable in my own skin. I have no idea what BBC Cream is…XD

  • petitechouxx

    i love your stockings!!

    i use rarely foundation (just for special events) i don't know which one it's better.
    I prefer to use powder to get rip of oil.

  • P o o p e r

    The stockings are really cute! ^__^ but booo about the holes in them. D': uggggh, not fair.

    I need to learn more about makeup too, I don't use foundation unless I'm going somewhere special and I use to have a bottle of it from Estee Lauder but it ran out. D: I have some foundation from maybelline but its not as great imo.

    I really liked the one I had from Estee Lauder just because it said "Double Wear" on it and the foundation was able to completely cover away all my defects. It also felt nice on my skin, it didn't feel flakey and my skin didn't look chalky. Though, I had bought it at Macy's and the consultant did not really match the foundation with my skin all that well. >.>;

    Makeup's a pain to learn about especially with all the different components involved …
    and the money that goes into it. ;-; BUT IT'LL ALL BE WORTH IT IN THE END.

  • Fivyolen Qiu

    cute cute cute! love it


  • Saving Capulet

    oh wow! cute stockings!! i always get holes and runs on them, too. ALL the time :< and you look super cute! uhm I don't use foundation, just bb cream from skinfood and powder xD

  • Sakie and Thomas Gantz

    I have to agree with Vu. I know that you would look incredible even without any make up! :-)

  • Veren Lee

    nice stockings! :)
    thank you so much for your comment & advice that you gave to me. :) :)
    .a little princess.

  • Ribka

    cute stockings! XD
    ah… I am hopeless too (-___-)

  • la mì

    I want this collant!
    l’8 dicembre con l’allestimento del presepe, realizzato con tutte le statuine omaggiate dagli ospiti di Villaggio Amico.

  • Anniieee

    OMG love the stockings !!
    And your skin looks flawless with the YSL make up :)

  • fashionstoned

    Totally love your stockings! Girl you look adorable

  • mineral cosmetics

    You have present your website very nicely. your stockings and foundations are looking great. I appreciate your link a lot.

  • TheMadTwins

    The stockings are amazing! And yeah -.-" the hole problem O_O I know, it's so sad that it happens so fast ='(
    they looked soo pretty, maybe you can still buy an other pair :P

    and I never use foundation so I can't recommend one :P

  • suki pooki

    |I also don't use any foundation! I feel like my pores are suffocating if I do lol, but I do own a bottle of bbcream but I never use it but it's nice to have in case of any emergency lol I also never heard of bbcream until this year! Then I bought my first bottle =)

  • ☆ NachiPoo

    * ____ * The stockings are LOVE. I have a big love for stockings too. I get worried my boyfriend will think I'm weird if I wear them too much :P

    Yeees, Make up talk. My favorite kind! I have a problem with dark spots so I have no choice but to use concealer and foundations. I like using the "treblend" whipped foundation from Cover Girl.

  • Dolce♥Bunny

    Girl, you don't need any foundation at all! You have lovely skin and I'm sure you know it ;)

    Loving the stocking so much and where did you get it?? It looks so "diva" ish, cuz i think I saw it selling there before….

    If you MUST get foundation, I would recomend MAC's foundation. Not the pressed on but the mineral one. Its more natural and might be good for you if you HAD to get one…. which you don't :D

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